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“Many black Missourians have expressed concern over the law, knowing that white racists—already armed and paranoid in the aftermath of Ferguson—now have more legal recourse than ever to murder black citizens whom they perceive as a threat. Black St. Louisans have remarked on social media that it feels like “open season” on their community, while others have wryly suggested that an all-black conceal and carry rally would prompt white lawmakers to repeal the law.” – Sarah Kendzior in Missouri’s new gun law is part of a terrifying trend that will put black Americans in even more danger [via]


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    • “Every law-abiding citizen gets the same rights” — THAT’S RACIST!

      Absurd. I can’t believe people are capable of these sorts of mental gymnastics.

      That said, suggesting that if black people did it the lawmakers would change their minds is touching on something real. Touching on the roots of basically every gun control law — trying to prevent minorities and/or the lesser classes (poor) from being able to own or carry firearms. Constitutional Carry should be seen as a huge racial achievement! As a repealing of laws that were always designed to make it expensive and complicated to abide by, therefore classing out those with lesser means. What we have here is a great example of societal equality in modern times and a move starkly away from institutional racism. It should be celebrated by the social justice warriors.

      • Look at open carry in california. Law for hundred+ years. As soon as the black panthers try to avail themselves of it, repealed, with repeal signed by Reagan himself.

        It’s not just “recent” recent history, or past “old” history. This is a continuous thread throughout American history that needs to be AFFIRMATIVELY disproved before you can believe that it has changed.

  1. Well of course it is. Anything leftists don’t like is racist. And if you openly disagree, it’s hate speech.

  2. All black concealed carry rally?

    Given the routine behavioural progression of any BLM-involved riot (oops I meant to say “rally”), people you see the conspiracy right there?

    • Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, I just think it’s idiots who think that all gun carriers are racists.

    • 16V, it has been a “desirable outcome: since MO first adopted concealed carry. At that time there was a great moaning and groaning about “open season”, but it was all about depriving crime victims of a way of protecting themselves. The only increase in firearms crimes in MO are in St. Louis and KC by the “usual suspects”.

    • Since the Criminal class is now the fastest growing Democrat demographic, after the Muslims, it is now a protected Class. CLM (Criminal Lives Matter) has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

    • Exactly. I’ll never shed a tear for a violent criminal being killed, regardless of race or gender. It just makes society a better place and saves taxpayers from supporting them in prison.

  3. Unsurprisingly there is no place to comment (at least that I can find from my phone) on the factual errors and misleading statement and cherry picked examples without context.

  4. “while others have wryly suggested that an all-black conceal and carry rally would prompt white lawmakers to repeal the law.”

    If they truly believe that and dislike this law so much, how about they do it? Seems like an incredibly simple and straight forward fix to what vexes them.

  5. Wait, wait,wait, so: “constitutional carry” = “license to murder”? Huh?

    Also, given that 90-95% of black murder victims are killed by black assailants, and given that a good 80% of all firearm-related murders are committed by felons who are knowingly not lawfully in possession of the firearm they use to commit the murder, regardless of Missouri’s constitutional carry status, more white people openly carrying firearms will have more-or-less zero impact on the number of black people murdered.

    If you really cared about innocent black people not getting murdered, you would be encouraging law-abiding black people to avail themselves of Missouri’s constitutional carry status – and not to associate with felons or others committing crimes. (The same holds true for law-abiding white people, and law-abiding people of any color – all of whom are far most likely to be victimized by assailants of the same color.)

    Oh, and Little Miss Genius, guess who became more likely to obtain firearms in the aftermath of Ferguson? It wasn’t white people; it was law-abiding black people living in Ferguson and similar places.

    Your race-baiting endangers their lives. Why do you despise law-abiding black people?

    • Thumbs up Chip.

      From now to the election, law abiding citizens will be bombarded with anti gun and racial messaging disguised as common sense in telling people what and how to think. The monster vote is inbound and MSM is about to get their narrative crushed.

    • Exactly.

      This line jumps out: “now have more legal recourse than ever to murder black citizens

      Who has a legal recourse to murder?

      They always give themselves away with the language they use. She conflates ‘self defense’ with ‘murder.’

