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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex in this country went into overdrive after the Christchurch massacre, just as the predicted. It’s all they know.

The real lesson to be learned from the Christchurch massacre is that madmen aren’t deterred by gun control laws, or laws against murder. Morality doesn’t enter into their thinking, so honest people must be prepared for the unthinkable and be able to respond.

The gun prohibition lobby hopes to capitalize on a terror attack half a world away in an effort to advance its agenda. Forget, for a moment, that the Second Amendment stands in their way. Focus on the irrational notion that somehow a defenseless victim is morally superior to an armed private citizen who can fight back and save lives.

When two armed citizens stopped a mass shooting at an Oklahoma City restaurant, and when an armed citizen stopped a gunman from entering a crowded Colorado Springs church, the gun prohibition lobby was silent.

The New Zealand suspect acquired his guns legally, same as virtually all the killers in recent mass shootings here. Millions of law-abiding American gun owners should not be penalized because of murderers’ misdeeds.

– Alan Gottlieb in 2nd Amendment Foundation: Gun control laws don’t deter madmen

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  1. Just one more example of liberals trying to advance a talking point they know to be a lie, hoping other folks are dumb enough to believe it , especially if they repeat it enough.

  2. You DON’T have to convince me…It’s the unwashed masses of the general public YOU have to reach…People who don’t understand the Bill of Rights…People who have long forgotten about being active with their Goverment and understanding what IT’S actually doing…Now government is run amok…Bordering on the verge of “Authoritarianism.” Next stop “Totalitarianism” by force of arms…

    • Aaron Walker for the win.

      We are preaching to the proverbial choir. The monumentally more important question: how do we persuade the masses?

      I really wish I knew the answer. I like to think that I am a pretty smart person and usually have solutions for just about everything. When it comes to finding a way to reach the masses and break through their emotional barriers, I am out of ideas. Suggestions?

      • If you ever figure it out, tell the rest of us. You must remember, the people you’re trying to reach have been indoctrinated from pre-K through college that guns and pretty much anything else we believe in are evil and should be outlawed. In essence, most of them cant or wont think for themselves.

        • Send those types to 4chan’s /k/ board. Just enough weird degenerate stuff to keep their attention and enough of a relatively accurate information echo chamber to teach them the way they are used to learning.

        • Part of the answer is to take back the educational system but, with a concerted effort, that will take 20 or more years. Probably 40 because tenure at the university is a thing and we’ll have to deal with it. However, tenure isn’t bad necessarily, it just is and we can use it to our advantage because it exists to protect, well, us at this point.

          Part of taking back education and also accelerating the overall trend involves something we might sum up as “raise your kids” (or grandkids).

          Here’s something no one talks about and it’s a big reason I am generally against homeschooling. While they don’t get much coverage, most kids at the freshman in high school or above, and sometimes middle school as well, KNOW that there is something wrong. They simply don’t know what it is. Most are quiet about it because (and damned if this doesn’t sound like some hippie shit) “the system” does not react well to boat rocking and the kids don’t really know what’s wrong or the proper way to react to that. The ones that are vocal are therefore easily made an example of.

          Much as it sucks the answer to this is simple but time consuming. You have to get educated well enough that when kids come and ask a question you can answer it. You have to undo the damage that the schools do and counter that narrative with facts. You also have to be aware of the reaction this will provoke from the school which may not be to your initial advantage.

          The alternative is to let the schools go further in becoming a Left-wing echo chamber where the o lt argument is how far Left everything should be. Over time that will move progressively further Left.

          If you do things right though, and temper the kid’s hostility to the system while providing them with an effective way to avoid getting in trouble for rocking the boat you can then send that kid to college with no fear because they’re already inoculated against the bullshit. At that point they’ll start to make counterpoints within the University system and start to change the whole educational system.

          That’s just MHO. But I don’t think we can expect things to get better if we don’t engage and present a alternative viewpoint. We can’t win an argument without having it any more than you can retreat from a battlefield and claim you won a victory. Strategic withdrawal is one thing, wholesale surrender is another.

      • I have had the most luck with church and volunteer emt/firefighter groups. NY is tricky with the Democrat machine to begin with but the red flag laws have had a chilling effect when teachers are involved as no one wants to be the test case of how absurd a claim they can make a have taken seriously. With that said most countries here are perfectly fine it’s just NYC and Albany that makes this state a Kafka novel

      • 1. How about wearing a pro-2A shirt in public at a council meeting and speak up for your civil rights?
        2. How about publicly questioning an elected politician who is anti-civil rights at their favorite restaurant?
        3. How about protesting in front of the house they live in?
        4. How about protesting in front of the of office building or business they run.

        My question is to the gun community are they really ready to get their own hands dirty??? Are you going to leave the comfort of your living room and add your face to the battle for civil rights???
        Or are you just going to rely on lawyers?

