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CT Senator Murphy (rtight) wears vest in case assault rifles go off (courtesy

Dear Mr. Davis,

I am contacting you today to ask that you immediately end the sale of your “Gun Control Lobbyist” shooting target. This representation is incredibly offensive to both the victims of gun violence and the dedicated people who advocate for gun violence prevention, many of whom have lost loved ones to guns or are survivors themselves . . .

The creation of this product, in addition to the description you are using to sell it, indicate an utter lack of awareness on the part of your company for what is going on in our country today. Last December, I sat in the firehouse in Newtown, Connecticut, as parents held their breath and waited to find out the fates of their young sons and daughters. In the six months since that terrible day, I have spoken with these parents and so many other advocates for gun violence prevention—again, many of whom have been shot themselves—about the need for a change in the way our society views gun violence. These people have suffered in a way that is difficult for anyone to internalize, and their losses are impossible to truly understand. To trivialize these experiences and attempt to portray such knowledgeable, passionate people as villains is a shameless and despicable ploy to make a few bucks.

Moreover, the text on your website alongside this target describes a character that could not be further from any of the people I have heard from over the past six months. The dedicated people who have come to share their experiences with me have been well-informed, open-minded, patriotic people who are interested in finding real solutions to the serious problems facing our country today. What’s more – even if the description posted on your website was a wholly accurate representation of any person, would that make them worthy of being violently shot, as your website implies?

I believe that your company has made a gross error in judgment by reducing an important national conversation to violent imagery and an opportunity for a cheap sale. I hope you will recognize this offensive mistake and remove this product from the market immediately.


Christopher S. Murphy
United States Senator

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    • Unbelievable!

      Do we now see the training into evil of our so-called protectors?

      I’ll serve as my own protector, thank you very much.

    • Interesting. I’m sure we’d all be branded as terrorists and be on a SWAT short list if we started using DHS dressed targets.

    • because that f*cking piece of shit could care less…

      when will you people realize that were dealing with psychopaths here?

      they. dont. care. about. us. or anybody for that matter.

  1. Geez, look at those fools. They’re all standing back like when the cop touches one they’ll wake up and go off. Sad.

    • No, it is better than that. The Senator is the ONLY one wearing a bullet proof vest. Why is he so special or so scared? That there should give you this person’s mindset without needing to say another word.

      • You think the police officers would be insulted by it. But he has a role in them getting their paychecks so they don’t give a ****.

    • And he doesn’t know, nor has anyone bothered to tell him, that the vest he is wearing would barely slow down a round from any of those weapons. What a dumb@ss.

  2. Do I think this is in poor taste? Maybe a little… Will I buy one? No. Am I laughing? Heck yes!

    • Ditto. Bad taste, yes, but I support their right to have bad taste :-). Although, I will say the “ex wife” target that they have is a bit much…

    • Exactly, where is the outrage of our own DHS agents shooting at pictures of …….. gasp, children and pregnant women, why aren’t these same senators going through the roof over that?

      • Oh, but you see, the children and pregnant women in those pictures are armed, which makes them “bad guys” in the eyes of the hoplophobes.

      • “why aren’t these same senators going through the roof over that?”

        Because they are morally degenerate, hypocritical, lying, elitist weasels of course.

  3. I don’t care much about the Senator’s statement, but I do think supporting these guys makes our “side” look bad.

    We just made a whole bunch of agit/prop posters and rhetoric/talking points.

    • Don’t care. The opinion of sheep is irrelevant to me. Fundamental rights are not subject to the democratic process. If the sheep believe otherwise, they will be taught a painful lesson.

      • @ Pwrserge: nothing in my statement said anything about support for suppressing civil rights. Sheep? And you’re what? THE sheepdog? Are you teaching sheep lessons? Get over yourself, there are tactics for winning hearts and minds.

        @Pascal: I don’t disagree with the 1st amendment, not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. I believe in freedom of expression. I’m making the statement that it doesn’t help the cause to do stuff like this, none. What is wrong with protesting and speaking out? Nothing at all. Doing it this way you end up looking like you rival the violent Middle East protesters.

