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    • Send this to Your constituant in Washington DC.

      Senator ………….., I realize YOU WILL NOT see this, your Aid’s will
      BUT whoever does (((( PLEASE)))) take the time to see the link below.
      Congress, Senate & the President, should HAVE to listen to this.
      At least the AMERICAN PEOPLE must listen.

      PLEASE Pass this on to everyone you know.

  1. “Preventable medical errors kill 98,000 people a year. Medical mal-practice kills 12 times as many people in the US than are murdered each year.”

    I wonder how much thoes numbers could change if pediatric trauma physicians sent 18 and 19 year olds to grown up hospitals?

    • I’ve often wondered about our military field hospitals for our own child-soldiers. Do the 18 and 19 year olds get a special wing with balloons and ice cream and visits from Robin Williams?

  2. If the American government is pushing for taxpayers to fund free birth control and abortions then I want a free computer with Internet access and a free gun with ammo. At least my expectations about having the right to freedom of communications and owning arms are mentioned in the Bill of Rights.

  3. This is how you argue your points. Not with insults or blaming the liberals/Obama. Clear concise points that are truth. BTW, where are the major guns players in this fight? Oh yeah, bringing in the $$$. Supporting NRA…ha, just to get a tax write off and pocket some money into their friends accounts. Serious, people think about it. The small companies are not supporting LEO orders, but the major players are. While bringing in the millions if not billions of your hard earned money.

    • Your comments are old and predictable. We really don’t care what you have to say on here. You would find better support by posting on the NY Times, or huffingtonpost.

    • He has a point, Leo338.
      It occurred to me, early in the push for boycotts, that smaller players would only end up getting out of the way of the bigger ones who would increase their footprint in the market and reap the benefits.

      • I wasn’t referring to just this one comment. It was directed towards all his past comments. As I said before, Shawn would be better served posting on those liberal sites where defending everything Obama says and day dreaming about your face in Obama’s crotch area all day is not only welcomed but encouraged.


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