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Geez Kunzman (courtesy

What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, menacing and very very loud is, without question, the dumbest article I’ve ever read about the AR-15-style rifle. Especially the bit where the New York Daily News writer implies some knowledge of firing an AR-15 in “fully automatic” mode. Here are the money shots . . .

It feels like a bazooka — and sounds like a cannon….

I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).

Oh, the humanity!

The recoil bruised my shoulder. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary case of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.

Bless his heart.

Gersh Kuntzman

Even in semi-automatic mode, it is very simple to squeeze off two dozen rounds before you even know what has happened. In fully automatic mode, it doesn’t take any imagination to see dozens of bodies falling in front of your barrel.

All it takes is the will to do it.

Forty nine people can be gone in 60 seconds.

All it takes to see the fail here is the will to do it. I doubt Daily News readers have that.

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 6.14.16: Advantage Trump, Looser Gun Laws, and Axe Me About My AR-15">Previous Post
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    • i thought it was panty waste? which makes sense to me as I cannot wrap my head how being a panty waist is necessarily a bad thing.

        • He claims that the AR-15 bruised his shoulder after firing it “just a few times”.

          I’ll bet he has no ideological problems with an old .30-30 Model 94 (arguably the “assault weapon” of its day). But, given his alleged experience with the AR-15, I wonder what his shoulder would feel like after just one shot.

        • I really should invite him for skeet some time.

          The night I bought my first gun, a single shot 12 Ga purchased out of the trunk of a coworkers car, I bought a case of target loads and 2 cases of clays. We burned through it all that night.

          THAT will bruise your shoulder.

      • Let him shoot a Brown Bess, the ‘assault weapon’ of the Founder’s day, then talk about how his shoulder feels.

      • Oh. My. God! The followup article is just doubling down on his silliness! He even goes full retard on the “well-regulated militia” falsehood. He calls the humble AR-15 a “weapon of mass destruction.” He and the rest of the pajama boys should hang their heads in shame.

    • This limpdic is EXACTLY why we need a draft!
      Let him fire a bazooka so he knows what it sounds like.
      Let him pull the lanyard on a 175 so he knows what a real cannon sounds like, feels the earthquake under his feet from the recoil.
      Send him to some third world hell hole to dig out bodies buried in mud slides or earthquake or some other natural disaster so he knows what REAL PTSD is.
      Then send him to a shooting war for the full dose!

      He claims to have shot pistols, and the .223 sounds loud. He must have only shot a .22 short.
      Even a 1911 is louder than an AR-15!
      And has more kick.
      (And is a whole lot more fun to shoot)

      This dummy fired minimal rounds thru the softest recoil military weapon in history, and it “hurt his shoulder!”

      What has our whining crybaby liberal media done to manhood in America?

  1. 49 people did not die in 60 seconds. They died in about three hours. This guy is not only a weakling and a terrible example of a citizen, he’s a liar. And we don’t even know how many were killed by the SIG and how many by the pistol. Word from the hospital is they saw both rifle and pistol wounds.

    • Uhg. It took the shooter in Orlando about a minute to shoot people of whom 49 succumbed to their wounds. Doesn’t matter if immediately or two weeks later. The outcome was managed in a short amount of time. So he is factual in that part of his writing. I’m not sure of the point the ‘journalist’ was making. Not really sure he made one other than guns can kill people.

      I enjoy the range, I don’t own a firearm. I’ve shot everything from a .22 pistol to a 20mm Scotti.

      The reporter is just another idiot.

  2. Given the context, timing and florid hyperbole contained in this breathless expose’, I think we can all agree that the author is a drama queen.

    “Feels like a bazooka… sounds like a cannon…”

    Someone should stand this guy up next to a 155, light it off and ask him “You mean, an AR-15 sounds like that?”

        • I wish that was true. I’m in relatively gun friendly Ohio, and know quite a few men with this outlook.

        • Even here in Wyoming, you can find them – the types of men to whom instructions on how to do things need to be prefaced with:

          “OK, first, put down your man-purse…”

        • Not true, Joe. You may know several biological males with this outlook, but you do not know any men who behave in this fashion. Being a man and being piss-your-pants scared of an inanimate object are mutually exclusive conditions.

        • @Joe

          I’m also in Ohio and know men like that. The thing is (I’m not kidding here), they’re all either gay or moved here from Soviet republics like New York City.

      • Whilst we’re on this topic, I should recommend a book to TTAG readers, who, if they choose to read it, will see that there were some very prescient thinkers on this very topic. One of the men who saw this day coming from decades ago was C.S. Lewis, perhaps the greatest Christian apologist of the 20th century. In his book, “The Abolition of Man,” there’s this wonderfully pithy passage:

        “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

        • This article is a total fabrication he like all of his girly man pals has no idea what he is is talking about, probably never even seen an AR 15! And yes wonder how he would fall on the ground and cry if he was in the vicinity of black powder weapons!

