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TTAG just received the following statement from ArmaLite president Mark Westrom:

ArmaLite Continues Support to Law Enforcement Officers

Beginning last week ArmaLite was subjected to a flurry of inquiries about whether ArmaLite would refuse to sell its firearms in New York State in reaction to the legislature’s surprise passage of the worst firearm regulations in the country.  In an unannounced move the legislature passed a law that bans possession of many firearms and renders virtually all rifle and pistol magazines illegal.  That little detail alone leaves their owners either in violation of the law or holders of single-shot rifles and pistols.  It was a dictatorial act of one-party rule . . .

I advised that I had established a policy almost two decades ago that held that ArmaLite would not sell to a state government that denied ownership of firearms to the honorable citizens of the state.

But I advised that I would, (as during the earlier “Assault Weapon Ban” by the way) continue to sell to individual Police officers and to Sheriff’s and other departments that support private ownership.

We have been contacted by a group of respondents opposing the purchase of rifles by Police officers and supportive law enforcement organizations in New York. Wholesale abandonment of even the good law enforcement officers of New York state has become a litmus test for some and cannot be in the interest of gun owners or manufacturers.

But that’s no more proper than the cries of those who would take away the rights of gun owners, and disregards the fact that the majority of Police officers are themselves gun owners. Many of them frequent

When I was a Police officer I was required to purchase my own pistol, rifle, and shotgun. The same is true of many Police officers today. We at ArmaLite observe that the majority of our rifles now used by Police officers were purchased by the officers themselves. I will not abandon them because of the actions of their State legislators. I will support them to the extent allowed by law.

I appreciate the support of those thoughtful citizens that understand the principle of avoiding dealings with political institutions and leaders who would violate our Second Amendment rights while supporting the rank and file and the good officials who support us all.

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    • ArmaLite is missing an incredibly important point. It’s more than “officers need to put the heat on their political-puppet brass and legislators …”

      The political puppet brass and legislators expect state and local law enforcement rank-and-file to carry out their unconstitutional laws. Well it will be impossible for the rank-and-file law enforcement officers to enforce unconstitutional laws on law abiding citizens if the rank and file doesn’t have working firearms or ammunition!

      As for ArmaLite’s concern that rank-and-file law enforcement officers will not have the proper tools to help the public, what is more dangerous: a disarmed public or a disarmed police force? Since we had over 2 million violent crimes in the U.S. in 2010, the police were heavily armed, and most of the public was not armed, I think the answer is pretty clear. (If the answer still isn’t clear, consider how many violent crimes occurred inside police stations and at shooting ranges where almost everyone is armed.)

      • You seem to assume that there won’t be a single manufacturer or supplier that will sell to them. This is not the case, they will just go through distribution companies and suppliers rather than the manufactures themselves. Or continue to require police to buy their own, and they will at their local gun store. It’s a political statement, and even if all these companies did the police won’t just all of a sudden be without weapons. They already have so many it’s not like by saying we won’t sell to you that their guns will rust up and stop working. It’s an effective political move by these manufactures,but not actually an effective means to weaken the police.

  1. Well we are trying to change their minds, but oh well..
    Some people don’t get it, even a temporary ban would work wonders.

    • Yes it would put heat on them, butI still think if ammo manufacturers stopped shipping to ban states/GOVT agencies that support the ban it would make them sweat even more.

      • I think you misunderstand the extent to which Olin Corp. and ATK are utterly dependent on government contracts for their survival.

        Olin makes Winchester ammo.

        ATK makes, well, just about everything else that isn’t an import or specialty brand. And they own some of the specialty brands…

        Check out ATK’s products page and you’ll see who their target market is. Hint: not private citizens.

        • Some of you guys are great at cutting other company’s incomes, with no net effect on yours, just to suit your boycotting whininess. Go ahead and do your own boycotts, but trying to take money out of other people’s pockets is too Progressive for me. My business doesn’t do boycotts. Money is the same color regardless of the source.

        • Taking money out of another’s pockets is stealing.

          Taking your business elsewhere is economics.

          You’re saying if I don’t like the smell in my local 7-11, so I take my business to the Circle-K instead, I’m taking money out of 7-11’s pocket?

