Cubans Reject Giffords’ Campaign Stretch Gun Control Push in Florida

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A crowd is gathered at Parque Central in downtown Havana, Cuba, Jan. 2, 1959. Machine guns were in evidence throughout the crowd carried by his supporters. (AP Photo)

Democrats are campaigning differently this year as they aim to connect the party’s priorities to the personal experiences of a group that often feels overlooked in national politics.

The effort comes at a volatile moment for Latinos in Florida. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has attracted national attention to immigration after arranging to fly a group of Venezuelans from Texas to Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard as part of a state-funded relocation program for migrants who are in the country illegally.

While some Venezuelans and Latinos affiliated with the Democratic party have condemned it as a “cruel stunt,” some exiles applauded DeSantis’ actions. …

Isabel Caballero, a 96-year-old Cuban woman, said she would not support any gun restrictions. In the years after Fidel Castro and his rebels toppled dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959, Cubans were encouraged to register weapons and later authorities used a list to go door-to-door encouraging people to turn over the firearms.

“‘Guns, What for?’ That’s what he used to say. People turned them over, and then the only people who had guns were them,” Caballero said of Castro and his allies. “Lesson? Do not let them go.”

— Adriana Gomez Licon, Associated Press in Democrats in Florida Seek To Win Over Latinos on Gun Control

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  1. plus their tobacco is overvalued.
    but puros in one hand, pisco in the other while piloting a fork lift motor powered ’56 88 would be affectatious.
    lever gun in the trunk.

    • It is. The only reason why people wanted them is simply because of the ban. I had one before and it was the same as tobacco from any other country.

      • The ones now aren’t as good as the ones years back, since the soil has been depleted by growing so much of it for the Commie Scum ™ Regime…

      • I have a somewhat different opinion. The country of origin matters less than the quality of the tobacco . . . but in my experience, Cuban cigars were of higher quality than most other country’s tobacco. The cheapest Cuban cigars were as good or better than the most expensive cigars from other places.

        I’ve been out of the military for a long time, so it’s been a long time since I smoked any Cuban cigars. So, I can’t argue with you about the quality of Cuban tobacco today.

        • it’s perfectly fine, just not worth what the secondary market can demand.
          if your sliding through a random duty free with a humidor grab some.

  2. What a cruel stunt to put elitist liberals racism and NIMBY community segregation on full display like that. Every good liberal knows brown people are meant to be electioneered to not lived among.

    • “fly a group of Venezuelans from Texas to Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard as part of a state-funded relocation program for migrants“

      Please help me to understand how flying a group of migrants from Texas to New England helped the Florida taxpayers who paid $1.5 million for Ron DeSantis’ political ad campaign.

      • minor49IQ…And how much did sicko congressional democRats recently dedicate to their Global Warming Global Cooling Climate Change farce used as a kick back for Rat Party coffers?
        The first thing out of any pervert politician’s mouth that proves they are nothing but a sneaky Rat is Gun Control. And words cannot describe the useful idiot sheet wearing brown shirts who fall for Gun Control rot…Ring a bell?

      • That’s not hard to understand, Miner. Paying 1.5 million to relocate migrants puts those migrants on another state’s welfare and health care roles. That saves Florida $50 million in welfare, another $50 million in health care, and puts the burden squarely onto the shoulders that approve of uncontrolled immigration – liberal shoulders.

        All of the border states should get on board with the program, and ship illegals to liberal states.

        • “That saves Florida $50 million in welfare, another $50 million in health care“

          Can you explain to me why Florida would be paying the welfare and healthcare for migrants in Texas?

          Why should Florida Governor DeSantis expect the taxpayers of Florida to spend $1.5 million to remove migrants from Texas?

          And do you truly believe that 50 migrants would require $100 million in welfare and healthcare?

          Or, are you just spouting bullshit in a failed attempt to support your fraudulent narrative?

          Clearly, the fact is that Ron DeSantis used $1.5 million in Florida taxpayer money for a political stunt that in no way benefits the taxpayers of Florida, typical Republican shyster.

        • why won’t the left put their money where their mouth is and provide sanctuary in their sanctuary communities? the day the 50 illegals arrived there were more than 50 job ads in the MV paper. the local supermarket chain, with 3 locations, has dorms for the seasonal workers that are empty now. so there is housing and a job all in one.

        • $Mn1.5 is not the number I’ve seen. More like $K650. A bargain to make sure they don’t end up in Florida sucking from the public teat there.

        • Hey miner, why aren’t you telling us how much then Mayor Newsom spent giving one-way bus tickets to homeless people to get them out of San Francisco and the State of California.

        • Imagine all the calls to Martha’s Vineyard PD about seeing Hispanics without holding a leaf leafblower.