    • Cracking off 5.56 in an indoor range is indeed loud. With normal hearing protection, it can be a bit uncomfortable for me to be in the next lane from that. If you were already a nervous wreck being at the range, I can see how rapid fire with a rifle would shake you further. The shoulder bruising and “feels like a bazooka” is crap of course.

      No doubt he’s indulging in some purposeful hyperbole to further The Narrative, I freely grant that.

        • Oh and if you want loud and a fireball every time fired…then go with a V51K in .308…..3.5 inch barrel…..
          My range asked my brother and me to not bring it to the indoor rifle range anymore as it was scorching the lane walls….

  3. Sooooo much fail….. bruised your shoulder with it? Punishing recoil? Me thinks you were shooting something that was not an ar15. That is unless you some liberal sissy pants.

      • Oh, honestly…if 100lb Russian serfs could handle Mosin Nagants, it’s not that bad. The Garand is one of the smoothest recoiling rifles ever made, not a heavy recoil standard.

        When he fires a Lahti from the shoulder, I’ll listen to complaints about recoil. Or, maybe a .505 Gibbs in a sporter-weight rifle.

  4. You should read his follow-up reply too. Doubling down and playing the victim card. Small wonder this country is on the very edge of a civil war, the likes of which have not been seen on the face of this earth.


    • A cicil war in which they totally believe that the federal and state armies, each and every member of which swore an oath to the defend the Constitution, will side with them against the pro-Constitution Americans and their 300 million privately owned firearms.

      • You clearly don’t know many soldiers if you think most will disobey their masters in DC. The military serves the government, not “the people” or “the country”. Hence why (with the exception of the team who assassinated Bin Laden) EVERY goddamn war we’ve been in since WWII has been against countries that posed no threat to us and US politicians simply wanted to force those nations to do their bidding. If soldiers cared at all about their oath to defend the Constitution, they’d be dragging politicians to prison left and right for committing treason and violating the Constitution and our rights.

    • From that follow-up:

      An AR-15 is a weapon of mass destruction, a tool that should only be in the hands of our soldiers and cops.

      There it is again: apparently the police need weapons of mass destruction.

  5. I doubt he fired an AR 15 if he said it bruised his shoulder. You can hold an AR away from you and let it smack up against your shoulder for 400 rounds and you still won’t get a bruise.

    PTSD? Give me a break

    • I imagine that a guy like this is also a HUGE advocate of veteran rights. He can now relate to the absolute horror our vets have lived through going through boot camp or even a few combat deployments.

    • I have literally seen a man put an M16 in his crotch and fire it on burst. There is no way an AR is bruising someone’s shoulder.

      • In Basic Training (WAY back in 1962) the training sergeant held an M-1 rifle in his crotch and fired off a clip of 8 rounds of .30-06. Now if THAT didn’t bruise him there’s no way a 5.56 mm will leave a mark with the buttstock unless you’re hit with it like a bat (an assault bat?).
        I truly wish that the range officer where Mr. Rambonette fired this horribly powerful AR-15 had let him shoot a bolt-action hunting rifle (one shot) in .300 Win. Mag. I think he would have had a different perspective.

    • Some stupid person next to him did not have him double-up ear pro with plugs and muffs, though. They are a lot louder than handguns. The first time I even went to a range with only muffs I immediately walked back out and doubled up.

  6. He has to be making this up or at least using a ton of hyperbole.
    If this is all sincere and genuine how could somebody so broken make it to adulthood?
    He should be sitting in a corner listening to Elliott Smith and cutting himself.

  7. The recoil bruised my shoulder.

    Firing a semi-automatic 5.56mm NATO once bruised your shoulder? You’re a manly man, aren’t you? Here, I’ve got grandpa’s old-fashioned 12-gauge from down on the farm here for you, along with some turkey loads that might be more your speed…

  8. I bet half what the author claims in the article is made up fiction. First, I doubt the range has a fully auto AR. Second, I don’t believe the bruise unless the author, a new shooter, lied about his experience shooting and hence, the range would offer instruction to keep a new shooter safe.

    I call shenanigans.

    • I, like many other readers of this site, have fired an M16 on full auto. One September we were required to burn up 7,000 rounds of excess training ammo. Each of us got 700 rounds and we blasted away full auto until they were gone.

      I can state unequivocably that it is NOT POSSIBLE to bruise your shoulder with an M16 or AR15 no matter how hard you try.

      • Sure it is, all ya gotta to is have someone hit you with it, but actually from shooting it, not so much.

