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 Kokesh residence after raid (courtesy

Police have arrested DC gun loader Adam Kokesh; he’s currently being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. According to, Kokesh’s vlog producer, Liz Delish, was inside the Kokesh residence when the raid occurred. “’After two loud knocks at the front door and a brief pause, the police broke down the door with a battering ram.’ Once the police were inside, they threw a flash grenade into the foyer area, she said. ‘I thought someone got shot.’ A flash grenade is a non-lethal explosive that produces a blinding flash of light and loud noise, devised to temporarily disorient a person’s senses . . .

“The 30 to 40 police officers that entered had lasers, body armor and creepy-looking helmets,” she said.

Delish said she was shaken-up by the incident that lasted six hours. “I went towards the back of the home to exit, and there were four or five police officers on the back porch with drawn firearms.”

The adults were ordered into a small front room, their cell phones were taken, and they were summarily handcuffed without being Mirandized, she said . . .

“Their behavior was unprofessional and their search of our persons and the home gratuitously unconstitutional,” she said.

“They ransacked the two-story home, and pushed items into piles,” she said.  “One of the officers purposefully knocked over a glass of water on my possessions.”

One of the adults had a Glock 30 pistol in his possession, Delish said.  “He immediately informed the police and they retrieved his firearm.”

“Later he was punched in the back of the head for asking to use the rest room,” she said.  “I witnessed Kokesh being kicked by a police officer while he was handcuffed and seated.”

“The police used every opportunity they could to rough us up,” she said.

While the source is anything but objective, it seems likely that Kokesh will file charges against the police. For all the good that will do him.

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    • “The police used every opportunity they could to rough us up,” she said.

      Actually, there was absolutely no “opportunity”. They simply were abusive. Period.

      • Compare that to the red carpet treatment that the Pats player and suspected killer Hernandez got from the cops when they went to his house ( has the article).

  1. I simply cannot believe that cops acted like thugs.

    It’s more like the thugs acted like cops.

    • BELIEVE IT !

      cause it happens more than you think it already does.
      in my field i come in contact with a lot of LEO’s & over the years i have heard sum stories that make me shake my head in shame.

  2. Should have put up a live streaming CCTV system before he put up his YouTube video. Then again, he also should have made sure he didn’t have any drugs in his house. Talk about giving them an excuse to SWAT him and handing them a slew of additional charges; whether he meant to be a martyr or not.

  3. That sounded like an illegal “search” warrant. A knock and a door being kicked in? No announcement? That happens to me I shoot first, basically the “police” were acting like thugs not police. Thus in my state WA, illegal, so I shoot first. Does the term “From my cold dead hands” mean anything?

    • the “police” were acting like thugs not police

      That’s why police have uniforms — so you’ll know that they’re thugs.

      • Who else wears a black balaclava in July?

        Private gangbanging hoods would have a backwards ball cap.

    • How long would you last against 30-40 armed thugs?
      You may take a few of them with you before they take you out.

        • Which is why ring-kissers like you will never even try. Really, you’d be better off as a cop.

          Until you run into some real Americans, anyway…

      • “You may take a few of them with you before they take you out.”

        Actually, that’s the idea; we have superior numbers – allowing for the boot-lickers and ass-kissers. Turncoats, IOW.

        • William, get a cam corder and film yourself doing the same thing Kokesh did. Circulate the video and when the cops kick your door down show us how many you take out, you real American you.

        • And if Burke actually did it you’d be calling him a murderer and a terrorist.

          Heads you win, tails he loses.

        • No, Michael B. I wouldn’t call him either unless he randomly shot innocent people. But what i would call him doesn’t matter. He’s just another keyboard commando that will do nothing but harp at others.

    • I’m waiting for lawyers to realize that a flash-bang is capable of causing “death or grievous bodily injury”.

      Cops shouldn’t be allowed to use them.

      • As I’ve learned through studious observation of Florida v. Zimmerman; pulling the pin on one of those implies ill will, spite, hatred and depraved mind.

    • This is another sign of the state losing control over the population; when the state no longer recognizes the rule of law; the people start to emulate their actions and the state then escalates their use of force to control the population through fear instead of respect for the law.