      • It helps you racists forget the kids being flown North to the concentration camps you’ve rebranded as Immigration Influx Overflow Centers.

      • MINOR Miner49er. If you can’t figure that out, let me help you. As they have transported these illegal aliens to places where you Leftists claim you will welcome then we show your hypocrisy as well as not having to spend the money to support them while their illegal asylum claims are processed. Understand now?

      • I don’t know about Florida but here in PA the illegals get on welfare and in public housing. They send their kids to public schools and get the access card for food and medicaid for Healthcare. While they are doing that they work under the table and pay zero taxes. they drive around in Benzes and buy steak and lobster with their access card.

        • Pirate, you have to understand that MINOR Miner49er is not the sharpest tack in the draw. But he is in “good company”. dacian the Dunderhead is not any better.

      • Because Abbot and DeSantis were BOTH giving you (the “open borders” Leftist/fasxists) the Alinsky treatment – “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If “diversity is our strength” the privileged white Leftist/fascists of Martha’s Vineyard, and New York (and hopefully Marin County, LA, Beverly Hills and a dozen others) should be thanking them profusely for “enriching” their little lily-white enclaves with some diverse folk. You idiot Leftists wanted this s***, now live with it . . . oh, except you DIDN’T, you called out the National Guard and bused their @$$es off to a military base.

        I this an example of “Christian charity”, to show us how it’s done???

        MajorStupidity, being a two-faced, lying propagandist with no principles is a bad look, even for a committed Leftist/fascist such as yourself. At make an EFFORT not to be a complete @$$clown of a hypocrite.

  3. The south Florida Cuban community is loudly and vocally conservative in their values. The ones growing up heard the stories passed down as to what happened in Cuba and won’t let it happen to them if they can help it.

    They also happen to be serious in their practice of the Catholic faith. That’s gonna cost the Leftist Scum ™ dearly when they finally realize that… 🙂

  4. Maybe when the roving, armed gangs start plundering after the hurricane rolls through, they will recognize the advantage of being able to defend themselves.

        • There will be roof tops but they will be relocated to ground level. Feel sorry for Florida, we still have vivid memories of Harvey when he camped in our town and tore the hell out of everything.

        • 130 mph isn’t quite that bad, 140+ is where it gets real spicy & dicey. Lived through 6 Cat 3’s, a 3/4, a low Cat 5, and in the immediate aftermath of one of the most strong by wind speed to ever make landfall in N. America.

          By immediate, I mean tandem axle truck bouncing from lane to lane from the windward side because on 5/10 wheels a few times from gusting winds sorta dodgy, delivering trucks full of water in the tail end. 7T over the limit at the weigh station, and they just waved us through.

          I don’t mind telling you I chomped a chunk out of the upholstery via butt cheeks I clenched so hard. 😀

          The most crazy though not most powerful was in the mid-Atlantic, but I can’t relate that one without being far to specific for someone looking to dox. Needless to say, worst experience ever.

          The two Cat 5’s looked like a nuke hit nearby with the resultant over-pressure event. The one I rode out was hairy, and I live a bit over 25 miles inland. Nevertheless, can personally attest to 160 mph suuuuucking, BIG TIME.

          Gearing up now with relief efforts once again, so hold on, we’re coming. Lock. Load. And do not hesitate even a moment. Predators lurk.

    • “roving, armed gangs start plundering after the hurricane“

      That sounds rather exciting, please advise us when the roving armed gangs actually start pondering your neighborhood.

      • Do you mean like when the New Orleans Superdome housing the Hurricane Katrina displaced became a impromptu grope / sexual assault/ rape camp?
        Fuck off, Minor irritant.

      • MINOR Miner49er Have you been to Long Island? Specifically the Brentwood area? I would suggest that you need to get out from your ivory tower and see what goes on in the real world.

      • And those armed groups attacking LEO’s on a bridge, which was shown to the world, even on the US MSM at the time…

        Yet days later they US MSM claimed it never happened including the FEDS!!!

  5. Nothing like a communist dictatorship to slap sense into a large immigrant group! Let’s hope all the refuges fleeing NY get that message…

  6. The Cubans have been there, done that, got the t shirt. Rider/Shooter they will tell you the communists are atheists. Don’t you reckon the idiot manchild is too? Most 2A supporters are believers, and believe the right to self defense is god given. Sorry I offended you, I love you, Jesus loves you, and gives you free will. I will tell you, you have more in common with me than most atheists. We see what happens when GOD is left out of the picture, the Cubans have lived it.

    • “Jesus loves you“

      If Jesus loves me, why did he create hell and why does he want to send me there if I do not worship him?

      • To punish people like you who do not believe in God. Why should you get the benefits of heaven which you claim does not exist?

