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Massad Ayoob on . . . National Concealed Carry Reciprocity – “As written, it would appear that a resident of, say, San Francisco who currently pretty much has to get elected to the city’s Board of Supervisors to qualify for a permit, would be able to carry in their home city on a non-resident permit from Utah or Florida if HR 38 became the law of the land.  And their law-abiding friends and relatives all over the country could carry for their and their loved ones’ protection while visiting. Predictably, the possibility of nationwide concealed carry drives the anti-gunners nuts.” And that’s as good a reason to pass it as any.

Idaho’s Secret Gun Committee Strikes Again – “A new year, the same old tactics. Chairman Tom Loertscher (R-32), of the House State Affairs Committee, is once again blocking pro-gun bills. Chairman Loertscher, who appears to do whatever the Secret Gun Committee tells him to do, is up to his old tricks.” Primary him.

Thanks to other firms’ diversification . . . Sturm, Ruger Is Now the Only Pure Play Gun Stock You Can Buy – “And then there was one. Not that there was a lot of choice beforehand, but after Smith & Wesson decided to pursue the rugged outdoors market and change its corporate identity, Sturm, Ruger (NYSE: RGR)remains the only pure-play gun stock you can buy. For investors deciding whether there’s still opportunity inherent in firearms, it’s worthwhile to see if it makes sense to buy Ruger.”

Caldwell® Shooting Supplies Releases Exciting New Mag Charger® Universal Pistol Loader – The new Caldwell Mag Charger Universal Pistol Loader works on almost any style pistol magazines, including 1911 style mags, and loads a large variety of calibers. It works with both single-stack and double-stack magazines. The adjustable side shims align magazines of any width, and the lock knob keeps virtually any size magazine secure. The shims are labeled with numbers for quick and easy adjustment making it easy to switch between different types of magazines. The Universal Pistol Loader will load 9mm, 10mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, .45 cal ammo, and some .380 magazines.

Gun Research Will Get Even More Difficult Under NRA-Friendly Trump – “GUN VIOLENCE RESEARCH is notoriously hard to fund. Since 1996, when an National Rifle Association-pressured Congress pulled all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funding for gun-related research, UC Davis epidemiologist Garen Wintemute has shelled out over $1 million of his own money to keep his Violence Prevention Research Program going. That investment has paid off; 20 years later, the UC Davis program is one of the best in the country, and this week published a study finding registered California gun owners with a DUI or other alcohol-related crime on their record are four to five times more likely to be arrested for crimes involving a firearm.” And by “best” in the country, they mean the most assiduously opposed to civilian gun ownership.

Kinetic Concealment Has Been Awarded a Multi-Layered Firearms Holster Patent – “The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Kinetic Concealment Inc. U.S. Patent No. 9,568,275. The patent is an accomplishment that helps solidify the Kinetic Concealment brand as a true innovator in the firearms industry. The idea of the neoprene-backed leather hybrid holster came about as a way to make conceal carry more comfortable and for the user to be more open to utilizing an IWB holster without the use of an undershirt. The neoprene also acts as a moisture barrier, aiding in the fight against rust on a firearm that is holster carried for long periods of time.”

Adding capacity . . . AK-47 maker to up staff numbers as orders outpace production – “The maker of the AK-47 semi-automatic machine gun says it is to increase staff by 30 percent because of a surge in export orders. The Kalashnikov Group put out a press release from its Moscow office Monday stating that it will create a further 1,700 jobs this year. ‘Following the growth of production volume, which was driven by the rise in the number of export orders, it was decided to increase the number of the Group’s employees,’ said Alexey Krivoruchko, chief executive of the Kalashnikov Group.”

Somehow we don’t expect long lines for this service . . . Niagara County offers aid to gun owners in state recertification – “Niagara County is making a special computer and a stack of printed forms available to pistol permit holders who otherwise might have difficulty complying with the New York State recertification law. The computer and the forms are available in the pistol permit office in the basement of the Niagara County Courthouse at the corner of Park Avenue and Hawley Street in Lockport.”