      Murder is, by definition, both illegal and immoral. Constitutional Carry, Concealed Carry, Open Carry, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with that.

      This is what passes for “thinking” in the contemporary United States. Thank-you government schools! You’ve done a FINE JOB. (ie, exactly what you set out to do, actually…create a population of idiots…one might say, useful idiots).

    • OK chip covered the facts relating to current events, guns, and racism. Let me take a shot at some historical facts on guns and racism.

      Historically racists have taking advantage of the fact that minorities were unarmed to terrorize them. Post civil war numerous regulations and laws were pasted to try to prevent minorities from arming themselves.

      Pop quiz

      Name the organization that started to train minorities during the civil rights movement to protect them selves from racists attack them while law enforcement looked the other way?

      if you said the NRA then you get a gold star.

      Who were the racists? The KKK was the poster child for racism. The NRA established shooting clubs throughout the south to train minorities in using firearms so they could protect themselves from racism. One of these Clubs in Monroe NC defended a leaders house from a attack by the Klan in the 1960s.

      Pop quiz – During the Civil right movement what party did most Klan members belong to?

      Republicans you say? Sorry wrong answer. A large majority (if not all were) Democrats. Keep in mind the Klan was formed by former Confederates most of whom became Democrats. After the Civil war few in the south were particularly fond of the Republican party. It was the anti slave party. It was the party of President Lincoln who lead the Union army to victory and freed the slaves.

      During the Civil rights movement many minorities were armed so they could protect themselves and there loved ones. Many who traveled to the south to help with the protests stayed with local protesters in their homes and the visitors notes that the households often had firearms ready for use. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr both believed in the right to bear arms. Yes Martin Luther King Jr believed in peaceful protest. He also applied for a concealed carry permit ( Which was denied because of racism) so he could protect himself and his family.

      An armed society is a polite society. – Robert A. Heinlein

      • Since you are such a historian. Where did those KKK democrats go when LBJ signed the Civil rights act? And after that tells us more about Richard Nixon’s Southern strategy. Why does no one ever finish this history lesson?

        • What history lesson? You mean the myth about the parties switching sides? That is just a lie and a sad attempt at democrats attempting to escape their disgusting racist history. Only ONE democrat switched to the republican party. The rest of them stayed democrats including Al Gores father and Robert Byrd (the well known KKK recruiter who was the leader of the democrat party for almost 20 years). It gets old hearing democrats try and claim this BS. Do you honestly think all the republicans and all the democrats switched sides? Government data on who belonged to each party and who voted for and against this law is proof of the democrats being the racist party.

          I know the next lie you will spout in an attempt to claim the parties switched. You will claim the voting block changed and that is proof all the southern racist people became republicans, however if you bothered to do research instead of listening to your high school teacher feed you liberal propaganda you would know the truth.

          These Republican gains came not from the most rural and “deep south” regions, but rather from the newer cities and suburbs. If the new southern Republican voters were white racists, one would have expected Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to be the first to turn. Instead the turn toward the GOP began in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

    • Why do white elitist Liberals despise black people? — Because in reality these white elitist Liberals are very much racists – they see blacks as a flour from which they bake their bread that is intended to feed them forever. More specifically, they need a class forever mired in misery to provide them lifelong employment.

      • white liberals are the most racist people I have ever come across and I am a minority so I have witnessed it.

        The other day I saw a video of a white college professor protesting at an anti trump rally. He had a sign that said something about Trump being a racist. A black teenage boy wearing a Trump shirt went up to him and kindly asked him why he believes Trump is racist. The professor yelled at him and told him he doesn’t know SH** and then called him the N word. Keep in mind this is a college professor calling other people racist.

        I cannot comprehend the mentality of these people. How can this professor not see the truth? How can’t other liberals see this and not have their eyes opened? is it willful ignorance or are they really that mentally challenged and blinded by their ideology?

  6. Fundamental mindset of a slave. Rather than feel that this new law includes them and jumping at the chance to participate they assume a position of subservience and take on the role of victims.

    We need more Maj types and fewer of these “I’m always a victim” types.

    This is for you!!!! Get with the program and break the chains already!!!!!