      • Hell is the just reward for those who refuse to acknowledge God and live the way HE has called us to live. He’s not the old ghoul you think He is. He’d far rather men live the way HE has told us to. But, being a gentleman, He refuses to force it upon you. Your choice.

        • GOD sent HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. to die in your place. Repent and giv e you’re
          LIFE to HIM. GOD created hell for satan & his demons. Pretty simple even for you Minor.

      • Miner, the lake of fire doesn’t exist till the end of the millennium. Then those that didn’t make are thrown in because they are not in the Lambs Book of Life. The second death, Jesus sitting on the Great White Throne of Judgment. There is nothing there that offends, those who don’t make it are blotted out, like they never existed. The reason for flesh is the cativole, Satan’s rebellion. This life is a test so GOD doesn’t have to destroy 1/3 of his children who followed Satan. Not all believers will agree with me not all are taught about the 3 earth ages. You asked you have your answer.

      • “There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, in the end, ‘Thy will be done.’ All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. Those who knock it is opened.”

        C.S. Lewis

      • MajorStupidity,

        Perhaps consider actually LEARNING something about Christian theology before criticizing it, ignoranus. “Hell” is simply the state of being estranged from God. That whole “burning brimstone and pitchfork-wielding demons” thing?? Go talk to Dante Alighieri about that. The use of “fire” in the New Testament is allegory for the pain of being estranged from God.

        You DO realize, don’t you, that the number of “sola scriptura” Christians is miniscule??? Most of us are intelligent enough to understand that the Bible is intended as lessons by allegory and metaphor. Too bad you’re too ignorant to grasp that.

        By the way, when you’re done with that, talk to us about Mohammed – or are you just jelly because he got to kidnap, “marry” and rape a 9 year old girl?????

  7. Strategy in…
    2016: oppo is a basket of deplorables! Orange Man Bad!
    2018: Trump is a traitor colluding with Russia!
    2020: Trump is killing people with Wuflu!
    2022: oppo is a basket of deplorables! Orange Man Bad! (lol he isn’t even running and that’s all they have)

    All they have is to lie about their opposition and play identity politics. They have no record to run on. They have no message of hope. Their plans for the future are just more of the same which will mean extreme pain and misery for American citizens. It’s that simple. Unfortunately they own the culture so they get to lie with impunity.

  8. Funny how the story down plays confiscation, no one was “encouraged” to turn over their guns, the people were THREATENED with death. #SOCIALISMKILLS

  9. The above picture reminds me of this. Only rich cubans (criminal or law abiding) are allowed to have machine guns.

    “NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer Gets the [Proverbial] Knives Out for Miguel Fernandez”

    “South Florida elitist billionaire Mike Fernandez loves to brag to the rich and powerful about his “colossal” gun collection which includes many machine guns and “assault weapons.”

    • Albert L J Hall as you are not an “expert” on American made firearms, we will take your OPINION under advisement.

    • Proves you don’t know History!!!!

      Thompson’s were favored by many of Batista’s supporters and Castro supporters!!!

      Many were smuggled to the Castro resistance from Mexico and the USA!!!!

    • Yes, Prince Albert the Pioncey wanking poofter (and also Fake-Brit and Fake-Military – by the way, Prince Albert, we Americans take “stolen valor” quite seriously, which makes you EVEN MORE of a lying douchebag of a scum),

      Yes, Auto-Ordnance and several others make SEMI-AUTO replicas of the Thompson. And your point would be, dipshit??? OTOH, there were tens of thousands of actual full-auto Thompsons made, and some collectors are fortunate enough to own an actual Thompson submachine gun.

      A great gun, in its day; not particularly impressive by modern standards – but I’d love to own one for the historical value. So . . . unless you are FAR more knowledgeable about firearms than you have presented any evidence of to date? Don’t offer your idiot opinions . . . like dacian the demented and MajorStupidity, you merely beclown yourself by doing so.

  10. One of my wife’s uncles visited Cuba 20 some years ago. Way I understand it, he went there as a leftist, encountered the local fruit of socialism, and returned as a conservative.

    • hawkeye,

      “A conservative is a liberal who got mugged.” Although some of us didn’t need to mugging to get red-pilled. Then some, like dacian the demented and MajorStupidity will never achieve enlightenment – they shall remain Leftist/fascist idiots to their dying day.

  11. Not too sure why the Cuban community of Florida is being singled out. Most of us out here in flyover country are happy to affirm the right to keep and bear etc to any US citizen. Born or naturalized. Yes there are a few loud mouthed dumbasses around who would say otherwise, but the majority just don’t give a damn about all the race crap. As most folks treat people the way they wish to be treated and expect others to act accordingly.


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