Arizona bill would let city dwellers shoot snakes in yards – “Residents in Arizona cities who spot a rat or snake in their yard will be able to shoot the animals using a small-caliber gun loaded with tiny pellets under legislation that Republicans gave initial approval Tuesday. A group of scientists opposed to the proposal say it endangers people by encouraging firearm use in populated areas and puts them at risk as they approach venomous snakes. In Phoenix and other cities in Arizona, neighborhoods are commonly built on or near the desert.” But only with .22 bird or rat shot.


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    • I read this, scrolling down, and just snotted rockstar across my wife’s brand new dining room table. Well done, sir.

    • Semi auto MG? Is that anything like my cheap Ferrari? Can anyone say “oxymoron”? Hey, the first name of the guy who wrote this wouldn’t be”oxy” would it? Couldn’t be. That would be just too apropos.

  1. I sold my RGR back in December. It took a big step down after November 8th. I don’t expect it to get back to where it was on Nov 7th for quite a while.

    • I must have bought your shares. I think I paid around $49/share.

      I’m a long-term investor anyway. Probably won’t look at them again for about 5 years.

      If we’re all unfortunate on November 8th, 2020, at least I might have the opportunity to make a tidy profit in the days following the election. It’s a hedge.

    • Funny, our stock club was seriously considering buying Ruger, and the consensus was, “wait until November 9th, and buy if Hillary is elected!”

    • Wanna see a funny article on gun stock speculation? And from folks who are *supposed* to know what they’re talking about? So much wrong with this article, there’s no way to even try to summarize it, so you can just read it for yourself.

      My theory: The author took a long position on gun stocks anticipating a Hillary win, and is now pulling out all the tricks to TRY to bring the prices back up again after they were clobbered by the Hillary loss.

  2. The Arizona proposal will give cops a very hard time because every time they hear a gunshot it could be a rat getting shot instead a crime in progress. Lawyers will use this to get clients off for crimes (he had a gun for snakes not gangbanging)…
    Bad idea.

    • Or this could force them to consider that maybe, just maybe, not everyone who has (or even fires!) a gun is a criminal.

      • Pipe down and stop talking sense, taxslave!

        [Insert points about the HPA removing this as a significant problem.]

      • Agreed.

        If a woodpecker is pecking a hole in the side of my house, I should be able to blow its little head off without the cops showing up.

        The same goes for roosters and birds that defile my car.

    • Gangbangers won’t be using revolvers with birdshot to shoot each other. This will merely annoy police when hoplophobic neighbors, ignorant of the law (among other things) call 911 in a tizzy.

      • An excellent result in itself. Mentioning “gun” in a 911 call should elicit no response besides, “so, what’s the problem?” Let them get used to guns everywhere, and how to do the damn JOB!

      • Larry- as a “law abiding” good old boy stuck in the mentality of America as it was in 1962, it is your job to “make it easy” for the police, because “we’re on the same side” with them, against “the bad guys.”

        That’s the senile fantasy of the Massad Ayoob fans. Ayoob is a cop, after all. You can trust him, he knows what’s up when it comes to complex interstate legislation like nationwide reciprocity.

    • Um, no. I live on a small ranch within Phoenix city limits surrounded by desert and other ranches. This is not uncommon in Arizona to have ranches within city limited. Protecting livestock – horses in our case – can be a problem if you cannot fire a gun. Personally, I would have preferred that they included coyotes in that list too, for that is our biggest problem. But in reality, most people around here ignore intrusive city ordnances like that anyway. I think it has become the cost of business for most. Considering I have never heard of anyone getting arrested or fined for it, perhaps it is one of those unenforced laws.

    • Gunshots are heard in my neighborhood all the time, and I have yet to see the police respond to a single one of them. None of them are crimes, just paper getting punched, or meat getting harvested, or pests getting eradicated. Perhaps it’s this automatic association of gunshots with crime that’s the problem, and not the gunshots.

      • Gun shots 7 days a week where I am, considered normal, backyard ranges everywhere, I have one. The sound from a 22 rat shot is so low I doubt it could be heard from background noise. Use a bunch of that stuff along with 38/357 shot. People in town use rat shot on critters, no one cares. People who MYOB are great.

    • You don’t have to be the brightest crayon in the box to be a gang-banger, but I’ll bet even they could figure out that popping a rival eight or ten times with .22lr snake or rat shot is just a really good way to piss him off.