        Actually, I doubt the entire story, If he can’t produce video, it didn’t happen. Sort of like Hillary being under sniper fire, when in fact she was being greeted by a bunch of little girls at the airport where she said it happened.

        • On an Ohio Army National Guard sortie to Ft. Campbell, Ky for training we brought our 4 M-2 .50 cal machineguns and 5,000 round of ammo. We HAD to shoot it all up or “we won’t get our full ammo allotment next year.” Well, no bruised shoulders but tons of smiles as we took turns burning up 100 round belts. The M-2 actually shoots relatively slowly and, with 55 gal. barrels as targets, is a LOT of fun.
          I’ll bet the gov’t paid 5 bucks (of taxpayers money) a round for that ammo….

      • I can relate to burning up excess training ammo. I was part of a 50 man security force at NAS Patuxent River, MD. We were issued M-14’s and S&W .38’s. Whatever the weapons department had buried in the backroom. But we did have a quarterly training allotment of 250,000 rounds. So much that at the end of each quarter, we had to go to the range and try to burn up as much as possible. 6 hours on the range firing an M-14 (both semi and full auto versions) will bruise you. I was black and blue and green and yellow and a few other colors I can’t even identify from shoulder to hip on my right side. One of the best memories of my time in the Navy.

    • My brother in law knows the shop owner personally and the shop does not have any full auto weapons. The owner is pissed because he doesn’t speak the best English (not that it matters) since we all know how they spin the person they are interviewing words around.

      • He (the owner) needs to call Breitbart, or TTAG and do an interview. Seriously, please pass this along. The world needs to hear the other side of the story.

  9. This is the sort of blatant slander that should get you dragged out into the street, beaten, then staked for public display.

  10. Absolutely amazing how many (Liberal) people are totally willing to make complete asses of themselves in public and for the record!

  11. We should get a video of this guy shooting a .458 win mag or similar ilk, hell even one of the Mosins in my safe. Bet it would be hilarious.

    This is an obvious fabrication to anyone who’s actually shot an AR-15. It’s lies and deceit catering to low information voters.

      • exactly.

        I have a M38 and my cousin has a M44 Mosin, if he wants some blast and fireballs, those are the ones you shoot.

        And don’t forget to lock the bayonet out on the M44, it shoots off if you forget.

  12. We also need to be sure to impact the business owner as well:

    “There should be expanded background checks — extending into your family, friends and associates,” he said. “And there should be a mental health screening. In Europe, if you want to buy a gun, you have to see a doctor (for a psychiatric examination) to see if something’s not right.”

    Frank Stelmach of Double Tap Shooting Range and Gun Shop doesn’t see why people need to have rifles like the AR-15. However, he sells them. He is the ultimate hypocrite and we need to get the word to our friends in the Philadelphia area so they never patronize his business again.


      Read the top post. As we know how bad these rags are they completely lied about what the owner said. My brother in law is friends with the owner Frank and this is what he said… “Frank called me an hour ago flipping out. Apparently they cut and spliced what he was saying and because of his broken English they decided to make their own adjustments”

      I’ve shot with Frank and he is VERY 2A.

    • “Stelmach, who opened his shop six years ago after a career in law enforcement in Europe, even calls for government officials to take away guns from some owners — something very few gun advocates support.”

      That guy is definitely not a supporter of the Second Amendment. Being European, he could almost be forgiven for not “getting” it. But being a gun shop owner, he has no excuse. I hope his collaboration with the author of this dumb article costs him business.

      • he owns a GUN SHOP. He has to be pro 2A or he has no business. Your comment makes absolutely no sense and hs no facts in it. Not all Europeans are against owning guns.

        • There are more than a few gun shop owners with the “guns for me, not for thee” mentality. And some who don’t mind government intrusion. Look at Mike Weiser – he used to own a gun shop, and now he’s a full-throated gun control supporter. It’s not as uncommon as it should be.

          And I didn’t say that all Europeans are anti-gun. I said it would be understandable for a European to misunderstand the purpose of the Second Amendment.

          Now, if this guy was misquoted and misrepresented, I’ll retract my statements. Tell your brother-in-law to have him call TTAG (401-835-5054) if he wants to set the record straight. I’m sure they’d be very happy to have a chat with him and give him a platform to clear this up.

      • You’re assuming the shop owner actually said what the muffin-in-distress says he did. That’s a poor assumption, with such people.

    • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Gun owners, FFL’s and others should never, ever talk to the press without their own recording devices being turned on and recording everything.

      Under no circumstances should a journalist ever be treated as anything other than a hostile interview.

      This advice also applies to most any business owner, but for anyone in the gun business, it is an absolute requirement. Always tell the journalist that you’re recording the interview or interaction. If they object, tell them to leave, and that you will not talk to them.

