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4 Years After Sandy Hook, Obama Leaves a Legacy of Little Progress on Gun Laws – “Four years ago today, the president had what must have been one of the more gut-wrenching moments of his presidency. Speaking just hours after 20 children and six educators were killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, he urged the nation to come together and ‘take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.'” And he put Joe Biden in charge of the effort. No one who’s actually serious about accomplishing something assigns Joe Biden to the task.

How Have Sex Toys Become The Symbol Of The Anti-Campus-Carry Movement? – “You know the anti-gun movement is out of ideas when its big protest idea involves waving around sex toys. Hot on the heels of a similar protest at the University of Texas (that didn’t change policy but did result in a segment on ‘The Daily Show,’) students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are ready to bust out the big guns (metaphorically speaking) to show their displeasure at any potential campus-carry measure introduced in the Wisconsin legislature.” When you don’t have the facts on your side, go for the absurd.

Berne Apparel Offers Echo One Zero CCW Vest

BERNE® Apparel, makers of quality workwear since 1915, has introduced another item in its concealed carry workwear line: the Echo One Zero Concealed Carry Vest.

The Echo One Zero Vest features the U.S. Patented Adder System™ that BERNE® uses in its concealed carry apparel line. Dual compact concealed carry pockets allow the wearer to completely conceal and quickly access most compact size pistols. The MOLLE & Velcro grid system in the Adder System Pockets accepts any velcro-backed or MOLLE holster and ensures a secure foundation for holsters and accessories.

Oh. Darn.  . . . Gun Control Thriller ‘Miss Sloane’ Has One of the Worst Opening Weekends Ever – “Miss Sloane, the gun control thriller starring Jessica Chastain, over the weekend posted one of the worst performances of the past 35 years for a movie in wide release. The movie pulled in $1,167 on average at the 1,648 theaters across the country it was shown in. It made $1,922,300, meaning it was the 11th-highest grossing movie in the country. It is number 79 on Box Office Mojo’s list of Worst Opening Weekend by Per-Theater Average since 1982.” And none of the big brains who green-lighted this thing saw any contradiction in the concept of a Christmas release “gun control thriller.” Think about that for a moment.

Fake news . . . ATF ranks Florida third for guns recovered in crimes – “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ranked Florida as one of the top three states for guns recovered in crimes, behind number two Texas and California. … (Polk County Sheriff Grady) Judd admits he is both fired up and fed up. “Florida is the third most populated state in the nation. There’s 20 million people here,” he said. ‘Guess what, newsflash, we’re going to have more criminals.’” Precisely. You’d expect the third most populous state to rank third in guns recovered, wouldn’t you?

Handgun owners can’t renew permits because NY hasn’t created website –  “The law says the renewals are supposed to be done by Jan. 31, 2018, via a State Police website. However, Jastrzemski said, the website hasn’t been set up yet and he hasn’t been able to tell people calling his office what to do about the matter. Will Fowler, supervisor of Erie County’s pistol permit office, agreed. ‘When we get the info, we’ll tell them what it is. Nothing more. What else can I tell them?’ he asked.” The Empire State has probably hired the same geniuses who were in charge of creating the Obamacare web site for this job.

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  1. I seriously doubt that ” … the president had what must have been one of the more gut-wrenching moments of his presidency.” Barry is a sociopathic dufus! He doesn’t understand the most basic of human instincts and emotions, or behave in a way consistent with American culture and values.

    I hoped that one day I would meet him: I would ask, “Eekspay igpay atinlay?”.


  2. Yeah but Barry CRIED Charlie! Something tells me if the hildbeast won today would be a national freakin’ holiday/holyday…pathetic when Bury did the fake tears again.

  3. Here is an idea for a concealed carry vest: put the large cargo pockets on the side of the vest and provide openings on the side (not the top) of the pockets. That would enable someone to have their hand on a compact handgun and pointing at a tentative attacker — and enable them to shoot right through the pocket without having to draw and “clear fabric” (akin to “clear leather”).

