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Culture eats strategy for lunch. While the opening of a shooting range in North Carolina’s Smithfield-Selma High School is a JROTC endeavor, and I doubt we’ll get back to kids openly carrying their rifles to school in my lifetime (56 years old), anything that spreads gun culture is a good thing. As the rest of TTAG Daily Digest reveals, it’s a never-ending battle for gun rights restoration. Still, winning . . .

Remington reports $135.2 million loss for 2015 – Meanwhile, Ruger’s rocking’ it.

Driver shot, killed by her 2-year-old son in back seat – Yup, another one.

Moms Demand Universal Background Checks for Everytown. How great is that?

Chilling note reportedly left at California couple’s murder scene – “Sorry my first kill was clumsy.”

Missouri House votes to drop permit requirement for concealed guns – Constitutional carry is breaking out all over. (Except where it isn’t.) This too: “The bill also would expand the state’s castle doctrine law by giving people the right to use deadly force to defend themselves and their property against intruders. House guests given permission, such as a baby sitter, also would be covered.

Australia’s gun laws save lives – but are we now going backwards? “This is a dangerous trend for a country that has some of the best gun laws in the world. Guns are designed for the purpose of killing. We must jealously guard our success, not only to honour the Port Arthur victims, but also to prevent future deaths, injuries and trauma caused by these lethal implements.”


Grandmas & Guns: More Women Over 50 Learning How To Shoot – “Ann Macomber has been around guns her entire life because her brothers and husband shoot, but this week she purchased her own gun. She feels proud to be able to load a gun and shoot it the right way on her own. ‘It empowers me. I am not naïve anymore,’ Macomber said.” Excellent! Now lose the tea-cup.

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  1. Yep stupid people having kids. Sorry your baby shot you. And what happened to that FB pro-gun gal from the other month who’s kid shot her? Not to mention the child who shot his mommy at Walmart…better to carry pepper spray if you can’t do it right.

    • Note that it wasn’t the mother’s pistol; it and the car belonged to her boyfriend, and likely she didn’t realise there was a firearm present. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the boyfriend may have even gotten the habit of leaving the pistol in his car because his babymama forbade guns in the house.
      Mrs. Gilt, however, actually placed her own pistol within reach of her kid. That’s all kinds of stupid.

      • Where was the boyfriend? Because that story strikes me as very difficult to believe, even given a Glock. I’m thinking he may have assisted the 2-year-old in the handling of a gun, then run off into the woods. I mean, the car did not crash? Come on, that seems unlikely. And a 2-year-old? That seems unlikely. How about a story which will get my byline published all over the country, much more than “bum shoots girlfriend”. Ah. That’s more like it!

      • Here’s some local information from Sheriff’s sources as reported by a local radio host with a strong track record for being accurate. If this doesn’t speak to the level of disfunction we accept…….

        – Mommy doesn’t have a valid driver’s license.
        – Mommy loaned her car to a male friend to go partying prior to the shooting incident.
        – Male friend notice two men following him from the bar, but still pulls into a gas station, leaves the car running, and goes into the store. Naturally, the car get stolen.
        – Mommy has to borrow boyfriend’s, but not children’s father’s car. Boyfriend’s car has no child seats for here 2 year old or 1 year old.
        – Boyfriend keeps his weapon in retention holster, at least level 2, in his car. Why he keeps it in the car, only in the holster, in Milwaukee where car theft is rampant and acceptable to the powers in city hall, is beyond me.
        – Mommy removes the weapon from the retention holster because it wouldn’t fit under the seat in the holster, unwittingly making it less safe.

        You know the rest. The gun was the least of the problems here.

  2. Another Day, Another mass shooting….

    Guns make us safe they say…Never mind the actual statistics that your 50X more like to turn your own weapon on yourself or murder a love one than stop a criminal attack.

    And let’s not forget that bull-honkey study about about “defense gun uses.” that was heavily debunked by scientific studies here and abroad.

    Europe debunked it,
    Japan debunked it
    and Australia debunked it.

    More guns equals more suffering, tyranny and death.

    Still don’t see the civilized world falling to a tyranny and yet it’s happening here in the american by the “Gun Reich” supporters.

    • Europe, Australia, and Japan. Two continents and one country that have really fvcked up the whole “freedom” thing on quite a bit more than just guns in the past hundred years. I’ll happily stay here in The States, thanks.

    • You should keep commenting here. Infact do it more often. You know why? Clicks and comments drive revenue for this site. This site supports numerous gun organizations like the NRA. So, by commenting here, you’re infact feeding your enemy. Which people like me love to see. Also, you epic logic fails help reinforce the beliefs of the readers of this site, and the fence sitters to actually become more pro gun, because as they fact check you, will realize your arguments are wrong. So, keep supporting the NRA, we appreciate it.

      • Thanks for proving my point dr shrunk brains.

        I’ve posted evidence that proves my points and the only thing you fascist hillbilly morons do is argue with emotions.