        Win with class.

        Not an advocate of silence or just taking it, just not belligerent and unproductive protest in this ongoing war for the 2A.

      • The way I win hearts and mind is rather simple. Two to the heart, one to the mind. I don’t negotiate with traitors and insurgents, or their supporters.

    • So you disagree with the 1st amendment than? You believe that people have no right to express their disgust with the govt. Perhaps we should all hide in the closet like good little boys and girls and not stir the pot.

      You don’t get it, n their brains they believe they are more right than you and believe they have the mandate to take away your rights. What will silence do?

  4. Truly comical, and I like how the very first thing he does is tap the Newtown tragedy, another example of legislators standing on the graves of murdered children to push their own agendas, if anyone should be ashamed of themselves, it’s this idiot.

    In regards to the actually senator zombie target, would I buy one? No, but I’ll shoot the shit out of one if someone else does.


  6. Ah yes, Kali has Feinstein and CT has Senator Murphy. A love made in heaven. Imagine if they had kids together….or not! OMG! my eyes!

    Thankfully, CT has not always been so stupid

    “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” — Mark Twain

    “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” — Mark Twain

    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” — Mark Twain

  7. This politician is a prime example of what is wrong with the US today. For political gain he is representing a “solution” that does nothing to address the issue but places him in good light with his constituents. He uses a term like “Gun Violence” instead of violence, or terrorism, or mass murder, so he can divert attention from the real issue, one that is difficult if not impossible to solve.

    This politician knows he cannot gain votes by attempting to solve the issue of mental health or violence, but he can gain votes if he convinces the people the problem is a gun and he can create laws that feign to address “the gun”.

    We need to make every effort to expose these charlatans for what they are, greedy, power mad, politicians who’s only real interest is in themselves.

  8. Apparently the gun control advocates are not the same ones we are seeing in our country, as Zombie Industries description nailed it right on the head. It’s more than a little ridiculous that since criminals don’t follow the current laws, they expect if they create more laws, the criminals will suddenly decide to be upstanding citizens. Yes, Newtown was a tragedy, however the greatest atrocity is the fact that this public servant, this elected official, this Senator took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution, yet himself, along with a pile of other people in the Fed are trying their damndest to undermine Constitution. THAT, my friends, is the GREATEST atrocity.

    • No, they just want to criminalize everyone, so by just exercising a liberty, you become a criminal, as they are.

      “You brood of snakes! You don’t know the path to righteousness so you block others from entering the Kingdom as well.”

  9. There’s no such thing as an “advocate for gun violence prevention”. All I see are advocates for civilian disarmament on one side, and those resisting that charge on the other side. Believe it or not, gun owners don’t actually want there to be any gun violence either. And many would probably become advocates for gun violence prevention if they had any time left at the end of the day after merely defending their Constitutional rights.

  10. I would remind him to watch his footing, lest he slip and take a tumble from the top of those children’s headstones due to waving a bloody shirt much too violently.

  11. My letter to Senator Murphy…

    Dear Senator Murphy,

    Your blow hard letter to Zombie Industries has only made it so I have seriously considered their nearly $90 disposable target. That’s the sort of money I would have previously never considered spending on a target like this. But your attempt to feign righteous indignation has made me reconsider the value provided at that price.

    The value in companies like Zombie Industries isn’t just in the mere target they provide, but the awareness they create. In getting a response from the hateful gun control people like yourself, you have helped show that the secondary value of creating awareness is working. Thank you!


  12. just another libtard senator – that’s how the country got into this mess – constitution violating idiots like him

  13. In what world do senators waste their time trying to police the offensiveness of the internet? Good luck with that.

  14. Is that a bib he’s wearing in the picture accompanying this article? It can’t be a tactical vest that he wears whenever standing near evil weapons can it?

  15. Re: In response to your request,

    I find Your gun-control advocacy “Offensive”, will you remove all internet content immediately as it is an insult to all those who fought to uphold our system of government of a rulership of We the People, as protected by the Second Amendment, laid out in the Bill of Rights.

