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So this happened: Secret Service spoke to Trump campaign about 2nd Amendment comment – “A US Secret Service official confirms to CNN that the USSS has spoken to the Trump campaign regarding his Second Amendment comments. ‘There has been more than one conversation’ on the topic, the official told CNN. But it’s unclear at what level in the campaign structure the conversations occurred. The campaign told the USSS that Donald Trump did not intend to incite violence, according to the official. ‘No such meeting or conversation ever happened,’ Trump tweeted in response to CNN’s report.” And so it goes.


ATF Responds to 4473 Comments and Apparently Does Not Care that It Violates Its Own Regulations – “Essentially, ATF said that they don’t care the regulations, which they drafted, require that book be updated but rather they would change the language so the individual signing the form would not need to certify they relied on that book for information.” L’Etat, c’est moi.

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Thanks, Obama. Concealed gun permits soar 215%, record 14.5 million, ‘explode under Obama’ –  “Americans now holding permits to pack a concealed weapon in public has soared 215 percent since 2007 to over 14.5 million, a record, according to a new report. The Crime Prevention Research Center said that last year alone a record 1.73 million were approved in states requiring them.”


Longtime militia and ‘Patriot’ leader Mike Vanderboegh dies at 64 – “The Second Amendment activist and blogger from Pinson, Ala., was known for pushing the envelope when it came to gun rights, from organizing an armed protest at the Washington state capitol to mailing standard-capacity gun magazines to governors of states that banned them. ‘He was a voice that this movement needed,’ said Bob Wright, a comrade and commander of the New Mexico Militia. ‘Already, we’re feeling the loss of that voice.’”

Fall’s just around the corner: Stevens Launches 12-Gauge Model 320 Waterfowl Camo Pump Shotgun – “Stevens’ new Mossy Oak Shadow Grass camo 320 series 12-gauge pump shotgun offers solid, affordable performance that is sure to excite any waterfowl hunter anticipating the upcoming season. Shipments of this new product are being delivered to dealers. The new shotguns boast the same great features as Stevens’ other 320 field-grade models, including dual slide bars, a rotary bolt, rugged synthetic stock, vent rib barrel and a five-round capacity. It features interchangeable chokes, green fiber optic front sight and is available in both standard length-of-pull and compact versions.” MSRP: $273


Curiouser and curiouser. Trump campaign hit with lawsuit over gun-wielding staffer – “Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is facing a lawsuit in a North Carolina court after allegedly failing to discipline a staffer who threatened several of his coworkers with a gun. Earl Phillip, the North Carolina state director for Trump’s campaign, allegedly pointed a pistol at five fellow aides during his time with the campaign while senior staff members ignored complaints from victims.”


Gun safety really isn’t that hard. You just have to give a damn. Gun instructor, daughter indicted in gun-shop killing – “Mark T. Montgomery, 47, of Amelia, has been indicted on a felony reckless homicide charge. His daughter, Katie Dunham, of Mariemont – who prosecutors say was assisting with the class – was indicted on a misdemeanor negligent homicide charge. James Baker, 64, was shot in the neck by a bullet fired while the class was practicing a gun ‘malfunction drill,’ officials said. A class participant fired a handgun, officials said. That person has not been named.”

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Abysmal Police Procedure, USA Shooting Shoots Back and It's Still All About Shannon">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: California's Irish Democrats, Smokable Rifles, and Putting Up Barriers">Next Post


  1. How is it possible for all those guns to be sold and all those permits issued if we’re just a lunatic fringe element?

    Could it possibly be that the folks on the left ain’t telling the truth?

    • It must be the same 4 OFWG’s that are buying all the guns….now they are getting multiple carry permits to skew the numbers….because MSM said gun ownership is in decline…sarc off/.

    • No, no. Gun ownership is clearly down. It is the same OFWGs buying all the ARs, pink pistols, garter carry rigs, and flashbang holsters…

      • Just so we’re all clear, I do carry at 3 o’clock, ankle holster, in a flashbang holster (attached to my man bra) and in a garter holster.

        Don’t judge me, the fabric is so smooth and soft.

  2. “Mark T. Montgomery, 47, of Amelia, has been indicted on a felony reckless homicide charge. His daughter, Katie Dunham, of Mariemont – who prosecutors say was assisting with the class – was indicted on a misdemeanor negligent homicide charge. James Baker, 64, was shot in the neck by a bullet fired while the class was practicing a gun ‘malfunction drill,’ officials said.

    Meanwhile, a beyond insanely negligent cop in Punta Gorda is killing time, waiting for the outrage to die down and move on to another story. While his victim has assumed room temperature.

    • News in that screw-up is that the chief of police has said he takes full responsibility for the incident.

      Something tells me that likely won’t include him offering to pleading guilty to negligent homicide…

      • What a stand-up guy. “I take full responsibility for this incident for which there will be no criminal charges and zero personal consequences.”

    • All reports say the officer who killed the librarian was a loose cannon with a dubious past employment record. Whether or not he’ll keep his job or move on to another police position remains to be seen. He does not represent the quality of character that citizens expect. BTW, his chief is paid to ” assume full responsibility.”

  3. How can they indict the instructor when it was another student that fucked up? Can they indict the driving instructor if their student mows down an old lady at a crosswalk? If I make a mistake in my calculations and my turbine blows up I’m pretty sure they aren’t going after my thermodynamics professor.