      It’s a down ward spiral that will end in civil unrest as the people are no longer willing to be treated as peasants, peons and outright slaves ultimately leading to martial law and the final end of any appearance of recognizing any of our civil rights.

      We’re pretty much already there with the NDAA and drones flying in our skies. The government knows what’s coming; a lot of the people are finally waking up to this basic truth as well.

  4. Again the massive entry force. This guy is out making political points; do they really think that he would engage in armed resistance? Were 30-40 officers (if true) really necessary?

    • Just be happy that they raided the correct address and didn’t shoot any family pets, okay?

    • +1.

      Armed forced entry with flash grenades? Way too much. Even the fact that it was considered as appropriate by the police would be problematic. They are supposed to be civilian peace officers executing a warrant, not Seal Team 6 raiding Bin Laden in a foreign, hostile country.

  5. Well, at this point we are getting one side of the story, remember when dealing with the Media, it’s about entertainment, not the truth. The modern media operates on the premise that “don’t let facts get in the way of a good story”. I’ll wait until all the information is out.

    • You can wait until all the information is out. Personally, I can’t wait until the year 2525.

      • “until the year 2525.”

        You mean the year the files of the Aaron Burr case become public?

      • “until the year 2525”

        That has to win the prize for most obscure very early classic rock reference EVER, in the history of the universe!

        All hail “R”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There was no “active” shooter. There were no hostages being held. There was no reason for anything other than two officers in dress uniform to knock on the door and wait to be let in.

      Every officer on the invasion force should have their next paychecks taken to pay for any and all damages to the citizen’s property. If a cop breaks it, he bought it.

      • Jesus… would you consider running for Commissioner of Police? Why don’t we have people like you, instead of corrupt pickpockets?

  6. So they arrest him over a Youtube video.
    He may be one up on them IF he made the video with a green screen and wasn’t even in DC at the time it was made.
    Maybe he baited them for a huge lawsuit.
    They didn’t catch him in the act, only his video was used for the evidence.

    I can see it now, 100’s of Youtube videos pop up of armed people in DC that were all made on green screens in their homes, 100’s being arrested for crimes they didn’t commit and the lawsuits that follow.

    OK people, break out the green screens and get ‘er done.

    • I like this idea a lot too. It kind of follows the thinking with the NSA scandal. Flood them with enough information that they don’t know what is real and what isn’t. And I imagine it would be great fun along the way.

    • Maybe it was a convincing hoax, but the police will simply argue that it was a good-faith assessment of the evidence and they’ll probably win in court. If it’s simulated to the point that a reasonable person can’t tell the difference, then the reasonable person standard is in the favor of the police.

      If you make a video with the best SFX that will convince anyone that you beheaded your roommate and buried them in the yard, you can expect a knock on your door.

      Where the “reasonable person” standard falls down in Kokesh’s case is explaining to people why Adam Kokesh got a search warrant and house-toss for something that didn’t hurt anyone, and why David Gregory did not. Both performed things on video that are objectively against the law, but one has great hair and friends in high places.

      The fun thing would be if the search warrant found nothing but dummy 12 gauge rounds and Kokesh later claims he did not in fact chamber a live round. Or at least, it would be fun, except there were Schedule I substances in his house, so the firearm thing is now a secondary issue.

  7. Sounds like if you intend to resist by firearm you might want to give yourself a quick kiss “Good-bye!” as you squeeze off the first round….

    • I really hope when you have someone write your memoirs, you put in a chapter or two about the good times. You know… the years as an unpaid informant for the Helium Trust.

  8. So this is her then?

    Four days ago she subscribed to “we are change” which is a 9/11 truther group. There doesn’t seem to be any activity on her youtube account from more than one week ago.

    Y’all need to put your thinking caps on. I don’t know if I even believe Kokesh got raided. He has all the markings of a provocateur, and even among conspiracy theorists I know “we are change” is considered a highly suspicious organization. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    • Good thinking, there’s plenty time left to be lemmings. Facts first and double check ‘m!

