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We’ve got a problem here, folks. As Willie from SilencerCo noted, they’re on a roll — they’ve won the best new silencer (or accessory) for 2014, 2015, and 2016. The Maxim 9 integrally suppressed pistol is due to drop some time this year and you’d have to figure that one stands a good chance, too.

But in what category? Silencer? Handgun? Sigun? There’s much to figure out before December. Until then we congratulate SilencerCo for the longest winning streak in TTAG history and can’t wait to see what else they do.

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  1. Is anyone building AR-15 barrels that are internally suppressed so that you don’t have to put a can on a 16 inch barrel and have all that weight at the end of your Barrel? I know Marty Daniels released an internally suppressed AR-15 rifle at Shot Show 2017. But I think this is the way to go once the silencer come off of NFA law and become an accessory like they really are. I would much rather have the ability to purchase a barrel with a can built right into the barrel so that it is smaller in diameter and fits underneath handguards. Nothing looks better then in internally suppressed AR-15 with a 15 inch handguard free float on it with the suppressor just coming out the end of the handguard in my opinion. Can anyone help or steer me into a company that manufactures such an item???

    • There’s a couple. Daniel Defense and Gemtech are two that come to mind immediately.

      The issue is that they aren’t really “integral” — the barrel is short (12 to 14ish inches) and then the silencer is pinned and welded onto the end for the full 16 inch length. For proper integral suppression the barrel itself should be ported and venting into the surrounding expansion chamber.

      • +1 to Nick. I think Spikes also has something. Hopefully if and when the HPA passes we will see some innovative 300 blackout ported barrels with suppressor. It will definitely be shorter and better balanced.

        • Yeah not interested in pinning a suppressor to a 12.7 inch or 14 and a half inch barrel you still get all the way at the end of the barrel. And it presents a problem if you have to take off the silencer to replace it rebuild it or really clean it. I want a true 16 inch barrel that is ventilated past the gas block and has a small diameter can that runs from the gas block all the way to the end of the muzzle. Something that is truly internally suppressed. Does anyone have any idea who makes a barrel like that right now? Hopefully one of you all out there knows of someone who can make one or is doing it. Thanks again for all your help I very much appreciate it.

  2. Didn’t Sig fight a court case over a pinned muzzle brake that could accept a Registered screw on can cover?

    Also if Silencers become legally just a gun and not NFA, I’d Imagine making you own becomes legal. I think Defense Distributed and Royal Nonsuch will get sme fun times out of this.


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