        • In the short term, Joke, denying ammo to state and local government buyers would have absolutely no effect on revenue. That’s true if we’re talking about one state, and it’s still true if we’re talking all 50, because consumer demand for ammo is so far past the supply curve we can’t even guess when things might start to look sort of normal again.

          In the long term, your argument is irrelevant, because both Olin and ATK are very strongly oriented towards selling products to large organizations. My point above is that they’re not going to screw up their long-term business plan just to make a point in the short term, even if it wouldn’t hurt their sales at all. Which it wouldn’t.

        • Of course you are free to leave the 7-11 Silver. But you are now gathering outside the 7-11 in a mob and telling people not to enter the 7-11 cause you don’t like the smell. Big a$$ difference. If you told me not to go into the 7-11 because it smelled bad, I would tell you to kiss my a$$, because I need beer.

        • Alpha, in my not-meaning-to-insult-you opinion, your actions are simply feel good nonsense with no effect on the real issue, which is you have voted for Progressives. I have utterly no guilt nor need to boycott anybody because I didn’t vote for Progressives and I bet most business owners, especially in the firearms industry, didn’t vote for Progressives. You are the problem, not business owners. Progressives are simply doing what Progressives do, push their very well known agendas, which include gun control.

        • Reading comprehension, Joke: do you have it?

          I didn’t advocate for a boycott. I made the case for it being pointless. Try to recalibrate your friend-vs-foe detector, jackhole.

          Oh, I forgot — I’m on your permanent “shoot on sight” shyt-list because I didn’t vote for the same package of assaults on my rights that you did, because my value system differs from yours. Got it.

        • Alpha: I certainly apologize for misunderstanding your position regarding boycotts.

          As far as my personal Internet “shoot on sight” policy (your words, not mine, for the Utah data miners): you aren’t special, it’s not just you, it’s any Progressive voter.

        • The comment about not stopping sales to the fed due to government contracts is spot on with ATK (Alliant Tech) (think Federal, Blazer, CCI etc.) they have many defense contracts beyond just ammo and they have the US Military Lake City ammo contract 1.5 B rounds/year if I recall properly. ATK actually produces in US Government factories. Olin less so, ammo is about 25% of their business. The other 75% is chemicals. That said, both companies get a lot of business from state and local municipalities.

    • Yeah. Using Armalite’s logic, I bet they would have armed the Nazis without feeling the least bit bad. Or maybe they would have just armed the “good” Nazis. Way to go… Armalite, I’ll never ever forget you.

      • I don’t see any large companies even saying they aren’t going to sell to governments who support the ban. Why aren’t you calling Ruger, S&W, Winchester and all the other major companies Nazis? Or saying you’ll never “forget” them?

        • Because these things work from the bottom up and Armalite is like “nuh-uh… let’s stop it here”. That’s why, Bruce.

          Oh, and you’ll notice I didn’t call Armalite (or law enforcement, for that matter) Nazis. I was commenting on Armalite’s lame-o logic, which I would extend to Ruger, S&W, et al. if they said anything other than “sorry, we’d rather piss off civilians than LEO.” But half of these companies would dry up without civilian sales, so they better smarten up.

    • I agree, atleast they addressed the issue. We can only assume that large companies that have not publicly taken a stance, will continue to sell to Govt. agencies. People will feel justified in buying a Colt….etc. because they haven’t made their stance public.

  2. So it’s ok for the police to have better weaponry than the citizens who aren’t police – just as long as the individual cop purchases his weapon on his own? Gotcha. No room for bad behavior there…none at all. Good luck with that argument and good riddance.

    • Deciding who gets what is not Armalite’s call, thank God. This cherry picking of companies to boycott is ridiculous. How about directing your energy at the real problem: any politician with a “D” at the end of their name.

      • It’s a very simple concept? Let me give you an extreme example… Would you expect a Jewish munitions company owner to voluntarily continue doing business with Germany in 1934?

        • Equating businesses selling guns to LEO’s in NY to a Jewish munitions company supplying the Nazi death machine is utter nonsense. NY Progressives are simply doing what the majority of voting citizens of NY elected them to accomplish, the Progressive agenda. What does Armalite and Cheaper than Dirt and Bud’s Gun Shop, for that matter, have to do with that?

