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“On Thursday, President Trump signed three vaguely worded executive orders [link inserted] which, he said, were ‘designed to restore safety in America.’ That these orders, or almost anything Trump has done, will make most of us more ‘safe’ is a lie. Just like his promise to make America ‘great’ again only applied to some, Trump’s orders for ‘safety’ are intended to make our already grotesquely violent police even more violent towards people of color and other poor people, in order to make Trump and his plutocrat cronies feel more safe.” Steven W. Thrasher, President Trump says he’ll keep you safe. It’s a lie [via]

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  1. Perhaps if ‘people of color’ were less violent toward police they wouldn’t need to worry about police being violent toward them.

    • Subscribed, to see if this topic is treated even remotely-accurately, or if it just turns into another “bash the (“so-called”) “libtards,” for actually doing CRITICAL THINKING, and looking at the FACTS, instead of engaging in group-think, fear-mongering and the overt racism/zenophobia that so many, on the Reich-wing, exhibit.

      And I think it’s time Conservatives recognized that LIBERALS OWN GUNS, TOO–and some of us are even NRA members, who donate extra money to the NRA’s ILA lobbying-branch, to further the 2a cause(s).

      But if my experiences on other pro-2a sites are any indication, I’ll be disappointed. Here’s hoping I’m WRONG.

      • Well you are wrong, and the point made that you comment about was a true enough point. Yes I know some on the left are gun owners, and even NRA members. However, making the assumption that you will be attacked based on your beliefs, and coming here looking for a fight makes you more guilty of what you are charging others of. Good luck to you though. 🙂

      • “And I think it’s time Conservatives recognized that LIBERALS OWN GUNS, TOO…”

        I’m *fully* aware there are those on the left who own guns. And even belong to lobby groups like the NRA. And even believe themselves to be good, righteous people.

        One *tiny* little problem with them though…

        They vote Progressive. And in doing so, sow the seeds of the 2A’s destruction. Are you out and proud about it with your liberal friends? Do you invite them to the range?

        Or do you keep it ‘on the down low’?

        • I’m “out and proud” and teach them to shoot. I’m thinking of applying to participate in the Appleseed Project, as well.

        • If you’re out and proud, I salute you.

          I haven’t taken an Appleseed yet, but I’ve heard good things on the marksmanship training. I’ve also heard they can ‘season it’ with politics… 😉

        • “They vote Progressive. And in doing so, sow the seeds of the 2A’s destruction.”

          That. Right there.

          Doesn’t matter if you ‘support 2A’ if you elect those that put it at the top of their list to destroy. Saying “I support X”, then turning around and immediately electing Pols that have it stated on their platform that they oppose X…

        • When I boil everything down, that’s the only true reason I didn’t vote for Hillary. There was plenty to dislike about her, but I could have choked it down and checked the box for her if it wasn’t for her promise to repeal the PLCAA and appoint anti-gun SCOTUS.

          I have no doubt she would have won the election were it not for the Gun Vote. She certainly picked the wrong hill to die on.

          I just hope Trump doesn’t destroy the environment, the economy, gay rights, women’s rights, Freedom of [from] Religion, and Freedom of Speech.

      • @ Gov. William J. Le Petomane

        My comment “timed out” before I could find the video of Eric Garner being CHOKED TO DEATH.

        Here it is, for those of you with the stones to actually WATCH THE FACTS:

        Staten Island Man KILLED after NYPD Cop Puts Him In CHOKEHOLD For Breaking Up a FIGHT!!

        And, while not shown in the video (so I can’t prove it), witnesses state Eric Garner had actually just BROKEN UP A FIGHT, prior to this, which drew the attention of the police to him. Get that? Eric Garner was actually doing some minor COMMUNITY POLICING, at his own risk, and for the trouble of HELPING the police, the police KILLED him.


        Will you call this video “Just plain lies! More fake news!”, too? If so, please, kindly, tell us all what is FAKE about this man’s death, at the hands of the police?

        And Gov. William J. Le Petomane:
        How could Eric Garner have been LESS “,,,violent toward police…” in this instance? (I’ll wait patiently for your answer….)

        Perhaps we could try NOT living in fear of people whose skin color does not match our own (I’m white, btw, if it matters, and have been shooting since I was 5 y.o.).

