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“I’m definitely for responsibility. I don’t think Obama is trying to take our guns, and I don’t think we have to fight the government to keep them. If you want to go out of a hunting trip and shoot cans with your son and a .22, that’s fine. Do I need an AK-47 with a 100-round magazine if I’m going on a hunting trip? No. It is, to borrow a phrase from Confucius, like using a cannon to kill a mosquito. Having just made a Western, it’s fun to have a gun on your hip. You’re like, ‘This is an extension of my manhood.'” – Armie Hammer in Armie Hammer Talks Gun Control and Marriage [at]

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  1. It gets tiring to hear people tie gun ownership back to hunting over and over again. While the Founding Fathers were certainly cognizant of the importance of hunting on the frontier, the security of the free state of the was their main focus in drafting the 2nd Amendment. That is where the Ak-47 with the 100 round drum comes in.

    Also, I agree with Chas above. It looks like a crappy movie anyway. Casting Johnny Depp as Tanto completely ruins the movie for me. Tanto was the Lone Ranger’s companion and rock. Not his eccentric, crack head comic relief.

    • Is almost as tiring to constantly here the reference to “manhood” when talking firearms. It’s as if a person is into firearms they must be or feel inadequate in some sort of way and compensate.

      They ignore the fact that women own firearms, that many men who own firearms own them not cause to feel macho, or they have a small penis, but because we appreciate the skill firearms require to use properly, the responsibility of being a citizen who can provide for themselves, and firearms are pretty damn cool in general. Gender and sexual; prowess not even being a factor.

  2. I don’t give a crap what he thinks and feels. Evidence shows that Obama is indeed coming for our guns (legislatively), and we may need to take up arms against our country to keep our guns and all other civil rights. So, FOAD, FBHO, FNSA, et cetera.

  3. Having just made a Western, it’s fun to have a gun on your hip. You’re like, ‘This is an extension of my manhood.’”

    Yep…that’s exactly why people want to carry firearms, so that we can all feel more manly. /sarcasm

      • A defensive gun is, if an extension of anything, an extension of one’s fist. Current Hollywood types, left-wing academics, and others without much experience of an old-fashioned fist fight (sans security to break it up instantly) are confused about this. Since the only thing they associate with ‘hitting’ is their johnson, they think a gun must somehow be related to it. James Arness was a good example of an actor from another era drawn to play roles requiring a gun. He was widely reputed to have the biggest package in Brentwood. Those who decry the gun as somehow a substitute for a standard manspear are living with false hope. It won’t help. You’ll always be shrimpy. Learn to live with it. If your fist can’t safely reach a charging perp with a knife, however, do buy a gun.

      • Yes Shawn, peniz envy is why “some” traditional women and progressive womyn are buying guns essentially to feel manly.

      • As a woman who definitely does not want to feel “more manly”, I can state emphatically that my gun is not an extention of my manhood.

        RopingDown has stated it very correctly: my gun is an extention and force-multiplier of my fist.

    • So this guy knows all about guns because he carried a fake one while pretending to be someone else. Gotta love Hollywood.

  4. Is anyone actually shocked when an actor speaks about controversial issues and they sound like an idiot?

    May as well quote Wal-Mart greeters. Actually, they’re probably more informed.

  5. Is he referring to the Confucius who lived in the 5th century BC? I am pretty sure Confucius was not talking about cannons 1400 years before gunpowder was invented.

    • I doubt he has any idea either way, and in any case it doesn’t matter to me. I too, get tired of that AK/100rd drum/hunting shibboleth. Doesn’t mean squat to me. What matters is being left alone. Nothing more, nothing less. Push me far enough and I will put your eye out. Probably what they want, anyway.

  6. If you are an actor, you can have a brain, but you don’t need one. You just need to be able to play a role, look pretty, be funny, whatever. You could be rational and logical also, but it definitely isn’t necessary. It’s ok to be smart, but do you really need to have an IQ of over 90, with people to help you? Maybe it just makes you worry more.

  7. Pairing AK’s with 100 round drum magazines with the act of hunting in effort to make a point means you a)have no point to make and b)have no idea WTF you’re talking about

  8. Love the “you don’t need a 100 round magazine to hunt” line. I am almost tempted to support a ban on 100 round magazines just to make them shut up. 100 rounds might be excess and more importantly prone to jamming but a 30 round mag is very useful when you are cleaning out some farmers land of a feral hog problem. It would be fun to watch one of these “hunters” take on a bunch of large feral hogs with a bolt gun and five round magazine.

    • A thirty round magazine has a good deal of military utility, which is important because private ownership of guns is our bulwark against tyranny. A hundred round magazine, not so much. But if I give the government the authority to ban one, they will extend that authority to ban the other.

  9. ” I don’t think Obama is trying to take our guns, and I don’t think we have to fight the government to keep them.”

