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Chilling Sandy Hook PSA warns of subtle signs of gun violence – “Gun violence is preventable if you know the signs, but can be easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for. A chilling new public service announcement conveys a powerful message, concealing and then revealing signs that may lead to gun violence. In the video, we find ourselves busy following the life of a student named Evan — while a darker tale is unfolding in the background.” Subtle signs like reading a gun mag, watching a YouTube video, or flipping off another student.


Call the NRA’s bluff, enforce gun laws: Feds must throw the book at offenders – “Now there’s a new sheriff in town. Donald Trump won the presidential election, and he’s picked Sen. Jeff Sessions, a former federal prosecutor, to serve as America’s next top cop and attorney general, pending Senate approval. Sessions, too, has long called for stronger enforcement. So here’s the roadmap for calling the NRA’s bluff. This is how the Department of Justice can use the tools already available, better enforce existing gun laws and make America safer.” Oh, NOW Everytown wants current gun laws enforced. I wonder what’s happened that caused the change in their approach.


As Emily Litella used to say, never mind . . . Dylann Roof Wants His Lawyers Back to Begin Trial – “The white man charged in the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at a South Carolina church asked a judge on Sunday if he could have his defense team back, at least temporarily. In a handwritten request, the defendant, Dylann S. Roof, asked Judge Richard M. Gergel of Federal District Court to return his defense team for the guilt phase of his federal death penalty trial, which is scheduled to begin in Charleston within days.”


Turnabout is fair play . . . Culpeper County Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder With Suspect’s Gun – “When the homeowner answered the door, Jones and Eley asked for help with their car. The resident refused and as he tried to shut the door, police said Jones forced himself into the house and struck the man with a gun. After a struggle, the homeowner took control of the weapon and fired at Jones, hitting him in the stomach. Neighbors told News4 they heard multiple gunshots.”


Pizzagate claims another one . . . Man ‘investigating’ conspiracy theory brandishes guns, surrenders to police at popular DC pizzeria – “A man who said he was investigating a fake news story about Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza place was arrested after firing a rifle inside the Washington, D.C., restaurant, police said. Edgar Maddison Welch, 28 of Salisbury, North Carolina, was arrested Sunday afternoon at Comet Ping Pong on Connecticut Avenue in an affluent neighborhood of the nation’s capital, police said. No one was injured in the incident. Welch told police he’d come to the restaurant to ‘self-investigate’ the fictitious online conspiracy theory that spread online during Clinton’s unsuccessful run for the White House, a police statement said.”


Art made from decommissioned guns meant to start a conversation – “Jonathan Ferrara is a modern art gallery owner driven by an old-fashioned idea: He wants the pieces he has gathered at his gallery in New Orleans to hold a mirror up to society and reflect an issue that has become a touchy one for Americans. He wants Americans to see our relationship with guns for what it is.”

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  1. How a reporter can let everybody know the reporter is a racist:
    “The white man charged in the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners…”

    BTW, Pizzagate is not a fake story. It is a story that may prove to have no criminal foundation, or more likely a story in which the true facts cannot be proven one way or the other, but it’s not as if somebody just made the whole thing up.
    Do people do what has been alleged in Pizzagate? Yep.
    Do the people accused in Pizzagate do it?
    Do they do it in a restaurant?
    Probably not.

    • It may not be ‘made up’ in the same way as a news story that says “Pope endorses Trump!” but it’s ‘made up’ in the same way that nuts ‘make up’ the conspiracy theory that we didn’t land on the moon.

      And then some even nuttier person went and acted on it. But, really, is he any worse than dingbats that spread these stupid theories on the internet? After all, at least he acted on his convictions…

      • Did you even spend ten minutes reading the claims before dismissing them, or do you like to condemn from a position of ignorance?

        The John Podesta emails are definitely speaking in code. 4Chan has provided us with a very disgusting codebook that makes the emails sensible. Does that have to be the true decoding? Nope. Could it be a true decoding? Yep.

        Connected, or maybe unconnected to that, we have a DC restaurateur with political connections to the Dems whose open social media posts used a similar code.

        Given all that, I would feel pretty silly dismissing it as a conspiracy theory without further investigation.

        But yes, the guy mentioned here is a total moron. Even if he was right, and they had been raping and torturing children in an unused walk-in freezer, he’s missing two important details: They’d have to be nuts to do it when the restaurant was open, and they’d have to be suicidal to keep doing it while Pizzagate is in the news.

      • So it makes complete sense to you that an actor Edgar Maddison Welch (look him up on IMDB) walks into a pizza place and fires a single round into the floor injuring nobody?

        And it makes further sense to you that DC Metro would hold a presser to announce said non event being sure to use all of the leftist talking points?

        False Flags actually exist, and this one is text book.

  2. “Gun violence is preventable if you know the signs, but can be easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for.”

    Yes. Well placed rounds stop gun violence dead in it’s tracks. As for the signs; you don’t have to be a great tracker to spot them. That asshole walking in to you place of education/business/worship and shooting people willy-nilly is a pretty good give away.

    • Subtle signs … like DHS “active shooter drills” being planned for your neighborhood. Especially that one.