        I don’t see foreigners being dragged off to death camps.

        I don’t see foreigners being dragged out of thier homes and shot dead in the streets by thier own military or police forces.

        This is nothing but pure crap by the gun lobby and you people eat it up every time.

        It also proves my point that mass shootings are still happening and getting worse as gun laws continue to become relaxed.

        The events that happen around the world are miniscule vs the numbers of mass shootings that happen here everyday in NRA-dominated america.

        I feel sorry that you have to ignore reality…
        I feel sorry that your so brainwashed by gun businessmen/companies in sheeps clothings…
        I feel sorry that your too paranoid and possibly stupid to understand your so called might makes right doesnt work in real life.

        • Man, I must of really pissed you off with that statement, huh? A little emotional are we?

        • Willy! Long time no see, buddy! Your problem Willy is called projection. You are the one that operates off of emotion. You are the one that is in denial and delusional.
          You are the one filled with self loathing and self- hatred and homicidal rage because you know inside you have allowed yourself to become powerless, helpless and defenseless and you hate those of us that have not become a non-entity, dependant on their betters for being responsible for their own self-defense and the defense of others.

          Just the fact that the murder rate is at a forty year low and yet 48? states now have Shall Issue Conceal Carry and 10 states now have Constitutional Carry where law abiding citizen can OC or CC with out a license, disproves your whole rant.

          Freedom is spreading Wlly, you can’t stop the signal, and you can’t stop the desire of people to be free, (Liberal/progressives and yourself being the exception).

        • I am surprised you successfully spelled “evidence”, but you have posted none except for the undeniable proof that you have lunchmeat for brains.

        • Evidence? The only link you posted is to a yahoo story. That’s only proves a homicide occurred. I see no CDC cause of death stats or crime stats.

          You blurt out England, Australia and Japan. That’s useless since I can blurt out Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, Russia, and Zimbabwe. All have significant restrictions on private gun owners and higher murder rates than the US.

          I get it. You hate gun owners. Please get therapy before you morph into Eliot Rodger.

      • Wellll….. he’s actually only supporting TTAG, not the NRA, GOA, or 2AF. But the more he keeps spewing the BS, the better we should like it. His type’s days are numbered, and what’s more, they KNOW it. Its why they’re so desperate.
        So, indeed, the more desperate he sounds, the better we should feel. This one is particularily pathetic. His posts are almost word for word the same now. I’m sure he thinks we don’t notice.

      • Ahhh, I’m I striking your nerve Gunstapo thug?

        Sorry, I’m a freethinker and not a brainwashed sheep of your precious gun lobby pimps.

        I hate to break to you, But your the kind that is actually losing.

        And it still proves my point that firearms are more often used for harm than good.

        Even the UN and human rights research groups have heavily debunked the more guns less crime mantra.

        And John lott’s books were criticized and debunked by actual researchers. Lott was doctoring his stats and claims. I and many others actually did the research before you and found out that when more guns get introduced to a society. Crimes rises and people lose their freedoms under the guise of “your on your own.”

        Nobody in the civilized world wants a gun or a right that this country has. The founders that created the 2A were also ironically the most rascist, sexists individuals in history and not some disneyfied heroes that you “gun reich” supporters believed.

        • You’re so upset you can’t even reply to me properly. You really let this get to you. Is there a more personal reason you take your rage out online?

        • “The founders that created the 2A were also ironically the most rascist, sexists individuals in history…”

          Ding Ding Ding

          There we have it folks, the king would’ve been proud. You’ll make a fine little fascist some day. Sniff Sniff, I feel like they grow up so fast.

          By the way, what’s a “rascist?” Is that when a black rash gets so bad it oozes out white puss? That’s gross man, you should learn some better manners before posting disgusting things like that all over your interwebs.

        • 1. Dr. Lott offers his database who wants to use it, review it, or research its accuracy, os the claim that he doctored it is suspect.
          2. The “50x more likely” claim is based on nothing more than press reports of DGUs, not actual statistics. Further, even Bloomberg minion Dr. Hemenway concedes that there are 55,000 to 80,000 DGUs per year, which is the lowest reported number by a researcher, as opposed to even lower numbers alleged by anti-gun lobbying organizations. That works out to 7 to 10 times as many DGUs daily as there are murders using the lowest available estimate by an anti-gun paid crusader. And this is to say nothing of the fact that the majority of murders are committed with illegally obtained firearms–the average “time to crime” for any particular firearm is measured in years, not months or days. Finally, 80% of murders are gang related. Eliminate those, and the 1500 murders a year committed with firearms puts the lie to the “50 times more likely” factually unsupported allegation.
          3. The number of guns in America have been rising dramatically in the last 8 years, yet the crime rate has fallen to record lows. So how is that, as a matter of fact not propaganda, there are more guns and less crime?
          4. Suicide is not “gun violence,” and adding in those numbers to inflate alleged “statistics” is intellectually unsound.