    • So if questioning the official story of 9/11 makes you a conspiracy theorist, what does questioning the publicly available record of an executed search warrant make you?

      • ‘Cautious’ I guess, especially with ANYthing coming from the gov’ment/three letter agencies and Kokesh, just cautious… But you’re right just because it is printed and publicly available it must be true.

      • I’m acknowledging the possibility of judicial and LEO corruption in this matter. For all we know Kokesh answers to Obama and this is just an expansion of his credentials among traitorous malcontents like us.

        I’m also suggesting “Liz Delish” just *might* not be exactly who she portrays herself as. My main point in highlighting “we are change” is that it is not considered a legitimate group by many conspiracy theorists I’ve encountered. They are the most visible and well funded 9/11 truthers and a very fishy bunch in general, you can check them out for yourself and see who Kokesh associates with. It isn’t pretty and I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t legit.

        Whether or not you believe the official account of 9/11 is not an issue for me. I have trouble believing some ignorant Jihadi wannabes could pull it off and some of the details are weird, but that is not really relevant here. What is relevant is that Kokesh is a hardcore exhibitionist who wants to associate himself with gun rights, drugs and 9/11 truth. One of these things just doesn’t belong…

  9. Hey all you cops out there, now do you know why people hate you guys.
    I have written it before and will continue. All you people out there that keep posting how you love LEO’s. Wake the f–k up.
    They will be the enemy when Der fuehrer Obama gives the go. Cops are not your friend. Most of them would give their own mother a ticket. Dicks

  10. Cue the cops that read TTAG telling us how this never happens and the police are the good guys.

    Every time they do this, they push people close and closer to armed rebellion.

    • Maybe that’s what they want so they can declare martial law and attempt to disarm everyone.

  11. Were these local police? Or State or even DHS officers backing the local police? Anyone know?

  12. As with all things there are good and bad. The LEO that wants to keep his job has to ENFORCE the law even if the law was created by (the duplicitous, self serving, self righteous, greedy, thieving, dishonorable, lowlife, denizens that walk the halls of the state houses) Politicians. The only way such things stop happening is when the people make the afore mentioned scum change the laws or the LEOs refuse to follow the Unlawful orders of the scum and hold those who would accountable.

      • …it does when the person of whom the search warrant is based on is a heavily armed, potentially violent person who has made all sorts of threats (veiled and otherwise).

        This is a case of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

        I also love that whoever wrote this is so ignorant of the law that they imply that someone needs to be read a Miranda warning upon being detained without questioning.

    • So they were “just following orders”? How well did that work for the Nazis? Every officer who enforces a law he knows to be wrong should be strung up like the collaborator he is.

  13. The 30-40 cops while overkill was essentially to prove a point.. dont f*&k with us, and possibly because the cops were a bunch of cowards unwilling to properly arrest a potentially armed combat vet Devil Dog.

  14. If true, vile, evil, totalitarian statism. If he killed a few of the pigs (you engage in such behavior, your a pig), I would have cried with joy.
    Flash bang grenades? Forty swine? With all of the REAL criminals they could have chased with tax dollars?
    What…..all this over an effing VIDEO!
    I hope people don’t wait for the sun to go down and get asymmetrical (guerrilla).

  15. How come there was no entry team and all the hullabaloo when David Gregory waved around his hi-cap magazine in DC a couple of months ago? Why were no charges filed against him?

    • Simple – because he was on the side of the “good guys” as the anti-gunners would see it. Same reason why the cronies of politicians and police are never arrested when they accidentally forget they are carrying a gun when they enter a secure area. There are two sets of rules out there – one for “them” and one for the rest of the unwashed heathens (namely us).

      • Then let’s stop clinging to the stupid idea that there’s actually rule of law, stop putting our faith into a corrupt criminal justice system, and do something to change it.

  16. Liz Delish?

    Really now.

    Why do I feel like that’s not her real name?

    This guy is an agent provocateur. Can’t say I’m oozing with sympathy for him.

    • He is looking to become the Westboro Baptist Church of 2A rights, that’s for sure…

      Liz should upload some more pics of herself. I want see that tattoo on her sternum in more detail. Maybe if we knew her real name we could see if she has a record of shroom intoxication while armed… or if she’s a registered Democrat.