  3. “Subtle signs like reading a gun mag, watching a YouTube video, or flipping off another student.”
    Sounds like all the crap I did in high school, yet I don’t remember having the urge to kill anybody.

    • This. I do this at work daily. Well, maybe not flipping off people, but the rest, absolutely. My gun magazine just happens to be TTAG and other sites similar to it. A lot of people thought I was the “guy who’s going to shoot up our workplace” at first, now I’m getting questions daily about my opinions on certain guns, manufacturers, or anything else gun related. When Sandy Hook happened, all of the liberals ran around work screaming “ban everything”, now these same exact people are looking to buy guns to protect themselves because of how “crazy people are”.

      In the words of Elton John, “the circle of life”.

        • LOL! “Anti-social” behavior gets all the admin panties in a twist. They sent me to a shrink for that shit.

          I was working on an art project for art (a required class btw) and I wasn’t artsy at all. No talent for that stuff, period. So anyway, I wanted a burnt edge in the collage. What does an enterprising youth do? Whips out a lighter, burns the edge of a piece of paper and adds it to the collage of course! Then, following what “Smokey says” that same kid very carefully makes sure the rest of the paper is out, soaks it in water to be absolutely sure, deposits it in a trash can to make sure there is no mess and then dumps some extra water on it to be 110% sure it’s out. Good to go right?

          Nah, they accused me of trying to burn down the school. (Laughable for multiple reasons but hey, Columbine was like 18 months before this). I didn’t take the whole “Why are you an arsonist?” line of questioning real well. I told the principal where to go, how to get there and what to do to himself along the way using some rather colorful verbs along with inappropriate adverbs and adjectives. So then, apropos of NOTHING we’re talking about he asks me “What do you think would happen if there was a school shooting at this school?” and my dumbass/smart mouth says “Well, I wouldn’t shoot a student or a teacher because I’m OK with them. If I was going to do something like that I’d just shoot you because you’re an quite obviously an asshole”.

          You can probably imagine how well that went over. And it was made even worse when my dad showed up, was told what I said, asked “He really said that to you? Out loud!?” and almost fell out of his chair laughing when the principal answered in the affirmative and played that part of the conversation off a dictaphone.

  4. Call the NRA’s bluff, enforce gun laws:

    It was never the NRA’s bluff. It was always the gun control lobby’s bluff. They’re not going to put their own constituency in jail.

    • The inference is that it is a bluff because even if the laws are enforced, “gun violence” will not diminish. Because guns. The derp is deep with this one. It is as if they were saying that gun laws do nothing to prevent “gun violence’, which if true, undermines their theory that more background checks (another gun law) WILL have the desired effect. And, like, huh? And if gun violence is diminished because criminals are spending more time in jail, then the NRA is right and THEIR bluff is called. Brilliant tinking.

  5. What bluff, the NRA has been trying to get the Feds to enforce the gun laws for years. There was a whole article about it in the recent American rifle magazine.

  6. “Subtle signs like reading a gun mag, watching a YouTube video, or flipping off another student.”

    So, two out of three ain’t bad? Then I’m okay.

    Whew. For a second there, I was thinking about arresting myself.

    • Ralph, if needed, we can put you in ICU [kittens instead of mean biting puppies; Mooch’s celery and lettuce lunch instead of Grandma’s sugar cookies, and Non-toxic mud instead of non-certified-color Play-Doh]; but only if you are still young enough to be earning your own way if not ensconced in University-Privelege. (I’m guessing you didn’t grow up with youtube videos).

  7. How do we know the child sex ring story was fake? ‘Cause our left-wing overlords told us…and did Hillary take millions from foreign gubmints? Have people killed? Lie to the FBI? NO?!? Fake news my OFWG azz…at least that tape-gun is a “straight shooter”!

  8. That Sandy Hook video is exactly the kind of Orwellian group-think enforcement I despise. God forbid a student watch videos about firearms or military history in the school library and actually learn something, as opposed to the majority who take pride in devouring memes and stupid cat videos. I was the quiet, polite kid who wore a leather jacket, listened to death metal, did homework by myself, had a handful of friends, and spoke openly about my gun ownership when asked. I never hurt anyone or caused trouble once. Meanwhile, the kids who landed themselves in the principal’s office were either proud devotees to “gangsta” culture, bullies, or both, and I went to a lily-white private high school. Sure is a topsy-turvy country we live in today.

    • We might be related. I was quiet, did my school work, and was huge into thrash and death metal. My school uniform was work boots, camouflage pants, and Slayer shirt. I went to public school and the only problems I had is if someone messed with my younger brothers. Then someone got a ride to the ICU. All I wanted was for people to leave me the hell alone.

  9. Hmm, okay, let’s see what Everytown has to say about enforcing gun laws that already exist. Maybe there is actually some common ground. Maybe this can be the start of a real conversation between gun owners and Shrill Harpies United To Unmercilessly Prosthelytize.

    Microstamping and domestic violence pre-crime disarmament?

    You’re not making it easy.

  10. Who is the source of the pizzagate story? Some things are so preposterous that the only reasonable starting point is to dismiss them out of hand. To the originator, say, “Show me the evidence or STFU!”

