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Connecticut gun owners who chose not to comply with the Constitution State’s post-Newtown firearms and ammunition magazine laws are getting ready for possible confiscation and arrest. The video above from Dave Acton’s Urban Survival YouTube channel recommends that CT gun owners download the “I’m Getting Arrested” Android app. Developed by the Occupy folks, the one-click free app automatically notifies contacts when the cops come calling. (No iPhone equivalent yet.) A supplier of products designed to hide firearms told TTAG today that they’ve noticed an increase in sales to Connecticut. The Sipsey Street Irregulars reckons CT militias are already forming. Or strengthening. Or something. In any case, I wonder how the police are preparing for an order to yank the chains of otherwise law-abiding citizens turned into Class D felons by the stroke of Governor Malloy’s pen.

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  1. Uhh… I guess the message is good, but recording yourself talking while your TV is playing C-SPAN in the dark? The hell?

    • None that I know of, but the state police barracks is in town so you have to watch out for that as well…

  2. Kudos to the armed people of Connecticut for organizing NOW … before the po-po shows up to kick down doors.

    That really is the weak point for “We the People” — lack of organization. A one touch “alarm” button that instantly summons help from other armed people is extremely important. At the very least, a mob of additional people converging on a victim’s home is a mob of witnesses and hopefully video recordings of any harmful activity. Of course that converging mob of people could also intervene to help their friend and neighbor.

    All of us should be acquiring this technology. Aside from the present application in Connecticut, it could prove invaluable when common criminals come calling because a neighbor could come to help in less than three minutes even in somewhat rural areas. That sort of response time is far better than most police departments.

    • @uncommon_sense, what you’re describing sounds suspiciously like a militia.

      The Founders would approve.

      • Technically a total loss of signal in an area is a signal too, so even if they do flip the iphone killswitch its still notifying people.

        • B,

          You are absolutely correct. I already thought of that (Big Brother using broad spectrum signal jammers). As you stated, that is a huge signal. I picture a monitor that sounds two different alarms: one alarm when a neighbor hits the “panic” button and another alarm when someone is jamming.

          When the “active jamming” alarm goes off, all you have to do is go outside and listen for yelling or gunshots and you will know which way to go.

        • Depends how it is done. Your cell can be rejected without interfering with other subscribers. Valid point, however.

  3. I think the aclu has a video and audio with upload app, i think is called aclu police tape, there was another called open watch. that way you can record and a copy goes to a cloud server, off your phone.

  4. The majority of the tyrant thugs that will be kicking down your doors will be DHS.
    Learn their tactics, prepare yourselves and don’t let your guard down. They’ll first strike early in the morning, when they think you’ll deep asleep and unprepared. They’ll cut off all the electricity & cell phone coverage in the area beforehand, the last thing they want is for you to call your brothers in arms for backup, & they know that’s what you’ll try to do.
    I do know this, if the people do not act as soon as it goes down, and i’m not even just talking about CT, then not only will they see it as a win, they will ram-sack the entire country before we know what hit us. The fact that they have control of virtually all technology gives them the upperhand. Stay safe, stay prepared, and remember; We the people have your back.

  5. I really like the idea of being able to notify your attorney, friends, news media, etc., with a pre-recorded message announcing a SWAT attack. It says in the post it’s not available for I-phones. What DOES it work on? Just academic for me, since all I have is a stupid phone, but something like this might be enough to drop a few bucks, if it does become available for phones. It’s not that useful if you have to turn on the lights and locate and boot up your main computer to use it. You need to be able to snatch up your phone from the bedside table and push that button in seconds.

    Pardon my un-techie old-fartedness, but can the “authorities” really kill cell phone service that easily?

    • “Pardon my un-techie old-fartedness, but can the “authorities” really kill cell phone service that easily?”

      The short answer is yes – by any of several means.

      For instance, if they know your cell number, the nearest towers can be configured to not accept any traffic from your phone. That is the most complex but also the most subtle approach. A bit of a problem if you have an anonymous (aka burner or disposable) phone, though, since its not linked to you.

      Powering down the towers nearest to you, or isolating them from the network, also would work – but that would affect more people, including the police if they’re using cell comm.

      Finally, of course, jamming is an option. The nice thing about that is, you don’t need the phone co’s assistance or permission, so fewer people know about it beforehand.

      • I work in IT and the only way to get around RF jamming is hardwire, copper, or glass (fiber optic) cutting off electicity can be worked around, but RF jamming not so much. I have never seen nor heard of them cutting off ISP service. And it pretty simple to bury cat 5 cable.

        • My TV, internet and land line phone depend on fiber. There is a battery backup for the phone in the event of a power failure. I don’t think there is a way to cut my land line wired phone without cutting the fiber off altogether.

    • They could in theory, but what if another medical emergency happens in the area at the same time? They will be taking some flak if someone does of a heart Attack because cell service was shut down. Not that the authorities really care, but flak nonetheless.

      • In the NE Emergency Services use tactical encrypted radios on frequencies that interoperate with all agencies. That means Barney Fyffe won’t be arranging a hummer on his cell phone during a raid any more.

        • True, but it may mean that Aunt Bea won’t be able to call Barney Fyfe in the first place.

  6. iPhone has an app called emergen see. It will send gps coordinance and real time video to the contacts u choose.

  7. your own video surveillance system is good too if you can record and forward it If the cops get it it will “get Lost” in evidence.

  8. The police are too incompetent to think about blocking cell phones and electronic devices prior to launching a raid. We give them too much credit.

  9. Putting on the tinfoil hat here for a second, but couldn’t all of the people downloading the app referenced in the article essentially be creating a registry of non-compilers? Somebody is keeping record of who downloads the app and in theory only those with something to hide will have any use for it…

  10. There was a recent story in the news about an app that allowed the user to record a voice message and broadcast it to their contact list. It was being used in some of the countries experiencing popular uprisings to help coordinate protests and responses to government attacks. I don’t remember the name of the application, someone else here know?

    • Zello, a popular Push-To-Talk (PTT) app, has been reportedly used in Venezuela. We have Liberty ‘channels’ on Zello and had at least three journalists log on a few weeks ago to discuss Zello’s potential utility during riots, uprisings, or general unrest.

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