    • It all depends on the circumstances. When a student is under the direct supervision of an instructor, there’s often some responsibility taken by the instructor for maintaining control of the situation. Students don’t know better, they’re receiving instruction to relieve their ignorance. So, when teaching tap, rack, bang in a classroom setting, making sure there is no ammunition in the room.

      After instruction, the student should be able to take responsibility for his own actions (that’s the idea, anyway.)

    • I suspect the gun wasn’t the student’s own gun, but one provided by the instructor for the class. As such, it would be reasonable to expect the instructor to have checked and double-checked the gun for live ammo (or better still, use a disabled gun that can’t fire live ammo). Allowing live ammo in a demonstration gun seems like negligence on the part of the instructor in charge of the class, regardless of who pulled the trigger.

      Ideally, the student should have checked that the gun was safe, too. In my opinion, if the student didn’t check the gun, that’s also on the instructor – part of the instruction should have been to teach the students that they should verify the status of any weapon they assume control of. Which, I suppose, is a lesson they did all learn – the hardest possible way.

    • It’s the responsibility of the instructor and his assistant(s) to make sure, as far as humanly possible, that incidents like this don’t occur. During my CCW class, we were required to leave out guns and ammunition outside in our automobiles until qualification on the range. When the same instructor held a class on self defense law, students with CCW permits were welcome to carry but were not to take their guns out of their holsters.

      From what I’ve read, the dumb ass cop in Punta Gorda thought the revolver was loaded with blanks. If he didn’t have a rubber gun, at least he could have removed the cylinder and shouted, “Bang” when he pulled the trigger.

    • Hmm, it does seem fishy. They are not just going after the chief instructor, they are going after the assistant too. That is quite the stretch. I am sure that the prosecutor has his eye on political office. A reasonable instructor will prohibit live ammo in the classroom, clear all weapons using highly visible safety flags, and enforce the safety rules even with blue guns. Interestingly, it is usually the “gun guy” who has shot guns all his life or the police officer taking an instructor class for brownie points at work who seem to violate those rules in class.

      • People get complacent when they’ve handled guns for years. It’s like any other inherently risky activity. Once you’ve done it enough to be relaxed is when the danger really sets in.

  4. Well it’s gonna’ be 14,5million and one soon…yeah I don’t get indicting an instructor. Could it be we don’t have pertinent details?

  5. If the Secret Service actually spoke to the Trump campaign, it was probably about whether they could score some Colombian hookers and maybe a little Bolivian marching powder.

    Those Secret Service boys are just a whole lot of fun.

  6. To the ATF’s credit, the laws & regs they are in charge of are pretty damn stupid & practically impossible to abide by or enforce, from a literal perspective. That’s not really a good argument for trying, however…

    • That’s hardly “to their credit,” unless you’re trying to credit them with creating that clusterfuck.

      Who do you think writes the “regulations” that the ATF is charged with “enforcing”? Here’s a hint… It ain’t you or me.

      Regarding the laws on the books, do you think the ATF takes a stance on pertinent legislation or do they remain apolitical?

  7. “Concealed gun permits soar 215%, record 14.5 million, ‘explode under Obama'”

    Let’s break this down. For better or worse, “households” are becoming much more diverse than they used to be. Mixed families, adult children moving in with their parent(s) and vice versa, singles and single heads, etc. Gun sales and carry permits are through the roof. Yet the MSM claims that fewer “households” have guns, and that the massive sales are just repeat buyers. Well my SO and I have had carry permits for over 10 years, and sadly we have not bought a new gun in over five, so it aint us buying all those guns and getting all those permits. Maybe, and I am just spitballing here, when some (French word for shower) calls someone up out of the blue and asks if there are guns in the house, the person receiving that call might not want to let on to a stranger that they are packing.

  8. As hard to believe as it is, I can see how such an accident happened, particularly if there are a lot of students and only a couple of instructors.

    The best thing to do for a class like this where live ammo isn’t needed is for the instructors to personally check that all firearms are clear and there is no ammo on the range or room. It might be a pain in the ass but this shows why it’s worth it. Never assume they know what they are doing.

  9. I’m surprised after reading all the comments to this post that no one has mentioned Mike Vanderboeghs’ passing.
    Mike was a defiant and uncompromising patriot. Despite illness he traveled long distances to openly break unconstitutional gun laws and dare the authorities to arrest him. They didn’t have the nerve.
    He was the founder of the III% movement and with David Codrea, exposed the governments’ gun-running in the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal.
    I could say a great deal more about Mike, but it would be better for TTAGers to visit his blog “Sipsey Street Irregulars’ and be inspired by the writings of this great American.
    He was our generations’ Tom Paine.

    • I found Sipsey Street during the Sandy Hook trainwreck, and have been an irregular visitor ever since. Vanderboegh was a true patriot. He stood up for his country (and stood up to criminal government) and defended the civil rights of others in a way that few people dare to try.

  10. Tramp, sorry Trump, has been running his big fat, ego mouth for too long. The way he is going he will cause people to do something stupid, people will get hurt or killed and Trump will just say it is not his fault and blame the people. That is the way he operates.

  11. Donald Trump is correct. The second amendment people have taken things into their own hands. They did try voting first but then it took more than voting.
    The Athens Tennessee citizens revolt using automatic weapons and explosives.
    1950s and 1960s
    The Deacons For Defense and Justice also using automatic weapons and explosives.
    When prople fear the government there is tyranny.
    When the government fears the people there is peace.


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