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Nevada: Magazine Ban Legislation Could be Considered in 2017 Legislative Session – “Remember when the anti-gunners claimed they only wanted background checks?  Looks like they are already back for more.  After spending almost 20 million dollars to narrowly pass Question 1, anti-gun groups and advocates are already beating the drum for more gun control in the Silver State. Over the weekend, the Las Vegas Sun published an editorial advocating for a ban on so-called “high capacity” magazines.  The article shows the arbitrary nature of their demands by stating they would be fine with either a 10 or 15 round limitation. Well which is it, 10 or 15?  Why not 15 or 20?” The number is actually zero. They’re just not prepared to say that yet.

Tucson’s gun fight isn’t about guns – “Tucson’s fierce fight with the state over destroying confiscated weapons will be a testament of whether Arizona has reached a point of total Republican dominance. How the courts rule in Tucson’s gun issue and other cases that pit the conservative state government against progressive cities will set Arizona’s political tone in 2017 and beyond. Tucson’s brawl isn’t about guns. It would be foolish to risk millions of dollars over a few thousand weapons. City leaders simply don’t want to be told what to do.”

And this week’s winner of the Lee Paige gun safety award goes to . . . Upstate deputy transported to hospital after accidentally shooting self, sheriff says – “Anderson County Sheriff’s Office officials said that one of their own was taken to AnMed Hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper said that the deputy was coming home from an extra duty assignment at NewSpring Church. As he removed his gun from its holster, it went off and the bullet struck his leg, Skipper said.”

Ain’t life grand? “The new shotshells, offered in 10 different loads, offer less felt recoil, more reliable ignition, improved shot hardness and excellent releasability,” Federal Premium’s presser proclaims, “all with the same world-class performance shooters expect from Federal Premium Ammunition.”
Features & Benefits? Glad you asked!

• Two-piece wad utilizes SoftCell™ technology to decrease perceived recoil and produce more uniform patterns than one-piece designs
• Rigid PrimerLock™ head improves primer sensitivity, ensuring proper ignition in the event of a light hit
• Lead shot is engineered for the optimum blend of hardness and density for even patterns and maximum downrange power
• Integral base wad maximizes reloadability

Now how much would you pay? All sizes are “just” $10.95.

Colorado school district votes to let teachers carry guns – “A rural Colorado school district decided to allow its teachers and other school staff members to carry guns on campus to protect students. The Hanover School District 28 board voted 3-2 Wednesday night to allow school employees to volunteer to be armed on the job after undergoing training. The district’s two schools serve about 270 students about 30 miles southeast of Colorado Springs, and it takes law enforcement an average of 20 minutes to get there. The district currently shares an armed school resource officer with four other school districts.”

Battlefield 1’s Latest Patch Nerfs Popular Sniper Rifle -“Every snipe rifle in the game has a ‘sweet spot’ where it can kill an enemy in one shot. The sweet spot on Martini-Henry is very short. If your target was within thirty or eighty meters, it took one shot to the body to kill them. It just so happens that most encounters in Battlefield 1 falls into that distance range. It made the Martini-Henry hard to use but rewarding if you could aim. These new changes have seriously ramped down its killing power . . . Rest easy, Martini-Henry. It was fun while it lasted.”

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  1. As I live in Vegas, this is just more proof of what happens when you vote in RINOS, they waste the shot in power they had to protect gun rights/harm the left (voter ID laws, limiting voting privileges, get rid of illegals, etc) but nooooo, they wasted the chance and now the leftist have majority power and the only think that is stopping them is a RINO cuck governor.

    Elected pipe hitters, people who will weld power when the have it and protect/make gains….

    • Ya, just great. Our big problem is that the entire legislature is a bunch of flakes. Also, the system is completely broken. The speaker(?) of the senate (the guy that oversees the senate meetings) just this last session single handedly killed the campus carry bill. I doesn’t matter how much support a bill has, if he doesn’t like it, it won’t see the light of day. Not much of a democracy if one man get to say whether or not a bill is even mentioned, much less taken vote.

      On top of that, last time I checked, the new/amended firearms laws, some of which were quite good, haven’t even been updated in the bill text available online. They are almost 2 years out of date, I wonder what else is so thoroughly broken.

    • I implore y’all to read the article (if you can stomach such idiotic tripe). It is a short opinion piece, but utterly laughable in its disconnect from reality. The author actually claims that the background check passed “overwhelmingly” by over 100,000 votes… not the actual reality of less than 1% by less than 10,000 votes… These people are entirely unplugged from the real world and are playing an extraordinarily dangerous game by constantly pushing around those with the means to fight back. It is however, the perfect example of how the Left can NEVER be trusted. Nonething is ever enough. They are not even waiting for the law to take effect before screaming that ‘something’ else must be done.

      As I’ve said before: The Left will not be happy until they are rounding up those they disagree with into boxcars. It *will* reach that point if people don’t wake up.

      • When the author is referring to the 100K number, he was referring to the Clark County figure (which did carry by 100K).

        The initiative failed in every single other county in NV by a WIDE margin (except for Washoe, where Reno resides, where it still failed, but by a slimmer margin).

