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Trump’s Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns – “After Donald Trump’s win, Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to a small-caliber pistol. Scott, an African-American, is one of many minorities who have been flocking to gun stores to protect themselves, afraid Trump’s victory will incite more hate crimes. ‘You feel that racists now feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it,’ one gun shop owner told NBC News.” If it means more legal carriers, what difference, at this point, does it make?


What’s on your shopping list? . . . Good gun sales expected on Black Friday, but not like past eight years – “’The past eight years have not been normal,’ said John Thyne, owner of Peabody Sports in Springboro. ‘I called it panic buying. It should be over now and that’s good for dealers and consumers.’ From Nov. 8 to Nov. 11, stock prices for companies like Sturm, Ruger Co. and Smith & Wesson dropped more than 25 percent following the election. The stock prices have bounced back some, but are still more than 19 percent down. Gun company stocks were on the rise in the days leading up to the election, reflecting the market’s expectation of a Hillary Clinton win, which would have likely brought new gun restrictions.”


Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan: Ban AK-47s, Expand Background Checks, Don’t Believe the NRA – “Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan says AK-47s should be banned, background checks should be expanded, and the NRA’s concerns over certain politicians should not be believed. McKagan expounded on his gun control positions in his inaugural column for Vice blog Noisey. The column focused on ‘things happening right now,’ with the stated goal of bringing ‘a bunch of us back to a place where we can talk and hopefully—in a small way—start to make this country and world, a much better place for us all.'” Isn’t that what the election did?


Gold Coast drug raids uncover 3D-printed submachine guns – “A highly sophisticated weapons production facility using 3D printers and computers to make machine guns has been uncovered in a series of raids across the Gold Coast. Police say they found four homemade automatic submachine guns, silencers, ammunition, a replica handgun, a .45 calibre pistol and equipment used to make weapons at two Nerang businesses, as well as a pill press. The equipment used to make the weapons included computers, a 3D printer, drill presses and other gun parts and is believed to be the most sophisticated of its kind found in Queensland.” There’s a lot of 3D gun hysteria being generated down under these days.


Guess Tenifer doesn’t last forever. Who knew?


Police: Clerk shot, killed robbery suspect – The Tallahassee Police Department said the incident occurred just before 8 p.m., when Brown flashed a gun and demanded the clerk hand over money. The two men fought over the gun and the clerk was shot in the skirmish. The clerk then ran behind the counter, grabbed a gun and shot Brown, killing him. The clerk is expected to recover from his injuries. Brown, who had no prior criminal record in Leon County, was found dead at the scene.


Groundbreaking Study Finds That Taking Guns From Suicidal Owners Saves Lives – “In 1999, Connecticut became the first state to pass a law addressing this serious issue by allowing warrants that would grant law enforcement the ability to confiscate a gun owner’s firearm for up to a year were he or she demonstrated to be at risk of bringing physical harm to themselves or others in the near future. Such “risk warrants” could be granted for those without a criminal history or documented mental illness that would disqualify them from gun ownership, dispensed based on probable cause. A logical question to ask after more than 15 years of this law would be: Does it actually work?”

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  1. Just in case that Glock was a murder weapon tossed in the water, he should replace the barrel and firing pin.

    I bet if that gun were given a good detail cleaning (and replacement springs installed) it would fire just fine…

  2. So if white people from Fly over Country buy guns, it’s because they’re racist inbreds afraid of their own shadows, but if minorities buy guns, it’s a okay?

    • MouseGun: You left out majority are “deplorable,” and minorities, doing the same things, “have been flocking to gun stores to protect themselves.” Somespins never change.

        • It would seem that they’re becoming fans of the 2A. For an imaginary reason, but really, does making the right choice for the wrong reason really matter?

          Eventually they’re forced to understand the correct reason to make the decision – even if those fears are imaginary, they are still valid in the big picture. Which should help them to understand the reason the 2A exists….

        • “It would seem that they’re becoming fans of the 2A. For an imaginary reason, but really, does making the right choice for the wrong reason really matter?”

          It sure as shit does matter if that choice leads to bad decisions and some poor bastard gets dead just for being white while the minority in question claims “I was scared of that racist honkey so I shot his ass!”.

          There’s a difference between buying a gun when living in a bad neighborhood (or whatever your reason) because you recognize an actual and realistic serious threat to your personal safety and respond appropriately vs. buying one because you’re a paranoid fucktard afraid the boogeyman is gonna get you. Minorities arming up to stop non-existent lynchings is the latter.