  16. Why, pray tell is the idiot Senator wearing soft body armor? IMHO it implies that he is truly afraid that one of those firearms may discharge “all by itself” or he distrusts the LEO that is giving the demonstration.

    And, WTF is up with the reporter………………is he a man or a mouse? He looks like he is ready to soil himself.

    • In that picture, the demonstration was being done at the CT State Police shooting range. All people on the range are required to wear body armor. That being said, it was a very cold day and Murphy removed his jacket for the photo-op. More grandstanding. The ironic part is that his body armor wouldn’t be able to stop anything fired from the rifles on the table.

      • Thanks for the clarification……………….

        I agree, that vest wouldn’t stop anything out of what’s on the table. I wonder, did the good Senator know and understand that he may have been facing not only “EVIL ASSAULT RIFLES, but also ARMOR PIERCING AMMUNITION and COP-KILLER BULLETS”? If he had know this, I am sure the stress would have been too much to bear.

    • I love the look of sheer fear and hatred on the “reporters” face. He’s completely unbiased…. *rolls eyes*

  17. “To trivialize these experiences and attempt to portray such
    knowledgeable, passionate people as villains is a shameless
    and despicable ploy to make a few bucks.”

    Funny, but this sounds exactly like the politicians that vilify
    the firearms industry and DGU survivors in order to get
    themselves elected.

  18. Question: The vest he’s wearing…it looks more like the lead shield I wear at the dentist’s office than something I would expect to stop a bullet.
    But I’m waaay outside of my knowledge base here. I know nuh-ting…NUH-TING!… about body armor. Could someone fill me in, please?

    • It’s just a standard issue vest. Designed to stop most handgun caliber rounds.
      One should never wear these while shooting rifle caliber rounds.

  19. He is just upset becuase the zombie target in question looks too much like himself. If you go to Google Images and search ‘Senator Christopher S. Murphy’ there are several matching images – dark suit, blue tie, white shirt, vacant undead look in the eyes, etc. Nevermind that is standard garb for every politician.

  20. these targets are awesome and hilarious but i don’t think they should be sold. they don’t make us people of the gun look very good.

    • You are kidding right? We are more than just pro second amendment here. Since when has people of the gun valued appearances and political correctness over our rights of free speech?

      Gun manufacturers sell guns regardless of gun control advocates opinions. ZI can sell their targets regardless of their opinions as well.

  21. Snake politicians like this trivialize “gun” violence every time they send american men and women over seas.

    dont know why hes mad about a “gun control lobbyist” target, he seems to calls them “gun violence preventionists”

  22. So in one breath he’s offended by the resemblance to the folks he thinks are offended. In the next breath he says “…this target describes a character that could not be further from any of the people I have heard from…” So which is it Senator?
    Newsflash: We’re offended by your gleeful exploitation of the shooting tragedies in order to strip us of our inalienable rights. Go crawl back under the rock you excaped from.

  23. Lets be realistic here – the company selling the targets are exploiting the emotions of those pro-gun.

    These targets will not help anything, just compound them further.

    Both sides are douche bags. The company and the politician.

    Have we gotten to a point where we disagree with someone (anti-gun side) that its now entertaining to shoot mock up targets of them?

    And lets be grown men shall we and recognize these targets for what they are. They are made to look like zombies if for no other reason that is the only way they could get away with this without even more severe backlash. (I admit, I don’t know the legality of shooting real life photo targets of known people)

    Some of you need to grow up. Just because something is pro-gun doesn’t mean it is not the dumbest idea in the world.


    • Have we gotten to a point where we disagree with someone (anti-gun side) that its now entertaining to shoot mock up targets of them?

      I certainly hope so. As long as others are free to act or express themselves in a manner that we might find tasteless, yet their actions bring no real harm to anyone, then we still have freedom.

      If shooting a mock-up target of someone is done maliciously, as a threat against the person whose likeness is being shot, then it’s probably out of bounds. But if it’s done for entertainment purposes, why should anyone care?