          This blog outlawed ad hominem attacks, so I am surprised most of your rhetoric avoided the ax, as most of your drivel consists of nothing else, and do nothing but impeach your credibility. I hope you realize we are all laughing at you.

        • Usually not the way the UN and human rights are used together in a sentence, but to each their own.

    • Yes, defensive gun uses are debunked… Recent actually reported DGUs:


      South Carolina:

      West Virginia:


      Also, from the story that you posted, the suspect has been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. So, either the felon didn’t read the laws that said he wasn’t supposed to have a gun, or he didn’t care.

      Feel free to live in your utopia, and may you never have to face violence.

    • All of Europe, Australia, and Japan are all so much safer than the US? Sounds like you have plenty of places to choose from. Don’t let the door hit your A$$ on the way out:

    • Oh look, it’s Willy Lunchmeat rising from the dead like a good little authoritarian zombie. I know why you zombies are always looking for brains, because you lack them.

    • “Still don’t see the civilized world falling to a tyranny”. Yeah, because no one in Europe has been arrested in their homes for commenting on Muslim immigration on social media. Never even seen a single example…

    • Woman 1 “Oh I hate peas.” Woman 2 ” Then why are you eating them?” Woman 1 “So I can complain that I hate them”

      You expel energy in a useless attempt to try non-sense and non-logic to try to prove yourself worthy of breathing. It is not working. Oh wait I see the people here all turning in their guns because they cannot win against your brain power. My dogs use more brain power to figure out how to get the treat bag open once, then you have collectively you whole life.

      My guns are smarter and they do nothing wihtout a human hand. Just like cars don’t just run people over without human help. Just like beer can’t make you drunk if you never open a can. When it seems you can never make any friends, maybe its you. When you worry all the time about all the evil in the world, and it seems its everybody else but you , it may be you.

      You have never proven any point. More Guns, Less Crime, by John Lott has NEVER BEEN DEBUNKED. Ignored yes disproved no. More people commit suicide every year per capita in Japan, they don’t use guns. Hundred thousand killed in Rowanda most of those hacked to death. And guys with guns wanted to stop it but the UN said no.

      60,000,000 deaths by governments over the past century. China and Russia being the top of the list Communism has killed more than any guns will ever. Keep dreaming you little utopian dreams Willy, I think though your lunchmeat brain is rotted.

    • The lowest number of DGU’s was 49,000 per year, 50x that is 2,450,000. So if this person is saying that almost 2.5 million people are killed with guns in the US every year then he has a definite problem with reality.

    • @Willy_Lunchmeat:
      Please cease and desist with your ad hominem comments. I find them offensively intolerant.
      All comments matter, but please show your fellows kindness and respect.
      Thank you.

  3. “Sorry my {first} kill was clumsy”
    Budding wannabe serial killer announcement?
    Sarcastic apology?

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot……………………….

    • You said it right..WTF. Whoever the murder is he is a real sicko. Even more sick are the commentaries under the original article making light of this couples murder just because of how they worship God.

  4. “Guns are designed for the purpose of killing.”

    By that logic, so are kitchen knives, baseball bats, fencing swords, cars, hands, feet, sharp rocks, Draino…

    Guns are designed to launch a projectile towards a target. That’s it. Everything else is guided by a human and their intent.

  5. In San Francisco every public school with a J.R.O.T.C. program had a build in .22 range; we would travel to each other’s range and compete; in my four years we never had an injury; my friends and I learned from the J.R.O.T.C. program.

  6. The article about gun laws in Australia claims that gun violence is half of what it was before they imposed all the restrictions and confiscations. How interesting.

    Violence is dramatically reduced here in the US since 1996, but mostly we’ve been expanding carry rights and buying huge numbers of guns. It’s almost as if violence isn’t related to the availability of guns at all, but rather to deeper social and cultural issues.

    • Exactly.

      Correlation does not equal causation.

      If I remember correctly, England doesn’t have many shootings but their overall violent crime rate is much higher than the United States.

    • Gun violence is no worse than knife violence if they both leave you dead. Why not talk about just, violence. Banning guns and then patting yourself on the back for drop in gun violence is lying by implication, if all violence increased as a result.

  7. More junk science / reporting
    Overall crime and homicide figures were going down in Australia before the bans.

    Article also conveniently fails to mention that the Port Arthur shooter STOLE the rifles he used after killing owner who was a family friend.
    Plus as I have mentioned here before the next two largest mass killings in Australia were by arson with petrol
    Antis seem the same everywhere

  8. My school had an air rifle range that we practiced on in JROTC. When we did our qualifying, we went to the National Guard’s range and used their M16s.

  9. FYI I know of one school in Cook County that has a indoors air rifle range, and police department range that has 22 night for kids 10 and up once a month. FYI there is actual duck hunting with real guns in the City of Chicago itself.


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