      • wait a minute… it’s a pretty clear cut situation, no cherry picking involved. Companies that show support for the 2A AND for the rights of the average Joe to have the same options available as LEO’s get the business. Companies that decide that protecting their profits at the expense of the 2A is safer do not get the business. Tell me what’s wrong with this?

        They have the right to set whatever policies they want and we have the right to not provide them our money if we disagree with those policies.

        You can blame this on the “D’s”, but the “R’s” have no one to blame but themselves for the position they are in. So long as they continue to rely on narrow minded single issue voters they will continue to lose ground. Very few people these days are going to vote for a party they disagree with on 4 of 5 issues to protect the 2A.

        • Nobody has said anything positive here about the “R”‘s. Your opinion on the “R”‘s is pretty much a given, an accepted fact that nobody felt a need to debate.

      • In the last presidential election the guy with the R beside his name had banned more firearms than the guy with the D. They are all dirty.
        Nice to know the cops will be using rifles they bought with their own money when they start trying to take arms from the citizens.

        • Nobody befor you has even mentioned Romney. He has nothing to do with this current problem. Cut through the BS though: the gun grabbers all have a “D” after their name. That is un-debatable.

        • Now there’s an idea I can get behind.

          Oh, and Joke, I’m fairly certain that both “Rs” and “Ds” are responsible for the crap we’re in now. Both parties want more government control (except for a few exceptions) and gun control is one way to do it.

          The other is a large powerful standing national military with loyalty to the state. It would seem that this is the preferred method of many “rhinos.” The “Rs” definitely aren’t helping when it comes to legalizing drugs. They would probably immediately gain a huge amount of support if they stood up and proclaimed the obvious idiocy of any substance prohibition. THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT REGULATE PRIVATE POPERTY!

          I also don’t believe that enough police officers who we would consider the “good guys” are standing up for the citizens that employ them. If we need to shake ’em to wake ’em when it comes to these issues than so be it. I always wanted an AR-10. Now I know it won’t be from Armalite.

      • Joke & Dagger FLAME DELETED His words and apparent actions make him an enemy to all gun enthusiasts. He is the typical one party supporter that only understands one thing, money. He could never understand or let alone act properly in this time of threat to our rights. I am a liberal gun owner, I am a business owner and I support direct and indirect boycotts to punish and send a message to each individual company or entity that participates in any act that disarms citizens no matter how capitalistic those actions may seem. Joke & Dagger would of supported the Nazis killing our grandfathers that fought in those wars if the Nazis were an entity making money at it.

        He blames the supposed progressive movement, which in reality is weak and many who are progressive actually support gun rights much like libertarians do, but again in reality it’s the corporate capitalist pigs in government that is our greatest threat. Are some of them progressive? Yes. Are some of them not progressive? Yes. Bloomberg was a republican most of his life, he is not a progressive, he is an elitist. Yes more dems than republicans support gun control, but it’s the current system that Joke supports that is the real issue. If money is involved more republicans will go the gun control route as those republicans in government, much like their pals the dems, are there for money, not the people.

  3. That is all that these states will do! Tell the officers that they have to purchase their own weapons. 🙁 they are already underpaid as it is

  4. Summary: “Even though ‘good’ cops are still tasked and wholly willing to enforce NY’s illegal and unconstitutional laws – with deadly force if they have to-, we’re still going to arm them, because we like money and couldn’t give two craps about selling to a tyrant’s private army.”

    FOAD Armalite.

    See, this is why this influx of minor company “no sale” policies is ultimately meaningless. Huge and foreign companies who don’t care about rights will still sell to tyrants.

    • To your point re: foreign companies and tyrants, GD has been more than happy to sell F-16s and M-1 tank kits to Egypt for years.

      Personally I don’t see FN taking a big bold stand here given their dependence on government contracts, including for weapons systems that no civilian who can’t get a post-86 dealer sample can legally own (e.g., M240, M249). I don’t believe they’ll fall on their sword for the new pistol contract or for the SCAR if the military ever gets the funding to look at either a new pistol or a new rifle.