        Peace…if that’s possible.


        • Should Eric Garner be dead today? In a short answer, yes. Mr Garner chose his fate. If you choose to fight the police physically instead of through the court system, don’t be surprised if you end up dead. Mr Garner did not think critically. Now he is dead. His choice.

        • I completely agree that Eric Gardners death was a travesty. Now I’ll ask you the same questions I asked my family still living in NYC at the time.

          Who made the law that selling “loosie cigarettes” was a crime in the city? If selling “loosie cigarettes” were not considered a crime, would Gardner have had contact with those police in the first place? Why don’t we hold politicians and their electorate accountable for bad laws that lead to people dying or going to jail for non violent crime?

        • SnapShot, you are to the progressive community what Oscar Schindler was to Jew hating Nazis i.e., a rare exception whose actual impact will be ( unfortunately ) insignificant in the face of overwhelming opposition.

          Make no mistake, like Schindler you are deserving of recognition but your effort will unfortunately have little effect on your political kinsmen.

          Nevertheless, you deserve all credit for standing on principle.

        • We all know there are instances where police are in the wrong. There are a few bad apples in the ranks as well. Doesn’t matter where you look be it public service, private business or military there are always some who shouldn’t be working the job they are. There’s also plenty of mistakes made by the good ones. We are just human after all. Because we don’t have a perfect society and behaviorally sterile work environments/private lives there will never be a time when everyone always does right by each other, never makes mistakes and we all think alike. Will there be unjust killings by police? Yep. But when you look at how many times police make contact with people in this country compared to how many times police kill anyone, be it justly or unjustly, we see that if police really were indiscriminately killing people there would be a hell of a lot more death in this country. I have no idea if Eric Garners death was justifiable. I also don’t know that the cop intended to kill. All I know is there are a bunch of people who use emotion to influence their judgment.

        • Selling loosies is not a crime. Selling untaxed cigarettes was Garner’s crime. The choke hold triggered Garner’s death but he was actually bt Ronald McDonald.

        • I could type pages of text explaining why what you’ve said is pettifoggery but I’d rather just say – You’re wrong.

          Turn in your man card, quit spouting “I hate Trump” rhetoric, go to your “safeplace”, pull you head out of your fourth point of contact, put on your big boy pants and accept the fact that there is no conspiracy by LEO to exterminate the black man.

          If you would just LET Trump do his JOB (something his predecessor thought was playing golf and driving a wedge deep into the soul of this country) you MIGHT find that he really can improve conditions in the good ol’ US of A.

          …And about your “I’m a gun totin’ NRA member Democrat”. BullSh!t. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

        • I didn’t bother watching you video but I’ll cede your example of racist police brutality. However, I’ll see you example and raise you one – DALLAS. Anecdotal evidence is not scientific data it’s just nonsense. Are there bad cops? Of course there are, there are bad people in every group. But the odds of a cop being shot by a black man is something like 18 times higher than a black man being shot by a cop (going by memory but it’s in the ballpark). In fact there was a study that found that cops are more reluctant to use deadly force against a black man than a white man.

          Truth is the ills that plague the black community are primarily caused by your precious liberal politicians who run the cities they live in. Welfare and easy access to abortion have ripped the black nuclear family apart while the Democrats have engineered the decay of the public school system and taxed the shit out of anyone who wants to come into their communities and create jobs. So the young fatherless black men join gangs and deal drugs. Until they’re either incarcerated or shot dead by rival gangs. The racism is where it’s always been, the Democratic Party.

        • You haven’t read the autopsy report, have you? If you HAD, you would know that Mr. Garner, weighing 400lbs, died as a result of chronic asthma, heart disease, and morbid obesity made acute by positional asphyxia and excited delirium which overloaded his fragile pulmonary and coronary systems. He was NOT ‘choked to death,’ by any stretch of imagination or fact. People who are ‘choked to death’ do not utter the words, “I can’t breathe!” while they are being throttled. They tend to be very, very quiet.
          You are either ignorantly misrepresenting the incident, or you are willfully lying to further your agenda.
          Which is it? There are only two choices. Pick one.

