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Angus Hobdell from CZ Custom provided us with another one of his always-entertaining SHOT Show booth tours. This year, we were surprised to learn of some big news out of CZC: they’ve begun manufacturing their own frames and their own slides to create such models as the Bull Shadow.

CZC A01 full-size frame with Tactical Sports long slide.

CZC A01-C compact frame variant above and below.

CZC’s own slide to create the Bull Shadow. It’s based on a CZ 75 SA frame with Shadow trigger components, a CZC long slide, and a CZC bushingless bull barrel.

Over to the Scorpion Evo side of the house, CZC is gearing it up for USPSA Pistol Caliber Carbine division. This magazine extension bumps capacity to a whopping 50 rounds.

A CZC trigger pack (all U.S.-made for 922r compliance) drops pull weight to about 3.5 lbs with a total travel distance and feel much more like a high-end single-stage AR trigger than the long, heavy, gritty battle trigger that comes in the Scorp from CZ. These changes should make the Scorpion Evo a solid choice for the new competition division.

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    • They took off the shelf CZ-USA/CZUB guns and modify them for their custom work. CZC is CZ Customs, and they are not really affiliated much with CZ-USA.

  1. Is the A01-C an aluminum frame? And does it use the SAO trigger group? It looks like a P-01 with a safety rather than a decocker. If it’s aluminum, with an SAO trigger, I think I found my new carry gun.

    And I’m off to to order a new scorpion trigger group…

    • Got excited about the new trigger group until I saw the price… 🙁 Plus need to send it off to them.

      • Sending it to them for installation is optional. You can do it yourself instead. But, yeah, it’s still like $300 I believe.

  2. I like CZ products and am happy to see these additions. But what I really wanted was for them to extend their Dan Wesson revolver line. Where is the .44 Mag? When will they be releasing .22s? Will they ever pick up the SuperMag line again?

    • This isn’t CZ-USA (the owner of Dan Wesson). It’s CZ Custom. They’re a gun-world equivalent of AMG, Ruf, or Shelby.

  3. Please ask Angus if he can talk to someone at CZ about getting more supply of the CZ 75B (model 01102) for us folks in California. I’ve been looking for about 9 months to no avail.

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