  17. Kokesh won. He got the government to react in a violent manner inconsistent with the law and professional codes of conduct. This is how the state and local governments acted during the Civil Rights movement. While it is disappointing it is not surprising.

    • That seems to be exactly what Kokesh wants us to think. Unfortunately for you and him, that line of reasoning is completely ass-backwards and I think most of us are too smart for it…

      But hey, you may be right on some level! His shitty Afghan war exploitation movie with Danny “kill them gringos” Trejo might make a few more bucks.

  18. Oh, and the need of the media to list the “Class I drug charge” on the reports instead of what the name of the substance was. All that has to happen in this case is one of his friends will have to own up to being theirs or enough of it to be a misdemeanor… just like Willie Nelson and crew did when his bus was raided and a bag of weed was found.

  19. There are two basic scenarios that I see playing out here:

    Scenario One: Kokesh did exactly what he appeared to be doing – breaking the law in the District (or green screened it to make it look like he did). The police decided to make an example of him and raided his house. Whether the drugs found on the scene were his or were planted is anyone’s guess, but if Kokesh had half a brain, he should have considered a raid a likely probability. If so, he should have had some hidden CCTV cameras in his place tied to an offsite recording location backed up by wireless connectivity so that this raid was captured in all its glory. If he didn’t think that a raid was a distinct possibility and prepared for it, then he was simply a fool.

    Scenario Two: The whole story about the raid is fiction or else large parts of it are fiction. A dozen cops would be plausible – 30-40 sounds like overkill to me. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen – just that it is not particularly plausible.

    Either way, the truth will come out one way or another. Residents in the neighborhood should be able to confirm or deny headcount of cops. I also find it somewhat interesting that his producer just happened to be there when this all went down. Again, I’m not saying its impossible – just somewhat improbable. A raid that lasted for hours should result in some news coverage – this would be too juicy a story for some local cub reporter anxious to make a name for himself/herself to pass up.

    If this were a real situation, going out in a blaze of glory is exactly the wrong decision. If you are dead, there is no one to tell your side of the story and the only version that gets out is that brave police took out a suspected nutjob who only confirmed their suspicions by starting a firefight. The first couple of people who face this sort of armed oppression need to survive to tell their sides of the story and let the world know what is going on. Shooting it out with the cops at this point won’t help things one bit.

    • +1

      To all the keyboard commandos: please don’t shoot it out with the police. They will kill you, your dog and possibly your family. Tactically you stand NO chance of surviving such an encounter. No one will have any sympathy for you. We don’t live in a country without rule of law at this point. Saying crap like that just makes you sound belligerent and ignorant.

      • While it is a bad idea to shoot out with the police, however, Surrendering is zero guarantee they still won’t just kill you and make up whatever story they want. Even if you do surrender and they allow you to live, they will paint you as a nutjob to the public and no one will believe your side of the story or have any sympathy for you. Either way the system is always stacked against you. No matter if you die fighting it out or peacefully surrender and live, the police will always be the “brave heros” if they really were or not and you will always be the villan.

        • “The first couple of people who face this sort of armed oppression need to survive to tell their sides of the story and let the world know what is going on.”

          Except any survivers will be denied access to the media to tell their story. Besides they will just be branded nutjobs and the world won’t believe them anyway. Still it’s better than being dead. Either way you are not going to win, the system is stacked against you either way you go. It’s all lose/lose for you or me.

  20. I wonder how much this was thought through. MLK and company kept marching on Birmingham because they knew Bull Connor was a psycho who would overreact. Now, the law-enforcement-industrial-complex can be counted on to always overreact if its authority is challenged. From what I’ve read, these guys totally expected to be raided. Given that the house was poplulated by six young radical Libertarian types, I will speculate that a lot more contraband would have been found if they hadn’t been prepared. Having lived in a house with a bunch of young guys in college, I can easily see how a shroom or a bud could find its way into some crevice, or get frozen in ice in the back of the freezer, only to be found years later by a SWAT team. I’d love to see a picture of the shrooms in question. I won’t rule out a plant, either, but shrooms seem a bit esoteric for that. A little meth would have done the job, and cops have plenty of that.