  7. If you’re a law abiding citizen conceal carry away. It’s your right and equal opportunity at that.

    If you’re a criminal bent on causing trouble reconsider your ways now before one of the law abiding citizens above causes you to reconsider the error of your ways.

    I will say she’s thorough quoting the CDC funding thing. Based off some of the other birdcage litter coming out of Harvard by admitted anti gun people I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it has a TBD bias and major flaws.

    I would like to know how the Ferguson effect is debunked too. It’s seems VERY real in Chicago. If you had someone that decided to burn down a neighborhood, beat people and loot and then the police would cower wouldn’t you get a way to defend yourself too? Maybe some people came to the realization that the police have NO obligation to protect you.

    Gun control “seems to” save lives? That’s a pretty authorative conclusion. Then go on to demonize the NRA and play the race card/apply white guilt.

    “Open Season?” BLOOOD IN THE STREETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though don’t play stupid games and you won’t win a stupid prize. That’s pretty simple.

    She mentions Voter IDs aka poll taxes. Oh the irony considering that MBCs constitute the EXACT SAME THING to another constitutional right.

    There’s plenty of data on “gun violence” however just like that Harvard study quoted it gets misrepresented quite a bit. That’s probably my bias coming out because we haven’t even seen the methodology of this report yet. Then again, why would you release a report without the methodology this close to the agenda unless you’re just looking to provide a sound byte for the election cycle for articles written by morons like this one?


    This says nothing of the fact that gun control its self is racist. By requiring a poll tax (CC permit) you’re making it so that the poor can’t afford to have a means to defend themselves Guess which demographics contain a disproportionate amount of the poor? Yeah, that’s right.

  8. I’d love to see all the black people armed and ready/willing to take total responsibility for their own lives and safety. I’d like to see ALL people join in that.

    Those who wish to harm others – of every race – already have the guns.

  9. Oh Sarah, did the Missouri legislature not give you a sufficient trigger warning (pun not intended) before overriding the veto. You’re ad hominim lashing out at people who hold views different from yours has “feelz” all over it. St Louis is a Democrat creation. They own it. If it is a $#!thole for blacks living there, it is the residents and progressive political master’s fault.

    Your irrationality is the reason why we need firearms and the ability to carry. You are the hateful, bigoted, paranoid one.

  10. “while others have wryly suggested that an all-black conceal and carry rally would prompt white lawmakers to repeal the law.”

    Okay, go for it. If you think this will really get a repeal, go for it. Otherwise, stop trying to be funny, you’re just not that good at it.

    Personally I think it’d be a great idea, perhaps in conjunction with that group that’s trying to get arms and training to good folks in inner cities.

    • “Personally I think it’d be a great idea, perhaps in conjunction with that group that’s trying to get arms and training to good folks in inner cities.”

      Perhaps you are talking about The Armed Citizen Project?

      Since they seem to have moved their web presence to sjw-run faceplant, I can’t post a link. They are on youtube as well.

  11. Sarah, if your BLM SJWs didn’t fan the flames of racial hatred and riot (“Burn this town down” — the Perp’sFather), more people wouldn’t have wanted firearms and to carry easily everywhere to protect themselves.
    So the progressive logic flows like this:
    1. Perp misbehaves (assault officer, tries to take gun, moves on officer)
    2. Policeman conducts good shoot of perp.
    3. SJWs socially-media lynch policeman before facts are in or review by DA.
    4. Riots and lawless ensue.
    5. Law-abiding citizens, fearful of more criminal violence and unjustified attack, push to arm themselves even more.
    6. Feds swoop in and get the cop fired after acquittal.
    7. SJWs whine about the poor rioters right to riot and assault people without being shot.
    8. SJWs throw in a Voter ID protest (they can’t use their EBT card without ID, why not to vote?) for good measure.
    Rinse repeat.

  12. What?!? Just because they burned down a city doesn’t mean you’ve got a right to get all paranoid. I bet Attilla the Hun was a victim of this kind of racism.

    Somehow I’m guessing that the paranoid white racists in Missouri avoid places like Ferguson whether their armed or not. They’d also applaud the law abiding black citizens for having a 2nd Amendment rally.

  13. She definitely hit on a lot of the gun-control memes, notably that it CC is racist and there will be blood in the streets.