    Clearly the key phrase here is “I don’t think”.

    No sir, you don’t.

  10. Why do people care so much about the opinions of celebrities? They are no more “worthy” to offer up their ideas than anyone else. For some reason we (not the armed intelligentsia) deify them here in this country and throngs of easily swayed people who lack any education will latch onto the opinions of their favorite star or starlet of the day and run with it. What they think is truly irrelevant. We have a Constitution in this country so that a majority cannot simply form an opinion and trample the rights of the minority. If these statist lemmings would stop for just a minute, maybe not see one movie this year and spend those 2-3 hours with a quality textbook detailing the legal system and founding of this country we wouldn’t have boobs like this and people like Clooney leading thousands into statist, fascist falsehoods.

    Sorry, Rant off.


  11. Hey look, another Jack@ss with an opinion. Someone who thinks that because his ugly mug is on a wanted poster I should be concerned with what he thinks? I couldn’t care less but in the interest if being fair I’ll trade you one opinion for another. I think all would be celebrities should have a gag order as part of their contract.

  12. “I don’t think Obama is trying to take our guns, and I don’t think we have to fight the government to keep them.”

    This line right there told me all I need to know. You’re an idiot.

    Obama: I won’t take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away. I won’t take your shotgun away.
    2012 Obama: We need an Assault Weapons ban.

    I’m just gonna leave this here:
    Fast forward to 1:54

  13. “This is an extension of my manhood”

    In the short seven years since the first time I fired a gun, I have never come remotely close to thinking that gun ownership and buffing up my manhood were ever connected. I’m not surprised that this member of the clueless Hollywood crowd associated the two. All those hypocrites do on screen is handle guns unsafely while pretending to commit wholesale murder for the purpose of increasing their characters’ badass factor. Gun ownership is not about impressing people or looking cool. It is about learning to be responsible, mature, and to harness an incredible amount of raw power in a safe manner.

  14. I don’t NEED a reason to exercise any of my Constitutional rights. That’s what makes them ‘rights’.

    Government NEEDS a reason to take my rights away. It is ‘they’ who must explain themselves.

    Why do we “need” Hollywood? Why do we “need” beer? Why do we “need” barbecue? Why do we “need” a car? Can’t all of these things be misused, and cant all of them increase the risk of injury and/or cause death?

  15. NO – Bill of Needs

    YES – Bill of Rights

    What an American *Needs* is a personal choice and personal responsibility to fulfill.

    What an American has a *Right* to have, own, or do, is laid out in surprisingly clear language in the Bill of Rights.

    • Human rights, my friend. Not exclusively American, as the basic human rights are simply enumerated in the Bill of Rights and are not granted by it.

      I’m not arguing against the Bill of Rights as one of the most sublime and wonderful documents ever put to paper, simply voicing my views.

  16. I love how all these celebrities are going out of their way to save me money! Its much easier make sure your money isn’t supporting these people when they just come right out and say what they are really thinking.

  17. Pretty sure the Lone Ranger wouldn’t have turned down an AK with a 100-round drum. A guy that refers to himself as “lone” probably would benefit from some force multiplication.

  18. Gun… extension of manhood….. ha!

    “Aim at the high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, not the second time and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally you’ll hit the bull’s-eye of success.

    — Annie Oakley “

  19. Do I need an AK-47 with a 100-round magazine if I’m going on a hunting trip?

    What about the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Needs?

  20. C’mon, go easy on him, he’s an actor. Their only real provable skill in the world is reciting words someone else wrote, they just aren’t clever or original people. And many actors do need to compensate for their lack of manhood since their job is to play make-believe, y’know like a little girl and her fairy tea party.

    • No, we shouldn’t go easy on him. Some guy that is completely uninformed is throwing his opinion to the public, which just feeds the fodder.

      For the number of times some politician or celebrity has said “we need an assault weapons ban, because nobody needs fully automatic weapons”, each time followed up by a fury of uninformed voters grabbing their pitchforks to stop criminals from having military weapons. Never mind that they *aren’t* automatic, and that they *aren’t* military – the rabble has been roused and the laws get passed, and us poor law abiding citizens are left wondering WTF.

      Celebrities need to be held accountable for what they say, because right or wrong, people listen.

    • Or a little boy and his G.I. Joe.

      That said, Charlton Heston was an actor. Jimmy Stewart served through WWII and stayed on in the AAF as it morphed into the USAF in parallel to his acting career, retiring as a general. Audie Murphy was the most decorated veteran of WWII.

      Actors are people, many are very skilled and they use their publicity to draw attention to views they foster or with which they align.

      Some, of course, are morons – just like in other occupations.

