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Brady Campaign: Sessions, NRA a Deadly Combo Against Gun Control – “In a February 9 email obtained by Breitbart News, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence warns supporters that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the NRA form a deadly combination against gun control. Moreover, the email also warns that ATF Associate Deputy Director Ronald Turk’s much publicized criticism of the ongoing National Firearms Act regulation of silencers, import bans on “assault weapons,” and importation delays on M1 Garands only add to the uphill climb gun control faces during the Trump administration.” Tired of winning yet?

Gun and ammo maker Vista Outdoor’s stock plunges to record low after sales miss, slashed outlook – “Shares of Vista Outdoor Inc. VSTO, -18.61% plunged 22% toward record lows in active midday trade Thursday, after the guns and ammunition maker beat fiscal third-quarter profit expectations, but missed on sales and slashed its full-year outlook. The stock, which was the biggest decliner listed on the NYSE, was on track to suffer its largest one-day percentage selloff since it went public on Jan. 29, 2015.” The market frowns on surprises.

You can’t stop the signal, but some are bound and determined to try . . . San Francisco Lawsuit Takes Aim At Sellers Of Large-Capacity Ammunition Magazine ‘Kits – “San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera Thursday sued five online gun equipment suppliers selling disassembled large-capacity ammunition magazines as “repair kits” in an alleged attempt to get around state laws. The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, alleges that Badger Mountain Supply, 7.62 Precision, Shooters Plus, LAK Supply and are engaging in unfair or fraudulent business practices and seeks penalties of $2,500 in penalties for each individual violation.”

How Donald Trump Can Make Second Amendment Great Again – “Over the years, the Department of Justice has taken action against various other civil and constitutional rights abuses. It is time for the DOJ to prosecute violations of the Second Amendment and federal laws including the Firearms Owners Protection Act. The next attorney general should take action against states and local governments that adopt laws designed specifically to infringe on the rights of honest firearms owners or discourage people from exercising their right to keep and bear arms for legitimate reasons, including self-defense.” There’s no reason the DOJ shouldn’t be able to count to two.

The horror of 80% lowers . . . Loophole Lets Criminals Buy Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’ Online – “A legal loophole means that anyone, including criminals, can order a so-called “ghost gun” off the web without a background check – a gun with no serial number that can’t be traced. The guns are built from kits and arrive in pieces, so under existing law, when they’re shipped, they aren’t guns. When assembled by their buyers, they’re lethal – and legal.”

From the land formerly known as Great Britain . . . Terrifying arsenal of weapons among dozens seized in Met’s gun amnesty – “This arsenal of firearms is among the dozens of weapons that have been taken off London’s streets during the Met’s latestgun amnesty. Since Monday 45 weapons have been surrendered across the capital as part of the Give Up Your Gun campaign, including shotguns, revolvers, rifles and handguns, Scotland Yard said.” Gaze upon that photograph and know the meaning of fear.

Two steps back . . . 2 Gun Bills Killed At State Capitol – “Two bills dealing with guns in Colorado have died at the state Capitol. The first would would have allowed teachers and staff at some public schools in Colorado to carry handguns to work. Another gun bill revived a long debate over ammunition magazines.”

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  1. Request from a CA resident. Define winning?

    And yes the doj needs to start arresting people for violating our civil rights. And sanctuary cities and states are a criminal conspiracy and instead of withholding federal funds the pols responsible for them should be arrested and tried.

    • Here in America were winning. You may want to consider joining us before the wall goes up.

      I mean no disrespect towards jwm or anyone else, but I would rather burn all of my belongings and live penniless in a free land than have a comfortable life in a place that treats me like a serf.

      • No disrespect either, V., but it’s a lot easier to hand someone else a match than to light it yourself; easier still to, from a distance, tell them to light it.

        I would likely still be living in California myself had a window of opportunity not opened up, work-wise. I’m very glad it did, and I don’t kid myself that I wouldn’t likely be there if it hadn’t. Boiling pots and frogs, and I freely admit I was one of them.