      • It’s still a firearm, it is still illegal to shoot people with it, therefore it cannot happen and we can stop considering the possibility,

    • If you are a felon in possession of a firearm, it doesn’t matter if you have the gun for snakes, gophers, zombies, Velociraptors, or other gang members, you are still in violation of the law.

      • If I were a felon this would be my defense every single time. “Are you kidding? There are zombies and velociraptors out there. Of course I had a gun.”

        • If you’re already a felon there’s no incentive not to be in possession. What’s the worst that could happen, you lose your rights? Thpbpbpt. They plea bargain that charge away first anyway.

    • yeah SurfGW,

      Cops’ll have a problem, so don’t protect yourself against pests, that the cops won’t protect you from, even if you call them.

      The Cops, being the ‘expert’ drivers that they are, will have to stop driving while fiddling with their radios and typing on their console mounted laptops to go investigate the sound of a “gunshot”. That is, after they pull someone over for texting on their cell phone.

  3. If I could buy stock from gun companies with my company 401k, it’d be done. Unfortunately, they tell me where I can put money.

  4. ‘Sturm, Rug er Is Now the Only Pure Play Gun Stock You Can Buy’

    I take it that means that Sturm, Ru ger & Co. is the only fire arms only stock that you can buy. However, Ru ger is not a fir earms only company and hasn’t been since 1963. –

      • Investment casting was invented some 2500 years ago or so but had been more or less forgotten for centuries. During WWII, it was rediscovered as a means of reducing time and cost to the production of all sorts of aeronautics parts. Aside from a general knack for predicting what the American shooting public was looking for, W. F. Ruger’s main accomplishment came in adapting that process to the commercial production of firea rms for the civilian market. Ru ger fire arms have always had the reputation of being both strong and reasonably priced. Investment casting resulted in rough castings that were much closer to finished products. Modern heat treating could make cast parts just as strong as more expensive forged products. This, in a nutshell, is what made a 1949 startup fire arms company into one of the giants of the industry in just a couple of decades. It should be no surprise that WFR had the foresight to expand his casting business into other applications.

        • Investment casting is making a *big* comeback, thanks to 3D ‘additive manufacturing’.

          3D printers that print plastic are easily able to print with a wax filament instead of a plastic one.

          ‘Print’ your wax object, then cast it the metal of your choice. I can easily see a 300 dollar plastic printer make a wax form to create a metal casting that could conceivably be able to be finished with hand tools and perhaps a few basic shop tools like a drill press…

  5. Predictably, the possibility of nationwide concealed carry drives the anti-gunners nuts.”

    And they are predictably predicting blood in the streets(!) and the fall of civilization as we know it!

    And we know nothing like the prediction will actually happen.

    • Before that happens, states like California, Nevada (maybe) and Washington will pass State Constitutional amendments saying they will not recognize other States Concealed Carry Permits. It will take a Supreme Court decision to overturn them. They have almost 75 % of the legislature in Ca so an amendment to the State Constitution is within reach

      • Surf- that’s the point, NRA lawyers can bill out millions of hours in the next ten years if a pipe dream like national reciprocity passes. It would be the biggest legal mess of all time.

        Big win for NRA, Inc. to pass the worst legislation they possibly can, it creates job security for lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde to “fix” the shit bills they put up in the first place. I can’t find any other possible explanation as to why Vandermyde is not immediately staked on an anthill by Chris Cox. Losers are rewarded at at NRA HQ.

    • “blood in the streets”
      The rioters in Berkeley are giving it the old college try right now, but with bats and rocks.

    • More likely they are pissed off at the prospect of getting shot by a concealed carrier when engaged in Libtard activities such as rioting and assault on those they disagree. The daily outrage, screeches, and howling from the far left brings me such joy.

  6. So how is that mag loader thing better than an UpLula? Those will automatically load any single or double stack pistol magazine I’ve ever tried without any kind of adjustment or shim or whatever… ok, not .22, but I’ll bet the one in the article won’t either.

    • My thoughts exactly. That Caldwell device looks a whole lot more complicated than the UpLula, which only has five or six parts.