        • Eric Garner didn’t pay his taxes. Had Eric Garner paid his taxes, the tax man would not have sent the police after him. Eric Garner should have obeyed the law, yes – but why doesn’t anyone look at the beginning, at the first cause?

          Tax money. The NYC tax people sent men with guns to perform violence on Eric Garner.

      • Oh, fun! Let’s play a game. Consider Mr. Thrasher’s article. What facts were mentioned? Only one, namely that three EOs were signed. Good start. He contends that the EOs will not make us safer. Ok. It’s a proposition. So, lets see what evidence (that would be FACTS) he offers to support his proposition. Well? Do you see any FACTS? No, you see that he is omniscient regarding understanding other peoples’ intentions – that’s not a fact.

        Oh, wait! A fact! Cops shoot almost a thousand people. Well, it’s a fact, though a misleading one, unless of course any time a cop shoots someone it is wrong, which is exactly the point Thrasher is making – dead person of color, live cop, evidence of horrible racial injustice. FACT – most people shot by cops SHOULD have been shot by cops. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.His entire opinion piece is simply an emotional scream that is more understandable from the mouth of a two year old.

        Are all people shot by cops deserving of this? Absolutely not. But that does not mean that ALL people shot by cops are undeserving. The problem is not that progs are incapable of critical thinking -it’s that we just see so damn little evidence of it. Unless one defines critical thinking as anything that occurs mentally before some prog spews out criticism of a conservative.

        • Yes, very little evidence of critical thinking. But it goes both ways. There are those on either side who are unwilling to listen to reason and immediately disregard any argument that doesn’t fit their narrative.

          I made the mistake of watching Bill Maher last night. Years ago, I thought Bill was funny. But he has gone so far to the left and now tows every aspect of the party line, that I see no difference between him and Rush Limbaugh. Piers Morgan was one of the guests. And Piers attempted to make a very logical, balanced argument that the violent crime rate rose dramatically in the last two years. Bill had a chart, which showed the steep decline since the 1970’s, and he kept pointing and yelling, “Look at the chart!” Piers calmly pointed out that he was looking at the chart, and that while the violent crime rate had bottomed out since the beginning, there was very clearly an uptick beginning in 2014. Maher then proceeded to ridicule him, even though it was obvious to anyone with eyes that the chart was indeed on the way back up. It was the childish equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting, “Nah nah nah, I can’t hear you!” Mahr’s Aussie comedian guest later devolved into giving Morgan the finger and shouting at him to f off.

          The whole thing was completely disgusting, and is being covered gleefully by the liberal media as Piers Morgan getting put down when he tried defending Trump. Bill Maher has always claimed to be smarter than everyone else. While he may have the IQ to back it up, he looked like a raging jackass last night. All the intelligence in the world doesn’t matter if you turn a blind eye to reason because the truth doesn’t suit your dialogue.

        • Pretty sad when Piers Morgan is the voice of reason.

          As for Maher, he’s always been a jackass. I watched one show of his a long long time ago, maybe 15 or 20 years ago and he had a creationist on just to ridicule him. The creationist was attempting to make valid points about biological complexity but it was clear that they didn’t have him on for any kind of honest debate, just to ridicule him. Haven’t watched the show since. Nothing more insufferable than an egotistical atheist.

      • There might be some liberals out there that are capable of looking at the facts of a situation, engaging in actual critical thinking, and are even pro-2A. You seem to be one of them (based on your first statement, the jury is still out depending on follow up statements). However the vast majority simply cannot, sort of like this Thrasher fellow.

        When you malign an entire profession as “grotesquely violent”, you’ve entered the land of fever-dream emotion and unicorns and have left the realm of critical thinking. Add to that descriptor this guy’s assertion that more minorities will be killed going forward only detracts from any credibility he could have had.

        Basically, the guy seems to think all police are bloodthirsty killers. For sure, there are people on the right who are guilty of similar departures, but the left overwhelmingly owns irrational emotion and fear mongering. Look no further than the 2A views of a majority of liberals. I could elaborate, but there’s no point, you already know.

      • Ones political beliefs are self selected with no questions regarding the entire nature vs nurture thing. If what you chose to believe is illogical and contrary to observable human nature that means you have obviously CHOSEN to be a moron (or if you prefer can pretend is naïve or fool).