    • Nancy Yes “Zombie” is to cleanup non PC “concerns”. So define for us what a zombie is (minus the make up/gore).

      1.) Inner city gangbangin thug
      2.) UN Storm trooper
      3) (your ________)

  24. Senator Murphy is absolutely correct; he is completely oblivious as to what is going on in Current America and Past America. You would think that he would at the very least learn about America’s past, recent at any rate. Where was he when a Cancer Doctor was stabbed to death in a restaurant bathroom? Where was he when the national numbers showing that crime is at an over all low since the end of the (so called) Assault weapons ban ended. Where was he when that old women in Florida defended herself in her own home from 3 mid 20’s aged men with her handgun, where was he when that old gentleman defended himself in his own home from a break in by a man 2 times his size in muscle, armed, and supposedly running from someone else? It is very clear that Senator Murphy is as he admitted, completely clueless as to what is going on in the USA. Also, where was he when that 15 year old boy defended himself and his home from multiple invader/attackers with his fathers AR? He was home alone which should be commended even more and his parents for the knowledge of how to properly and safely use his fathers AR in defense of the family home and himself. Where the hell was Senator Murphy?

    I am sorry I forgot, he’s originally from New York state and a Senator for Connecticut, that, should have answered my questions…

  25. After being demonized, called both infantile and downright vile names, characterized as a “knuckle-dragging sub human”, a criminal in potential and even implied to be a child murderer…all because I own and shoot guns (in my case at inanimate objects and paper targets only)…I guess I have to take some pleasure in the “outrage” the gun prohibitionists are finding in these targets. None of them sees anything wrong with vilifying me (us) in all kinds of vile ways and none of them make any effort whatsoever to understand my (our) outrage at having my (our) Second Amendment RKBA trampled on and hated. No, I would not buy one of these specific targets, but I have no problem with anyone else doing so and find the CT Senator’s letter laughable, insipid and worthy only of a blunt rebuff. I have empathy and sympathy for people who have been shot while being victimized in a crime, but none whatsoever for “bloody shirt waving” because it never leads to anything that would really reduce violent behavior, only to yet another infringement on my (our) Second Amendment Rights.

  26. Patriots are people who revere the constitution and liberty, I dont think senator has ever met any.

    I wouldnt mind a cool torso sized reactive target.

  27. Am I the only once that sees a violence problem, not a gun problem? Guns are tools, like knives, hammers, screwdrivers, even bare hands. I’ve seen people killed by all these and many more. Lets get to the point, VIOLENCE! and stop focusing on the tools, especially tools like Joe Biden (sorry, couldn’t resist that last part).

  28. I think its funny, more of a side not to the subject, that no one recognizes this target company is exploiting the emotions of the pro-gun crowd just like politicans exploit the emotion of the anti-gun crowd.

    Anti-Gun Politician Target

    Sandy Hook Inspired Anti-Gun Documents

    Most of you are too stupid and naive to see the concept is the same and you are getting exploited like the mindless goons you are just like the Trayvon Martin mothers of the world.

    Good grief. The company is NO different than the politician… wake up people.

    • They’re a lot different from politicians. The company is selling a product that people actually want.

      • There are lots of tasteless items in todays world that sell well because people will buy them.

        That is not my point.

        The point is pro-gunners are crying about politicians anti-gun tactics and this company is basically doing the same thing on the other side of the fence. GIVING THE PEOPLE SOMETHING THEY WANT.

        Doesn’t mean its not a douche bag thing to do. It is just as tasteless. And dare I say both sides get to make money providing their groups what they want.

        Its a mirror image.

        • I see your point. You want to focus on the struggle and tactics between two opposing parties rather than the reasons behind their opposition. Crying about politicians anti-gun tactics is a tactic within itself. I sure am glad you are here to point these things out to us.

          Also, there is nothing mirror image about it. Politicians vote by vote taking god given rights away from the people vs. the people voicing their opinions about it is by no means a mirror image.