  13. Hmmm, this makes my Vz58 almost a WMD class equipment… I guess I need a trip to Bikini to shoot it safely to the environment.

  14. Sad, that their readers will sop that bs up. Give him a 8mm Gewehr or a $100 Mosin Nagant to shoot, or any high power bolt action hunting rifle. That will bruise his shoulder or bring on his imagined “PTSD”.

    PTSD? Really? That is a insult to all the Sam Stones of the world.

    I’m not a physically violent person, however every now and again you hear somebody that just needs his ass kicked a little bit, for everyone’s benefit.

      • No kidding. The only thing you can get for $150 is some shot-out, WWII production pile of parts. It may “work” but I wouldn’t count on it at 300m, let alone 600…

        Unless you’re dealing with some guy who just believes that they are all just old rifles and aren’t worth anything. If you meet him,. get his number…

  15. This reads more like something Snoopy would write than a legitimate (and factual) article.

    “It was a dark and stormy night…”

    PTSD symptoms from a short session at the range – eh? Nothing like crapping on legitimate claims by veterans.

        • Get off his tail, man. Dude needed to cut loose a little after he got shot down by the Red Baron and had to sneak back across enemy lines. He’s still a good pilot.

    • “Nothing like crapping on legitimate claims by veterans.

      That’s a feature, not a bug. And, it’s entirely intentional.

      It’s the same thing they’ve done with the word “rape.”

      They redefine everything, and move those definitions at will. It’s one of the tricks in their playbook to control the narrative.

      I’m guessing that might well be the single most deliberate mis-statement in the entire piece.

  16. They wonder why gun people are such absolutists. Well here is an example why. With this sort of propaganda being spewed constantly there can be never be any trust. Only a fool would trust a liar like this.

    • And in the NYC area, there are plenty of fools who will believe this clown. That’s why he has a job peddling such propaganda.

      Sadly for him, however, there’s plenty of videos on the ‘net of girls from 7 years old on up shooting an AR. Some of those girls have very wide smiles on their faces – they don’t look all that traumatized to me.

  17. I have a Mosin Nagant M44, it is louder and definitely has a lot more kick than a AR-15. This fecal stain would have collapsed into the fetal position if he had shot a round from it.

  18. This article is disgustingly exaggerated… My 20 year old 115lb daughter shoots my AR’s without any issue at all. No wild recoil, no bruised shoulders, nothing. Even with a flash hider instead of a comp, an AR is a very mild rifle to shoot. God he makes it sound like a Barrett .50 cal or something…. Sad.

    • My 13 yo daughter and 11 yo son have each done multi-shot rounds with my 30-30 Win Model 94 with full hunting loads…oddly, no bruised shoulders. And no PTSD.

      A friend’s low-teens daughter hunts routinely with a Savage bolt gun in 7mm-08. She shoots a LOT, and is deadly accurate with that rifle.

      Egads, to assert a .223 AR causes a bruise after one shot is just laughable. And insulting.

      • I’m afraid both of you gentleman really have no appreciation for what a pansified delicate flower the NY hipster “male” has become – especially the Jewish writer variant. By comparison, 1970s Woody Allen is Vlad the Impaler.

        These guys tilt on the edge of a nervous breakdown if they have to do anything that is within the conventional purview of being a man – because they have no idea what to do. They couldn’t clean a fish, let alone dress a deer without fainting. Wire an outlet, do an engine swap on a car, some plumbing, they wouldn’t have a clue.

        They’ve been trained and bred to be complete wimps, dependent on others for everything. But they do know a good whine…

        • “They couldn’t clean a fish, let alone dress a deer without fainting. Wire an outlet, do an engine swap on a car, some plumbing, they wouldn’t have a clue.”

          Hey, I think I could only successfully do maybe 1.5 – 2 of the items on your list myself…. I mean, engine swap? I was happy I could install the police package suspension on my old Impala by myself…

        • In the fullness of hindsight, I’m eternally grateful to my old man for stuffing me under the hood of a 1963 Ford Falcon with instructions on how to change the water pump – at the age of 7.

        • Johannes, If you can do a suspension swap, then you can do an engine. It’s just more bolts and a few connectors.

          I imagine DG and I are a bit older than you. I’m from the days when we just fixed things, whether we knew exactly what we doing or not, we muddled through and learned. It was part of being independent, which is apparently being slowly filtered out of the gene pool.

          Don’t get me wrong, there are millenials who work with their hands, I’ve met some great ones even recently. But there seems to be a growing, I dunno, almost pride that some people have that they can’t do a damn thing for themselves.