    “Many black Missourians have expressed concern over the law, knowing that white racists—already armed and paranoid in the aftermath of Ferguson…”

    Hmm, why would white Missourians be nervous in the aftermath of Ferguson? My guess could be all of the black people and liberals rioting and looting businesses, you know the general crime wave that followed the “protests”. It is also exceptionally malicious that she would say “white racists in Missouri” when she means white people in general. What this does is further encourage black people and liberals that white people, and especially white gun-owners are sub-human monsters intent on indiscriminate murder.

    Oh, Missouri’s “gun-related deaths” increased 18% while the national rate went down? How many of those deaths, particularly homicides occurred in the larger cities, you know the places that she describes as more “urban, Northern and liberal” versus in “Missourah” that she describes as “rural, Southern and conservative”? Any bets? Also how many of those deaths, particularly homicides, were black-on-black?

    “When the legislature panders to its white, rural gun-owners, it is these black urban populations that tend to bear the brunt of the repercussions.”

    Exactly what repercussions? And how do urban blacks bear their brunt? I guess the white rural population will now invade St.L and KC and begin shooting and killing black people, because it’s ok to CC? Interesting hypothesis.

    I’ve had more intelligent conversations with my dog, Floyd Lawson.

  14. Ah, once again another lily-white liberal who lives in a ‘nice neighborhood’ purports to speak on my behalf. They don’t even see how racist they sound when they do this, while screaming about racism the whole time. It must be a sickness.

    If these people feel so threatened, then they should avail themselves of the Stand Your Ground statute that is overwhelmingly (look it up) used by ‘people of color’ to defend their freedom after defending their right to life. I.e. If that KKK cracker-in-a-hood that they so fear shows up on their doorstep, SHOOT to stop the threat and call the police. But that requires work and responsibility–the kryptonite of black-America. It’s much easier to whine and burn our own neighborhoods.

  15. Well, Sarah, maybe you ought to call-up your friend Barak Obama and tell him just like he provided “Obamaphones”* to Blacks, he should provide “Obamaguns” to Blacks. That will counter any threat from White People to the Black populous resulting from Missouri’s new law. See how that works out…

    *{Not really, but that’s what THEY believe.}

  16. Of course it’s racist. Just as objecting to teaching and preaching homosexuality and transgenderism to elementary school kids is homophobic and bigoted.

  17. “already armed and paranoid in the aftermath of Ferguson”

    Let me stop you right there. ANYONE who took to the streets in Ferguson after the forensics came out and still chanted the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie, while destroying their own town and vilifying whites, is subhuman. Sub-modern’human, anyway. Individuals committing such acts in defiance of the law and the facts of the case are simply incapable of the rational thought and impulse control consistent with fully evolved human beings.

    It’s not paranoia if the threat is real and substantial.

    It’s not racist if the the menace is defined in terms of individuals’ actions.

    Moreover, open carry alters the legality of the use of force not one bit. There is no “open season” on blacks, unless you count the daily slaughter launched on them by other blacks in our inner city hellscapes.

    Come to think of it, you should count that, Sarah. You should redirect your chronic white guilt and your imaginary white privilege toward that genuine tragedy and quit chasing phantom open carry menaces.

  18. Wow… The amount of misinformation and indoctrination that young people receive today from the American public school system is truly staggering, even for a cynic like myself.

    Of course it is the CONTROL of who gets concealed carry permits that has racist roots. Why do you think white leftists required face-to-face meetings with law enforcement? Yup. How else could you tell the good Mr. Jones from the bad? And if the southern Democratic Sheriff had any problems figuring if the man standing before him might have a touch of some other race in him, why then he could always fall back on the “good moral character” clause.

  19. It is notable that on the same day the state legislature passed the gun law, it passed another law making it more difficult for Missourians to vote. This new ID requirement will disproportionately affect the black population. The racial animus of the Missouri state legislature has never been more clear.

    I wonder what this bitch thinks of New York City’s gun laws?