    • @BWG, thanks for setting us straight. We genuflect before your superior intelligence and bask in your reflected glory.

      • You can only be offended if you let yourself be offended.

        But lets be real, just as there are masses of naive anti-gun baffoons are out there, we have just as many that are pro-gun.

        Double standards and all.

        • “You can only be offended if you let yourself be offended.”
          Yes… you should have reformed this into a rhetorical question, realized it is obvious, then go ahead and not state it.

          Well, there are idiots everywhere. Some of them like guns; some of them don’t. However, I don’t see any double standards about anything. The anti-gun crowd push their agenda anyway they can. The pro-gun crowd speaks their mind as well (any way that we can). After all if we don’t voice our opinions then we might as well not have one.

  29. Knowledgeable? No. Not even close. Highly emotionally unstable and prone to making rash, illogical decisions: definitely. These people are one step above a C.H.U.D. They could give a flying f@ck less about stopping violence. Disarmament lobbyists are villains.

  30. Also, its just a target with a stupid back story. I could write a back story for a milk carton with a face drawn on it and say it’s lost apostle and im gonna blast holes in it. Its a chunk of material. Who cares.

  31. Thanks for the Free Advertising Senator!

    Your promotion of this product has ensured its place in history as a bestselling product.

    Now, please find a kite and a place to fly it.
    Yours, A Gun Owner In America.

  32. Like most Politicians Senator Murphy is a Treasonous seditious Senator who Violates his oath of Office while blowing smoke, My Rights Trump his Self Important statements any day of the week! as too good taste on the targets, each their own . as far as I know it is still a free Country! you are free to choose not too buy this product
    most opinions are like assholes everybody has one! Reality check, quit dancing in the Blood of the Children for your own agenda, Man up State your opinion without using the dead children as a crutch, what are you a Ghoul!

  33. Somebody needs to call this man a Whaaaaaaaambulance!

    This is the funniest thing I have read in a while. The arrogance and conceit! The Bloody Shirt Waving and Tap-Dancing on Graves! The complete miss on comedy and sarcasm! All we need know is an overly choreographed dance scene that includes the entire cast and a catchy theme song and we got ourselves a Broadway Musical!

    • So what if they just change the name to “Turd Burglar That Wants To Take Your Legally Owned Property Away Zombie” ?

  34. Maybe Senator Murphy will get DHS to do away with their pregnant white women, old white men, and children targets. After all, it makes DHS appear like al quaeda practicing.

  35. Have any politicians called out the Ms.-Information mass media and gun-grabbers for their extreme character assassinations of gun owners? No.

    Back in the 1970s, the Moral Majority in the Carolinas called upon everyone to boycott a local bakery that created cakes in the shape of nude people. The publicity led to so much new business for the bakery that the owner was able to open a second bakery. I hope the excessive reaction by the gun-grabbers to Zombie Industries results in much new business.

  36. Well, if all of you stuffed shirts would quit getting the same damn haircut and buying the same damn suits, maybe you wouldn’t look so much like zombies in the first place!

  37. I love that the vest he’s wearing to make himself feel safer wouldn’t even stop a round coming out of any of those guns! Talk about a placebo!

  38. Strange that a Senator would have time to worry about the shooting targets people use. He must be busy or something.

  39. CT Senator Murphy
    Its a legal and fun product.
    Id buy a dozen of them if they weren’t so expense.

  40. can someone tell me when all of the men started turning into whiney women?

    man, it’s getting really annoying!!

    • I think it started around 1970 with the flower-power veggie generation protesting the Vietnam War and the early Women’s Liberation Movement calling for an end to patriarchy and equality. I guess they didn’t realize that destroying patriarchy also meant the men would increasingly embrace matriarchy and feminine values and strive to be more like or equal to women.

      There is the old saying or proverb: be careful of what you wish for.

  41. “I believe that your company has made a gross error in judgment by reducing an important national conversation to violent imagery and an opportunity for a cheap sale.”