    • That is a good idea. Make one with short-sleeves, a puffer version, and a long-sleeved windbreaker version as well. I dislike pocketed vests as it’s like saying “hi, I have a gun” unless I’m decked out with a fishing hat and boat shoes or a camera dangling around my neck. I usually go with the “untucked button-down shirt over an undershirt” look.

  4. As an employee of New York State who works in an IT-related role, I can tell you that it’s not the fault of the regular state workers. If Cuomo wanted that website up and running, it could be done in a day, easily. Nothing happens in those agencies without Cuomo’s approval… He’s a notorious micromanager.

    • …just like Jimmy Carter. And we all know how that turned out. Except he was elected President 40 years ago and since History isn’t being taught anymore, most anyone under 30 probably doesn’t know who Jimmy Carter was. Well I will tell you young ones. He was the WORST President in HISTORY…at least from the time he left office in 1981 until January of 2009 when his replacement on that list took office.

      • Allow me to expand on your history lesson. The reason Osama supported Hitlery’s campaign was in the hope he would be replaced on that list after only 4 years, after which she, as the final Dem president ever, would hold it until hell freezes over.

  5. They must have been figuring on hillary winning and their movie riding to success on her coattails.

    Double down on the gun control, dems, midterms rapidly approach.

    • I took a look at that mojo site and two movies stuck out to me that did better than Miss Sloan: Atlas Shrugged II and Ernest Rides Again. An Ernest sequel did better than it!?

    • My wife text me this morning to tell me that Rogue One, which hasn’t even been shown on a screen yet, has made more money than Miss Sloane.

  6. Actually implementing the following idea would be a mistake. However, after seeing photos of dildo-waving anti-gun campus protesters, there’s something appealing about the mental image of campus pro-self-defense demonstrators waving around big rubber pussies.

    • Oh the left, if I waved my schlong around in pubLic, even if I painted it bright green, for any reason; much less right to carry, I would be in jail.
      But phalluses (phalli?) whom someone has to buy (probably from China…) and apply with intent to parade, in a protest against CONCEALED carry… Yup, Why not?

    • That’s what I was thinking… not exactly down to the wire.

      FYI, it’s not registration. Every gun on someone’s pistol permit in NY must have already been registered. This is a renewal of that permit. Which is completely pointless…

    • Except this is new york and guns were talking about. It probably takes them a year to process the damn permits.

    • So i just told my gf these numbers for the movie and she immediately looks at me with a straight face and says “I know whats going on… theyre pulling the plot from ‘the producers’.” For those that don’t know, ‘the producers’ is a movie about two terrible Broadway producers that intentionally make a terrible play so they can embezzle the money they raise to produce the play. I think she may be onto something.

      • I’m waiting for the inevitable porn parody:

        ‘Miss Bone”.

        (I can hear the cheesy ‘Chucka-Chucka brwow-wow’ 70’s porn music now…)

  7. In 2013 Harvey Weinstein said he was going to make a movie that “would make the NRA wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

    Originally it was going to be called “The Senator’s Wife” starring Meryl Streep; it was described as ” the film was to follow the failed push for a gun control bill in Congress following the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.” (source:

    Sound familiar?

    There’s doubt that Weinstein ever even started working on “The Senator’s Wife”; nothing’s been heard about it, and Meryl Streep’s gone on to do 8 other movies since then, so it’s not like she’s been holed up somewhere working on this anti-NRA polemic.

    And seeing as how Miss Sloane utterly tanked, there’s pretty much no chance Weinstein could raise money from investors to put out another film just like it. He’d have to foot the bill himself, or hope and pray Bloomberg would bankroll it. Personally I don’t think it’s going to ever happen.

  8. A dildo hollowed out and filled with lead shot would make a pretty good sap. Not as effective as a gun but, in that environment, it would pass unnoticed until you applied it to a bad guy’s head.

    • @Kendahl
      If I’m close enough and need to smack someone in the head, I can pretty much guarantee that ain’t happening with a lead filled dildo. More than likely they are eating a few .40 hollow points.
      I don’t want my name in the paper saying I hit so and so with a lead filled dildo.
      Yeah, I’m sure of it, no way.