          DG, Yup, throw them in the water and see if they can swim. (Fish them out if they stay under for too long…)

        • Just to set the record straight, not all of us who are nominally of the NYC Jewish background are pansified writers for the Daily News. Some of us have in fact cleaned a fish (sorry, no deer), swapped and rebuilt engines (nearly took out an old lady’s windshield as it swung on the hoist), done plumbing, electrical and carpentry work, and yes, fired an AR. And other EBR’s of a mid size Soviet caliber. And basically no recoil, much less bruising, from any. Especially the AR. There is no recoil. To say that he has shot pistols but that the AR has painful recoil is either stupidity or a flat out lie. Heck, outdoors where it is intended to be used, with just ear plugs the AR isn’t even all that loud.

        • Sorry if I sounded as if I mean “all NY Jews”. I just meant the vast majority of the 4th estate.

          There are some ‘members of the tribe’ who get it. I was just suggesting that, for some reason, the majority don’t. And what’s a puzzlement (to me anyway) is that they do so in spite of their cultural history.

  19. In boot camp as a demonstration of the recoil of the mighty m16 our lead range master held an m16 one handed, like a pistol. He then placed the butt stock against his chin and still one handed fired a burst.

    That range masters chin had more man in it than this whole author’s body did.

    For the record. He was pointing down range at the berm. He probably even missed that. Not the most accurate way to fire a poodle shooter.

  20. The way this clown is holding the rifle, I would love to see him fire an AR-10 or something bigger. It would take his head OFF. Now that would be fun to watch.

  21. I don’t know of ANY automatic AR-15s anywhere — M-16, yes, AR-15, no. Any a bruise on the shoulder? Are you kidding? Big boom? Yes. PTSD? Again, are you serious? This is the most over-dramatized piece I’ve ever seen.

  22. As someone with actual PTSD, the phrase “a temporary case of PTSD” is both hilarious and hilariously offensive. Firing a gun gave you a serious psychological disorder for a few seconds? Poor you.

  23. This dude would get temporary PTSD by walking into the mall during the holiday season from what it sounds like. Sweet baby jesus, Im with PwrSerge at this point, to the stockade or maybe the gallows.

    Furthermore, you have to be one especially dense, oblivious bastage to let this snake into your range and let him shoot after he tells you he is a member of the “Press” and what paper his story is going to be ran in.

    • Which is kinda why I wonder if his firearms mentor was really just trolling him. “Yeah, um, no, don’t put the stock up against your shoulder, hold it away… Sure, that looks like your hearing protection is on correctly!” [Thumbs-up]

  24. He had an earlier version (Viewable through way back machine) that says the AR 15 is a tactical machine gun

  25. To be fair to the poor guy, it could have been an over gassed and wearing an A2 stock with the hard plastic stippled butt plate… Mine kind of chews up my shoulder like a cheese grater if I am wearing something thin like a t-shirt, not bruises per-se but it does leave a mark.

    • And there are folks out there with a condition where their blood doesn’t clot well, I think these folks can get huge bruises from what many would consider minimal impact.

      • I am one of those with slow clotting and easy bruising due to cardiologist’s insistence on daily aspirin. I regularly shoot my SR-762 in a t-shirt with no problems.

  26. The quote in this blog was modified from the source article:

    “Even in semi-automatic mode, it is very simple to squeeze off two dozen rounds before you even know what has happened. If modified to fully automatic mode, it doesn’t take any imagination to see dozens of bodies falling in front of your barrel.”

    • How do you know that the source article hasn’t since been modified after having been called out?

      The author of that article has been catching heat for his PTSD comparison, enough to make a special clarification and post a follow up. Isn’t it possible that he edited the original on this full auto point? We’ve seen that before out of these people.

    • So, in addition to be a liar, he’s also a sick f%$k that imagines/fantasizes about bodies falling in front of his barrel?

      Yep; a Progressive. They are the ones with the near-monopoly on nutjob mass shootings…

    • Noted. That was indeed a direct copy-and-paste from the original, when I saw it on the evening of 2016-06-14.

  27. “The recoil bruised my shoulder.”

    What is he, a hemophiliac?

    I’ve seen 12 year old girls shoot AR-15s and M-16s all day long at Camp Perry with nary a complaint.

    He’s either a liar or the product of generations of incest and foetal alcohol syndrome.

  28. Obviously, this is untrue. He either has never actually fired such rifle and he’s letting his imagination write the lines, or else he’s wilfully deceiving his readers and letting his imagination tell the lies. Either way, he’s been exposed.

    You know, you try to be a halfway decent human being. You don’t go around making trouble for people. You don’t go around sheltering statist ambitions of controlling everyone else. You read and speak and listen and learn and you try to figure out the world and its ways.

    If after all that, you still find that the only way you can advance your agenda and demonstrate the superiority of your worldview is to lie, deny, ignore, and completely fabricate narratives, then something is seriously wrong with you. Seriously wrong, as in you’re on the brink of being so bat crap crazy or evil that you shouldn’t be left home alone, nor allowed to roam the streets by yourself.