          I’m not saying they don’t have the right to do it but the impetus behind it suggests that they’re making the decision for the wrong reason, a reason that is influenced by unrealistic and dangerously paranoid fantasies. Those things suggest to me that they are far more likely than your average first time gun buyer to shoot some innocent person out of paranoia induced panic and thereby further inflame racial tensions. Then the whole thing goes to court and because the “honkey” wasn’t beating their face in, unlike Zimmerman, they get convicted and racial tensions ratchet up even further when the minorities are outraged that they can’t “defend themselves” the same way a “racist wanna be cop” did.

          Stupid people buying tools because of dangerous fantasies isn’t what I’d call a plus. At best I call this a wash.

        • “. . they are far more likely . . . ” exemplifies the “us vs. them” rhetoric that serves a divisiveness to our society. No matter that – as a statistical matter – such statements are very often entirely valid. Nevertheless, they are divisive and we don’t need more divisiveness.
          What exactly is the issue here? It is the knowledge of the society’s norms – and therefore the law – on the lawful use of deadly force. Among the sub-class of us OFWGs we instruct, learn, rinse and repeat these norms. Nevertheless, I often cringe when I read some OFWG’s screed about blowing away anyone who might dare to steal his lawnmower.
          What’s called for here is that we first welcome our brothers and sisters to the community of self-defense. And, then, teach the norms.

        • Mark:

          I couldn’t disagree more. Regardless of race some people shouldn’t own guns. It’s their right to do so but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Just like walking into a predominantly black bar and talking all KKK is your right under the 1A but not a very good idea unless, maybe, you’ve got the hots for some nurse in the ICU who has thing for loudmouthed idiots in traction.

          Anyone who’s buying a gun out of pure paranoia falls into that category. “Teaching them norms” will fail and fail miserably. You cannot reason someone out of a position they emoted themselves into. The norm of “don’t shoot people based on skin color” will not take with these people because they believe, for whatever reason, that it already happens and that they’re the target of such racism.

          These people are buying a gun based on knee jerk, paranoid feelz that Trump supporters are going to murder them. As such they are not rational. They are running on pure emotion and now buying and carrying potentially lethal hardware based on the, quite frankly insane, notions that they’ve either concocted or gotten from the media.

          Again, it’s their right to buy and carry a gun. That doesn’t mean it’s something they should do. They’re not thinking clearly and now they’re arming up. That’s bad news bears. If that’s “divisive” then so be it. I give no fucks what these idiots think when it comes to my “divisive” position on their retardation.

          I’ve lived in bad neighborhoods where I was the minority. Trust me when I tell you that within the minority communities “distrust of white folks” is a euphemism for outright racism and blind hatred. These are not people you want tooling up until something changes that makes them less likely to shoot first and ask questions later. I’ve had guns pulled on me simply for being white. I’ve been threatened with murder simply for being white. Add is a “legitimate fear” of someone like me to that situation and I’d likely have been shot. Fuck that. You want to see real racism, go wander around Camden or some other shithole. You’ll find it and it won’t be a bunch of guys in white hoods. It will be a bunch of minorities beating the living shit out of you for being white.

          Yet somehow me pointing out facts is “divisive”? Yeah, I’d call racially motivated beatings, robbery and murder a hell of a lot more divisive than pointing out facts.

    • If minorities buy guns, it’s because white people from Fly-Over Country are racist inbreds afraid of their own shadows.

  3. four homemade automatic submachine guns

    The hand-cranked submachine guns get really tiring on the arm after the first couple of magazines

  4. Well, everybody’s getting gunned up so soon we’re all gonna be an armed society, and we’ll be polite too. Tell me where I’m wrong. Sarc notice.

    • An armed society does not immediately become a polite society like some magic happens – it takes a little while and a few shot/dead assholes and stupid people before word gets around. But word WILL get around.

      • They are not the ones who have the power to pick. So long as having a black skin makes you less likely to get a well-paying job, rent a home at a good neighborhood etc (all of which is true and repeatedly demonstrated by studies), they are told that them being “African” is a thing that matters. Why then are you surprised that they act like it does?

        • “They are not the ones who have the power to pick. So long as having a black skin makes you less likely to get a well-paying job”

          Bullshit. They are basically guaranteed a job they are qualified for at most decent sized companies.

        • Int19h
          Your socialist tears for black people helped build public housing projects that the socialist made gun free. Any law abiding resident was kicked out for having a gun.

          To this day the democrat progressive socialist refuse to allow black people to exercise their gun civil rights, in pubilc housing or the democrat controlled cities.

  5. Hey if you pass a background check get that gun. But I see soooo many black folks with a massive disconnect. Your democrat overlords don’t want you armed. Oh well…I don’t know about anyone else but I bought a gun yesterday and I’m picking it up on Black Friday. Does that count??