        This ideology that Clark County should be able to force the rest of the state to bite the pillow is the exact same type of mentality that the Blue Coaster state liberals feel about all those pesky Red states:

        “We are smarter than all you conservative rubes, we know what is best for you. Stop fighting what is in your best interests.”

        • Oh I understand fully where the author pulls the numbers from, and that is the problem in a nutshell. Clark County libs (transplants from The People’s Republic next door) think that *they* are the only people who not only matter, but exist. I too am a resident of the 702, but you would think I (or people like me) didn’t exist according to these left wing fools.

          You hit the nail on the head though. These people think they are our betters and only their opinions count. We are just the tax-paying drones that only meagerly worthy enough to serve them.

          On a side note, your posts on this matter are almost what I was going to say, verbatim. …Are you my evil twin (I can’t be the evil one, I don’t have a goatee…)?

    • Its not nevada incrementalism. Its california spill over. The tentacles are reaching out to nevada, arizona, oregon, and washington. They have reached as far as Texas and Colorado….. ive said it before and i will continue to say it; you can run from california but it will chase you down and find you. Stay and fight this crap, for the children.

      • “Its california spill over”

        Not just California spill over, but those that have moved here from other blue states such as retirees (TONS from the NE blue states), or those that came seeking jobs that never materialized.

        Now they are forcing their ideology of “It failed in our old state, but SURELY it will work here!” on NV (and AZ and other traditionally Red SW states for that matter).

    • V, you’re just a few years behind where we are in NV, unfortunately. As more Californians, and other cold-blue staters move into AZ it will continue to get worse.

      Additionally, group-think larger cities will continue to breed and produce mind-wiped progressives that will continue to blu’ify the state. Tucson is bad, but the central PHX valley is turning a sickly shade of purple.

    • Yeah. Flaming Floyd Prozanski and his cronies are going to push again. I’m not sure he can get the votes though.
      As soon as it’s announced, we need a concerted effort to email and call so much that it shuts them down. It has worked before.

      • Well, I didn’t vote for the prick. Puget Sound is full of the tragically moronic who are unfortunately allowed to vote. First the “so much worse than a UBC” referendum. Then the “extreme panic gun confiscation order”. Now this Ferguson jackweed (oh, he’s the AG). I remember a time when AGs were there to uphold the law and not ignore the law and push for new laws. If only we knew which laws it was OK to ignore – I vote for the two gun laws mentioned as probably unconstitutional tripe.

        • Ferguson’s thing is the exact same bill that has been shot down in committee every year for the last several years. It’s just getting more media attention now because there’s money in the message.

          My worry isn’t that it’ll pass — it won’t — but that they’ll put it through the same process that got us the two recent initiatives in which rich people convince dumb people to vote their own rights away.

  2. I don’t know what to expect in this session of the California legislature. They got almost everything they wanted last time. Maybe they will take away the sheriffs’ rights to issue CCW (as was unsuccessfully tried last session) and enact a (nearly) impossible to meet “good cause” standard akin to the one enacted in D.C. that must be applied by all sheriffs. Or they may go all out for all semi-auto rifles, again as was unsuccessfully introduced last session, to go after the M1 Garands, Ruger Minis, and M1 Carbines. They won’t stop until we are reduced to bows and arrows (no cross bows), trusting SCOTUS to deny review after the 9th Circuit approves this “reasonable regulation” in the name of “safety.”

    Or maybe I am not cynical enough.

    • You’re not cynical enough. It is possible to build/modify an AR-15 into a “featureless” configuration, so they will have to go after them some more. Consider what else they have not regulated/screwed with yet and you can see several directions they could go.

        • By “other directions” I meant other aspects of the ability to actually make use of firearms, not firearms themselves. Be assured they will further address firearms themselves, however. In 2016 they imposed major infringements on ammunition purchases and disallowed “grandfathering” of large capacity magazines, for example.
          California gun rights groups and gun owners proved themselves “toothless” in their opposition to Gunmageddon and Proposition 63 and the NRA all but abandoned those fights. One can only ask, “What next?”.
          The anti-gun radicals in Sacramento know no bounds in their hatred of the Second Amendment and CA’s lawful gun owners.

    • Unfortunately I don’t think you’re cynical enough. Look to Britain, and then Californize it. By the time they’re done you won’t be able to pick up a rock, if they are unimpeded.

    • Mark N.,

      I think your commentary is stunningly accurate.

      I also have the same inkling as the others that you were not cynical enough.

      My sympathies to you behind “enemy lines”.

  3. People in Hanover are already losing it. “Kids are going to find where the gun is hidden.” Ridiculous child-like behavior. There’s no way we could possibly secure a firearm in a school! These people trust them to teach their kids, take care of them, feed, and make sure they don’t get hurt, but the teachers carrying guns are just going to end up shooting kids or the guns are going to end up being taken by students to kill people.

    The level of absolute panicky bullshit amazes me.

  4. Money, money, money… and some egos… is what this is about, although there are some aspects of it that involve true believers, on both sides.