        If one choses to be a moron why get all butt hurt when it is pointed out or laughed at (for example see progtardism). It just makes you a snowflake and deserving of ridicule. Having the funds that may allow you to buy a tool, hammer, wrench or firearm. does not negate moron. You need a club join the League of Women Voters.

      • “Subscribed, to see if this topic is treated even remotely-accurately, or if it just turns into another “bash the (“so-called”) “libtards,” for actually doing CRITICAL THINKING, and looking at the FACTS”

        It’s an opinion piece about feelings (literally about people feeling safe), and your description of critical thinking is grossly wrong because there is no critical thinking in that piece. You are looking for this to be validated as fact-based, but it is devoid of any facts…almost comical how much so.

      • Seriously? You (t)roll up in here, chiding the rest of for failing to go to the source, do our own thinking, and engaging in name calling. All the while you’re claiming a halo for yourself, despite the fact that you just committed each of those offenses yourself. Curious, that.

        For example, there’s mention of the derogatory term “libtard.” Yet, you proceeded to describe conservatives as “Reich-wing.” I take it you consider snide Nazi references to be novel and forceful slurs? Newsflash: Nazi is short for national socialists, aka liberals. There’s nothing conservative about them.

        What is fascism if not characterized by racism? It was FDR who rounded up Japanese-Americans and shunted them off to internment camps, after all.

        Also, I got a laugh at your mention of “zenophobia.” The word is spelled “xenophibia.” That’s no mere typo, my friend. That means you have never encountered that word, but for hearing it and repeating it from liberal talking heads. You’ve never read that word in print before, which strongly suggests you rarely, if ever, read. So much for the “going to the source and thinking for yourself” myth.

        I think you have much reflection to do.

      • Oh please…. comparing conservatives to nazis is all wrong. Read up on history before you say things like that.
        The goons on the left are more like nazis.
        Do you even know where the term nazis came from?
        It’s short for national socialism genius. That’s right socialist. So more like the left.

        • yup. the most fascist people in America are the ANTIFA (“Anti-Fascists”) and BAM (“By Any Means Necessary”), both being left wing groups.

      • Labeling progressives libtards is counter productive ad hominem but the term Riech-wing is not? Being progressive is rational but being conservative or libertarian is not. Yeah, got a real open mind there.

      • SnapShot, are you a troll? The reason I am asking is because the Democrat Party does not tolerate disloyalty. I once lived in one of the most progressive cities in the country, so I know hardcore Democrat Party people. You probably know the city. It is the city where rioters recently pulled people out of cars that they thought where Trump supporters and beat them to an inch of their life. You know, the city where if I put an NRA sticker on a car it would get vandalized or you would likely get attacked physically. You know, that city. I have former friends from that city who recently told me they required a litmus test, proof that I voted for Hillary, or else they would not talk to me again. Considering Hillary and entire Democrat Party has become overt about their intentions to destroy the 2nd amendment, along with a few other amendments in the Bill of Rights, there was no way I could vote for any of them in this election. Naturally, since I am not a lying sack of shit like the Progressive left, I said adios. Interesting, the only Democrat Party member I have heard in the last 1/2 dozen years that expressed any support for gun ownership beside you were Democrat Party members, celebrities, threatening the violent overthrow of the United States of America. Saying you are a Democrat Party member that supports the 2nd amendment is kind of like saying you are a member of the Nazi Party that supports Jewish rights. Yes, this is harsh, but you have to wake up.

        As far as your comments about police, let me introduce you to a concept called Data Driven Decision Making. This is a concept where you avoid the propaganda you see on the news, you put away your emotions, avoid liars who pull out multiple degrees, high priced “studies”, and agenda, you dig into the raw data, and validate everything with your own research. If you do this, if you take this plunge of thinking for yourself, it will probably point you in a totally different direction. You might even decide to walk away from centrally controlled Collectivism and decide once and for all time to become an Individualist — a free thinker.