    Excuse me? Isn’t that what all of the anti-gun [bodily orifices] have been doing with the Newtown victims, as they wave the bloody shirts of the slain and dance in their blood, screaming “commonsense gun control now!!” ? Doesn’t that represent “violent imagery and an opportunity for a cheap sale” of their civilian disarmament agenda?

    Dear Senator Murphy: Would you please kiss my ass and bark at the hole?

  42. I’ll make you a deal senator. Pass a law FORBIDDING the use of those nasty “threat” targets, you know, the ones that portray children, preppers, pregnant women, the elderly, ‘militia’ members (whatever that is) etc, from being used by ANY law enforcement agency, state or federal, and I might not wipe my ass with your letter. I might actually give you the time of day, a fleeting moment of consideration that somehow this particular target is in any way morally equivalent to those disgusting examples of the way he police and federal government think of the citizens of this nation.

    In the meantime, we plan on coming out with a deluxe version of the target in question, one that simulates arterial bleed outs and offers bribes to members of congress.

  43. Unfortunately Murphy is furthering his anti-free speech attacks. Yes the target is in bad taste, but it should be obvious to Murphy that that is the point. It taps into huge resentment over hearing blowhards like Murphy with their anti-gun diatribe for months. He is supposed to represent CT not just his narrow minded political viewpoint.

  44. Last time he attached free speech (the NRA sponsored NASCAR event) I made a donation to NRA in his name. This time, perhaps a donation to 2AF in his name.

  45. Yes Buy this target and tell Adolf Murphy to jump threw a flying doghnut. The company told this fascist PIG they wont stop and make this target as long as they want.

    Call the maker and say thanks.

  46. I find it interesting that EVERYTHING in this letter with MINIMAL modifications could just as easily have been sent to him concerning his position regarding violating the United States Constitution and directly attempting to turn free, responsible, upstanding citizens into targets, criminals, and victims. What’s worse, him and is ilk are using the ENTIRE MEDIA RESOURCE to do it. And he is offended by one product? That isn’t being FORCED on anyone? Designed for the purpose of increasing marksmanship, thereby condoning SAFETY? What a stooge. I love how they want to utilize the exact tactics that they condemn when used by their opposition. This is the very definition of Hypocrite.

  47. Senator Murphy was waiting with the families in the fire house? I guess you really have to hustle to get your campaign bumper sticker onto the body bags in time for the cameras.

  48. Since Newtown I’ve been accused, solely on my stance on not supporting gun control, of killing children, being heartless, having small genitals, going to hell, being insensitive, being racist, ignorant, childish, paranoid, evil, a monster, supporting slavery, and even envious of owning a Ferrari. So if someone dares attempt to offend the gun control people I don’t feel it’s undeserved.
    They have not been having a conversation with us. They have not been honest with the American people. And they are not working to prevent violent crime and murder in an effective manner.

  49. SCREW THAT, GUN VIOLANCE, what a friggin CROC OF SHIT!! These sue do liberal senators have to GO!!!! Before this Countries FREEDOMS are all destroyed by these ASSHATS!! Im so mad at these Post American Politicions I could VOMIT!! We need to keep VOTING!! We will get rid of all of you freakin Socialist Liberals for good, and bring back the true AMERICA!! And to all you liberal assclowns, just remember one phrase…you want fries with this order??? Because Micky D’s will be the only place hiring for you ssholes that are destroying the freedoms that I fought for over in the SAND BOX until an IED took some pieces of me!!! I fought for FREEDOM over there to come home to another TYRANT trying to do the same thing to OUR COUNTRY!!! FREEDOM ISNT FREE, IN A FREE COUNTRY THERE WILL BE GUN ACCIDENTS, JUST LIKE CAR ACCIDENTS, AND YES PEOPLE WILL DIE. BUT ITS NOT UP TO ARE ELECTED OFFICALS TO RESTRICT FREEDOM FOR SAFTY SAKE, THIS KIND OF BS CONTROL THINKING IS THE BASIS FOR A SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT!! So send all your ANTI AMERICAN BULLSHIY YOU WANT YOU SUE DO LIBERAL PISS ANTS, JUST REMEMBER YOUR FUTURE PHRASE “you want fries this order”. How much shit will they deem unsafe, cars, roller coasters, planes, and trains? This kind of thinking is how a father would protect his young son, which is great if you 5!! I have a father already and don’t need my elected officials trying to play act as mine!! It all boils down to responsibility, and taking it away from us, the people, ALL UNDER THE THEORY THAT IT WILL MAKE US SAFE!! BULLSHIT, NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL!! Im my own FIRST RESPONDER, BECAUSE I WILL BE THERE FIRST!!! LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUT OF HAPPINESS, FOREVER!!

