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“If you looked at me, you wouldn’t be expecting me to be packing anything—except maybe some Lancôme. But I like feeling more alert and more empowered knowing that that firearm is right there next to me.” – Leslie Deets in Packing Heat in Style: High-End Purses Help Women Conceal Guns [at]

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      • Yup. Sometimes, for some women, it’s the only convenient option. And if they don’t carry because it’s inconvenient, that still means they’re not carrying.

        • Agreed Gov. I should have been more clear (trying to bang out a reply to an internet blog while having coffee and chow before rushing out the door isnt always the best idea).

          It’s easier to have a perp separate you from your purse (if you’re female or from Europe), than it is for them to disarm you if they dont know you’re armed to begin with.

        • True. However a thief has no more of an idea what you’re carrying in her purse/man-bag than on your body. And most purse snatchers would probably take a pass if they knew that there was a firearm in your purse because that makes it’s theft a felony. Still the threat to purse carry isn’t just thieves, there’s always the chance a child will get into your purse. So like you said, situational awareness is critical.

    • It took me a long time to convince my wife that purse carry was a bad idea. The mere fact that purses are prone to being snatched from inattentive women, and the concept that I could easily assault and rob her in the time it took her to dig her J-frame out weren’t convincing enough for her to justify the inconvenience and discomfort of IWB carry. I finally convinced her by timing how long it took her just to get her keys out of that black hole. She now carries my old PF9 IWB which gives me much more peace of mind when she is working late.

  1. Beretta makes some nice purses. I am looking in to one for an anniversary present. I don’t encourage purse carry but it’s a really nice purse anyway.

  2. I learned a long time ago that there are just some subjects best left alone, lest one’s nose get out of joint. Women and purses is one of them. What I’m more curious about is the latent outrage among liberals at said ’empowerment.’ I’d prefer to call it ‘equalization,’ as exemplified by Sam Colt. But then again, there I go sticking my nose out 🙂

  3. After 35 years of marriage I have learned that I have no taste in purses or wallets. I never buy those things for my wife.

  4. The Lady does say she likes “…feeling more alert and more empowered…” so, I’m thinking she’s got the “situational awareness” concept nailed.

    • I pocket carry or fanny pack. I want both hands free at all times. Purse carry, better have hand of that strap and enough strength to win tug of war with a creep. As a 62 year old woman, I’m all about comfortable clothes/shoes. Being knocked down is not an option when you reach an age where you will no longer bounce, but will break something.

      • That purse has a strong strap and she is carrying it in the generally recommended fashion–straps over the shoulder, bag under the arm. The BEST way to carry a purse is with the strap across the body.

  5. Purse!? That thing could qualify for a home equity loan. What does she have a matching pair of S&W 500’s in there?

  6. I don’t have any reservations about leaving my EDC locked up in my truck when I’m at work, yet in the area I live in breaking into vehicles is a lot more common than purse snatching. Maybe I’ve just missed the outrage about leaving your firearm in the car.

    A woman could be walking to her car with her hand on her full sized .357 and if attacked could shoot right through the purse. That seems to hold an advantage over digging a .380 out of your pocket while you’re being slapped around. However you carry should be the result of careful analysis though, just tossing a gun in your purse and thinking you’re safe could back to haunt you.

  7. The purse pictured above can carry a really big gun and lots of back-up ammo. I think the gun grabbers are still brainstorming ideas how to make humiliating comments about trying to compensate for something without being rude and disrespectful to women gun owners.

  8. She has a fine looking dog… that’s about all I got from the article. Other than that, some other “designer” making $30 products that cost $300, I don’t understand what the big deal is? I can appreciate her viewpoint, but fail to see what is newsworthy about the products.

    Wake me up when she integrates a motion sensor/alarm that can be enabled via concealed buttons built into a handle/strap, that would be interesting.

  9. This is great – the whole subject of women wanting to take responsibility for their own safety is giving the gummint nannies absolute hissy fits. The statists have spent 50 years propagandizing women to feel helpless without the government protecting them, and now they are seeing that whole idea go down the drain. We are in the middle of a cultural “paradigm shift” on guns. (Hate that term, but it is accurate here.) When the civilian disarmament dweebs lose women, they have lost a major battle.

  10. Another good looking woman- smart, strong, and independent. Could care less where she carries, only that she does, and setting a good example for others.

  11. The claim that women have a harder time conceal carrying in bull shit. There are plenty of solutions out there, and if what you wear really has that much of an impact on your ability to carry, then maybe you should reconsider your wardrobe. What is more important too you, your right to carry, or that skimpy outfit and the douches it brings with it. The gun belong on you in the public, the lingerie in the bedroom.

    • Women’s business suits tend toward form fitting, short jackets, leaving not much space to hide a gun–which is why the bang bra was developed.

  12. I say purse carry is better than no carry, assuming situational awareness is in place. I’m a contractor, and I generally carry a small backpack with all my stuff (camera, notebook, book I’m reading, carpenter ear protection, multi-tool, Claratin, various crap from the hardware store). Not sure I’d carry a gun in there, at least not often. Purses that have quick holster access are the way to go. No worse than those “tactical” fanny front packs that some guys wear (not talking about the LEO up the street, of course).

    That woman in the picture looks a LOT like my ex-wife. Seriously, twin sister, it’s a scary resemblance. My ex-wife is not psycho and we get along pretty well mostly, FWIW.

  13. I have luggage that is smaller than that purse. Seriously. My wife carries in a fanny pack and does not carry a purse. Major advantage of having both hands free.

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