      • Meh. Okay, I’ll nibble a bit on the bait.
        A few observations I’ve made in my life: a supporter of liberty will say love and marry who you want, a statist will say they will write a law enforcing the matter. A supporter of liberty will say they will run their business the way they want and serve (or not serve) whomever they want, the statist says the business owner is not free to do that and must run the business the way they decree.
        Here on this site, you’ll mostly encounter lovers of liberty who want to avail themselves of their civil right to arm themselves and protect their families, businesses, and themselves but understand that some people choose not to. Our opponents are the statists who declare that citizens should not have such a civil right and want laws written to enforce that view. You may very well consider yourself a liberal, but from what little you’ve said about yourself we can see you value personal freedom and individual civil rights – perhaps it could be said that you are, in fact, more “conservative” than “liberal”? At least insofar as we define such concepts here? We define ourselves as conservatives and our mantra can be boiled down to “live and let live”. We call our opponents liberals (libtards 🙂 ) and see that their mantra is “there ought to be a law”. Conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, gun nut or gun grabber, our enemy here is the statist who tells us how to live. What are you?

      • “And I think it’s time Conservatives recognized that LIBERALS OWN GUNS, TOO . . .”

        Perhaps it’s the cognitive disconnect that progressive-liberalism induces, but the ones I’ve come in contact with can’t hit the side of a barn with a 12 gauge. Hell, they can’t even change a tire . . .

      • I don’t recall mentioning liberals. Or do you think that Mr. Thrasher was referring to liberals when he used the term ‘people of color’ and if so, how would I know this?

    • Yes, Steven Thrasher, we can easily see the direct line between the EOs and the behavior of the police. Perhaps we can convince a few of them to take a break from abusing people of color to beat some sense into you?

      Never mind, it probably wouldn’t work anyway.

  2. I think I’m getting a whiff of self-fulfilling prophecy…

    Scott Adams had a piece on this not too long ago, in fact.

  3. I’m more willing to bet the criminals (white, black, Latino, and whoever else) will shoot more cops, under the claim of “social justice”, and the liberals will cheer them on for it.

  4. What an asinine statement. It’s astonishing to me Mr. Thrasher and his ilk believe those of us who think differently are violent, racist and mysoginist cretins. Their lines of thought baffle me.

  5. I am a “person of color”. No screw that PC sh!t. I’m a black man. I’ll be 53 years young this September. I have never once during my 50+ years on this earth had any contact with the Police beyond the occasional traffic stop. I have never be yanked out of a car and handcuffed on the ground. I have never had a pistol drawn on me. I WONDER WHY THAT IS? Maybe its because I CONDUCT MYSELF LIKE A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY, I WEAR MY PANTS ALL THE WAY UP, AND WAITE FOR IT……………….. I DON’T COMMIT CRIMES.

    • Any anecdotal evidence you may possess does not support the narrative. It will be promptly ignored and forgotten. Thank you.

    • Thomas Sowell in response to the question, “Why are minorities over-represented in prison populations as a percentage of the over-all population?” (The questioner was trying to prove that the court system is inherently racist).

      Mr. Sowell replied, “Because they did the crime.”

      (Sorry I do not have a link to this quote. I heard it on a radio show while I was driving cross-country.)

      Along those lines, I suspect that if in fact more “people of color” will be shot during a Trump administration it will be solely because the DOJ will allow LEOs to actually do their jobs and “people of color” will be caught in the act of committing crimes resulting in a justified shooting.

      No conspiracy here – don’t commit crimes and it is highly unlikely the police will shoot at you.

      • Got that right. When the official gov’t position is that criminals may not be arrested and are to be released (and pardoned) because of skin color perhaps that MIGHT be racist? But reverse racist is GOOD? WTF. This will help solve the “crime problem”. Progtardism.

    • rdsii64, it is a pleasure to meet you, even if through a blog.

