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springfield-crosscannon_2016-smallOne of RF’s favorite warblers says he won’t play where guns are carried: Singer Ray Lamontagne announcing he’s canceling his appearance at the University of Texas’ Bass Concert Hall – “I consider myself to be a very open minded human being, and I always try and see things from another’s point of view. I realize this is a controversial issue and there are strong feelings on both sides of it. But no matter how hard I try to understand the rationale for allowing guns on campus or more broadly, the ‘concealed carry’ law in general, I just cannot in any way support that ideology.” If that’s his attitude, we guess Ray’s going be playing a lot more gigs in New York City, Newark, San Francisco, DC…and an ever-dwindling number of other coastal locales.

New from the NRA:

Don’t let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone.


Not really news any more, but notable because of where the article appears…the Los Angeles Times: In a Minnesota mall, a ‘good guy with a gun’ stops a ‘bad guy’ with a knife – “Jason Falconer, a part-time police officer who killed an attacker wielding a knife Saturday at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Minn., earned high praise from local officials as well as his own trending hashtag on Twitter. ‘He was put in unfortunate circumstances. I believe there was divine intervention,’ Corey Nellis, the police chief in the neighboring city of Avon, said at a news conference Monday. ‘I think he was the person that needed to be there to prevent it from being worse than it was.'” Of course Falconer was a part-time cop so…that’s as acceptable as it gets for anti-gunners.


Whether your profession or passion lands you on a mission or the hunt of a lifetime, Firefield Tactical Paracord Slings provide comfortable, hands-free convenience while keeping your rifle at the ready when seconds count. Available in both single-point and two-point models for tactical and traditional firearm carrying methods, Firefield’s paracord slings boast 80 ft. of heavy-duty Mil-Spec 550 paracord woven into an aggressive King Cobra style braid, durable 1.2-in. nylon webbed straps, 1.5 in. of total width for improved comfort and a polished black Firefield dog tag to remind you that victory justifies everything.


Child’s Play? The Trouble With Toy Guns – “Yes, boys will be boys. But if they can learn not to call people fat or ugly, they can learn to have fun in ways other than with war games. But first, adults have to do what’s right. So this week, I called my Cambridge police station and had them take away my beloved Winchester. As I hefted it from the closet where I’d kept it since the 1970s, I was surprised at how much it weighed. Once it was gone, I felt unburdened. I told my neighbors’ boys, ‘I don’t like war games.’” I know I feel better. You?


They don’t call it the stupid party for nothing: Swing-state Republicans play up efforts for gun control laws – “Republicans in critical down-ballot races are taking a page from the Democrats’ playbook: They are talking up gun control measures. Republican incumbents have faced increasing pressure from both their Democratic opponents and colleagues in the Senate to act on gun control legislation, particularly in the wake of several mass shootings that have occurred since late last year.”

Lightweight ‘Magnificent Seven’ entertains with guns blazing – “What with all the shootin’ and the stabbin’ and the bow-and-arrowin’ and the killin’ in ‘The Magnificent Seven,’ perhaps the most remarkable thing about the film: It’s rated PG-13 for ‘extended and intense sequences of Western violence, and for historical smoking, some language and suggestive material.” No spandex costumes or exabyte-powered CGI megablasts? I’m in.


Bull riders’ show almost called off over color guard’s guns – “Professional Bull Riders chief Sean Gleason came within seconds of canceling Friday’s event at The Spectrum Center after he said arena managers refused to allow a U.S. Customs and Border Protection color guard to enter the building to display the American flag during the national anthem. In an angry Facebook post, Gleason said managers of the former Time Warner Cable Arena cited “building policy” in asking members of the color guard to relinquish their firearms. They refused, leading to a 90-minute standoff.” Spectrum Center management only allowed the color guard in the building when a local LEO agreed to marched with them. Apparently to ensure they weren’t impelled by the evil influence of the guns they carried to shoot up the joint. Looks like the PBR — and a lot of other events — may want to look for a new venue.