  29. I read the headline for this piece and had sarcastic, smart-ass remarks pass through my mind. Then, I read the article. Now that I have stopped laughing, I apologize to Johannes for those contemplated sarcastic, smart-ass remarks.

    I’d like to invite this guy to come and shoot my Mauser 98 Colombian Police Carbine that is chambered in .30-06, but I don’t think I could stand to be in the necessary proximity to that big of a douche bag and the rifle would likely kill him with the recoil, if an AR-15 bruises his ickle shoulder.

      • Well, frankly, I was skeptical it could be “The Dumbest” and thought as much, then after reading your post, I realized it was indeed the dumbest “I shot an AR-15” story I had ever read. Nothing to bring on. Thanks for posting the story. I really got a good laugh out of it, and God knows, we could stand a few more laughs these days.

    • “I’d like to invite this guy to come and shoot my Mauser 98 Colombian Police Carbine that is chambered in .30-06, but I don’t think I could stand to be in the necessary proximity to that big of a douche bag and the rifle would likely kill him with the recoil, if an AR-15 bruises his ickle shoulder.”

      A friend has a Yugo reworked Czech Vz33 police carbine in 7.92x57mm. I’d like to see that human alien hybrid shoot THAT with 198gr. sS heavy ball. The muzzle blast alone would send him deeper into his already apparent permanent vegetative state.

      • When I first got the Colombian Mauser I took it out with a few friends and some assorted .30-06 and we were shooting it. One guy who was tall and lanky in body, took his turn, put the rifle down after three of five rounds, rubbed his shoulder and said, “Man! I wish I ate my Wheaties this morning!”
        It’s fun to take out because people always notice it owing to its diminutive size, and are somewhat astonished when they find out it is chambered in .30-06. They often assume it is some sort of Cadet Rifle chambered in .22LR.

  30. Wow. Speechless. There are actually “people” like Cuntzman. Anyway.. “It feels like a bazooka..” Cuntzman has fired one?

    • LOL. I’m sure he has never been within 10 miles of a bazooka.
      Your remarks remind me of the old line (when trying some unknown food), “Ugh! This tastes like shit!” I always ask, “When did you actually eat shit to compare?”

  31. I had the misfortune to read the entire original article. It’s one thing to express your own opinion but really that was it? I’ve taken ladies shooting. Ladies that are 50kg and they handled that scary rifle without trouble. The writer obviously had an agenda he is trying to push. If the 223 bruised him I would call him out on it. Show this bruise. This might mean someone from his office might have to go hit him over his shoulder to create the bruise but at least then he’ll know what it feels like to get hit hard enough to get a bruise. I can’t believe his editor let such nonsense grace their pages. What happened to fact finding. I mean sure I could have watched Sponge Bob Square Pants and because I fear sea creatures I might have pee’d my pants in fear but does that reflect the norm? Not by far. I’m not calling him a liar and sure he can have an opinion but don’t spread lies and then speculate how many would have fallen with your full auto assault. By the sounds of his experience the only thing that would have fallen if he went full auto was him on his ass. I had an idea that journalists had a responsibility to their readers to report the truth not the sci-fi this badly written article was. I call it bad not on principal but on style. Back in school I was taught that writing everything in the superlative is never good style. Even claiming PTS? Really? I hope you had a change of drawers at hand or maybe you wore the tactical brown (as per Deadpool’s definition)?

    • “This might mean someone from his office might have to go hit him over his shoulder to create the bruise…”

      He works at the NY Daily News. There isn’t anyone in that office who can hit hard enough to cause a bruise.

  32. Yeah. This is the mindset of the anti-gunners. Tap into that fear of the unknown and press the button as hard as humanly possible.

  33. “The recoil bruised my shoulder.”

    Hahahahahahahah! If that schmuck had hemophilia the recoil still wouldn’t bruise his shoulder — unless, of course, he was holding the rifle backwards.

    And yet, stupid people will still believe that it happened.

  34. Sounds like he got a hold of an A TEAM. Rifle…..where’s Mr. T?
    For a second i thought this was a movie review on the expendables 2

  35. LOL, this guy is a liar… full-auto AR-15? Sounds like a “cannon”? leave bruise and PTSD… it’s a killing machine, yada yada yada… we have here the whole panoply of scary words… even if they’re lies!

    Why so many jewish journalist are anti-guns and why can’t they do their job with an ounce of truth and objectivity? Thank god we have Robert and the JPOF, otherwise it would be a great source for another conspiration, I swear!

