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Chuck Michel is the president of the California Rifle and Pistol Association and one of the attorneys involved in the lawsuit challenging the state’s magazine ban. As has he announced via his Facebook page, the California Department of Justice has filed a motion (read it here) to stay Friday’s District Court ruling that’s allowed Californians to legally buy “high capacity” magazines again.

As we noted yesterday, while the current injunction that’s blocking the ban is in place, retailers are again shipping standard capacity mags into the Golden State. But there’s no telling how long that window will remain open.

Prudent California gun owners should be placing their orders now, if they haven’t already done so.

Here are a few deals on standard capacity magazines that may interest to those wish to resupply . . .

California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Magpul

MAGPUL – AR-15 30RD PMAG GEN M2 MOE 30-ROUND MAGAZINE 223/5.56 – $12.30, 10-pack for $99.99

California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Magpul

MAGPUL – AR-15 30RD PMAG GEN M3 30-ROUND MAGAZINE 223/5.56 – $14.20, 10-Pack for $113.99

California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Palmetto State Armory

Ruger BX-25 25-Round Magazine – $26.99

California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Brownells


California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Brownells

SMITH & WESSON – M&P 9MM 17-ROUND MAGAZINES – $31.99, 3-Pack for $134.99

California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Palmetto State Armory


California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Brownells


California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Palmetto State Armory

ETS GLOCK 18 9MM 31 ROUND POLYMER MAGAZINE – 7782062 – $12.99

California DOJ Files to Have Magazine Ban Reinstated
Courtesy Palmetto State Armory

MAGPUL PMAG 30 AK/AKM MOE 7.62X39MM MAGAZINE, BLACK – MAG572 $13.25 (free shipping on orders of 10 or more)

Courtesy Brownells

MAGPUL – AR-15 60RD PMAG D-60 223/5.56 – $104.99

Courtesy Brownells






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  1. Aint freedom and liberty great, if even for a few days. I have no doubt that the gray suited political THUGS, will win the day if just to stomp LEGAL LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS, stuck behind enemy lines into submission.

  2. Freestaters should postpone non-emergency magazine purchases for a couple of months so that these poor deprived Nannystaters can get their needed supply without shortages.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! If you must have extra mags, buy locally for a month or two. Leave the internet sellers alone. It’s an easy sacrifice for our brothers/sisters behind enemy lines.

      • I always buy locally…the interwebs doesn’t give a damn about me. AND a lot of azzhole seller’s won’t ship to Cook county because they suck(and are clueless)!

        • You’re a “victim” of your residency and not discrimination by online sellers. Your beef is with your local and state government.

        • I feel your pain. I live in DuPage county and some sellers will not ship to me because they think I live in Cook–which I don’t. It hasn’t stopped me from buying a dozen standard cap mags in the last 6 months though. It just takes a bit more effort. And, oddly, some brick and mortar stores in Cook county are selling 20 and 30 round mags–I’m not sure how they are getting around that. It is a joke.

        • Many online vendors care enough to give customers a significantly lower price than local stores. That you may value a smile and banter more than the lowest price is your preference. As for not selling shipping to your locale, have you ever run an online business that has to deal with of myriad of different and shifting laws with very dangerous teeth? Is it wrong of them to play it safe when their livelihood is at stake? Have you walked a mile in their Bruno Maglis?;-)

  3. This is worth going into debt for, folks. Buy as many as possible. Pay for overnight shipping. “Gift” them to your children and grandkids, upon receipt. Make it formal by putting it into writing, regardless of their age. Be explicit on what, how many and the date. Ifnthis isnreversed, they’ll at least be grandfathered and they can ostensibly own them for the next 50+ years.

    • If it was worth ‘going into debt for’ wouldn’t it be worth driving across state lines and just buying some?

    • It’s a bold move and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the 9th and if it goes further. Given the current SC I can see the current rule upheld and the ban being rewritten based on the decision to salvage what they can for now and to try for more later. I can also see them going full retard and making Clarence Thomas’s day

  4. He is asking the same judge who said the public is harmed by the magazine ban for a stay based on the idea LCMs harm the public.

    • Except, if you read the brief, the legal test for the issuance of a stay is completely different, and they may actually get it from him. And if at first they don’t succeed, they can ask the Ninth Circuit to issue a stay.

      • While the bar for issuing a stay is lower, the criteria are, “Likely to win on the Merits of the case,” “Suffer irreparable harm to the defendant,” “The balance of equities tip in his favor,” and “The stay is in public interest.” The judges order clearly states his opinion of the merits of the case, for #1, and I think it also clearly states who he thinks is actually irreparably harmed by the case, which gives us points #2 and #4, and “the equities” is ,”who is worse off without this stay,” and the judge, again, says the public is worse off with the law in place. So really it’s just a matter of how fast is the 9th brought in to override this judge, not whether he will stay his own decision on this one.

      • ” If Section 32310 is ultimately reinstated by the Ninth Circuit, it will be difficult for the State to remove
        these new LCMs. ”

        So if they’re admitting it will be difficult for the state to remove “new” LCMs, how the heck do they think they’re going to remove the “old” LCMs? I hope Judge Benitez points out that issue in his response to the request for a stay.