      25 years ago, I did my time performing military law enforcement. This may not be the most PC thing to say, but at the time I was convinced that there were two different types of black men. The first always had a chip on their shoulder. They could be doing 75 in a 25 MPH zone in the middle of the night where even with NVGs you couldn’t tell who was driving, and they would claim you singled them out. Then, there was the second type who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it, and if they did something wrong, they would tell you in a heart beat. Probably some of the nicest people I have ever met. In the 7 years in the military, I never issued a single ticket to anyone in that second group. If was always “I am sorry, I was in a hurry” or something like that. We would have a friendly chat about something unrelated, then he would agree to watch his speed the next time, and I was done without issuing a ticket. Contrary to popular belief, at least the bases I worked, it was a pain in the rear to issue tickets. Now, if someone becomes combative, calls you a few names, and accuses you of singling them out because they were black, then you follow the process — ticket, a long description of the encounter described on the yellow copy of the ticket, etc. Funny thing is that my friends I worked with who were black told me they did the same thing. So, when you say it is all about attitude, that would be my experience too.

    • No, no. That can’t be true. You’re just a victim of false-consciousness who’s playing the White-man’s game without even knowing it. Those victims of capitalist-racist oppression are out there dying for your sins! //SARC//

  6. Little to nothing will change in the short term.

    Thanks to Obama’s SJW loving DOJ, beat cops won’t believe anything has really changed and therefore won’t be changing their non-confrontational behavior thoughtfully instilled to them by the last (Hands up! Don’t shoot!) POTUS.

    Until LE sees demonstrated evidence POTUS has their collective back, they will play it safe and keep on keeping it on, not sticking their necks out.

    Little kids usually only touch a hot stove *once* before they learn reality…

    Just another ‘present’ the US has compliments of #44…

    • True but it’s potentially even worse. The federal ‘consent degrees’ do a lot to punish policing but it’s local, too. Even if the feds had never gotten involved you’ve still got Rahm Emanuel in charge of Chicago and let’s not forget Ms. “Room to Destroy” in Baltimore. These are the places with the highest crime spikes and the problem is, as it’s always been, the local politicians (especially Rahm) shuck and jive their way into office and out of any responsibility for what happens next.

  7. “Issuing executive orders is the weakest manner of governing after tweeting.” Hummmmm Obama averaged 35 EO’s per year. Weak hope and change.

    The Guardian…Not worthy of wiping my ass with that rag. Note the end of the article pleads for coin so no one is excluded from the truth….

    Bloomberg….Bloomberg found another shill for you.

  8. Technically he may be right, but not in the way he thinks it. The past 8 years was spent under a POTUS that cared more about the feelings of rioting urban thugs than the people who live in the community said thugs burn down.

    So yeah, you might see more police shootings. But not in any way that’s statically significant. Well, not unless the left start burning down the nation like they do in their own college campus’.

  9. Technically he may be right, but not in the way he thinks it. The past 8 years was spent under a POTUS that cared more about the feelings of rioting urban thugs than the people who live in the community said thugs burn down. After all when have you ever heard about a cop letting herself be beaten by violent thugs because she’s afraid of what the rest of the community will do. Because that happened in, and in Obama’s ‘home town’ of Chicago last year.

    So yeah, you might see more police shootings. But not in any way that’s statically significant. Well, not unless the left start burning down the nation like they do in their own college campus’….

  10. Thank god im white and cops only shoot ” people of color” (sarc) i appreciate folks like rdsii64 that will accept the fact that color has NOTHING to do with police shootings, and a lot more to do with “thug life” and being “hard”. Funny thing is, any time ive been arrested or had police contact i am politely asked to step out of the vehicle, without a pistol in my face. Actually had one police officer apologize for having to cuff me. The “poor me cuz im black” shit has got to stop!

  11. “…more violent towards people of color and other poor people.” so Mr. Thrasher views “people of color” as “poor people.” Got it.

    • Code for not white and an attempt to be equal to or above the white race. Keep in mind, I woke up one day and told by the DNC that because of my skin color I’m a racist, I’m privileged and everything I’ve built, worked for and achieved was the result of me being white and as such somehow people of color deserved my money, a seat at my table to make decisions for me.

  12. The problem with his little tempest tantrum is that studies show police are more reluctant to shoot minorities then white people. But don’t tell the liberals that, it doesn’t fit in with the narrative they use to control some minorities.

  13. Of course the premise of the article is skewed (more fake news). Why?, statistically more whites are shot and killed by police than other groups in our society.

  14. If you choose to fight police in the streets, you better have a revolutionary army behind you willing to overthrow all the local, state, and federal governments in your path.