        The Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left are just fine when state government refuses to enforce immigration laws. A line was crossed and no one cared. Now state government refuses to enforce 2A civil-rights. Since the first line was crossed with very little complaint, why not cross another line???

        The day is coming when a state will refuses to acknowledge your 2A civil rights. What will you do then?

          • So true! We flood our statehouse and crash our legislature’s phone system whenever another feel good gun law comes down the pike. That being said, we still lost due to an increasingly liberal legislature and a spineless governor. Dont let up, Bloomberg and company will eventually run out of money.

      • ” When it comes to finding a way to reach the masses and break through their emotional barriers, I am out of ideas. Suggestions?”

        TTAG’s Strych9 has some good ideas on that subject, and I hope he organizes them into a TTAG article some day…

        • I probably won’t bother writing anything.

          As of now I’m too busy with stupid book learnin’ and theoretical academic shit so that I can troll my betters into attacking other people because I’m a coward and a moron with no life experience. Also, I’m working seriously on my yo-yo skills and pick-up sticks game until my mom let’s me out of the basement so I can get a job to get money to buy a knife so I can move up to mumbly-peg because that game teaches you to be a ninja, or so I’ve read on web-blogs for safe parenting that urge you to keep your kids away from the game. I don’t really know.

          But one day, when I’m a big kid, I’ll go outside and try some things. I’ll let you know how that goes, if I survive without a learned teacher who’s seen some shit.

  3. Have not seen or heard anything from lawful gun owners in NZ. Do they plan on becoming a slave nation? Too many states here in the US have remained silent and ALLOWED their masters to strip them of their rights; as well as several countries around the world. I’m sorry, but I will never understand. Give them NOTHING!

    • In New York, after Cuomo passed the SAFE Act, a pro-2A demonstration was held with over 10,000 gun owners in Albany. The response from the Cuomo administration? Mockery. People haven’t remained silent, and haven’t “allowed their masters” to do anything. This said, the laws are in place, but are very rarely enforced, and despite the snarky ravings of gun owners in other states, very little has changed here. So what’s your solution? We vote, but are overridden by the NYC electorate. We have rallied, but been ignored or mocked. It’s the same in other states that have restrictive gun laws as well.

      • We also have a lot of people moving out and snowbirds are tending to rent now. There is no justification for administrative raises this budget given the fall in revenue and it will likely get worse. On the up end for the country NY should lose congressional seats and the deterioration of financial conditions may (we can dream) allow the possibility of a less commie governor/mayor next time around.

        • There’s a state Assmeblyman, DiPietro, who has drawn up legislation to split the state into 3 separate entities. It doesn’t stand a chance in hell of passing, but it’s still worth writing your Assemblyman to support it and Senator to craft similar legislation. I’ve already done so and have received positive responses from both. Again, it’s symbolic, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be quiet as NYC drags the state further down the drain.

        • There was another lovely back n forth in the S tier a few weeks back with the usual up / down disconnect…

          – But, but tax funded programs from down to up: you’ll starve.

          – We’d be frakking rich if you’d let us do business at all: butt out.

          The misalignment is making the press in ways it didn’t, before. With the budget pressure, something’s gotta give, eventually.

        • Jim that didn’t make it to the capitol region at all. Do you have any links I would be very interested to see what is going on over there. Especially since the last I heard your area got screwed for no real reason re fracking (especially given what PA does right over the border)

        • Fracking is the key to independence for upstate new york.
          They don’t want country folk making as much (or more) than the people in Nassau and West Chester counties.

      • I get it HP, wasn’t meaning to come off “snarky”. Just do me a favor…never comply. Have a great one, hang in there.

        • I apologize, that wasn’t directed at you personally, I should have been clearer. It was more of a general statement given the nature of some commenters I’ve seen here and on other gun websites.

        • Noted I will read up on it. My immediate worry would be they go for it but make NCY, Albany, and Buffalo the 3 new capitals and we have 3 NY’s to get stuck in. For better or worse financial starvation will change things especially if court rulings make some forms of control impossible. I just hope enough wise up before we are an all over Onion town.

    • The people of New Zealand were essentially British Commonwealth subjects until the de-colonialism of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Politically, they are on a par the the Africans and Sub-continentals who were also subjects of the realm. The great majority of them have no real concept of true citizenship and independence.

      • “New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy, although its constitution is not codified. Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and thus the head of state. The Queen is represented by the governor-general, whom she appoints on the advice of the prime minister.”

        • Basically NZ was ripe for a action like this. I’m surprised it took this long to get there. It seems they needed an event like Oz and the UK had to pull the switch down.
          The beauty of constitutional government is it prevents knee jerk reactions that have lifetime consequences.

          That bothers the fascist left.

        • I stand corrected. I just assumed that they had shed all that utterly useless baggage and didn’t bother to look it up. That puts New Zealand residers several steps BELOW the Third World, from the standpoint of Liberty.