      • “John Smith smacked the attacker with his lead-filled dildo, then Officer Jones shot him 3 times with his .40 Glock.”

        Nah. Doesn’t read very well, y’know?

    • Yes – every day. Coronado Leather makes some damn fine vests. Mine go very well with my Utilikilt and various Akubra and Stetson hats.

      Not a week goes by that 2 or 3 women (and an occasional man) comment on how well I dress, and none of them know I carry.


  9. “You know the anti-gun movement is out of ideas when its big protest idea involves waving around sex toys.”

    Progtars/libtards had whined & bitched that we (POTG) are obsessed with phallic symbols (in their teeny tiny lil’ minds, it’s guns) yet they go out in mass to “protest” with dildos strapped to their heads and other places, set the US flag on fire, yell obscenities to passers by and overall make themselves even more obnoxious than usual. And *that* they consider normal?

    If these idjits ever wondered why the POTG do CCW, they only need to look into a mirror.

  10. If anyone is interested, the man in the green LE uniform is the one, the *only*, Polk County Sheriff Grady “That’s all the bullets we had.” (68) Judd.

    Do I need to add that he is *very* popular ’round these parts? 🙂

  11. If you live on the Rio Grande wearing a photojournalist vest is like wearing camo on a military base. you blend. freakin birdwatchers every 50 feet.

  12. Sure we have 13 months to renew our permits , the issue is when the law passed it was 60 months and still nothing is in place. See we never had to renew our permits, I’ve had mine for 30 years.

    Now everyone who’s got a permit ever and is still alive has to renew all at once on a system not yet in place . Should be fun ….

    • If the NY CC permit is permanent and they don’t get the renewal site up doesn’t the permit continue being permanent?
      I escaped Cuomo land a couple of years ago, took me 7 months to get my NYS CC and less than 2 weeks to get my TN Carry Permit (we can carry how ever we want).
      Just remembered, before I left we were being encouraged to do our renewal using the paper form, hand written, to help clog their system. Assuming the paper form exists I guess there is a way to renew. Of course if there is no system it will be easy to clog.

      • “…took me 7 months to get my NYS CC and less than 2 weeks to get my TN Carry Permit…”

        Yeah I know what you mean. Here in Vermont it took me FOREVER to get my carry permit….

        …no it didn’t.

  13. The Obamacare website was built by a company owned by Michelle Obama’s college room mate, Toni Townes-Whitley. It was a $678 million dollar no bid contract & the company returned the favor by donating to Obama’s campaign in 2012… yet Obama brags his administration was scandal free for the entire 8 years. You can compare this to Chris Rock’s stand up making fun of people who boast about taking care of their children or not going to jail.

    • er um did you mean “losing money”?

      Monet was a wonderful artist — and also a former military man.

  14. Obama should be proud of his gun legacy. He inspired many more people to go out and buy some. He inspired many states to loosen their grip on our gun rights. He managed to make insane arguments that even some logic challenged folks would come around to our way of thinking. Now that’s progress…

  15. Cuomo is america s mussolini-a drama-queen- prince of megalomanical statist ineptitude.His entire political career of nepotistic priveledge is a lifelong imitation of hiligula-clinton. Prince andrew cuomo tried to suppress the Westmoreland commision findings after smearing Carl Paladino-now the ZITI Boxes–with so many of his close friends and personal associates facing felony charges is also being poorly covered up. Preet Bharara took down leftwingnut jewish mobster sheldon silver-he almost nailed cuomo then-too.-.Cuomo is the classic mafia democrat and most italians and sicilian americans despise cuomo.They are embarassed by cuomo.On a somewhat related point of pure truth-after cuomo told Christians to get the hell out of new york-(his words verbatim-) the archbishop of New York came to rebuke him.Cuomo is an autocratic clown on his way out–cuomo will never be President.It is possible even he finally realizes the jig is up soon.

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