  7. Massad Ayoob on . . . National Concealed Carry Reciprocity – “As written, it would appear that…”

    Stop right there! Yes, the bill might look great, at first. If the anti-gun police unions and NRA, Inc. don’t stick their dirty snouts into the bill and load it up with criminal penalties and hundreds of gun-free zones, wait until ten years pass and the federalized carry license is issued by ATF under a Democratic administration.
    Of course, Massad will be dead by then.

    “And their law-abiding friends and relatives all over the country could carry for their and their loved ones’ protection while visiting.”

    “Law abiding friends…” blah, blah, blah, the same old bullshit 1962 mentality that basic Constitutional rights are for “law abiding” “real Americans” who deserve their privileges (with the permission of police unions) because “the police are your friends” and cops are secretly “on our side” because “we’re the good guys.” It’s 2017 now, and man has walked on the moon. Time to get real.

    I’ve met Mas and he’s a nice guy, but he should stick to shooting instruction, not political analysis. Last I knew he was a “captain” for a police department of ten people. Regurgitating the simplistic cop-think “good guys” and “bad guys” nonsense is what gets us garbage carry bills with Duty to Inform and everything else the police unions want to set up and murder armed citizens at will. Nationalized concealed carry is a Trojan Horse and a trap.

    • I don’t want to be a dick here but is it at all possible for you to post an OP without mentioning NRA, Inc., snouts and police unions?

      I’m not saying that you don’t make some valid points but, Christ man, variety is the spice of life.

      • At this point it is just funny, expected comedy really. Get your jollies off and move on is best course of action.

        • I really do try to give people the benefit of the doubt. People who rarely post sometimes have some real gems of wisdom or know something I’ve never heard of, especially when it comes to parts/loads/gear. For that reason I generally read what people have to say, “Hear them out” so to speak.

          Perhaps I should stop doing that with some commentators.

        • Sad, really. This guy really believes he’s smarter than us. And he clearly has issues with the white race.

          Or he could just be a soros troll.

      • 9- judging by your spelling ability and grammar, you probably have some education, as well as life experience and the common sense that goes with it. Most NRA members are old farts that are not capable of thinking for themselves at all, have a G.E.D. level education at best, and most of all fawn over paternalistic “authority figures” like Massad Ayoob.

        Is this board is a venue for you to demonstrate your analysis of serious legislation, or your abilities at stand-up humor? You make more posts than I do on almost every subject imaginable. I comment on what I know firsthand from Illinois politics, and I know every player personally.

        As stated, I’ve met and talked to Mas several times, and he seems like a nice guy. But he never wore a real (military) uniform and he is not more than what he is, a shooting instructor. I read his articles thirty years ago, and at the end of the day he is a cop, promoting the same old dead philosophy of “good guys” and “bad guys” where only good old boys deserve a carry license because they attend barbecues with the local P.D.

        If “national reciprocity” is passed, wait ten years until you are subject to mandatory on-demand drug and alcohol testing from any cop in America, sign an unlimited privacy waiver like what we have in Illinois “NRA backed” carry bill, where your background investigation is conducted by the FBI on behalf of the ATF, and you then have to attend a “hearing” at ATF HQ in Washington, D.C. because some cop objected to your application. Tell me your opinion about how you like your federalized conceal carry license when that all happens to you, not someone else.

        When you end up getting shot down in cold blood by some cop because NRA put Duty to Inform in a nationalized carry bill, see how hard you’re laughing about it and then call Chris Cox at NRA/ILA and tell them you need a lawyer. The secretary will take a message and get back to you.

        • Reciprocity (which is what the bill in question is about) and a federal, nationwide carry permit are not the same thing. You’re conflating two completely different concepts.

        • Stink- you’re right, if a nationwide reciprocity bill passes Congress, it will never morph into a federalized carry license administered by the ATF, with mandatory on-demand drug and alcohol testing and a psych exam.

          Government never expands and bloats, and next year your taxes will go down, not up. Plus Wayne LaPierre will spend your last dime to protect you and look out for your interests.

          That’s why we have a shrink on the Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board to hear police objections, because the Illlinois state police will never use the privacy waiver supplied by the police unions to snoop into your medical records.

          Also if you hold your breath, you can enter the nursing home with Massad Ayoob which is reserved for former cops and “good guys” that “back the Blue.” It’s an archaic but elite group of “red blooded Americans” and has-beens.