    The past decade or so has brought a hoarde of Democratic (Party) voting liberals to settle and/or retire in Tucson’s surrounding burbs, bringing their morally superior attitudes and voices and cash into our city’s character. (As well, the ever-progressive youth population is growing, many instilled with values of the coastal cities, though they are not especially activist outside of the UofA.) When they walk their dogs in their cookie cutter neighborhoods, they call the cops at the (wonderful) sound of gunfire in the fields and washes… if you can hear it, then it’s “too close” (read: too real) the reasoning goes.*** Along with it comes the usual parrot grumbling about “those assault weapons” and “high capacity clips,” and so the gun faithful seem to just gravitate toward their own, and not too many of these transplants get to know their pistol packing neighbors outside of the stereotypes…. The ones that mingle seem to be the ones who take a chance and go for their permit classes, or indulge their guilty pleasures by sampling the freedom of gun culture; granted, that’s my anecdotal observation only.

    There are stats & figures used to illustrate the apparent “change in our culture” supported by a demographic influx of antigun coastal types, though I’m sure many don’t see that the way I do, and instead perceive Tucson itself as changing. We still have many military families, conservative Latinos, and good ole boys here. Gun culture is robust, still… plenty of stores, FFLs, full-permit classes, private trade, places to shoot, and most everything you need can still be found with quick trip to the sports store, if not simply Walmart. We are still healthy and loud enough.

    What does this have to do with the legal fight… Tucson leaders are sometimes emboldened by the presence of the new demographic, hearing support for “common sense” gun control, and they have their clout & agenda ratified by the martyr Giffords & Kelly, them being a nationwide voice. And, they always vote (I reckon you could match up the HRC votes to their population almost 1-to-1).

    There’s a small point to be made that most of the confiscated guns are tools of criminals, but if revenue is to be generated by cars and vehicles (my family scored a nice SUV taken from a drug dealer…), then so must the guns. It’s a matter of principle perspective, I feel– not yielding to the ridiculous notion that guns are inherently biased towards criminality and evil, and that the morality of any violence, lawful or illicit, lies solely with an individual’s relevant behavior, not with his irrelevant tool of choice. You cannot yield to this irrational view that guns are equivalent to crime itself, ever, in my opinion.

    And the state also has a 2nd Amendment recognition law… something like Kansas (where that FFL and suppressor buyer were convicted of violating federal law by contending that Kansas was free & exempt from Federal laws regarding NFA arms & suppressors). Citizen guns belong to the citizens. Law is the law, for better or worse, and usually goes top-down. Tucson is not special– it is but one city of several in our state. Follow the law, or change the law (actually, as opposed to snipe and pfffft at the law with an ordinance).

    So, in principle, it makes a difference (re: regarding guns, not the money or fight over funding & political power). In practical reality, you could easily get comparable or better arms through the private & commercial markets– the auctions & sales don’t make a dent whatsoever in the traffic of guns here. If you didn’t know about those guns being destroyed, you’d surely never notice.

    TL;dr …yeah, what Vhyrus said, I concur. Don’t yield an inch, ever. Because one side is right, and the other is just grandstanding to soothe their ignorant fears and dictatorial agenda.

    Be safe.

    *** Sheriff usually comes along, doing their chest-out-modesty “just-gotta-get-home-to-my-family-tonight” routine, always hoping that their day will be made more exciting by bustin’ the BeeGees… they got one foot in the wink’n’nod about how they love & relate to us shooters because America & freedom, and the one foot in the childlike anticipation that we’ll turn out to be Bad Guys so they make an action-packed roundup capturing a bunch of cool black rifles… ya know cops, how we do love em ha… and I do, officially sure, but also actually. They’re just us… perhaps a peculiar special edition version of us, ya, but they are us nonetheless.

  5. “Remember when the anti-gunners claimed they only wanted background checks?” Yes, but that was last year. This year they “only” want a magazine ban. What will they “only” want the year after that?

  6. I love the Martini-Henry, but most of the guns are “not to be fired” or some other off putting nonsense. Also, the ammunition is very difficult and time consuming to handload, so difficult, I think the only way to source bullets is to have a custom mold made. There are no standard/production molds for the .577/450

  7. I am very thankful I was born in an era that believes in subtensions on a reticle. I will happily take an SVD over all of BF1’s “sniper rifles”. Maybe I just want some Vortex glass on top.

  8. “Tucson’s brawl isn’t about guns. It would be foolish to risk millions of dollars over a few thousand weapons. City leaders simply don’t want to be told what to do.”

    Now that’s rich. City leaders are making a huge stink because they “don’t want to be told what to do”. And yet they think it is totally fine when they tell their residents and visitors what to do.

  9. Your state permanently blue? You’re wasting your time and money fighting. You can postpone the inevitable. Maybe if our side knew that the left is the destroyer of civilizations, we’d be a little more intent on installing good republicans.

    I’m not sure why the left hasn’t seen the power of the referendum until now. Or even the right. It’s all in the wording. The government skooled idiot Amerikan can be made to vote for anything. You word it right you get what you want.


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