    Thankfully the more civilized among us choose the path our founders laid for us – namely the rule of law and settling our grievances via the ballot box and court system. The initiation of violence is the last resort – not the first.

    If you live your live outside the law and decide to fight the cops tasked with enforcing that law – you will risk your life to do so.

    • (racist joke I actually don’t agree with) because they keep making a bad name for themselves, then ask us to change it. ?
      I kid, I kid!

    • Code for not white and an attempt to be equal to or above the white race. Keep in mind, I woke up one day and told by the DNC that because of my skin color I’m a racist, I’m privileged and everything I’ve built, worked for and achieved was the result of me being white and as such somehow people of color deserved my money, a seat at my table to make decisions for me.

    • Black activists are trying to imply that blacks face the same circumstances as anyone who is not white. As if Asian students also need affirmative action to get into colleges and well paying jobs. The use of the term people of color is an attempt to imply that whites are on one side and everyone else is on another.

  15. There’s a new Sheriff in town. Deal with it. Like 10 year prison sentences for felony rioting in Washington,DC. And THOSE folks aren’t even republicans… If you act as a civilized human being maybe you won’t get your criminal azz shot. IF…

    • They took the first step by indicting them. Let’s wait and see if they back that up with convictions and sentencing.

      As I understand it, the DC police are controlled by Congress. Perhaps they can get DC to install law enforcement leadership interested in actually enforcing the damn law…

  16. “Am I one of the ‘good ones’ yet, my brothers?” -Steven W. Thrasher

    Seriously, he might be right… but not for the reasons he thinks. Crime has been rising sharply in the last couple of years, especially in predominantly black communities of Chicago, Baltimore, etc. So IF we want that to stop, we might want to stop pulling the police back as much as possible. I’m actually not sure that will happen- Chicago, Baltimore etc are heavily Democratic controlled anyway (and ‘sending in the feds’ doesn’t really mean anything) but if it does there will be more black people killed by police. Because police go where the crime is and criminals don’t like the police.

    Some of those killings will probably be unjustified, because police make mistakes and policing is messy as hell. But we aren’t really willing to have a real discussion about liberty vs. security anyway. The media and left sure aren’t willing to have that conversation. Instead they pretend that policing does nothing to effect crime (“crime wave??? what crime wave?!???!”) but does everything to keep ‘POC’ down.

  17. This guy is an asshat and a flat out liar.

    An example: In his piece he claims that Trump’s immigration “ban” is, and I quote, “wildly unpopular”. ( In this context “wildly” is defined as “to a ridiculous or extreme degree”.) To back that up he links to a Politico story about a Quinnipiac poll finding 51% disprove of Mr. Trumps EO. 51% disapproval is “wildly unpopular” these days? Yeah brah, dem number be wildin’ an shit! Consider his logic; according to this guy Obama’s average approval rating was an abysmal, no good, terrible, break out the torches and pitchforks 47.9%! 52.1% disapproval is quite clearly way past “wildly” so Obama probably shouldn’t have just been tossed out on his ass, but rather executed. Right? I mean, those numbers being so “wild” and all? Oh, and did we need to talk about “majority” being well within the 2.9% MoE on this poll?

    Further, he doesn’t bother to talk about the IBD poll with 51% approving of Mr. Trump’s EO (3.3% MoE, I’m not hiding facts like this fucktard), nor does he include the Reuters poll that found the public favors the EO more than they disapprove of it by either a 48%-41% margin or a 66%-26% margin depending on how the question was asked (I don’t have the MoE for this one on hand, sorry).

    So, no matter how you cut it, even if a majority don’t approve a plurality do. Either way this guy’s a liar. This sort of shit ticks me off. I don’t know if the guy is trying to do it or not but this is definitely feeding into that “punch a Nazi” (Nazi = anyone who disagrees with Progressive dogma) bullshit. It’s another small plank being laid in the platform of normalizing violence against those with whom the Left disagrees. The cops are gonna murder black men so grabbing a gun and going all Dallas on them is acceptable behavior because cops are so damn racist.

    Fuck this guy and the horse he rode in on. Actually no, let the horse go “Mr. Hands” on this jerkoff and see if the NHS can patch his behind back up before he bleeds out internally.

    Apologies, I only got that far in the story before I decided not to read about how darn racist everyone is.