        • On the other hand, if the law is upheld, anyone who buys mags now will be a felon unless they turn them in, destroy them, or ship them out of state. Makes things a bit easier for The Man.

        • @Mark N.- No, the law is currently nullified. So purchases/acquisitions during this “lull” is legal. The DOJ pretty much admits that in their filing.

        • Mk18: Yes, because the law was overturned, purchases are CURRENTLY legal. HOWEVER, IF the law is reinstated, the mags will be illegal under that statute, which prohibits the import, manufacture, or possession of such mags.(Remember, that the cahllenged law did away with the grandfathering of mags owned prior to 1/1/2000 that were legally owned until the effective date of the new law.) For our purposes, only the last element is important–continued possession after the law is reinstated will be illegal. And no, this will not be an ex post facto law as to possession. The only issue at that point will be whether confiscating the now illegal mags will constitute a Fifth Amendment taking, an issue also likely to be dealt with by the Ninth. (As an aside, California law also provides that 10+ mags are a nuisance, and no damages are typically owed for “abating a nuisance.”)

  5. It’s gonna be some real legal gymnastics to try and invalidate that judges beautifully written judgement. He just decimated any bs argument the left has been using for the last 30 years. Here’s hoping this is the case that once and for all rids this country of the bs word “high capacity magazine”

    • Judge Skretny upheld New Yorkistan’s magazine capacity limit at 10 rounds and quoted Mother Jones in his ruling. It was wonderful to see Judge Benitez’s ruling point out that citing such biased sources is complete BS.

    • The 9th circuit is a master of the mental gymnastics needed to come up with the decisions it does. Especially when it comes to guns since they hate us and want us exterminated. SCOTUS being SCOTUS won’t hear the case anyway so they could literally go one sentence saying “those magazines are icky” like a 3 year old would and it would stand.

      • They probably worked on the language over the weekend to get it just right to bend the people of CA over. The good thing is Trump is slamming his Circus court nominees through the pipeline without consulting Frankenstein and “Kramala bad laws through” Harris. They were not happy, and that makes me happy.

        We need to keep the pain train going on California law makers. Support the state level organizations fighting BS laws.

  6. Does S&W make their mags out of gold? Buy a few standard cap mags for my sigma and I’ve matched the price of the gun.

    Its the price I pay for wanting to dual wield Freeedom at the range.

    • I just looked at and it looks like the Sigma mags they have are $19.99. That doesn’t seem out of order to me. Maybe your definition of a few is much larger than mine?:-)

  7. If the NYSRPA vs. NYC case gets SCOTUS to declare all 2A cases require strict scrutiny, then Judge Benitez’s ruling stands on strict scrutiny grounds and the 9th circuit shouldn’t get much of a say in the matter. If SCOTUS does not declare all 2A cases require strict scrutiny, then there are a lot of New York State gun owners hoping that the 9th circuit upholds the magazine ban and the case ends up at SCOTUS. Seems like we’re hitting the antis from both coasts and I’m trying not to get my hopes up more than I should.

    Fingers crossed that RBG gets replaced sometime soon.

  8. I read somewhere that Justice Roberts is blocking second amendment cases from being heard, don’t know if it’s true or not.

    • It only takes 4 votes to grant cert. But it takes five for a majority. There are 4 good votes on the pro-gun side but Roberts can be a swing vote.

      • Roberts isn’t going to grant cert unless he knows which way the court is going to swing. Consider the NYSPRA to fall in our favor.

  9. The Totalitarian Fascist Taliban can’t handle loosing to the Constitution,it’s coming,time to get it on and get it over with for once and all.

  10. I was just thinking about early American history. I thought, WOW! What if the British Torys, Lords , and the Monarchy of England came up with the idea of “Red Flag laws” and used THEM on the early American colonists!? Just like what OUR own government is starting do recently…Could they have stopped the colonists from ARMED Rebellion…?

    • The result when king Georgie marched on Concord and Lexington to collect arms powder and shot was’the “Shot Heard Round The World”. Party like it’s 1776 !

      • Not to put too fine a point on it, but that would have been April 19, 1775. When the Brtish marched on Lexington and Concord, they had success with seizing arms prior to Concord, but that changed when the local farmers fired on British regulars at the North Bridge. Let us hope the Leftists fall back without sparking a true civil war.

        • Fat chance of that happening. These scum will put Leo’s in the firing line when they order confiscation of these magazines. Blue will become the modern Redcoat. Hopefully more Leo’s will follow the Sheriffs example and refuse to follow unconstitutional laws and orders.

  11. It’s a pointless to buy those magazines. The ban WILL be reinstated and anyone who bought those magazines will become instant felons who will have to turn them in. To make sure they can punish as many gun owners as possible they will subpoena all the retailers that said they were selling to ca and go door to door to confiscate them. Maybe get a few gun owners killed in the process. I can imagine the state going door to door and simply executing all gun owners that oppose and even a few that don’t.