  6. Man if Connecticut confiscated my guns, because they thought I was going to kill myself with one, I would be so upset, i would kill myself with one of the thousand… other.. .f’ing…methods…available

  7. ” . . .A highly sophisticated weapons production facility using 3D printers and computers to make machine guns . . .”

    Cody Wilson’s digital chickens coming home to roost. Technology always advances faster than it can be controlled by governments and laws. With laser scanners and 3D printers, the “gun making factory” just moves down the street and starts over. 3D printed guns are eliciting the same kind of response from those in control that the early printing press did. Didn’t work then. Won’t work now. Once something is possible people will do it, laws or no laws.

    • Cody Wilson is a digital-dipshit, only functioning in his own self-interest. There were many before him, difference being they were only feeding those who would actually build something.

      Establish ‘facts on the ground’ before you thumb your nose at the emperor. Worked for Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, and a host of others who are flagrantly violating the law, let alone merely being “disruptive”. Cody is a total asshole, hated by those who are actually building guns. He’s no folk-hero, he’s just a child, naively spiting in the eye of Fedzilla before he has enough troops to defeat it.

  8. I seem to recall a similar argument against the 13th & 14th Amendments. “but if black people are citizens that means they can by guns” damn right they can! see also Dred Scott v. Sandford (U.S,. 1857)

  9. A 5% to 10% reduction in suicides is a good thing, but I also wonder what happened to the great majority of people in that study who never attempted suicide.

    Arguably, 82% of those confiscations only succeeded in taking property away from people who were never going to harm themselves (or anyone else). Shouldn’t they have some say in the process *before* their property gets confiscated? Were they able to get their guns back? How long did they have to wrestle with the law to do it?

    That’s just the way progressives operate, though. Good intentions justify any action, and the end always justifies the means.

    • I will try not to be a troll here. Why is it bad if people shoot them selves in the head with a gun, but “death with dignity” if they get a handful of pills prescribed by Dr. Kvorkian on vacation in Switerland? The result is the same.

    • A 5-10% reduction is a good thing only if it is accompanied by an equivalent decrease in attempts, otherwise you aren’t solving the root problem you are just decreasing the success rate.

    • I have some serious sympathy for people who are suicidal, and their family and friends who will be impacted should they succeed, but I have ZERO sympathy for any government action that infringes on the RKBA protected by the Second Amendment. Regardless of the reasons given, infringed means infringed.

      If you concede that the very government the Second Amendment was intended to protect you from has the authority to crate, maintain and enforce a list of persons who, in the opinion of that same government, may not exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, how will you keep you name off of their lists?

      If the government has the authority to deny 2A protections based on suicidal thoughts, why can’t they deny those same protections for persons who voluntarily engage in high-risk sports? Skydiving? Extreme skiing/snowboarding? Racing cars at 200+ mph? Where does the list of persons needing government protection end?

  10. After Donald Trump’s win, Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to a small-caliber pistol.

    Great. More gun owners, and future gun rights supporters. Everyone has the right to self defense.

    • Well the recent ones you can put in the imbecile/gullible/hysterical bucket.

      Of coarse when nothing evil transpires over the coming years they won’t learn anything from that and they’ll keep believing other new BS from the Leftist party.

      • Really, I think they are right to buy a gun. I know that Trump isn’t Hitler 2.0, but he has done a very good job of making us a house divided. Everything is a war of absolutes now, and both sides are at least partially to blame. Whatever happens next, we are probably headed for (as the Chinese would put it) interesting times. I hope that nothing bad happens, and I find that the most likely outcome, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the possibility of a second civil war here.

        • Everything is a war of absolutes now, and both sides are at least partially to blame.

          Nope. The growth of government causes it to intrude into everybodies life to the point that it decides winners and losers and so everything becomes political. There is only ONE party whose primary mission is to grow the government and whose members agree with that goal.

          So NO, both parties are not equally to blame. Not anywhere close,

        • He said both sides are “at least partially to blame”, not “equally to blame”. You’re right, the blame shouldn’t be apportioned equally. But if you think the Republican party is completely blameless for the mess our country has become, you haven’t been paying attention.

          If nothing else, they have failed to roll back or even stop the advances of the left, often for craven political reasons. They’ll talk a big game about limited government, but whenever they have had the power to do so, Republicans have steadfastly refused to actually reduce the size of government.

          “There is only ONE party whose primary mission is to grow the government and whose members agree with that goal.”

          Yes, but there are TWO parties who have, in actual fact, grown the government at every turn, no matter which party was in control of which parts of the government at the time.