    Fair enough. In which case, perhaps we ought also to take a look at New York City’s gun-permitting process, which not only requires individuals who wish to buy a firearm to go through the apparently devastating process of obtaining an acceptable ID but also to provide separately a proof of residence, a proof of citizenship or permanent residency, and a Social Security card; to pay $431.50 plus the cost of two color photographs; to wait an average of eight months for the application to be processed, and then attend a lengthy in-person interview; and, if the applicant has not lived in the United States for seven years (and many immigrants can become citizens after just three years, remember), to provide a certificate of good conduct from their foreign government. Pray, how does that fit into the mix?

    Her argument implies that New York City’s gun control laws are based on racial animus, that they have a disproportionate effect on black people.

  20. Libtards are racists. Progtards are racist. They hurt my feelz and trigger me by invading my safe space so I call them what they are, racists.

    ‘Nuff said.

  21. There’s so much silliness in that article. She even introduces a new firearms term: “high-weapons.” WTH is a “high-weapon”?!?!

    “…Greitens, a former Navy Seal, filmed multiple campaign ads in which he fires high-weapons.”


    • Perhaps the weapon was smoking something? Did it inhale?

      I think Ms. Kendzior must be smoking something to come up with the cr*p that she does…..

  22. One last thing on this…A little research shows that Ms. Kendzior has an interesting background in journalism. From her about me page ( “Previously I was an op-ed columnist for Al Jazeera English, where I wrote about exploitation, particularly in higher education, the diminishing opportunities of America’s youth, and gentrification. I have also covered internet privacy, political repression, and how the media shape public perception. My April 2013 article “The wrong kind of Caucasian” is the most popular AJE op-ed of all time.”

    She apparently does have “white guilt.”

    • Many have been socially conditioned to hate their own race. It is becoming politically incorrect for white women to reproduce with white men.

  23. “Wryly?” I do not think you understand the definition of that word. And -call me crazy-lawful CC carriers who happen to be black would think you are retarded…

  24. A quick Google search shows that she’s some sort of Twitter obsessed SJW who has a history of ethically challenging ‘issues’, such as false accusations of rape threats, inappropriate relationship with her boss (now husband) while working at the New York Daily News. She earns her living ‘writing’ about race, authoritarian central Asian states and the ‘prestige economy’, whatever that means.

    Basically another person who seems to have never done a proper days work in their entire lives.

  25. Just another liberal chick who hasn’t been dicked properly and is compensating for it. Try to avoid the metrosexuals, your vagina will thank me for it.

  26. Oh, for SMOD’s sake.

    Because “pro-gun” activists n advocates are too often plodding literalists who think like Jr. High student govt … here’s the plan… (Really. For decades we pay the N R A to advance our interests n still we celebrate every time they put out an ad that takes a position n doesn’t suck? Construction paper signs in the hallways, n we’re impressed?)

    The plan. Sponsor that rally. Right now. Reach out to “black” communities, n leaders there, the NAACP, this schill n every rag that published or promoted this drivel.

    1 – We think a rally like that is a great idea. We’re here to help.

    2 – We’re organizing a support rally for those of us who aren’t black. Same date n time. Different location, but nearby. (Everybody’s welcome.)

    3 – The theme of the support rally is “Gun rights are civil rights.” That’s the slogan. Plus quotes from this schill n rags that covered or promoted it. (Supporting theme of “peaceful, responsible citizens w guns are a boon to everyone.” Let the anti’s say: “What about the thugs?” Then, call them racists.)

    4 – Prepared messaging on each issue and event, plus a media plan n response op around the ralleys. (The rally is fodder, to populate the P R. Any value in the rally itself is a bonus.)

    5 – Hold the support rally whether the open / concealed black people rally happens or not. If they don’t do it, yr supporting the idea, n wish they had.

    Politics is not bean bag. When they hand you a win, take it. And if you can tangle them up in their own convictions, even better. (Somebody said this, n even taught it I’ve heard. It’s like a rule, or something. There might be more rules; who knows?)

    • “(Supporting theme of “peaceful, responsible citizens w guns are a boon to everyone.” Let the anti’s say: “What about the thugs?” Then, call them racists.)”

      Thanks for the best ‘turn-about rocks!’ laugh I’ve had in ages! That made my morning — almost my week, for that matter.