    • I said the same thing yesterday and people just don’t get it. California will absolutely go to court to get those records. If you’re gonna engage in a crime- which is what this will end up being- at least do it in a way to make it hard to prosecute. Go buy them in person somewhere. Otherwise expect the cops to show up with a warrant if you buy 20 of these things.

      • But there’s no law concerning what you do with those mags once bought, which you did so when it was legal. After the ban returns, well, then that’s up to you how you want to play that out.

  12. At this point.., wouldnt any LCM manufactured between 2000 to 2019.. now be considered legal in Kaliforniastan..?

    • Exactly. Now, just load up on mags anytime you visit a free state. Not sure what all the excitement is about anyway

    • At this point, yes. But after the Ninth gets the case, which it will ,all bets are off as to whether they remain so.

  13. Just think if they went after the gangs & thieves & all criminals in general, with the fervor & money & soapbox preachings they throw at the citizen with weapons, we would be a much happier nation,,, till that happens , slap a democrat,,, maybe they’ll wake up, but I doubt it.

  14. Why do so many Americans care what these Violators of their Oaths Of Office say ” WE THE PEOPLE ” are ‘ not allowed ‘ to have ?

    Why do you CONSENT to their illegal rule ?

    • Why haven’t we seen you on the news walking through the streets of DC with a loaded automatic rifle?

      Big talk isn’t impressive.

  15. the door has been opened and once opened never can it be shut again

    because for the most part how can a cop tell when a mag made TODAY was bought…or where or when?

    you could buy mags forever now out of state and as long as they ‘look’ and are not ‘maker marked’ with date stamps…(that did not get rubbed off with use..) how can they tell?

    • It doesn’t matter, under the statute that was overturned, as it outlawed previously legal “grandfathered” mags. If reinstated, possession of such mags irrespective of the date of acquisition will be illegal.

  16. “Defendant brings this ex parte application for good cause on the ground that the State will suffer irreparable and immediate injury until a stay pending appeal is issued”

    If the court uses the standard of Strict scrutiny as opposed to lessor standards, the state is apt to lose the motion. In my opinion, the states position that it will suffer irreparable and immediate injury is just plain ridiculous.

    • The motion does not go to the merits of the dispute. This is a procedural device intended to “maintain the status quo” pending resolution of the appeal. The standards for granting a stay have nothing to do with the standards used to overturn the statute.

  17. Anybody else see the opening being given to citizens? Cheap ammo, firearms, mags, etc? I have a bad feeling that even the muckity mucks can see the clouds on the horizon. I advise everyone to store food, medicine, anything your family needs to survive. We have had a good run as a country. And history shows that no civilization is immune from failure.

  18. This is for Liberty Toad(since TTAG works “poorly”). Many(most?) towns in Cook have no problem with 30 round mags. Those limits were gone-traded for CCL. Which is why these other idiots(Ranger Rick!)are commenting out of ignorance. I can get whatever I want in Cook. Taxes & prices are usually high. Whatever- I buy mags in nearby Indiana with NO problems(and good prices).

  19. “..the California Department of Justice has filed a motion to stay..”

    Because it doesn’t become ‘settled law’ until it is the decision you like.

  20. I’ve said this elsewhere… if you don’t live in California, please refrain from buying magazines from online retailers for the next couple of weeks unless you plan on shipping them to friends/family in California. Let’s make it easier for those “behind enemy lines” as it where to get the supplies they need while they can.

  21. Just a big reminder to everyone that I believe this law was overturned with suit brought forward or backed by the NRA’s ILA branch. Remember that when you are bitching about bump stocks and go buy yourself some binary triggers while you still can… I’m not happy about the status of bump stocks and don’t hold a lot of faith in the one temporary stay but it has been expanded to members of the Firearms Policy Foundation, not the Coalition, but the “Foundation”. Some who became members before the effective date of the ban are included in the stay and can keep their bump stocks for now. I don’t know what would happen if a person joined FPF now, after the effective date of the ban, but I have reached out the the FPF and have not yet received an answer. Anyone know?

    • The suit was neither brought nor backed by the NRA. Once again they showed up to an existing effort and got their name attached for publicity. Look at the financial expenditures.

      The NRA is garbage, and the “bitching” shall continue until that Fudd organization is reorganized into something other than a entity designed to make the board richer.

      • This suit was brought by the CRPA (California Rifle & Pistol Association) which is the NRA affiliate in California, much like the NYRPA is the NRA affiliate in New York. So, yes, the NRA did bring this suit forward and is financially backing it.

        If you doubt me, contact Chuck Michel yourself (the head of the lawfirm for the CRPA) and ask him.

  22. As a Colorado resident, I wish I could buy 30-Round AK PMAGs (legally). They weren’t shipping prior to our mag-ban going into effect.

  23. The best comment from someone on calguns about the mag buying frenzy:
    “If people on calguns spent half as much money towards pro gun orgs as they do magazines and panic buys, we wouldnt have this problem. Food for thought….especially for those who have somehow rationalized buying 1000 AR mags this weekend.”

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