    Anyway, I invite this “journalist” to do a real work of journalism and now try to shoot a .30-30 Lever action rifle, a 12 gauge slug shotgun and a 7.62x54R Mosin… that were the “assault rifles of their time”, now very often used for hunting (since AR-15 are apparently not suitable for hunting from the anti-gun experts). I would love to get his honest impressions (I know, that will never happen, because he couldn’t pursue his anti-gun agenda).

    It’s so pathetic because they’re not even discreet anymore. It’s an organised public opinion manipulation based on lies and emotional arguments… done in plain sight.

  36. Among all the hyperbole and pure BS in this article is the fact that you’ve implicated yourself in a crime. You see, AR-15s do not come from the factory full auto. If you were shooting that AR-15 in full auto, then it was illegally modified to do so. In turn, you illegally fired an illegally modified gun. Should I forward your article to the authorities or are you going to apologize and take it down? Your choice.

  37. Kuntzman is a girl-boy. No offense girls and boys. Man up lady…women and children shoot AR’s with no problem(but you know that)…

  38. There was nowhere to leave comments on his article, but the folks on twitter nailed him there. They tweeted him with pictures of their young daughters shooting ARs, videos of little girls making three-gun runs, and the like. Then he started whining that the tweets were sexist. Lol. This has been very entertaining.

    • You can click on his name, then on that page send him a comment-form email. Write fast though, as the window likes to auto-close.

    • Bullshit. He is actually rather clever, being flame-bait and forging second post by using a couple of inevitable replies provided by morons.

  39. A sadomasochist with open wounds all over upper body will undoubtly find 5.56 recoil punishing.

    Other than that…nah.

    Was not whole article a blatant lie, I’d wonder what kind of pistol had the author fired. Apparently, he will call TOZ-35 or Pardini’s K22 “precision killer guns”, or even “high-powered sniper pistols’.

  40. If you are getting bruised from the recoil of an ar 15 you need to see a doctor. Something is wrong with your frail body.

  41. If an AR15 gave him PTSD, I just wonder what would happen if this guy were given an M77/44 or a 12GA shotgun, or perhaps an M1 Garand, to shoot?

    And if the recoil of an AR15 bruised him, I seriously doubt that he was able to “squeeze off two dozen rounds before you even know what has happened.”

    • I listen to WSB radio during my daily commute. It is Conservative News/Talk, although I am sure the news comes from the AP. This morning, Scott Slade, the idiot news anchor was talking about the gunshot wounds described by the Orlando emergency room doctors. He said “these are the type of wounds only a high caliber rifle round can cause”.

      Off Topic: Have you had Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA? If that is too strong for you I also picked up a quart of “Stone Enjoy By”. It is a double IPA and the expiration date is part of the name and get this, mine was 7/04/16. How awesome is that?! Makes me want to go back and get the whole growler and put it away for Independence Day.

  42. I generally try to avoid making broad characterizations of any group of people, but it seems that every time one of these progressive types get their hands on a gun they have wild feelings of power and violence. Shooting is generally a calming experience. It really makes me wonder if a lot of these anti-gun types are really afraid of what lurking in their own subconscious and want to transfer that to everyone else.

    • Sometimes mass shooters leave behind manifestos, and some of them describe then learning to shoot, which for many of them doesn’t happen until they’ve started planning a massacre. Their descriptions are eerily similar to the accounts of anti-gun journalists describing their first range experience.

    • Exactly! I avoided gun ownership for three decades of adulthood because of my deep seeded fear that I would spend every dollar I earned and put the rest on credit cards buying guns and burning through bazillion rounds of ammo.

    • This is a well-known psychiatric condition called “projection.” These sufferers feel that everyone else feels the way they do. These people fear that, if they got their hands on a gun they would uncontrollably shoot everyone in sight. They then feel that everyone else is the same way so they want to keep guns from everyone.

  43. It doesn’t matter how dumb you think the article is, for millions of readers who will take the authors word for it, the article is the new truth.

  44. One aspect of this debate never gets mentioned. Currently the US gun industry employs over 350K people. That is 3 times the number employed by GM, a company deemed to big to fail due to the economic consequences. If guns were banned what would be their solution to replace the 350K jobs lost? Poverty equals crime and putting 350K Americans out of work would be a recipe for disaster!

  45. I fired an AR 15 for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t kick at all. Now, the single shot 12 gauge loaded with a 3 1/2 inch shell on the other hand hurt.

  46. You sir(?) are a liar and an enemy of the constitution. A teenager can empty a twenty round magazine on his or her chin without any bruising. In fact, the 5.56mm cartridge causes no felt recoil when firing, even in full auto mode. The operator experiences only a mild push. PTSD? irritability?? What do you do every 4th of July? Why don’t you write about that? Oh and how is Soon-Yi??