      And as for H&K — they hate you, right?

  5. Then citizen gun owners will abandon you and your products… Just kidding. The way things are right now, Armalite will not lose a single sale because of this. Those companies that stopped sales to law enforcement will also not lose a single sale. The demand is way too high for any of this to matter. Some people may not buy Armalite to protest but I know they would not last 10 minutes in any of my local gun shops.

    • I’ve never seen seen an ArmaLite in my local shops. LMT, S&W, Rock River, Colt, LaRue, etc. etc. but not an ArmaLite.

      I’d never buy anything from them anyway but now I’ll encourage friends to avoid them when considering an AR. Westrom can go to hell.

  6. I understand his point, and it’s a well-reasoned decision, but it absolutely does dilute and undermine the effect of refusing to sell civilian-banned arms to government entities.

    This WOULD have an effect here in Fremont CA, where the PD armory issues patrol rifles & shotguns at shift change but the officers supply their own sidearms. However, it opens up a legal workaround that also suits the budget-cutters whereby they could de-fund police armories and institute “tools of the trade” requirements forcing patrol officers to buy and maintain all of their own patrol weapons.

    I respect his viewpoint, but I strongly disagree with the real-world effects of ArmaLite’s LEO sales policy. No banned-firearm exemptions for the LEOs, even for personal sales.

  7. I guess ArmaLite better hope their are enough LEO’s in NY to take up the slack from the civilian market. Cuz I ain’t buying from them now, and I’m not alone.

  8. Here it comes, the fighting among yourselves. This is what they want. Everyone, do not purchase anything from Armalite.

  9. Sir, I am not asking you to abandon those officers who serve their communities. I am asking to hold them to the same standard as they hold their fellow citizens. In fact, I think we should encourage you to continue to sell to those officers but how about a compromise? I would suggest, as others on this site and elsewhere have, that you sell them only the same equipment that the private citizen can buy. Do not offer your rifle with a collapsible stock, or barrel less than twenty inches in length or with a bayonet lug, flash suppressor, or removable carry handle. In addition, I would also suggest you only offer five round magazines to those officers serving in states that infringe on the rights of their citizens.

    I appreciate your desire to provide for officers but I remind you that they are only citizens who we have entrusted to deter crime in our communities and we should all be equally well equipped because they are no more, or less, special then my wife. I restate my position from yesterday, they only have to patrol this neighborhood but I have to live here.

  10. kind of unrelated, but I see monolithic uppers every once in a while, kind of like that one in the pic. Now, I swear I heard that LMT has a patent pending on that configuration. Is that right? LMT uppers are stamped with “patent pending”…

    Oh and Armalite can FOAD. Much better AR’s out there. Hell, LMT’s like a few miles away from them.

    • Mark Westrom bought eagle arms from Carl Lewis, owner of LMT. A few years later Westrom bought the name “armalite” and began putting that on his products. It’s safe to assume they are still in cahoots in certain areas.

  11. “It was a dictatorial act of one-party rule . . .”

    Propaganda, this is it…
    Having looked who wrote this piece I’m not really surprised.

  12. I will not abandon them because of the actions of their State legislators. I will support them to the extent allowed by law.

    Nice contradiction. The law (as it is) states that no one is allowed to own certain firearms. So he is saying that no matter what laws the legislators pass, he will send the “blues” what they want as long as it follows the law. The legislators passed the law. You have to abandon them per the law!

    Will you follow the law, or will you break the law and not “abandon” your fellow blues?

  13. Time for rank and file LE to tell Obama and DiFi to well whats that term you use on here. And do not buy Armilite do not reward flip floppers.

  14. That’s it. They had a chance to correct their position and they chose poorly. BOYCOTT Arma-“Lite on 2nd Amendment”

    Spread the word. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Help me out here….may there is an “app for that” of which I do not know about. Maybe Armalite has special mind readers on staff. IDK but would like to be educated.

    How would you that you are selling to

    “….. individual Police officers and to Sheriff’s and other departments that support private ownership.”

    What criteria do you use? Are they to give you 3 letters of reference? Do they need an Oath Keepers Card? Or, is Armalite just full of sh**?