        • Yes, but there are TWO parties who have, in actual fact, grown the government at every turn…

          Notice how I said “…and whose members who agree with that goal”

        • he has done a very good job of making us a house divided

          Really? Trump did that? You need to get out/pay attention more.

        • > “…and whose members who agree with that goal”

          Well, everyone who voted for Trump implicitly agreed with that goal, since he specifically promised big government.

  11. I did my Black Friday shopping last Tuesday. Figured that I should throw a little business to my LGS because he might be hurting in the post Obama era. Oddly enough I bought same gun I would have purchased had Hillary won — a 9mm Range Officer. Figured I could give up a round in a 10 round magazine world.

      • They are all hoaxes Swarf.

        Case in point, “Trump supporters brutally attack gay man[a filmmaker named Chris Ball] in California”.

        The bad Trump supporters beat him until he was covered in blood, had to go to the hospital to have five staples put in his head….oh wait, Chris Ball lied.

        You may have seen an unconfirmed story regarding a possible hate crime incident involving a “Chris Ball” alleging he was assaulted in Santa Monica on election night, November 8, by “Trump Supporters”.
        The Santa Monica Police Department and the City of Santa Monica have not received any information indicating this crime occurred in the City of Santa Monica. We encourage the alleged victim to come forward and work with us if a crime did in fact take place. A check of local hospitals revealed there was no victim of any such incident admitted or treated as well.

        None of the other reported attacks by Trump supporters have been substantiated either.

      • Short answer… No.

        The left likes to classify hurt feelings as an “attack”. Therefore someone writing graffiti or saying something offensive is a “racist attack”. Rummaging through the usual leftist sites the only physical assaults you find are either now known to be hoaxes or internet rumors with no real evidence to back them up. This is in contrast with the actual riots and beatings perpetrated by leftist and their pet ghetto savages. The violent trump support support is a creation of left and the media.

      • The very same people who say that you cannot blame all Muslims for attacks by jihadists or blame all blacks for gang violence or all police for a few bigot cops are now claiming that every single person who supported or voted for Trump is a dangerous racist bigot! Hilarious, but sad.

      • “Reports” of attacks on the rise. That is the headline in the al-Jazeera citation. Like the college girl who was assauted and her headscarf stolen by Oops! Hoax, she admitted she lied.

        Seriously, you need to be more discerning.

    • Only two. A man protesting Trump while dressed as a Ku Klux Klansman was assaulted by a Trump supporter at the Tuscon rally:

      The second one:

      Meanwhile, there have been a whole bunch of verified(either by official reports or video)attacks on Trump supporters.

  12. That guy so few people have heard of from Guns N Roses said, and I don’t think ironically, “…with the stated goal of bringing ‘a bunch of us back to a place where we can talk and hopefully”

    So why is what he said in a format where no one can actually talk? No comments, no feedback, no counter-point… just what he said and nothing else.

    I think it funny when the anti-rights crowd talk about ‘having a conversation’ while doing everything they can to limit the voice of those who would disagree with them. Comments have to be blocked or removed, feedback mechanisms have to be turned off, and if comments are available then the opposition has to be shouted down or ad hominem attacked.

    Just sayin.

    • Before I read that article, I considered myself a fan of Duff.

      His autobiography is one of the best to come out of on that era (GnR).

      Now, not so much…

      • I’m still a fan of Appetite. That said, Pistols and Posies has had an ‘interesting’ history in the STL, and the band members are not exactly people I’d ever hang with.

        Oh well, love the product, hate the producer…

        • ‘Appetite’ is out on Mobile Fidelity gold, if you have a good system (and I bet you do).

          FLAC rips are up on the usual places if you have a touch of petty larceny in your heart.

          It’s one of the best of that era, and to this day I haven’t burned out on it, unlike so many more of that time (*Cough* Boston *Cough).

          And Slash’s autobiography is well worth the read, as is Nikki Six’s “The Heroin Diaries” .

          You can safely pass on Steven Adler’s, he came across as whiny…

    • I’ve had disagreements with gun owners (who tend to be on the right) over abortion and LGBT rights, and while they were all very passionate about their personal position, there was always a distinct lack of ad hominem attacks.

      Compare that to a typical “discussion” about something a lefty disagrees with you on, say gun control, and you can’t count the number of times, rather than make a salient point (which, you would think, our “intellectual betters” would have no trouble making) they go straight to the personal attacks.

      I’m no computer scientist, but I would love to see a comparison of comments made sorted by topic and political party from Facebook, so that we could see what a “conversation about guns” really means to both sides.

      • A “conversation about guns” means we are supposed to shut our mouths and sit there contrite and ashamed while a furious liberal condescends to us and insists we self-flagellate for the great evil we have believed in/espoused all this time.