        • My parents retired to Hawaii about 12 years ago. They were good conservatives. Since Dad couldn’t get the Kahului police chief to give him permission, he gave me his pistol.
          He spent the next 5 years b*hing about all the liberals, 3 years being silent, and this year he and my mom both were in the “womyns march.” Last time they were in town, we were discussing my daughters recent delivery of a 26 week, premature baby boy. He’s doing FANTASTIC, by the way. But Mom said “If she’d known the risk just a few weeks ago when it was still a fetus…”
          In a public restaurant I told my MOTHER to be quiet and listen because I had something to say. I told her the medical definition of fetus (baby!) and the definition of life (what happens after sperm meets egg – JEEZ, she taught me this crap when I was 7, has she forgotten where me and my sister came from?) and politely reminded her that she was discussing the killing of my grandson, and she should change the subject NOW!

          Frogs in blenders. You know, I hear a lot of Leftist arguments here in Denver, and that hones my thinking. Hey – sometimes liberals are correct. But most times they’re not, or only half correct. In Hawaii, there are no conservatives, (or so few they don’t speak out) so only one side is ever heard, and Leftist doctrine becomes a matter of Faith – not to be questioned.

          It’s sad, really. I made Mom pay for dinner, I got the tip, and then one of those happy coinkydinks happened that occur so rarely. The waitress thanked us for leaving the tip in cash so she didn’t have to tell the IRS. And then another – I complimented the bartender on his CC rig. Had I not seen the plastic belt clip, I never would have known the guy was armed. Full size 1911 at 4:00.

          Nodded at Dad on the way out. Said “Some States still follow the Constitution. I think the cold, snowy winters are worth it.”

        • @button….

          I understand. I watched the transistion of my father to a leftist kook over the past 15 years or so after watching MSNBC for all waking hours. Can’t count the times when foolish things exit his mouth that were in direct opposition to what his standards were as we were were growing up. Out of respect for him the discussion of politics is verboten at family gatherings but he still attempts it sometimes when Mom is out of earshot. I just walk away.

          Good luck and blessings with your premie. Our church is involved with a Ronald McDonald house family that had a 16oz birth that is now at 1lb11oz after one month.

      • Except that I already live in America. A point that seems to be lost on people. If my rights are dependent on my zip code then no one’s rights are safe. Period.

        There’s a reason people like barry and hillary ever became more than just a momentary blip on our history. Too many of the people who claim to oppose them are perfectly willing to concede large territories and populations to them.

        • Write another big check to NRA/ILA, if your trailer doesn’t need repairs this year.

          Wayne LaPierre needs his own private jet. For $50 bucks, your name can be engraved on the gold-plated ashtray in the lavatory.

        • This is where you and I disagree. My definition of America is a country that honors and upholds the constitution of the United States, which would include the bill of rights. California does not meet that definition. Your definition appears to be ‘Whatever most people believe is America’.

        • I’m with you, jwm. I’m very excited by the potential pro-gunnery so far in the Trump administration, as well as the deportation of criminals. Trump has a bunch of federal judges to pick, as well as the SCOTUS pick. Could there be POTUS pardons in the works for violating some of CA’s ridiculous gun laws?

          I’m planning on leaving CA right after my first retirement in about 8 years. I’ll stay and fight for now, while helping others do the same. If I can support pro gun politicians like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump, I can still make a difference.

          And I opposed CO’s mag cap restrictions and, the background check laws in Oregon, and the recall effort against Scott Walker, to name a few. All from behind enemy lines.

          A lot of the “get out of CA” crowd has done nothing for gun rights other than the good fortune of living in a pro gun state, or maybe a $35 NRA membership. Real gun rights advocates can make a difference anywhere.

        • @Demo Man
          I’m curious to know your thoughts on that Vandermyde fellow. You know the guy I’m talking about.

        • demo troll man. I quit the nra a while back when they quit me. You bitch a lot. But like more dead soldiers you offer no solutions. You’re worthless in the struggle for our rights. You’re everything you claim the nra to be.

        • V. WTF? America is 50 states and assorted territories. The rights we all have are supposed to be across the board for all. Not based on what 51% of the voters in a given state say they are. Tyranny of the mob is what we have in CA. Apparently with the blessings of some supposed POTG.