Remember…anywhere but the shoulder:

And you can thank our friends at the Bureau for making this video necessary.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: The ATF is Short-Handed, The New York Times is Clueless, and Moms Demand Action is Dishonest">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: A New Hope, The Same Old Song, and Naked Prey">Next Post


    • He’s a human being who tries to see things from another person’s point of view, but needs to try harder.

      • Aw, c’mon now. He tries to see things from every point of view, as long as that point of view agrees completely with his feelings and preconceived notions on the matter. That’s open-minded, right?

        • I’ve had this conversation with so many friends. I can go on about how fear or paranoia is not requisite to own a gun, there is no constant emotional state of any sort needed to weigh the pros and cons and decide on preparedness. How not knowing if or when I might need one is not the same as never needing one. I can continually point out that it will be someone else who decides if I need one, that criminals don’t needa gun to hurt but you weekwill need one to stop them because every jail sentence is fitness and criminal training resort, while you or i spend our lives spring ourselves and families, our hire my decade of martial arts training makes me more qualified than them to judge if “being a real man” really does mean just fighting off criminals with my fists and no gun.

          I can do all of that, and at every turn they will repeat the same bs points, never even acknowledging any points I make, let alone refuting them, and they will accuse me of not listening to them and I always point out than I have responded to and addressed every single thing they have said point by point which means that I have listed to them and they throw their hands up in defeat to start again anew with the next tragic news cycle.


    • Maybe I’m misremembering, but I thought large venues were still prohibited under TX law. Oh wait, that wouldn’t apply to his shows now would it?

    • I’m glad he wants to see things from other “points of view,” but I’d like to know why he finally chose the Inter-Rectal-Cranial one?

    • Denzel Washington? No pass. The original western didn’t need some newage twit to remake it.

      Why can’t the Hollywierd types take a old crummy movie and make a new GOOD version? Obviously there are no original or creative brains in the place, but they keep on recycling classics and the new version is always crap.

      • Just an FYI “Westworld” is on it’s way……….HBO or Showtime? I forgot. If youv’e never seen the orginal with Yul Brenner it’s a classic. I’m also sure it’s where the “Terminator” idea came from and they have smart guns in it.

  1. “But if they can learn not to call people fat or ugly…”

    Maybe, but not calling them out doesn’t make those people any less fat or ugly, just oblivious of it.

  2. “Well I hope Mr. LaMontagne will remember,
    Gun freedom patriots don’t need him around any how.”
    –Lynyrd Skynyrd (paraphrased any how….)

      • OK after spending way too much time in the military, para cord is the best thing next to sliced Bread! That being said, it is not a G.D. fashion Statement! Those of us who have used it in the field know it is a tool that can save your life or at least make it more comfortable. IT IS NOT A DAMN BRACELET FOR MY 5 YEAR OLD!

      • Paracord and 100 mph tape can save your life, Son.
        You can “MacGyver” nearly anything except a warp drive and even under fire like HRC does 😉

        • I’m not bagging on para cord it’s great, I’m looking at a roll on my desk as I type this. It’s a fantastic tool. I’ve used it to attach slings to “keymod” rails instead of spending 49.95 for a custom locking keeper etc….

  3. 7 sounds great! Historical smoking? THAT’S retarded. Then again when dipshites want to erase the Confederate flag from human memory…yeah I never heard of Ray either.

  4. Love the pic of the kid with a “bazooka”. If I’m not mistaken that’s a Sonic Blaster. Those things shot a ball of air a good distance. Of course, boys being boys, we found other uses for it…

  5. The dude in the SB tactical better be careful. Towards the end, when he was mounting it to his sternum, it ALMOST touched his shoulder, thereby magically transforming his pistol into a short barreled rifle…

      • I can give you all the proof that could ever be required. “If I had intended to have a rifle, I would have bought a rifle!” See? As we all now understand, without intent there can be no prosecution. Unless it’s different for Dem politicians.

    • I give props to the guys in that video for being able to do all that with a straight face.

      I’m saving that video. It’s great to show to the uneducated, to demonstrate just how stupid our gun laws are, especially when they are enforced by Washington bureaucrats.

    • If I remember correctly, YOU must prove INTENT before you could be guilty, unless you aren’t hitlery (then you must PROVE Innocence).