        • “Most NRA members are old farts that are not capable of thinking for themselves at all, have a G.E.D. level education at best”

          Citation, please.

          I won’t hold my breath…

      • Well to be fair Strych someone inserted some new script into the the demo man web bot, but the basic code remains the same.

  8. How does the current reciprocity bill effect open carry anyways? If it doesn’t I can see cops lining up to harass people because their gun was visible for 1/10th of a fento second.

    • Nanashi- that’s the point, NRA, Inc., only pushes concealed carry, as that provides a licensing system that gives the anti-gun police unions total control over who can carry a gun, and where you can carry it. You sign your life away when you sign the license application. Plus the more complicated the licensing system, the more money NRA lawyers can make in the future “fixing” the shit bills their lobbyists put up in the first place.

      Sort of the way I must participate in a blood alcohol breathalyzer test just because a cop points his finger at me, or immediately have my driver’s license suspended for six months. It’s called a “summary suspension.” I call it guilty until proven innocent, and it’s a legal maneuver that takes us back to the Middle Ages before the Magna Carta was signed. You are now under “administrative law” no longer a citizen exercising their Constitutional rights.

      That’s what NRA wants promotes in collusion with the police unions, building the legal infrastructure for a criminal police state, not freedom. NRA, Inc., cannot make money if a simple, Arizona style strap up and walk out the door open carry type law is in place nationally.

      • Just curious, Demo man, have you ever held a CCW license in any state? From your posts, I gather you are in Illinois, which was only dragged into issuing CCW kicking and screaming, and I wouldn’t be surprised if their version of ccw is poisoned like you say. No state ccw is likely perfect, but at least 40/50 have none of the strings you mention or imagine.

        Not sure why you are raging against the NRA legal dept. so much; without them concealed carry wouldn’t exist in most states at all.

        As for the DUI stuff, you can thank MADD (Mothers against drunk drivers) for all of that. It doesn’t help that DUI stops are easy, and make for nice bullet point fodder on funding reports.

      • Skeptical- Illinois’ first concealed carry bill was put up in spring of 2011 and had immediate Duty to Inform like Ohio, which was placed in state Rep. Brandon Phelps bill by NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde after he cut a deal with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police.

        The IL Chiefs opposed any form of citizen carry for FORTY YEARS, but Vandermyde bent over backwards to suck their asses in order to “get a bill passed” so Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningam could stamp “made by NRA” on the bill and report their glorious success to members like you. NRA/ILA exercises no supervision whatsoever over their contract lobbyists.

        Police chief Tim McCarthy of Orland Park, IL, was president of the IL Chiefs at the time Vandermyde cut the deal for Duty to Inform. That’s the same Tim McCarthy who was a Secret Service agent when President Reagan was shot, and the same Tim McCarthy who has been promoting gun control with Jim & Sarah Brady for the last forty years.

        Gun control orgs like the Bradys, the anti-gun police unions, and NRA, Inc. are all on the same side: against you and advancing the legal infrastructure for a criminal police state where cops can execute armed citizens at will.

        “It doesn’t help that DUI stops are easy, and make for nice bullet point fodder on funding reports.”

        Every violation of Illinois’ carry bill is criminal. As with DUI, cops, courts and lawyers can arrest and fine armed citizens and drain their wallets. Great work!
        Send in your NRA life membership and maybe you will figure it all out after you take a nap.

  9. Kinetic Concealment, neoprene-backed Crossbreed, basically. Seems like a solution looking for a problem. Horsehide leather Crossbreed here, carried daily 12-14 hours/day for three years now, in Florida, winter and summer, never had an issue with comfort or rust, and I don’t clean my carry gun near as often as I should.

    • USPTO # 9,xxx,xxx? It’s just a design/appearance patent. Nothing revolutionary or functional about it, just a marketing ploy, nothing more.

  10. Never thought Id ever see the day when AKs out paced ARs in price. I know that’s old news, but it’s still shocks me, everytime.

