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Shortage of ATF investigators to complete gun dealer inspections – “By law, gun dealers can be inspected once a year by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Last year, the ATF made more than 8,600 inspections, just a fraction of the gun dealers nationwide. The budget allows for only 620 inspectors; Not nearly enough to go around. ‘Unfortunately, we can’t get to everybody. But we try to.’ Bart Mora runs the San Antonio ATF field office where his 11 inspectors are responsible for checking gun dealers in 50 counties.” Um, that’s only 14 FFLs per inspector per year. What else are they doing? And maybe if the ATF devoted more manpower to compliance and less to hairbrained undercover “sting” operations, they’d be able to complete more inspections.


Fake Gun, Real Crime: Police Notice Uptick In Replicas – “Whether they shoot BBs, pellets, paintballs or nothing at all, imitation guns can be indistinguishable from the real thing — it’s one reason why some criminals gravitate toward them. Plus they’re cheap and easy to get.” And yet cop-haters and the media go insane when these same criminals are shot by police officers while waving these things around.


Here’s an evergreen post title if ever there was one: The New York Times’ Lack Of Gun Knowledge Is Embarrassing – “Nobody—not even the editorial board of The New York Times—is free from the moral responsibility to do a little research before commenting on a matter of public import. If you are going to talk about a contentious public issue, you should learn a little bit about it beforehand to avoid misleading others and making yourself look profoundly foolish.”

Gears of War 4’s Campaign Mixes Guns and Gore with Storytelling and Atmosphere – “My demo also contained an impressive selection of new firearms. The Overkill is a four-barrel shotgun that fires both when you pull the trigger and when you release it, allowing to create either a wall of pellets or a concentrated cone of death depending on the speed at which you fire. It only seems to hold 12 shots, though, so I frequently passed up Overkills in favor of keeping my classic Gnasher. I did, however, seize every opportunity to use the COG bots’ Embar rifles, an effective mid-range precision rifle that requires to you hold the trigger until the two halves of your reticule meet in the middle.” I think they call ‘storytelling and atmosphere’ the fast-forward in the porn video world. Is it the same in video games?


Your shocker of the day: Grisham: Anti-gun group misleads public and is out of step with Texas – “Open Carry Texas and Come and Take It Texas have never claimed responsibility for making this video because we didn’t make it. We support the video for highlighting the absurdity of thinking that a sex toy is a better defense against an armed intruder than a handgun, but we never took responsibility for it. This is another example of how Moms Demand Action continues to mislead the public. Another instance is claiming that Open Carry Texas showed up at one of our regular meeting locations with rifles to intimidate members of Moms Demand Action. Finally, Keown misleads readers in failing to mention that shooting at mannequins predates both Open Carry Texas and Moms Demand Action and is in no way meant to represent women. Most mannequins are feminine by design.”

These are the last days of summer. Are you ready for fall?


Springfield Armory Daily Digest: More Bloomberg Cash for 'Data', Preferential Treatment, and a Simulated Drive-By">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: The Reluctant Troubadour, the Grateful Chief, and the Spineless Politicians">Next Post


  1. I feel really bad for the ATF agents. I’m going to start a Go Fvck Me campaign to send every one of them on an all-expenses paid vacation to Ciudad Juarez.

    Just don’t lose your heads, fellas.

    • They better pray their backlog drops back down below either legally or congressionally actionable levels of acceptance, or they may find themselves with a “shit or get off the pot” deadline like the 72 hour NICS hold. Not saying the will is there for such measures at the moment, but something will eventually give when millionaire doctors & lawyers with connections are having to wait two years for a silencer along with all the other plebes.

    • Have some compassion. That’s FOURTEEN inspections per “agent” per year. Less than EIGHTEEN days per inspections. How could they be expected to keep up such a grueling pace? Likely have to make due with $100k/yr with Cadillac benefits. The humanity.

      Alternatively, how would you like to have an one of the jackbooted up your butt at your gun store for EIGHTEEN days. Thugs usually travel in gangs so I suppose you’d have a gagglef__k of the goons in your store.

  2. No, some people actually play games for he cinematic experience. Believe it or not, some devs and writers actually put a lot of time into building the world around your character.

    Kinda interested in the origin of these creatures from the GoW trailer. Thought the locust were all supposed to have been killed off in the last game.

    • Epic isn’t one of the devs really known for plot/storytelling. If you want good Gears story read the books by Karen Traviss.