  50. DHS can practice on targets that look like kids, with no outcry from these chest pounding politicians.

    Scum of the earth.

  51. Hey Senator: Hit a nerve did they. Well, I have sent the company an email telling them if they keep producing these targets, we will keep buying them!

    How dare this senator and the rest of the gun lobby, who regularly stand on the graves of children, waving the bloody shirts, and parading kids to stand behind the President and the nation, as he signs more gun control bills and executive orders that do NOTHING but punish law abiding gun owners! You want to stop the Newtown’s? We could! You and your fellow law makers don’t have the guts. With all the money this country wastes, we could put an armed cop in EVERY school. We could enforce the laws that are already on the books. The killings in Chicago, are mostly, criminals killing criminals, in that place, called the Ghetto, that you don’t want to discuss. You can narrow down just about all the “gun violence” to these specific neighborhoods and streets, in every major city in America today. Most of those places, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, all controlled by liberal DEMOCRATS!

    If gun control isn’t working in those places, then don’t expect the rest of the nation to follow their lead. These cities have NO credibility. Period. Just like this Senator, who wants to pressure a company that sells targets, instead of worrying about the real problem. Outlaw Gun Free Zones, Moron and lets start the common sense gun control there.

  52. What is it about the liberal mind that seeks to demonize, ban and outlaw anything they do not like?

    “It may be legal – but it makes me nervous. Therefore it should be banned and YOU should not be allowed to own it, sell it or use whatever I’m uncomfortable with”.

    Rights be damned!

  53. Backing down only emboldens the opposition, it will never appease them until your out of business and dead.

    Don’t back down. Don’t be bullied.

    • Agreed. Politicians bringing new meaning to the phrase “serving a term.” This equates to serving once – getting the best health care for life for the politician and his family, pensions, etc. In 2003 40% of the senators in office were millionaires. That basically says it all. Their idea of work is just leisurely sitting around harassing people that manufacture zombie targets and waiving the bloody shirt at them. Occasionally they will stop what they are doing to scratch a corporation’s back by precisely putting in some specific tax code that will save that company truckloads of money and get a gigantic campaign contribution in return so they can continue their life of leisure. All on our dime – Parasites.

  54. “Specific gun descriptions were not offered to avoid any appearance of bias against manufacturers, Sergeant Corey said.”

    “Appearance of bias”!! I had better stop laughing so hard before my daughter gets home and commits me!

    It reminds me of Chief Dan George in THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES, where he tells Clint Eastwood about the “helpful” government man who gave the Indians a rousing speech about how they should “ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE.”

  55. Since the year 2000 , 153 children have been shot and killed in school shootings. Every half second someone dies on planet earth. Oddly, have have put so much focus on school shootings as if that is going to make any impact at all in the grand scope of things.

    I still can’t believe Senator Murphy would send a letter (one of his aides probably wrote it – or a gun lobbyist) to zombie industries. Everyone already has an opinion when it comes to rights – as if zombie industries didn’t know theirs. He might as well of sent a letter to factories telling them to stop manufacturing because weld fumes are harmful to ones health or sent a letter to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan in UAE and request them to stop selling oil because burning it could increase the carbon content in the atmosphere. Forget the letter – his act of sending it alone is ridiculous. I think he should “occupy” Washington with a blanket and a sippy cup and parade for world peace.


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