        • Which, arguably means the way to “win” would be for *MORE* POTG to move *to* CA instead of away. Fight the antis the same way they’re fighting, by overwhelming them.

          You don’t win a fight by giving up ground, you win by taking ground.

    • What would be the point of the DOJ suing the State of California in Federal Court for alleged constitutional violations? The case would be heard in a federal district court in California, and then heard on appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a court that has made a firm stance against expansion of gun rights beyond the home.

      • There is speculation once Gorsuch is confirmed and Kennedy has a chance to feel his former clerk out on if he thinks the Constitution is safe in Gorsuch’s hands, that Kennedy will resign.

        Then we replace Kennedy with someone like Diane Sykes, and hopefully have a solid conservative court.

        (The real gravy will be when RBG resigns or exits the court feet first on a wheeled gurney covered by a sheet. And they ‘accidentally’ drop her 3 or 4 times on the way out…)

        • Congress can abolish or breakup the 9th (and/or District courts). Put all the progtard POS judges out of “work”. The President can then appoint new competent judges. LONG overdue. 9th is overlarge compared to others and a horrible record for taking care of their “business” with a HUGE backlog of cases.

          Article III – Section 1.

          The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behaviour, and shall, at stated times,

    • Ditton on that. There has been no victory march for me as a MD resident. I am still not allowed to have “assault weapons”, magazines over 10 rounds”, or a carry permit. I have to get a 100$ license to buy a handgun (poll tax), and there are more anti gun laws going through my state senate as we speak.

      It is nice for people in the South/Midwest to celebrate that they might get suppressors soon but people in the north are not free. We need SCOTUS to be stuffed, we need the DOJ to go after anti-gun states, and we need the federal government to create some laws with some teeth to stop the gun grabbers for good.

      • Woah, who’s this we, Kemosabe?

        Pennsylvania’s in “the north,” and we can have any guns we want. And now that the Fudds are dying out, we can hunt with semi-auto rifles, too. NH and VT have pretty lax gun laws, and so do most of the Great White North states. This isn’t a north/south thing, this is the coasts against the rest.

    • Not that anyone will do anything about it until you are busted, but California now requires all 80% firearms to be serialized with a DOJ issued number BEFORE you build it. Worse yet, the requirement is retroactive to include all unserialized handguns that (if I recall correctly) are not C&R eligible. And finally, the law requires that polymer AR lowers have a 3 oz slug of steel embedded into the lower on which to inscribe the serial number–which I think in most cases will likely destroy the lower.

      • I’m sure people with homemade guns are just lining up to have them serialized by the state. After all, the types of guys who mill their own receivers are going to be the first ones to turn their guns in to the progressives. [/sarc]

        • GS650G: “Skilled machinist” is a bit strong. Anyone who can get their sandwich clamps on a drill press and/or a router and one of the better jigs can mill an 80 lower out in a few hours. Or so I’ve been told.

          Granted, the point still stands, since work ethic and a modicum of mechanical inclination are still required. And we know those virtues aren’t often held by your average gang-banger.

    • Not that anyone will do anything about it until you are busted, but California now requires all 80% firearms to be serialized with a DOJ issued number BEFORE you build it. Worse yet, the requirement is retroactive to include all unserialized long guns and handguns that (if I recall correctly) are not C&R eligible. And finally, the law requires that polymer AR lowers have a 3 oz slug of steel embedded into the lower on which to inscribe the serial number–which I think in most cases will likely destroy the lower.

  2. I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, the antis won’t stop until you convict one for their unlawful policies.

    • Some 100+ million gun owners in America. Why not a class-action suit for violation of our Constitutionally protected civil rights?

    • “…the antis won’t stop until you convict one for their unlawful policies.”

      One? They won’t stop until you imprison every last one. Leland Yee is right now serving 5 in the federal pen for gun-running. Think that’s gonna slow them down?

      We have a brief reprieve on legally making guns at home. The next chance the antis get, they *will* outlaw it…

    • “I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, the antis won’t stop until you *hang* one for their unlawful policies.”