    I’m glad to see some support for Adam Kokesh here on TTAG. He’s nutty, sure, but he’s not a guy that fits into a comfortable political box – is he a gun rights hero, or is he a dirty stinking hippie (to borrow a descriptive phrase from the TTAG editorial staff)? He hangs out with Code Pink. He dances at national monuments, and that might not be properly manly. He got in trouble in the Marine Corp for bringing back a pistol from Iraq (or maybe for being a loudmouth troublemaker).

    Maybe some of you who cheered as the cops violated the civil rights of the Occupy folks will think again. A state crime against people you don’t agree with is still a crime. We can’t really have an honest conversation if we have a boot on our collective neck, and a microphone up our collective ass.

    • There ain’t no damn boot on your neck or mine, ‘occupy’ was bunch of orchestrated bullshit and Kokesh is a punk on a leash.

      Where do you naive mofos come from? Frankly it sounds like you’ve never been around drugs before in your life. Let me guess, you were there but you didn’t inhale? Nothing esoteric about shrooms, they are one of the most common recreational drugs, it is legal to possess the spores in many states. They can be easier to come by than cannabis, the only thing that limits their popularity is how incredibly disgusting they are in terms of smell and taste. That and they make you vomit. Sounds like something Kokesh might like to put in his mouth though…

      You sound real desperate for politically active gun owners to cast their lot behind this guy. Why in the hell would we do that? What is there to be gained at all, even if he was legit? The man is an attention whore who is working to undermine those rights which we still have through viral media theatrics and he is in bed with highly visible and opportunistic leftist radicals.

      • Fug:

        First off, you called me a name. “Mofo” (and all that entails). I might have to go cry now. Seriously, name calling hurts your credibility.

        As for drugs, I’ve known more than a few, mostly natural “hippie” drugs, though those drugs and I don’t hang out much lately. I never puked up the mushrooms, probably because I’m not a p*ssy like you (okay, now we’re even on the stupid name calling, I’m just trying to make the point). Actually, I really liked the ‘shrooms, I’d do them again in the right circumstances. The peyote, that made me puke, then it was good, but pretty intense. Weed…those were the days (and days, and days, and months, and years), and I still have the occasional toke if it’s offered. Beer, yeah, I got one right here.

        You say about me, “You sound real desperate for politically active gun owners to cast their lot behind this guy.” Not sure what gave you this impression. I’m just tickled by a pro-gun guy that puts his balls where his mouth is, but makes a lot of the orthodox right-wing gun culture so uneasy. I disagree with a lot of his politics, and I don’t think his tactics are necessarily helpful for the pro-gun movement, but then I don’t think a lot of the racist/misogynist/ignorant crap I read on TTAG is particularly helpful, either. At least Adam Kokesh is interesting.

        Finally, please offer your evidence that Occupy was a bunch of “orchestrated” (by whom?) “bullshit,” and explain, again with some evidence, exactly whose leash Kokesh is on. I agree that he’s a punk, in the best sense of the word. A real beef I have with people like you (unfair generalization, I know) is that you accuse everybody you disagree with of being part of some vast left-wing conspiracy, instead of just being individuals with whom you disagree. It’s not enough to agree with you about guns, if I don’t agree with you about absolutely everything, I’m leftist scum. Or maybe a libtard (I know, you didn’t say that).

        Glad to hear there’s no boot on our necks. Nothing to worry about, then. We’re all free and happy and everything is JUST FINE!

    • Because that team could be after any other citizen that disagrees with O’bung’hole next.

      • I would say pics/video or it didnt happen……but then we would STILL be talking about him.

  21. I would like to take a moment to point out that some minor research would reveal that nobody named Kokesh was arrested in Fairfax County on July 9, 2013.

    You can look it up for yourself on the Fairfax County website.

    • From the WaPo article: “A U.S. Park Police SWAT team and other officers […]”

      The Park Police have a SWAT team? Sure, I mean everyone does these days.