    • I doubt this POS celebrates the 4th of July. This is the kind of person who agreed with Ms. Obama when she said she was ashamed of her country.

  47. “The recoil bruised my shoulder. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary case of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.”


  48. Johannes, you definitely nailed this one. I especially laughed at the line “It feels like a bazooka — and sounds like a cannon….”

    He said he’d shot a pistol before but never anything like an AR, so what does he even know about a bazooka or a cannon? Definitely a load of fertilizer concocted by an anti to scare the Millennial children into being terrified of guns.

    Bruised his shoulder? Wow, at least if he was going to fabricate a story he should make it semi-believable.

  49. “The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing.”
    I don’t get the bruised shoulder. Once? I call BS unless he has some medical condition that makes him bruise easily. If he held it away from his should and fired it repeatedly away from his shoulder for a mag or two… maybe but I would think that at some point you would think “I am doing something wrong” and correct that.

    “The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face.”
    Really? I only notice the cases when they hit any exposed skin from bouncing off the range walls.

    “The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick.”
    Again… really? I’ve ALWAYS be fond of the smell. But shooting pistols doesn’t make him sick? He didn’t say anything about the pistols making him sick.

    “The explosions — loud like a bomb”
    That would *totally* depends on the size of the rifle range – 2 lanes? I can FEEL the concussive force from shooting one and yes, its loud even with decent protection.

    Larger lanes? Meh…. Loud but not horrible and definitely not like a 2 lane rifle range (obviously)

    “…gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable”

    But firing pistols he was fine? This sounds like someone who has some obvious preconceived ideas of what it would be like and he had a psychosomatic reaction. Somewhere in his mind, I am sure he associates ARs with mass death and destruction(he even uses that word) and thus his mind reacted.

    However, his BIAS shows with lines like “…the firepower of military-style weapons…”
    Without something like a bump-stock, you are not going to approach the fire rate of a military grade AR.
    I don’t care that the rifle LOOK nearly identical, the functionality is not the same.

    But that DOES NOT stop anti-gunners from using terms like “weapons of war”, “military-style”. etc

    * “But very few gun shop owners do anything close to Stelmach’s sniff test”
    He hasn’t been to the shops I frequent. I’ve seen the workers there openly engage those they suspect and warn the others of those who were acting suspicious and left.

    At the end of this analysis… I think he has anxiety issues where ARs are concerned and a good psychiatrist is probably needed to overcome his obvious fears.

  50. If the rifle bruised his shoulder he was holding it iroperly. Both he and whomever instructed him are simply stupid and foolish. If the brass disoriented him, he should not drive a car on a public road as he is unable to deal with multiple simultaneous inputs. Finally, he should stop his whining and return to the child care center in which he belongs.

  51. If this idiot wants a bruised shoulder, I recommend a 12ga double barrel, chambered for 3″ magnum loads, and a magnum load 2oz deer slug. He’d definately have a bruise when he picked his liberal butt off the ground.

  52. It feels like a bazooka — and sounds like a cannon….

    No. Try shooting a 12ga shotgun. Bazooka??? Cannon?? The recoil on the AR15 is extremely mild. Extremely.

    I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).

    What pistol did you shoot!?? Almost all pistols will have more recoil than an AR15. Also, a pistol has a short barrel and the report and muzzle flash will be greater. Are you sure you shot a pistol? Are you sure you even shot an AR15?

    The recoil bruised my shoulder. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face.

    Are you left handed and left eye dominant?? That is the only way casings would be flying past your face.

    The recoil bruised you??? From an AR15??? The AR15 has almost no recoil at all. Amazing flowery little pansy here.

    The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick.

    Modern smokeless powder has no sulfur in it. No sulfur.

    The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary case of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.

    Really really mild recoil. Small muzzle flash and report compared to other firearms. Feels like we are getting back to the flowery pansy girl again.

    This little girl is more of a man than you ever will be:

    Even in semi-automatic mode, it is very simple to squeeze off two dozen rounds before you even know what has happened. In fully automatic mode, it doesn’t take any imagination to see dozens of bodies falling in front of your barrel.

    AR15s are not, I repeat, not, automatic. All AR15s are semiautomatic. I have several AR15s and have never “squeezed off two dozen rounds before [I] even [knew] what has happened.” The rest of your spiel is just your delusions and fantasies.

    All it takes is the will to do it.

    Forty nine people can be gone in 60 seconds.

    As with anything, be it a pressure cooker full of improvised explosives or a 3D printed AR15 receiver, etc. laws are not going to stifle the creativity of mad men.

  53. What would happen to this man-child he he fired a shotgun? or a M-14? or a typical hunting rifle?

    I believe this man is lying. I don’t know of any non-.22 pistol whose recoil is lighter than an AR-15.


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