Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (AP Photo/J. David Ake)
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Head mom and Michael Bloomberg sock puppet Shannon Watts makes the case that her civilian disarmament organization is happy to work both sides of the aisle.

I think we can (get through to Republican voters). We’re not a partisan organization. We spend a lot of time working both sides of the aisle. We have a great grassroots army on the ground who are constantly meeting with our lawmakers.

When we look at last year, which was our most successful year ever in terms of passing stronger gun laws, in nine of those states, the laws were signed by Republican governors. If you look at the Republicans we’re talking with—Larry Hogan from Maryland and John Kasich—they seem to have had a change of heart and mind. If you have two Republicans who are seemingly good on this issue, it really leaves Donald Trump as the only potential candidate who opposes. That is because he got a $30 million investment from the NRA.

With HR8, the house on background check bill, it was introduced by five Republicans and five Democrats. In some races, like Pennsylvania 1, both the Republican and Democratic candidate had the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense distinction. It is growing and it is possible.

– Shannon Watts in Why Gun Violence is a Women’s Issue

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    • Kasich should run as a Democrat; Everyone else is and he’s annoyingly liberal but still not insane unlike many of the other candidates. He’s a CIS genered white male so maybe I’m failing to take that into account.

      • Kasich has pretty much lost his base in Ohio. His anti-gun views of late has done him in. He should switch parties.

  1. I’m gonna keep my thoughts to myself on this one, as I don’t want to get a “FLAME DELETED” zot.

      Yeah I am really not shocked or shocked. They are only bipartisan if you believe exactly what they want. See how that works!

      • Just another flamming nut job liberal course states are falling for this bs.they do scare tactics and strong these states.people need to grow a set and stand there ground and push anti gun group will be happy until all guns are taken away from US.lets be 1930’s nazi will soon be like that unless people stand there ground and push back.

  2. Nothing will surprise me what comes out of the mouth of the left. Abraham Lincoln stated it best ” If someone thinks you are a mentally inept. Then speak only have it confirmed.”

  3. Yeah sure, Theyre as bipartisan as CNN. Another outfit that cant spell bipartisan!

  4. Mom moms demand action,,, ha, my mom demanded action also, did she get it? Only when my dad was home…😤

    • Diggler was the best on these sorts of articles. I assume he finally got either a restraining order, or rocked Shannon’s world (maybe both)

      • I *hope* Dan Z. e-mails that pic to Dr. Dirk.

        For his ‘special’ folder of Shannon pics, for when he is unwinding, at the end of a long day, scotch in one hand, and {Deleted} in the other… 😉

  5. I’m sure they get plenty of support from the fudds, until they start coming after their beloved O/U’s and bolt actions.

  6. Not worthy of a headline. All of her kind walk both sides of the street, and all of them are always looking for more. By their deeds you will know them. F-K-A.

  7. Gun Control ? That’s when you can hit the TEN ring from 20 yards consistently isn’t it?

    • “I miss Dirk’s input on articles like this.”

      Hey, Dan – Please email Dirk and invite him to return, he was such a romantic for Shannon’s… er, …’beauty’… *cough*… 😉

  8. Just stop it, Shannon. Even if you did get both sides of the aisle to unanimously endorse your agenda, nobody would comply. Certainly not criminals, and you can’t predict the future.

  9. A quarter of gun crimes take place in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. and about 50% of murders occur in about 5% of the counties but you never hear them mention that. They aren’t interested in stopping crime they just want to take guns from everybody. Those cities mentioned are and have been governed by DEMOCRATS. Stick that in Bloomberg’s pipe lady. Criminal misusers of firearms should go to jail with no plea bargaining down and the sentences should be double what they currently are with a second such crime worth 50 years. That might cut down on gun crime. Make the time NOT worth the time. But they feel sorry for the “underprivileged” who seldom use guns to acquire food. A few Rinos joining you DOES NOT bipartisan make.

  10. Actually, Demanding Moms is Tripartisan — Bloombag was a Democrat, a Republican and an independent.

  11. Of course she’d take money from Republicans and anti-gun votes from Republican legislators. I suspect that is what she means and am pretty sure it is true.

  12. Shannon Watts …aka Shannon Troughton, President and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm…

  13. If they want Action they should stick to tinder while their husbands sit in a corner watching lol.

  14. Bipartisan my ass. It’s bipartisan as long as a republican sees it their way or otherwise gives in.
    Ms. Watts can just flame flame flame and flame flame!

  15. SOCK PUPPETT. That’s funny.
    That name should be attached to VP Pence. Fits perfectly.
    Remember when Pence placed his water bottle under the table 1/4 of a second behind the “Dumpster”? Now that was hilarious.:)

  16. I dunno fellas. I know plenty of conservative gun control advocates. Authoritarianism is bi-partisan.

  17. An army, they’ve got an army. Ooohhh sht a whole army of Moms demanding. Now honey do has some teeth

  18. ” If you look at the Republicans we’re talking with—Larry Hogan from Maryland and John Kasich ”

    The most laughable line in the whole article. Neither one qualifies as a Republican beyond their voter registration card.

  19. That’s what people get when they vote for members of the Republi-Crat Criminal Cartel: bipartisan violation of rights. And that’s beside ever expanding federal government and national debt, but I repeat myself.

  20. “..We have a great *grassroots* army on the ground ”

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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