      Anyway, looks like he was arrested by Federal police, not Fairfax County, even if he was apparently taken to a Fairfax jail.

  22. If it happened as the story says, than I am disgusted. Given the history of Kokesh and some of his associates, I’m not convinced that it happened the way that the story said. If there was gross misconduct under the color of authority / battery / willful destruction of property, than the offending police officers should be terminated.

  23. This seems like a legit story, I found a Washington Post story onthe raid at this URL Link. I hope he has footage of the raid, if it happened as he claimed, it was shameful.

  24. All because he exercised his Constitutional rights to bear arms? Did he shoot someone? Did he harm someone? Why do we allow the police to do this stuff? We ignore it when it’s someone else until it’s your own house they break into, threaten your family, and damage your property.

    The police are out of control. It’s like living in a mob controlled country anymore…

  25. They do not have any resemblance to a police force. They are the new Stazi of East Germany fame. The Lefts Brown Shirts and they are happy to play that role.

    Why was David Gregory never arrested or charged for breaking the law?

  26. OK, let me see if I have this right.

    A guy posts a video (that may or may not have been green-screened) on UTube of him loading a shotgun (that may or may not have been functional) with shells (that may or may not have had primers/powder/wads/shot) in a place where possession of a loaded gun is illegal. He does not fire the weapon.

    When the video becomes known to TPTB, they send a forty member swat team to his suburban home, outside of their jurisdiction, to kick in the door, toss in a flash-bang, and trash the place.

    What part of “proportional response” am I missing?

  27. Not to state the obvious…but there’s a lot of hatred here for the Obama administration. Do you folks actually think that any of the events that have transpired since December 14 would have played out any differently under a Romney led regime? If you do, you are fooling yourself. What’s happening right now in America has zero to do with who is running the show. I believe a former president once warned us about the military industrial complex…problem is, he never envisioned that we’d unleash said complex upon our own people.

    • But, but…Brownshirts! My fear is that if a Repub is elected prez next time, the Right will go back to ignoring 1A, 4A etc. Your mention of Ike is appropriate, as he governed well to the left of Obama.

  28. Does every reader of this page think that every single cop is a statist Nazi looking for any reason to throw innocent civilians in jail? I would say about 90% of the cops I know are on your side of issues discussed on TTAB.

    • I have no way of knowing, except by the way they talk and act.

      1) Do the majority of self identified LEOs defend these disproportionate uses of force in comment threads? (Yes)
      2) Do LEOs ever refuse to go on ‘missions’ they believe are Unconstitutional? (Not to my knowledge)
      3) Do LEOs enforce gun and search and seizure laws in a manner that respects the Constititution? (From what I see on Youtube, sometimes, but quite often no. This may be selection bias, but people often seem genuinely pleased when they post a LEO being respectful)
      4) What percentage of LEOs have taken public pledges to respect the Constitution or joined groups like Oathkeepers? (A small percentage)

  29. An AR 10/.308 will keep several from going home in one piece. That is the only way to stop illegal home invasions. The key is to have perimeter security forwarning household owners. Put your dog and cat away and arm yourself. They performed a similar raid near here with local sherrifs, Border Patriol, US Marshalls, ATF, on a $750,000 home. Freedom of Information act will not provide answers. The owner owns several large restaurants. They hauled off hugh amounts of paperwork. Everyone tied up and whole family taken. They were all released with no charges.

    • A semi 7.62 M1A/FAL/AR10/SCAR/etc… is indeed an ‘anti-Big Gov’ gun due to its increased range and barrier/body armor penetrating abilities, a battle rifle.
      You are pretty screwed if you are home and they want you. This is why you leave home and take the fight to them (asymmetrical warfare).
      Lets just hope it never has to come to that because most are cool (except for the few bad apples). If they follow bad orders in mass, then it could/will get hairy.

  30. DC cops are widely known to be corrupt and ignorant of their own laws. Or maybe ignorant is not the correct term, maybe the correct term is defiant and disobedient of their own laws.

    There were articles about how 90 DC cops were arrested in a 3 year span – doesn’t seem to slow them down, though.

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