    Where I live, we had something similar 25 years ago. Two young people accused several prominent citizens of sexual abuse. It turned out that both had mental issues and were just seeking attention. The half-assed private detective whose “investigation” led to the accusations interrupted his videotaped interviews to coach them on their testimony. One of the accused was the local police chief who had one hand crippled in a gun fight when he was a street cop. The girl who accused him was unaware of his handicap. Others had solid alibis for the times they were supposed to have committed the abuse.

    • The origin is reddit with a healthy dose of apophenia followed by a chaser of confirmation bias (and a political axe to grind).

      The same thing happened during the investigation of the Boston Bombing when ‘the internet’ managed to implicate about three innocent people.

      • It’s insane how serious some people take this pizzagate BS. I have no love at all for those “accused” but it’s mostly utter nonsense.

      • To be fair, the origin is Podesta’s emails that were published by wikileaks. Has wikileaks had ‘”any”‘ thing they published proven false? The resulting “pizzagate” is based on emails discovered in the release. You can read them for your self if you choose to.

    • “Who is the source of the pizzagate story? Some things are so preposterous that the only reasonable starting point is to dismiss them out of hand.”

      Yeah!!! It’s as preposterous as the Obama administration running guns to Mexico, or Lois Lerner using the I.R.S. as an attack dog on conservative groups, or Penn State covering up a pedophilia ring, or the MSM giving Hillary Clinton the debate questions, or….

  11. The best sign of someone who might go on a shooting spree is being obsessed with previous shooting sprees. Thanks to the media, there’s basically a huge scoreboard ready for new contestants.

  12. 1.) Sandy Hook PSA = The Minority Report !”
    2.) NRA Bluff + Gun Enforcement x “Throw the Book at them.”= NJ style traffic stop frisk, search, arrest, and Enforcement…What’s in your wallet…Pockets, Truck, glove box, duffel bag, etc…Shakedown-Breakdown!!!
    3.) Dylan Roof+ “Familes, and relatives in a small room with baseball bats”= Justice in a confinded area!!!”
    4.) B.Y.O.G.T.A.R.S.Y.C.B.S.W.I.D. =Bring Your Own Gun To A Robbery So You Can Be Shot With It DUMBASS !!!!

  13. The “signs” in the every town video are being bullied, flipping off an annoying person, making a hand gesture when you’re angry, reading magazines and watching videos about guns, and posting a picture of yourself with a gun on the internet. I’ve been bullied, I’ve made several hand gestures to annoying and rude people, took a selfie while hunting, I’ve read gun magazines, Hickok45 is my favorite YouTube channel. None of this means I want to hurt people. I don’t. I won’t. These signs mean nothing without context.

  14. “Jonathan Ferrara … wants Americans to see our relationship with guns for what it is.”
    A tool?
    (I’m kidding. I know the little garbage maker is a making very unsubtle jab at penis size.)

  15. The person who posted above is correct. The “sign” is someone obsessed with previous shootings. Combine that with anti-social or borderline personality and isolation and viola’.

    • John E says:
      ” The “sign” is someone obsessed with previous shootings. Combine that with anti-social or borderline personality and isolation and viola’.”

      I had no idea that playing a viola was a sign of an unstable personality.

      Oh, you meant, “voila,” often written as “wallah.”
      This is said in jest. Really. It just amuses me how some typos come out.

  16. Well, they’re at it again with that p s a. They really ought to “Lighten up, Francis.”

    A great piece came out about the real problem during the post-Columbine spasm of proposals to corralle the weirdos. Something like “Voices from the Hellmouth.”

    Now that “nerds” are cool, the same old cool kids gotta be nerds, excluding the same old oddballs n freaks, who have been pushed to a different fringe.

    Meanwhile, the shapers of character gotta force ever doughier dough through ever sharper cutters of cookies. “Weird” gets defined down, and conflated ever harder with “dangerous.”

    There is no kerfuffle the powers that be won’t turn into more of the same.

  17. Subtle signs like reading a gun mag, watching a YouTube video, or flipping off another student

    By that standard, almost everyone I know is a gun massacre waiting to happen!

  18. Sandy Hook Promise STOLE the idea for their PSA from this filmmaker:

    “The Desk,” made in 2011 by Albert Gonzalez, should look familiar to anyone who has watched the Sandy Hook Promise PSA. That’s because they stole his idea entirely. Gonzalez himself commented in the past day on his own video saying they stole his idea with no attribution or permission. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

  19. While the POS’s were making the Sandy Hook PSA no one took them to task for attempting to dissolve the Sovereignty of the United States; attack its Constitution, usurp further authority and tyrannize you.

    Keep your guns for the end of America. That way you may have a say in what comes next, but your RTKABA will infinitely outlive anyone’s right or legal authority to attempt to interdict it.

  20. If reading a gun magazine means you’re going to conduct a mass shooting then I should have been arrested in Barnes and noble dozens of time.

  21. “Talking about the book with a gun violence expert from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence….”

    Gun violence expert? The Brady Campaign employs gang-bangers?

    The picture was better. Yes, it is a tool.

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