  21. Damn, Armie lives part time in my conservative Texas neighborhood. You’d think some sense would’ve brushed off on him by now, but no. I hear he’s a nice guy, and he’s definitely a looker. Give me an hour alone with him, and maybe I can teach him a few things ;).

  22. Oh joy! Another Hollywood pretty boy who got a “woody” when he played with a real gun, which drained all the blood from his brain and caused him to make idiotic pronouncements on subjects he knows nothing about.

  23. Gee, I don’t know about anyone else here, but I don’t view a gun as an extension of my manhood. I view it as a serious tool utilized to protect myself and loved ones should dire circumstances arise. I don’t think it’s “FUN” to have a gun on my hip, I think it’s an extremely personal responsibility that is carefully thought over before committing to it.

    It’s clear to me, that to this actor, a gun is a toy…nothing more than a prop. He is PLAYING a “cowboy” in a movie. When he decides to carry in real life, for all the right reasons, then I think he MAY have something more important to say.

  24. Firstly: While the Chinese did invent firearms, they had not yet done so by the time of K’ung Fu-tzu, which was 2,500 years ago – give or take.

    That said, what about repelling 3-7 crackheads bent on going Viking about our fair countryside?

    This guy’s a first-rate dweeb.

  25. I’ve never heard of Armie Hammer before. At any rate, here we have an actor jumping on a hot political topic to generate publicity in advance of his upcoming movie. Kinda like Jim Carrey, but with less creativity and style.

    • The publicity generated is that the Lone Ranger is a Freudian’s delight, and that he doesn’t know guano from manure when it comes to firearms.

      Great publicity.

  26. “If you want to go out of a hunting trip and shoot cans with your son and a .22, that’s fine.”
    Not with the “common sense” gun control crowd it isn’t

    In MA, if you want to do that with a 10/22, (the most ubiquitous 22 out there,) you need a may issue government permit with photo and fingerprint (current wait times 3-6 months) because it is a rifle capable of accepting a large capacity magazine, and therefore is a large capacity weapon.

    So to heck with him and his ignorance.

    • yup look at jim (dickless) carey he opened his mouth up no one saw his last movie and warner brothers said “i don’t think so” on his dumber and dumbest movie remake…keep it up hollywood trolls soon no one but the drones will be watching your movies…

  27. To the Founders, an Amendment protecting the right to hunt would be like an Amendment protecting the right to wear clothes. If you read the other expressions of the right to keep and bear arms, they were primarily concerned about protecting against tyranny from the central government, and especially against the prospect of that government maintaining a standing army which would then be turned against the states one by one. It was after all, what they had just fought against.

    Several state constitutions are clear to include defense of self as well. But hunting is never mentioned. Why would they?

    • Why, indeed? Butcher shops were fewer, and further between.

      What are we become, who were once a great people?

    • You’re right on here CarlosT. The 2A was specifically about the government not disarming citizens in a tyrannical power grab. The concept that hunting would be made illegal would be like making food illegal. It was simply inconceivable to the founders that hunting would be curtailed. Their experience was with tyranny by government, and that was what they feared.

  28. Ahhh…. the apple never falls that far from the tree, does it?

    Go have a look at this person’s lineage. All questions will be answered.

    You “little people” should be thanking the heavens that this person has deigned to grace the screen for your viewing. The proles need entertainment, and he’s decided that he’s going to “do his part” in maintaining the bread and circuses act, while he and his fellow Fabian scions plunder the remains of the American empire.


  29. ” Do I need an AK-47 with a 100-round magazine if I’m going on a hunting trip? No.”
    Wrong tool for the job. one gun does not “fit all”

    Do I need an SUV to get food at the grocery store?
    Do I need a 3,000 house for two people?
    Do I need a single 32-oz soda when I can drink two 16-oz sodas?

    All irrelevent and a bit of a straw-man argument.

  30. The 2nd amendment was included in the constitution so I could hunt ducks. Glad this idiot clarified that for me. I was thinking crazy stuff like self defense and a deterrent to my ever more socialist government.

  31. because each tool has a purpose, a 22 is for shooting cans and Varmint, a bolt action is for deer, a shotgun is for fowl and an AK is for tyrants.

    • A bolt action can be pretty damned effective against tyrants as well.

      Just ask a German or an Austrian.

  32. Anyone who believes that the 2nd Amendment is about protecting your right to a recreational activity is a complete idiot.

  33. Ho Hum, a Hollywood empty head said something stupid.
    Perhaps I’m ‘clinging’ to my 5″ 1911 over concerns about my anatomy. While in frankly wouldn’t matter, since it’s my right to do so for whatever reason or none at all, it does still seem to have been intended as an insult in keeping with the civilian disarmament narrative. Big Media, the MSM, news and TV and movies are, simply put, so corrupted and perverse that if they’re still how you obtain information and entertainment you’re just not paying attention. Turn it off, tune up, and carry on.


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