    • You probably won’t hear about pro-gun NZlanders. The MSM will see to that. Not many of us are going to NZ so we will only see/hear/experience what the MSM allows to be revealed. Only the anti-gun position will be over conveyed.

  4. They DON’T care, because it’s never been about criminals and nut jobs. Control of the unwashed servants of government is the real goal.

    • You have to wonder what they have planned in the long term if they think people owning firearms are such a great threat. Mechanized farming made slavery obsolete and expensive, so it must be cultural thing.

      We think individuals should be punished for their crimes. Leftists and Progressives think whole “classes” need to be punished for social (ist) justice. We are the new kulaks. A class earmarked for destruction.

    • You’ve got that right.And criminals consider criminaling a job. It blew me away when an early parole stipulation was. Do you have a job opportunity when you get out. His answer was “Yeh, stealing cars.” Can you believe that, wow.

  5. “Criminals Aren’t Deterred by Gun Control Laws and Gun Grabbers Don’t Care”

    It’s not so much that they don’t care(they really don’t), as much as it is they just don’t get it…it’s called denial, they think that by punishing law abiding citizens, guns will magically disappear from the streets as well…they ONLY thing they’re going to accomplish is to grow the underground and black markets to the point that they are more efficient than the retail industry, and in many places, they are…

    • WI PATRIOT is absolutely correct…..these brainless idiots who want to dis-arm the law-abiding gun owner, don’t have enough forethought to realize that by taking the guns away from people who own them legally; will only result of a proliferation of guns again; the type everyone tried so hard to eliminate. I’m talking about those which were previously called “saturday night specials”. Guns smuggled into this country, or produced here, would be one of the next money-making endeavors of organized crime. And the government would absolutely be able to prevent this from happening; just as they have prevented the flow of illegal drugs into this country.

  6. The Fascist Taliban cares not one whit about public safety,that’s not their goal,Control over “We The People” is.

    Interesting read that came this morning by Alan Keyes.

    Democrats’ deconstruction of the Constitution
    Alan Keyes explains ongoing erosion of America’s self-government

  7. Gun-Control is far about control than it is about guns. Guns are just a symbol, like whisky drinking, smoking, driving fast, eating-meat—the list is endless. People who identify with gun-control have a strong desire to enforce their ideas of proper behavior on others, especially people they don’t like. Guns are just a handy metaphor they can use to attack their cultural enemies.

    • Correct, it’s truly about making citizens into subjects ( victims ) of an evolving socialist government in D C . They want to pull a Venezuela style coup here in America but are scared as hell of all the gun owners in ” fly over country ” that will oppose this move. Gun control didn’t work so they re -labled it gun safety. Like calling a goat a horse, you can do it but it’s still a goat. There are plenty of goats in suits in D C .

  8. While they push gun bans at us they tool up the cops for RFLs, no knock raids, and inevitable conflicts. The cops are really in the middle and probably side on the poor guy they are told to hit. Politicians have no problem drawing up laws, rules and edicts that some one else has to carry out.

  9. Excerpt (quote from Mel Gibson’s the Patriot):

    Benjamin Martin : Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard, why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king can.

    • Unless you like killing tyrants. Then three thousand one mile away would be handy. The legend and myths of the Creedmoor Brigade would never end

  10. What in hell is the Civilian “Industrial” Disarmament Complex? What part does Industry play in any of this?

    When we refer to the military-industrial complex, that actually means something. It’s not just made up to sound good. The military establishment and parts of industry have actually developed an incestuous relationship which can distort democracy.

    The term goes back to President Eisenhower, who coined the term.

    • Perform a few google searches on who founded/funds various gun control groups and who donates. Then search who donates to various lawmakers campaigns (hell any elected position above dogcatcher lately) compare the two lists and let me know if there is any pattern involving industry/money

  11. “..The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex in this country went into overdrive after the Christchurch massacre”

    Because, as we all know, it has nothing to do with the guns and everything to do with the control.

  12. We know. I’ve begun to believe it is part of a plot to confiscate guns from law-abiding people so criminals can prey on them which would require more people restrictive laws. It’s all for people control. Which is why we have the Second Amendment. And if you are told that tyranny can’t happen here ask what hell disarming people is if it is not tyranny.

  13. If I was the president I’d be damned proud that the countries citizens were armed to the teeth. Let, We the People have the capability to protect Our Nation from invasion both foreign and domestic. Our military is us, one with the nation, one with the government, one with its citizens.

  14. Finally. Someone that understands that the gun grabbers aren’t stupid, they’re just evil.

  15. Jefferson said”
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

    If you disagree, you will lose everything……

  16. The media tells the tragedy one way – 50 people killed. What they don’t say is that it was 43 killed at the first mosque and only 7 at the second mosque. Why only 7 at the second? Because at the second mosque a good guy with a gun started shooting back and the bad guy retreated. That is what needs to be told – good guy with gun saved many more lives.

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