    It is an unenforceable policy so they sell to everyone. It sounds as good as the gun grabbers arguments. They can sell to whomever they want, but lets be honest, they are not screening who they sell to.

    • Head of department issues permission slip on dept letterhead authorizing officer X to privately purchase banned items Y and Z.

      Selling entity (could be a direct sale from manufacturer, could be a “cop FFL” distributor) receives permission slip, verifies with department, and completes the sale.

      That’s how it works here in CA, including for handguns not on the Roster of tested, certified-safe-for-idiot-consumer models.

      Now our anti-2A legislators are pissed that CA LEOs have every right to privately sell their privately-owned non-Roster handguns to other private parties, and one of the (many) bills in the CA legislature looks to ban this. {sigh}

  16. Just because an individual Peace Officer or Sheriff’s department makes a statement in suport of of rights does not make them a free agent, opperating outside the state or locality’s control.

  17. Summary: “Even though ‘good’ cops are still tasked and wholly willing to enforce NY’s illegal and unconstitutional laws – with deadly force if they have to-, we’re still going to arm them, because we like money and couldn’t care any less about selling to a tyrant’s private army.”

    FOAD Armalite.

    Just goes to show that all these “no sale” policies from some minor gun companies recently are ultimately useless, because the larger and foreign companies that don’t care about rights will still sell to tyrants.

      • Capitalism, while lovely and the backbone of a free society, does not always have to be utterly detached from basic morality on an individual level. I don’t have a “Capitalistic duty” to sell to people whom I know will use my products in a way I find reprehensible, nor do I have some duty to give my money to those who will use it to arm tyrants. Free market is just that: free. One can choose to be a capitalistic automaton or one can choose how their products will be sold or bought, it’s their choice.

  18. > I will not abandon them because of the actions of their State legislators.

    But Armalite is willing to abandon civilians because of the actions of their State legislators.

    > I appreciate the support of those thoughtful citizens that understand the
    > principle of avoiding dealings with political institutions and leaders who
    > would violate our Second Amendment rights while supporting the rank
    > and file and the good officials who support us all.

    “while supporting the rank and file…who support us all”

    should read

    “while supporting the rank and file…who will enforce gun-owner control using Armalite products”.

    • What do you expect? The president of the company was an armed Thug in Blue, of course he believes that government thugs should have superior rights to peasants.

  19. Mark obviously doesn’t get it, but most coin-operated puppets don’t.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of other vendors in the sea that have publicly stated that they truly want and appreciate my business.

  20. I wonder if he thinks an AWB is going to pass and he is trying to shore up the only customer base he will have left or do you think he is just one of “them” that the rest of “us” are up against?

  21. Well see if they like how a nice big armalite logo on the ar15 of a cop confiscating American guns. That’ll be great PR.

  22. I will never buy an ArmaLite product. America doesn’t need a caste system for rights. ArmaLite is in a position to take a stand against it but is refusing to do so.

  23. Earlier Armalite stated that they were not responsible for the
    election of the New York legislators that voted for the SAFE
    act. That I could deal with. This new statement from Armalite
    makes it look like they default to “support our brothers-in-blue”
    without questioning whether such support is warranted.
    They point out that abandoning good cops is counter
    productive. Fair enough, but there’s no mention about putting
    pressure on the high up LEOs who support the SAFE act.
    So how exactly does Armalite reconcile their support for rank-
    and-file without giving atleast tacit approval to the politicians
    responsible for this mess?

  24. Boycott ! Don’t Boycott !!

    I see the various comments and have to shake my head. Business does not protect you from ethical and moral obligations as a living human being and an American Citizen. I use as illustration the support IBM gave the Nazi death machine. Sorry, but supplying business machines to better track the crematorium efficiency is not morally justifiable. IBM doesn’t get to walk away from that. It will always carry the stink.

    Business and social issues DO intersect. If you sell night vision to Al Qaeda you deserve a long prison sentence. If you assist in the violation of Constitutional rights of citizens you should expect blowback. Period.