  3. Winning!? I sure hope the pathetic Brady bunch is correct. Although I’ve never seen such sturm und drang after a scant 3 weeks of a presidency. Anyone notice the stupendous stock market?!?

  4. In other news: You’ve got to love high-profile celebrities who love guns as much as Adam Savage does.

    • A perfect example of the insidious nature of actually shooting guns. If you watch the first season of Mythbusters, those first couple of gun myths they tested, it’s pretty clear that Adam and Jamie didn’t have a lot of experience with guns and were kind of uncomfortable around them. A few trips to the gun range, and getting to shoot some really neat stuff, and both seem to have come around to the “guns are great!” mindset.

  5. “seeks penalties of $2,500 in penalties for each individual violation.”

    So they’re asking for a $2500 penalty for each repair kit sold? Exactly how many kit-magazines have been used in San Francisco murders???

    • This isn’t the first lawsuit of this kind. And it doesn’t matter if no 20 or 30 round mags have been used to commit a crime; possession of such items has been illegal in San Fran for a couple of years, with only ten round mags allowed, even if owned before the law went into effect. And a possession ban went into effect statewide January 1.

      • Never really got how a complete ban on already owned magazine doesn’t count as an ex post facto law (which are specifically banned by the constitution)

        • I agree that the law is garbage, but they’re not criminalizing the past ownership of items that used to be legal, they’re making continued ownership in the present illegal.

    • I bet the number is less than that of US Government owned full capacity magazines used in San Francisco murders.

      • Murder has a specific definition. I am unaware of any SF LEOs being convicted or even charged, so I have to say your suspicion is incorrect.

        Perhaps you meant homicide, which has a separate legal definition?

        • Perhaps “last legally owned” by government. Many wind up in the hands of criminals and are used in killings, such as Kathryn Steinle killed at Fisherman’s Wharf by an illegal alien using a gun stolen from a BLM ranger’s car.

  6. “…the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence warns supporters that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the NRA form a deadly combination…”

    At least part of the Brady statement is true. Jeff Sessions is pictured in front of an NRA/ILA banner, and NRA/ILA promotes the agenda of the Brady Campaign.
    When NRA state lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde cut a deal with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police to place Duty to Inform in state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in spring of 2011, Tim McCarthy of Orland Park was president of the IL Chiefs.

    That’s the same Tim McCarthy who was shot by John Hinckley, along with President Reagan and James Brady. McCarthy was a Secret Service agent at the time, and has been promoting gun control with Jim & Sarah Brady for what, thirty-five years?

    The IL Chiefs totally opposed any form of citizen carry for the past forty years, but Vandermyde couldn’t bend over far enough for the cops. The Duty to Inform has criminal penalties, so any cop who stops you can execute you at will if you “resist.”

    How much are Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham paying Vandermyde exactly?
    NRA, the Brady Campaign, and police unions: a deadly combination for gun owners. They’re all on the same side- against you.

    • Ah, you can ignore my comment above. I should have read all the way down first. A thread about the NRA isn’t the same without you chiming in about Vandermyde.

    • You mean Chris Cocks and Chuck Cuntingham? I wouldn’t piss on an NRA board member if they were on fire! They quit working for the blue collar gun owner years ago. I put them in the same category as Wounded Warrior project, robber barrons living off the people they claim to serve. Just like congress.

      • Ed- “I wouldn’t piss on an NRA board member if they were on fire!”

        HA HA HA good one! True story: in spring of 2013 when state Rep. Brandon Phelps concealed carry bill was put up where we could see it on the Illinois legislative website, sneaky rat Todd Vandermyde had once again placed Duty to Inform language in the “NRA backed” bill. With immediate notification just like Ohio no less.

        At that time we contacted Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA, who is supposedly in charge of “State & Local Affairs” at NRA HQ. His response when questioned as to why Illinois state lobbyist Vandermyde put Duty to Inform in the NRA bill:
        “maybe it had to be in the bill to pass.” (!!!) I am not making this up.