  18. So what?
    I couldn’t care less if more people of colour or without colour get killed. In fact i am happy about every dead gangbanger and drugseller.
    As long as the number of unjustified killings by police doesn’t rise i am happy. Every justifiably killed criminal is one that will not harm me. And if some of the guud boys who diddn du nuffin are biting the dust… a police officer can go home to his family and doesn’t need the nice funeral they would’ve given him if he died in the line of duty. Play stupid games, win stupid prices.

  19. So, net SnapShot came by to see if folks here would respond in kind to his calumnies.

    Nobody bit, but I can’t tell whether our snappy troll will be happy or sad about that. I guess that depends on whether his discussion ask was sincere, encrusted in provocation because he just doesn’t know any better, or thin pretense covering his try at getting a reaction the anti’s can quote.

  20. “…people of color and other poor people…”

    I wonder if this guy realizes he just called all “people of color” poor.

  21. My father in law and brother in law are both officers in cook county. You know the one containing chiraq. They have had to draw their weapons in the line of duty. They have never shot anyone. Nor do they want to. They are human just like everyone else. Unfortunately they picked a profession that protects people that treat them sh!t.
    Don’t break the law. If you do there will be consequences. Run or pull a gun on an officer and the consequences get worse. Don’t start crying cause you did something wrong and got caught. Man up and realize you need to make changes. The only thing you are a victim of is your own stupidity if you dont.

    • +1

      There are many people who take the same attitude about traffic enforcement. If you don’t break traffic laws you won’t get a ticket. The fact is that traffic enforcement probably hasn’t changed in 50 years. Ticket quotas were instituted to reduce opportunities for corruption. You used to be able to hand over your license with a $20 bill to officer Friendly to get out of tickets. Quotas made that unprofitable.

    • While I generally agree I would point out that at this point we’re all criminals. There are too many laws, rules and regs that carry the weight of law for any human being to know all of them.

      While I’m not sure we all commit Three Felonies a Day I know we all unwittingly break the law in ways that could result in severe legal sanctions against us.

      • Strych9, I’m not a Libertarian anymore and not an Ayn Rand groupie but your observation about the profusion of laws vs inadvertent violation made me think of an excellent quote from Rand:

        “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

  22. Let me fix his statement…. Under a Trump administration more violent criminals who threaten police or public lives will be shot.

  23. Lhstr, I don’t think so. Law and Order will, reduce crime. I haven’t been pulled out of my car and been beat up. I’m 76 and my hands go bang, bang.

  24. This guy is an idiot, but I do agree with him to a certain extent. The criminal communities have made their wish known that they don’t want the police. Give them their wish and let the police take care of communities that don’t embrace crime. There’s no reason society should waste resources babysitting these idiots. We should help them achieve the little Mogadishus of their dreams.

  25. Yeah, if Trump hadn’t been President, an idiot North Miami cop wouldn’t have shot Charles Kinsey while he was lying on his back with his hands in the air, and an idiot South Carolina State Trooper wouldn’t have shot Levar Jones for obeying his orders to get his ID… no wait…

    Trump Derangement Disorder (TDD) is destroying the Democrat Party. I’m just sitting back and laughing.

  26. What the president is doing is whipping up hysteria and rage to create excuses for police to clamp down on the civil rights of people of color.

    Is this not exactly what the anti-gun cult does?

  27. Couple of points the author missed. Law enforcement is most likely to be killed in the line of duty by a black suspect. 13% of the population causes 53% of the murders in the U.S. The crime stats at back up these fact as well as the fact that the 13% are prone to committing violent crimes compared to the rest of the population. Maybe we should start addressing the cultural problems among the 13% and stop incentivizing the breeding of the biological weapons that are unleashed on society. But hey why address the fact more black men where killed by other black men in Chicago last year then by all of law enforcement nationwide. Ohh right you cant shake anyone down for money with those facts

  28. SnapShot – for someone coming here for discussion, you are awfully quiet, especially given the many FACTS you asked for. But I’m guessing that since those FACTS refute your facts and that the FACTS don’t fit your narrative, you have been denigrated to troll status. Thank you for stopping by; the entertainment value alone was worth it.


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