      And you said exactly what I was intending to if no one else had: the NRA should start sponsoring such rallies! If blacks held a carry rally in Portland, I’d be there in support whether the NRA sponsored a support rally or not, but it would be awesome if they did. And I’d contact the local Pink Pistols and invite them, too (man, I would SO love to see the liberals consternation at a gay group supporting black carry!).

      As another measure, the NRA should start a program to help anyone in a high-crime neighbor to buy a gun for defense, regardless of color (they could start it by taking a third of La Pierre’s ridiculous salary for the purpose).

  27. We need “black guns matter” , “the second is for everyone ” or even the Huey newton gun club to organize an open carry rally and show these anti freedom statist assholes the truth! Remember that the origin of gun control was Jim Crow !

  28. As a Black man with a concealed handgun license, let me say to Ms. Kendzior, “Stop ‘helping’.”

    “An all-black conceal and carry rally” would be a wonderful thing… although one wonders how anyone would KNOW if the firearms are concealed.

    It is an ABSOLUTE certainly that FAR more Black Missourians legally carry concealed firearms than she thinks, probably including people whom she THINKS she knows.

    The condescension and arrogance of White anti-gunners is something I’ve experienced for decades. It not infrequently progresses to racism and White supremacism. I doubt she’s an exception.

  29. Bu-but if they are already doing it when it’s against the law, what does it change? The only people affected would be the minorities who they say are following the law and are disarmed by it.

    Though the 2nd part may have some truth, considering progressive paradise and totally not racist Kali outlawed OC after those yoots did it. In contrast to those racist Texas legislators allowing blacks to OC.

  30. If a bunch of law abiding black gun owners had a meeting no one would care because basically no one would know.

    The truth is that white people generally don’t have a problem with black folks. If whites generally did harbor violent, racist views towards blacks the recent riots would be turkey shoots and dead black folks would be stacked like cordwood.

  31. …now have more legal recourse than ever to murder black citizens whom they perceive as a threat.

    Nonsense. No one has any “legal recourse” to murder anyone. There is such a thing as “justifiable homicide” which is not murder. I would recommend Kendzior look it up.

    Black St. Louisans have remarked on social media that it feels like “open season” on their community, while others have wryly suggested that an all-black conceal and carry rally would prompt white lawmakers to repeal the law.

    By all means – please educate yourself on the law, train and practice with your firearm, and conceal carry it. I have no problems with that at all. We fall under the same law – regardless of race. Your idea that we would repeal that law because you would exercise the same is folly. It’s time you stop seeing racism when there is none. I hold blacks to the same standard as I hold whites. We are all – just people, and individually, all different, but share equal rights. It is the democratic party that says you are not receiving what you should, while at the same time trying to enforce gun control upon you, take your rights away, and provide black inner city folk welfare/handouts. As an electrical engineer at my previous vocation, my office was right next to another electrical engineer – a black man. He was once also USMC. In college, I got my ass intellectually handed to me in mathematics by a black man in my own classes who later tutored/helped me with my studies and who now works for the CIA. Another math tutor of mine was Black and was the head of the Mathematics learning center from my university. Black people don’t need a handout, don’t need any help, and don’t need to be told what they need by the Democratic party. It is they that are not holding you to the same standard. It is time the majority of you guys hold yourselves to that standard.

  32. “…an all-black conceal and carry rally would prompt white lawmakers to repeal the law.”
    Because none of these racist white men, while pondering how to further better elevate themselves above the inferior – perhaps while dressed in smoking jackets and sipping expensive bourbon in a darkened room after dinner – would have come across the thought that such a law would, in fact, allow “the blacks” legal access to firearms on par with not only “the whites” but also on par with those who have both money AND political connections. Obviously, these same racist white men would now be paying enough attention to what a rally of black people were actually saying to realize they’re actually not protesting a police-related killing this time.

  33. Paranoia? Really, there’s paranoia?

    Listen up, chick: there’s paranoia because you and your friends in the media have worked so hard to make everyone paranoid! It’s part of the program!

    Too bad that a LOT of people are smarter than you, and figure out that the rational response if all the dangers you hype are true is to follow the Boy Scout motto and “Be Prepared” (not “Demand that someone else be prepared for you”) by buying a gun for protection. The truly sad part is that those who generally most need that defense are the last able to afford it.


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