    • Equating businesses selling guns to LEO’s in NY to IBM supplying the Nazi death machine is utter nonsense. NY Progressives are simply doing what the majority of voting citizens of NY elected them to accomplish, the Progressive agenda. What does Armalite and Cheaper than Dirt and Bud’s Gun Shop, for that matter, have to do with that?

      • You’re saying because drooling morons elected tyrants enacting a tyrant’s agenda, they should just shrug and continue to supply traitors? So if we have a literal coup and the nation devolves into an utter despotism, weapons companies should just shrug and say hey, it happened, on with business.

        Sounds like the “just following orders” defense, except now it’s “just business.”

  25. Question – Even if an officer purchases his own firearm is he not reimbursed through taxes? All he would need to do is claim it as an expense that is then forwarded onto the federal bill. This is actually smart since the local city or county do not fund the purchase and the officer gets to keep the firearm after he leaves service. Please tell me am I wrong?

  26. Armalite’s products are overpriced, and not any better than their competitors. Anyway, I will admit that Armalite’s latest response is better than their previous statements. I can understand their point that the firearms community telling them not to sell to specific local / state government agencies is no better than elected officials restricting the civil liberties of citizens. However, they could be more active in expressing support to gun owners. Anyway, I’m mystified at how they are able to operate in Illinois, given that state’s propensity to attack the Second Amendment. The ink is not even dry on the legislation to restrict magazines in Colorado, and Magpul is getting ready to leave the state.

    • “I can understand their point that the firearms community telling them not to sell to specific local / state government agencies is no better than elected officials restricting the civil liberties of citizens.”

      It’s a totally BS argument. The firearms community is asking them not to arm government thugs who would enforce (through deadly force) illegal and unconstitutional laws enacted only on them, the citizens. How is the citizenry asking them not to arm tyrants the equivalent of tyrants taking away millions of peoples’ basic human rights?

      • From Armalite’s point of view, a grass roots movement trying to dictate their business operations is no better than the state restricting consumer purchases. Reactionary consumerism that threatens profits does not translate well for business. Armalite may as well take the money. Because if they don’t, someone else will. It’s hard to imagine that either Colt or FN would side with a boycott.

  27. The gunship by me has an ar10 in stock and I was thinking about picking it up….. won’t be buying it now….. gonna order a larue tactical instead.

  28. The gun shop by me has an ar10 in stock and I was thinking about picking it up….. won’t be buying it now….. gonna order a larue tactical instead.

  29. while i can understand that there ARE good officers fighting for the rights of citizens, usually these states bank on the blessing of the police unions before presenting any legislature banning anything. The LEO are ALWAYS exempt from these laws and thats’s why they don’t have a problem signing off on bad laws.

    until they FEEL the PAIN, it will never affect them. if the LEO know that by signing off on bad law, they will be boycotted, (exemption or not) they will think twice about simply approving anything since it affects them. that’s what happened in Kali, the LEO union wouldn’t sign off on the AWB until there was an exemption put in for them. once that happened, they were all too happy to!
    HURT the GOOD and BAD cops the same way that GOOD and BAD gun owners are affected, then they won’t be so quick to sign off on bad legislation.

  30. I along with many others have been asking POF where they stand on this issue. They have yet to answer any of us on their FB page. They aren’t a very big company and they recently signed a contract with the California Fish and Game Department. Unfortunately I think they will have the same response as ArmaLite. If they do I will sell my P-308.

    • Awwwww Leo. I feel so sorry for you. You poor thing. If you tried that with my business, I would tell you it’s none of yours.

        • Doesn’t matter, won’t be around very long with that customer service.

          My bet is he doesn’t have a business at all and is posturing on here to support his capitalist-automaton worship.

      • Joke & Dagger, you have some issues. Reading comprehension is your friend, as someone pointed out to you earlier. I don’t see how anyone can think I was looking for pity in my response. I would have no problem selling my firearm and purchasing one from a company that supports us. I am not emotionally attached to objects, perhaps you are.

        I doubt anyone would try such a thing with your business. Selling Mary Kay and Avon isn’t typically brought up in political discussions. So don’t worry, your little business is safe.

        BTW: You should drop the & Dagger from your name to better reflect who you are.