  11. I agree with Bill
    I have an arsenal and it’s a damn fine AK
    But over $1000?
    A Colt 6920 is $900
    Entry level AR’s and entry-level AK’s-the same price differential
    No wonder everywhere I look at gun shows and gun stores it’s 90% ARs and less than 5% AK’s on display

  12. This phrase; “A group of scientists opposed to the proposal” has become about as impactful as when a leftist calls me a racist. I have started to translate this to: “we found a bunch of college professors who’d take the grant money if they said this in a particular way”. Why have academicians always been so willing to sell out their fellow man?

    • “Grant money” will always be limited. The entire idea of CDC “studies” was completely unlimited anti-gun propaganda at taxpayer expense. A brand new major industry! $ trillions/year!

  13. “Niagara County is making a special computer and a stack of printed forms available to pistol permit holders who otherwise might have difficulty complying with the New York State recertification law. The computer and the forms are available in the pistol permit office in the basement of the Niagara County Courthouse at the corner of Park Avenue and Hawley Street in Lockport.”
    “On display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.”

    • “On display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard'”

      Douglas Adams was a genius.

      • (paraphrasing) “the ship hovered in much the same way that a brick doesn’t.”
        and my favorite, from the broken i ching calculator, “a suffusion of yellow.”

  14. I’d like to see national Constitutional carry, both open and concealed, as much as anybody. But a fed govt statute mandating that all states recognize permits from any state will be hung up in courts for years and very likely end up being overturned on federalism grounds. Sure, there are exceptions galore, but policing is primarily a state function under the Constitution, and fed meddling would contradict that.

    • Alan- that’s why NRA, Inc. will do what they did with Alan Gura and the Otis McDonald case: wait until the last minute to see which way the wind blows, then barge in and file a brief to screw it up and load up the ensuing bill with every shit provision the police unions want, as they did in Illinois’ 2013 carry bill after McDonald v. Chicago was decided in 2010.

      NRA initially tried to sabotage Gura and the McDonald case, it was funded by Alan Gottlieb and SAF. Unlike NRA, SAF actually tries to win for their plaintiffs. After McDonald won in 2010, NRA later got $1.3 MILLION in legal fees from the city of Chicago.

      After doing NOTHING in Illinois for FORTY YEARS, the Borg Cube at NRA HQ has now developed a successful race hustle: use blacks like Otis McDonald as face men for their bills and lawsuits, then sell them out and flush them down the toilet afterwards by passing the worst bills possible that are effectively written by police unions.

      This way NRA, Inc. creates job security for lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde to “fix” the shit bills they put up in the first place, and NRA lawyers can bill out hours for the next ten years as you perceived here. You get it. Winning would put NRA out of business.

      • Yes. The execs of NRA, in a manner similar to govt bureaucrats, have no incentive to “solve the problem” or “accomplish the mission”. Doing so eliminates their raison d’être and, thus, stops the gravy train.

        Mencken, the Sage of Baltimore, observed:

        The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

        The hobgoblins may not be completely imaginary, but rather sexed up and made immortal.

    • Alan- I’ve seen that Mencken quote before, and it seems especially applicable to the expansion of the criminal police state bureaucracy set in motion after 9/11: the establishment of “Homeland Security” as a cabinet level monstrosity, the military surplus gear program to give automatic weapons and Humvees to local yokel police departments (which I have seen in Illinois) etc.

      As you see from some of the clowntards here, when you attempt to descend to the level of the rubes and enlighten them as to how the carny show operates with their NRA dues, most are too stupid to figure out that NRA, Inc. is their worst enemy.

      True story: when I talked to Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA in March 2013 after the “NRA backed” concealed carry bill was up at the Illinois General Assembly website, he had no clue whatsoever that state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde had placed Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Brandon Phelps bill!! Vandermyde is a contract lobbyist paid by 1099, and ILA is not exercising any more control over him than Col. Kurtz running amok in the jungle.

      There is no Master Plan at NRA HQ. It’s a rotten front stuffed with traitors and scum that sold out Otis McDonald.

  15. “Somehow we don’t expect long lines for this service . . . Niagara County offers aid to gun owners in state recertification…”

    Maybe not but don’t expect that people won’t recertify… the only reason you are required to recertify is if you have a carry permit. If you don’t recertify, you lose your permit. And on said permit you have listed to the state government each handgun you legally own.

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