    • There are a few studios, such as Telltale Games, that make what are essentially interactive stories. Events happen at various points in the story where you take an action or make a decision in a limited time and consequences will flow from what you choose. Those games are almost entirely storytelling and atmosphere.

      More in the middle is Naughty Dog, who make highly cinematic games, with amazingly well acted cut scenes, but with lots of action and in the Uncharted series especially, some sequences that are down right Spielbergian.

      And in the “story, we don’t need no stinkin’ story” category, there are the online only shooters such as Titanfall, which I does have some sort of backstory, but pretty much everyone who plays is there for multi-player.

  3. My question would be why does it take an ATF inspector 3 weeks to do an inspection? How many 4473’s really need? Actually happened to the LGS last year. Just wondering?

    • “My question would be why does it take an ATF inspector 3 weeks to do an inspection?”

      Depends on the size of the inventory in the cases and racks and the volume of sales.

      Does the bound book match what’s in the shop?

      • Why should it? Who needs it? And let’s see a comprehensive list of all the crimes it has ever solved. It’s BS piled on top of BS, just spending taxpayer money for zero benefit.

  4. May your ATF shortage continue…what a pathetic and evil big gubmint alphabet agency. And I mostly agree about fake guns-except young dumb kids. Heck the toys I had 50 and more years ago would get me killed now…

    • We went trick-or-treating in the late ’70s with real guns as part of the costume.

      Cops who saw us asked if they were loaded, and commented on what nice examples they were.

      • yeah, these days that will get you shot 3 times, 2 innocent bystanders hit with the fusillade of bullets they sent in your general direction and you get to bleed out while cuffed while they beat the living shit out of your trick or treating associates.

  5. Those agents aught to be more worried about that god awful spiced glock. It’s so ugly, the second they step in the gun store to do an inspection they’ll be blinded, rolling around in agony on the floor along with the customers.

  6. Gears should have ended with the third title. Instead we get the plot off attack on Titan, with the Zerg from Starcraft as the enemy. And not to sound like a whining SJW, but why is the girl’s armor little more than a steel sports bra? Even Anya and the other girl in #3 had the full chest armor.

    • because tits on the cover help sell this to the 9-90 year old age group.

      Don’t tell me you have forgotten the Tomb Raider franchise? They proved that you can turn a decent FPS Adventure game into a industry power house by simply adding digital melons.

  7. Wow 14 inspections per year per agent. Let’s be sporting and say that it takes them a week to do each inspection, what with all the paperwork and such. What are they doing the other 36 working weeks of the year?

  8. The article ab out the NYTimes editorial board just scratches the surface. Posted here earlier today by someone else, here is a link to the editorial. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/16/opinion/missouri-the-shoot-me-state.html It is truly obnoxious piece, parroting every gun control –oops, “gun safety” line out there. It suggests that the new Missouri law will allow felons and persons with DV convictions to carry firearms, and that police will be unable to stop them from doing so–failing to note that con carry or not, such persons are prohibited under federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition. It suggests that there is a huge unregulated market in gun shows and on the internet without background checks, and that this law (which has nothing to do with background checks) will increase the availability of firearms to prohibited persons. It rails against the no duty to retreat provision of the law, arguing that it will allow people to defend themselves based upon their own sense of being threatened. Which isn’t how the law works or what it says, but the Times is anti-stand your ground, and approves of proposals to ban “assault weapons” and persons on no fly lists from owning firearms. A lovely bit of total propaganda.

  9. And then there is the story that Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Keane saying that Trump’s comments that Hill should lose the security if she is so opposed to guns was paramount to asking for her to be assassinated. It is easy to see that he didn’t get the memo; what a lame rebuttal to a charge oh her hypocrisy.

  10. “I think they call ‘storytelling and atmosphere’ the fast-forward in the porn video world. Is it the same in video games?”

    When AAA over budgeted garbage tries to do it it is. Mid budget games often have some pretty cool stories and atmosphere, but something like Gears of War does not and it’s all cheap by the book “emotional hooks”.

  11. The Federalist article re: NYT contained a word (and defined it!) that I had only seen on here before: Hoplophobia.

    So it isn’t just an RF thing.

  12. Every government agency is always short handed, always have been, always will be, since the beginning of time. You can’t grow your power, position or authority without people.

    Trust me when I say that there is no shortage of administrative personnel at BATFE headquarters.

    • I support allowing them all the personnel they wish, as long as all are volunteers, zero paychecks. No guns, no badges, no authority.

  13. “Story in a game is like story in a porn movie. It’s expected to be there, but its not that important” – John Carmack, creator of Doom


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