        • Alright Silver, test out your theory. Walk into 10 random businesses and demand they stop business with a certain subset of customers that you define. You will be told 10 times to kiss their a$$ and 10 time to GTFO of their business. Same $hit.

  31. If armalite wants to dance they can dance with feinswine,joe blow whoever, I just don’t want to ever hear that they supported us, Randy

  32. I’m OK with them selling rifles to products to NY cops.

    Well, as long as those products are of the same standards for which the citizens are allowed to own.

    Supply the cops with 7-Round ARs all day long for all I care. Go for it.

    – D

  33. I am sympathetic to Armalite’s plight. However, it seems that New York has taken control of the situation. If Armalite does sell to LEO’s, they’ll be in violation 0f the aforementioned statute and could be restricted from selling in that state altogether!!

  34. Armalite .22’s? Nah, I’ll stick with my AK – takes a beating and keeps repeating – bullets don’t bounce off windshields either.

  35. They don’t have an active Facebook page, otherwise I’d express my disgust publicly there. Feel free to copy/paste/modify as you see fit, contact info from their website:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]


    I find your policy of selling firearms to government agencies and/or individual officers in states that prohibit the same weapons to be owned by civilians incredibly offensive.

    You have made your lack of support for the 2nd Amendment abundantly clear, and I can not support a company that does not support my rights. I will not spend another penny on ArmaLite products ever again.


  36. Police are our betters. They have their own Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights in most states, because the regular Bill of Rights isn’t good enough.

  37. I can understand why Armalite wants to keep selling to our police officers but if that state requires police to buy their own firearms then other states will follow suit so therefore your not helping to protect our 2nd amendment. If you were to resist selling firearms and ammo to the police, then they would not be able to do their jobs, forcing their states not to impose on our 2nd amendment rights.

  38. I live in a small town. I think I will go ask my local police a question. If a mandate to confiscate guns comes down, will they support it?
    I am real curious as to their answer.

  39. Considering that the demand for Armalite products is such that there is virtually nothing on the shelves they could have fallen in with the rest and felt zero economic impact. I need not mention that the move would have been a huge plus in the PR department as well.

    I don’t think this is going to turn out well at all.

    Charlie (some people just don’t get it!)

  40. The point that Westrom seems to be missing is that his policy supports a caste system where the members of royalty (in this case LE) have special privileges not available to the serfs. No one despised royalty more than the Founding Fathers and the Constitution was written to provide equal Human Rights to all, not just the select few.

    Mr. Westrom, tear down this wall!

  41. “When I go out on a no-nock raid to arrest formerly legal gun owners and confiscate their AR15’s I always bring my trusty ArmaLite!”

  42. Yoda has some advice for ArmaLite president Mark Westrom on his policy. “That is why you will fail.”

  43. So, he’s argument is, “We can’t sell to the people of NY, but we will sell to individual LEOs (people who work for the state enforcing the state law that makes it illegal for anyone else to own one). They think we’re stupid.

  44. OK can yall read they said the LEO’s that support the.2A. Now regarding the ammo companies and make gun manufacturers they do need to stand up to the government and quit selling all ammo to them. Law abiding citizens will definitely will make up the sales they don’t make to the governmenT. Done of the crap I read on here is BS. The people who voted for Obama had no say so in this Erhard do ever. You wanted the big Dr’s in office you get what you asked for and have no right to whineabout out n now. If republicans were in office I’m pretty damn sure we wouldn’t be watching our damn rights being stripped from us. Quit bitching and stand up for your God given rights!!!!

  45. maybe history can save you all. just a few people supported war with king george,the rest said “oh just mind your own business and get on with life” Thank you all who had the canonizes to do the unpopular. The l.E.O who do the bidding of the modern day george, are by accomplices by association. and to say we will sell to anyone with 2nd A cradentials, should be charged with murders of school shooting .
    If almighty dollar is your only compass,then god save us all!

  46. what if just one large tobacco company said OK if our product is so bad well just quit selling in us .

    the federal government makes $Billoins$ off of tobacco .
    they would do and immediate 180 on all tobacco policies .
    The same would be true with gun and ammo legislation.
    GROW UP AND GROW A PAIR !! our founders did , so can you !!

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