  6. Political correctness is turning our males into wussies. It will be a huge question whether they will have the ability to do what their ancestors did during the Revolutionary war, WW1, WW2. I am afraid they will turn into the whiners of the 1960s who turned their backs on their country, even running off to hide in other countries while many of us put our lives on the line as our country asked we do. Clearly, such people feel they owe nothing for the freedoms they enjoy, but it’s OK with them if others give their blood, their lives in place of those who ran away.

    Kids who played army, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, etc didn’t turn into homicidal maniacs, drug addicts, bank robbers, pimps, etc. Let the left explain how millions of kids played with toy weapons yet turned out to be some of the nations heros.

  7. Marco, Marco, Marco:

    Voted for you for Senate. You get to Washington and you go in for “comprehensive immigration reform.”

    Didn’t vote for you in the presidential primary. You lost badly.

    You ran for Senate again. I figured you’d learned you lesson. I voted for you in the primary.

    Now you are proposing gun control. I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON!

  8. I didn’t realize the sternum support was ok. So the difference between 10 years(?) in jail and freedom is supporting the pistol on your sternum instead of your shoulder? Or on your cheek .001 inches away from touching your shoulder? What if while shooting from the cheek the pistols slips onto my shoulder and an ATF agent is watching? Will ATF agents be getting anatomy classes so they know precisely where the shoulder stops and the sternum begins? This is ridiculous and highlights the stupidity of some of our laws greatly, although at least a criminal won’t be allowed to shoulder their AR pistol because they always follow laws like this.

    I always say one of my biggest fears as a gun owner is breaking some stupid law like this because between federal, state, and local laws even a lawyer isn’t going to know the laws of everywhere they go and could so easily break a firearm law and end up in jail for years.

    • This is why you shoot any person that tries to force you (arrest you) into anything.

      I ain’t going to jail.

  9. Holy shit. Placing a “brace” against your sternum makes the weapon NOT an SBR?

    Doesn’t that mean that ANY stock on a “pistol” is legal as long as you “sternum it” rather than shouldering it to fire?

    Jesus the BATFE has gone full fucking retard.

    • Nope, can’t be a stock. But maybe a “secondary support apparatus” that is expressly intended to brace the pistol at your sternum…

      • Actually I’m pretty sure this is prima facie evidence that the BATFE just makes shit up can calls it “law”, that they have no actual standards and that their rules are arbitrary and capricious.

        If the SIG brace is a brace until you “redesign” it by shouldering the damn thing then simply saying that I “intend” to “sternum” a regular stock makes it legal until I shoulder it.

        They can’t shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways which, at this point in time, they do.

        • Ok, we wrap the ATF HQ in copper wire, make all agents and executives carry magnets in their pockets and we can generate free electricity with how frequently they 180 on this very issue.

    • New product:
      Designed to brace your firearm against your pectoral, the moob tube! Now available in Mill spec and commercial! Fully ATF compliant until they finish sighing.

  10. “But no matter how hard I try to understand the rationale for allowing guns on campus or more broadly, the ‘concealed carry’ law in general, I just cannot in any way support that ideology.”

    Spoken like someone who has never been beaten or raped.

    I suspect Ray couldn’t sell enough tickets to fill the hall, so he decided to cancel the show and score some Good Liberal Points.

  11. I have replaced all my long guns with sig brace “pistols” Still able to ring steel @ 300 yards, good enough for me. But I’m deaf now. lol.

  12. Apparently holding a pistol (a regular pistol) up to your shoulder remanufactures it into an SBR. So that’s illegal too. We need more nonsensical arbitrary laws that make things illegal.

  13. Pretty cool idea for a sling and the price ($30) is not too bad. From our “they cannot be serious department”, Firefield wants $6 for a single CR123A battery…and here’s kicker, they are out of stock!

  14. The new multi-ethnic version of The Magnificent Seven is soon to be followed by The Totally Fabulous Seven with an all-female cast. To be followed by The Village People Seven, which will be direct-to-video. To be followed by The Immigrant Seven, which will be direct-to-garbage-can.

    Hollywood is predictable.

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