      • Have to agree with you. I am staunchly pro-life and the best level headed discussions on it came on this forum. Generally people keep things on the up and up at Ttag unless caliber wars start flaring.
        (.45 for the win) ?

        • …and that the .40 S&W is the (illegitimate offspring) answer to a problem that didn’t exist.

          Bullet placement is what counts!

          EDC: Sig 1911 – Ultra Compact .45 ACP / DRT 150 gr frangible

  13. Why do we need to have a conversation about a fundamental right?

    In fairness, I think we desperately need to have a conversation as a nation, but I think it needs to start with the topics of political correctness, social justice and the stifling of free speech thereby.

  14. I read this story and there’s only one problem. The problem is the only one committing hate crime since the election is in fact the Democratic Party and its supporters mainly African-Americans. When is it an American trait to have violent Gatherings of people with the shooting of police officers. All under the hypocrisy that black lives matter. When in fact all human life matters not just one particular race that in itself is racial. And when you add in gang violence and the massacre of law enforcement officers you have a riot. They should arrest the leaders of the black lives matter campaign and charge them with inciting a riot in which people were killed period lock their ass up throw away the key. Blacks in this country have no reason to be worried about the nomination and election of President Trump that is freaking ridiculous. Just another way that they can play the race card as they normally do. Slavery was abolished over two hundred years ago but yet the white people in this country are still being blamed for crimes that most of them to have nothing to do with some two hundred years ago. I’m Scottish Irish so I was an indentured servant if you trace my family’s Roots back to Ireland and Scotland they came to this country during the Potato Famine. As indentured servants. I don’t see anybody giving me affirmative action or any b******* like that to make the way that my forefathers were treated right. It’s freaking ridiculous.

  15. Is it me, or does that “3D-printed” submachine gun look like it’s mostly bent sheet metal, not 3D-printed plastic? You know, that technology we’ve had for centuries?

    • Your eyes do not deceive you, it does appear to be mostly metal.

      I’m assuming the trigger assembly, sear, and a handful of other parts are printed, but the receiver and lower look like steel.

        • I don’t expect them to hold up, no.

          Most of the subguns production there are made for, or sold to the bikies,with a minor trickle to the smaller gangs.

          The bikies seem to use them more for intimidation while the younger smaller gangs use them as weapons.

  16. The funny thing is, statistically speaking, Yolanda is much safer around whites than blacks. Though the same is not true for whites. There is an epidemic of racial violence in this country, and it’s black on white.

  17. Does Duff McKagan have security to protect his person? Maybe, oh, I don’t know… armed security?
    Is it the money or fame that is so detrimental to ones’ intelligence?

  18. “You feel that racists now feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it,”

    1. Trump has never actually done or said anything racist. and 2. The only attacks happening regarding this election are being committed by enraged, savage liberals/progressives attacking anything or anyone they think may have voted for Trump.

    This whole “liberals buying into the second amendment” thing in my opinion is something that only validates why we all carry firearms already. These people aren’t suddenly “seeing the light”, they are just as dangerous, unhinged, and emotionally unstable as before, and now they are arming up as a means to combat anyone they disagree with (voted for Trump).

  19. Would have bought a gun today, but am out of town. Store tells me that policy is that you have to purchase and initiate background check immediately. They won’t sell to me so I can pick up when I get back.

    Really is too bad – $100 for a single action 22 that I couldn’t get last BF because they sold out too quickly.

  20. “The two men fought over the gun and the clerk was shot in the skirmish.”

    I understand that a shot in the skirmish is very painful. I just hope that the poor lad will recover and be able to have children.

  21. Read the article below this morning. About halfway through, you’ll see some comments from Josh Norman, cornerback for the Redskins. What I found interesting was his statement about “unloading the clip” [sic] in response to his confrontation with Dez Bryant, a Cowboys receiver.

    What I find interesting is that a site like ESPN, which has been bringing the liberal noise, made no comment about that. Nor did any other site that I’ve seen. You have casual mention of firearms related violence being used as an analogy for an argument and it’s ignored. Could you imagine if Trump or Noir made a similar remark? The outrage would have been deafening.

  22. Are we getting like a reverse gun rush now? I mean, stocks are down and everyones breathing a sigh of relief that we aren’t gonna get another Obama bounce. But what if we are? What if the other political half now buys up all the stocks of guns and ammo? I doubt it though just cause I don’t think there’s enough crazy lefties to drain the supply chain (and all alot of their states passed gun laws that prevent them from buying ammo online or new model guns) but what do I know, I’m an optimist.

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