        Point being, there is no Master Plan at NRA HQ. Washington, D.C. is 800 miles away from Illinois. Chuck Cunningham and the Brain Trust at NRA have no more idea what their state lobbyists are doing than Colonel Kurtz running amok in the jungle.

        If most NRA members weren’t naïve boobs with the I.Q. of a turnip, they would go out of business tomorrow.

  7. Did anyone expect those bills in CO not to die in kill committee? I still have hope for the switch blade reversal (if it’s not already dead).

  8. Well, that arsenal does terrify me. The idea of having to shoot, much less carry most of those weapons, is a scary one. Yeah, I do own several black powder firearms, but even my oldest one, from early 19th century, is in a better shape than many of those.

    • Yes, it’s pretty pathetic that they’d put out a photo of 18th and 19th century guns that were rounded up to protect the public. Even the Colt SAA appears to be just a paper weight replica, judging by the cylinder

    • That flintlock pistol is a full-auto assault weapon with a thirty caliber clip!

      (And the shoulder thing that goes up is cleverly disguised in the pistol grip…)

  9. If there are constitutional attorneys in this audience, I’d like to know how bureaucrats and local sherrifs have the authority to decide the limits of 2nd amendment rights in states such as CA, MD, and MA.

    Since the 2nd as been incorporated against the states, how is it constitutional for states to treat peoples’ rights differently based on which county they live in? doesn’t it violate equal protection if the standards for getting a CCP are subjective?

    Furthermore, how is it that constiutional rights vary depending on which state they live in?

    How is it that MD, MA, CA all recognize FL or VA drivers’ licenses and yet not FL or VA residents’ constiutional rights? There is no right to drive enumerated in the constitution.

    • Aaron- the “legal” way in which police become the gatekeepers of your 2nd Amendment rights is through some sort of licensing system. That’s why NRA promotes concealed carry with the police unions. Just as 95% of NRA members are aging white baby boomers and old farts, 95% of NRA members are too stupid to figure out that NRA is in bed with the anti-gun police unions like the IL Chiefs of Police.

      Check out Berron v. Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board, which the Supreme Court just denied cert. last month. Illinois’ shit concealed carry bill was put up by state Rep. Brandon Phelps, a gutless hick from Harrisburg in far southern Illinois. Down south, the police are your friends, and they only want “good people” to have carry licenses. NRA has the same good old boy mentality circa 1962.

      The Illinois concealed carry application requires a ten year address history. Every cop from any place you ever lived can file an objection to your app. because you had an argument with your neighbor about dog turds on the lawn or whatever. The legal “standard” to sustain the law enforcement objection is “preponderance of the evidence” the same as a red light camera!

      Right now there are over 2,000 people in Illinois waiting over a year or more for their carry licenses, without any legal assistance from NRA.
      When you sign on to a licensing scheme, you sign your life away with a privacy waiver, and you voluntarily submit to a police controlled privilege.

      That’s why NRA screwed up the Texas open carry bill by requiring a concealed license to carry openly. NRA is in bed with the criminal police state.

        • Aaron- Read the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals (Chicago) decision Berron v. Illinois CCLRB. It’s out there on scribd, and some legal sites with synopsis.

          Do your own research young Jedi. Don’t be discouraged by the negative good old boys around here. They are mostly simple people of the land, and did not have the advantages afforded by a patrician education.

  10. If Congress doesn’t get suppressors and SBR’s out of the NFA and pass national reciprocity (GOA version) then I won’t consider us “winning” at all. We’ll see 4 years from now where we are.

    My prediction: The same spot we were in after Dick, Colon, and Bush got done with us after 8 years.

  11. In days past, the sun did not set in the English empire. Now, they are terrified by inanimate objects, like those cats who are scared by cucumbers (Google it!).

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  12. That looks an awful lot like an Allen pepperbox on the right…

    Leave it up to Samuel Clemens to describe the full horror of the thing: “To aim along the turning barrel and hit the thing aimed at was a feat which was probably never done with an “Allen” in the world… It was a cheerful weapon—the “Allen.” Sometimes all its six barrels would go off at once and then there was no safe place in all the region roundabout but behind it.”


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