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Creepy Joe Biden, the guy leading the clown car race by 26 points for the Democrat nomination for President, just can’t help himself. He says dumb things. And he does dumber and more offensive things like swimming naked in front of female Secret Service agents.

His latest boast? No, it wasn’t to tell us, “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”

Or that “…you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” As if African-American guys only became articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking with the arrival of Barack Hussein Obama.

Here’s the latest verbal hurdle he didn’t clear (as reported by The Hill):

“I’m the only guy ever nationally to beat the NRA”

That’s Joe’s way of taking credit for “beating the NRA” with the passage of the 1994 crime bill which included lots of federal money for things like midnight basketball and allegedly hiring 100,000 more cops. Oh, and . . .

“(The bill) had the assault weapons ban, a limited number of bullets in a clip. It made sure that cop-killer bullets, Teflon bullets, weren’t available any longer. It opened up the whole effort to make sure there is background checks for the first time in American history.”

Actually, Joe, the background checks were created by the Brady Bill in 1993, but we’re sure that was all you, too.

Does Joe also take responsibility for the 54-seat wipe-out suffered by Democrats in the House elections that year?

At least Joe’s consistent. As Dan wrote in 2016 . . .

Gun owners really should count themselves as very fortunate. Despite having endured seven years of the most 2A-hostile administration in American history, the strategic geniuses who thought they had a sure victory after the horrific Sandy Hook massacre chose…Joe Biden to lead their anti-gun push.

The same doddering Uncle Joe with a virtually unblemished record on foreign policy. The same bumbler who can’t seem to utter two consecutive sentences without including a racial slur…or manage to keep his creepy hands off of unsuspecting White House guests.

This election cycle will be nothing if not entertaining. Joe Biden is proving to be a lot like herpes. He’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

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  1. It’s S L O W Joe…wait’ll he gets charged for hanky panky in Ukraine & China. Goodtimes😄😊😏

  2. If this is the best the Democrats have, they don’t stand a chance in 2020,,, WORD…!

    • Creepy Joe is the placeholder candidate. He won’t get nominated for three reasons:

      He’s white.
      He’s male.
      He’s old.

      He will be replaced by someone who is younger and ticks a lot more diversity boxes.

    • I can’t find it verbatim, but there was a profane but apt Nixon quote from the night McGovern was elected, to the effect of; ‘how did a party led by such great & strong (if wrong-headed) men as Roosevelt and Truman, come to be run by such jackasses?’`

  3. Those poll numbers are fake. They were leaving out people under 50 to skew them above Bernie’s numbers. He should be in prison with his son for the backroom China and Ukraine deals. I do hope he is the candydate though. The creepy Joe commercials will be epic. How’s a 70 year old pedo sniffing your daughter’s hair for a warning shot?

    • All it’s going to take are coast-to-coast billboards with this one photo. Nothing else need be said, really.

      • Funny you say that about the picture. Something about the look on that girl’s face is haunting.

      • Creapy old Joe, being close to 80, if he is elected, is NOT who we need to worry about. We need to worry about who he selects as his Vice President, because Creapy old Joe, will most likely croak well before he finishes his first term, if he is elected [possibly even before he wins the election (in his own mind)]. Not that I wish that on him, but face it, he will be about 80 years old.

    • So in that case, the fix is clearly in & we don’t need to worry about Bernie again (it really needs to be reiterated that the DNC is apparently doing a better job of keeping outright communists away from the White House than the RNC, lately). Plus…debates with Joe, possibly involving geriatric wrestling on national TV!

      Man, looking back on it all…how the fuck did Obama make it to the top of the ticket? All I can guess is the DNC kingmaking apparatus had to have been in absolute shambles following the Bush II reign, or something. That, or some sort of bluesian crossroads-deal-with-the-devil thing was going on with Barack.

      • Basically the CNN and MSNBC polling is all fraudulent. When you look at their data they mysteriously have 0 responses from anyone under 50. They don’t go out of their way to share that though and it pushes Creepy right past Bernie by a percentage point.
        Wouldn’t mind seeing Rick Flair beat the stuff out of Joe.
        Barry Hussein got the inside track through Valerie Jarrett’s Chicago political connections. He got walked through his lower office runs then on to Pres. All with Goldman Sachs’ blessing. Hussein refined his approach over time. The guys they’re left with the insiders hate (Bernie and Tulsard) or are damaged goods (Biden, Clinton, Booker.) I’d expect a big push behind Harris or Mrs Hussein unless the skeletons are too large.

  4. What kind of cred does he think he has for beating the NRA? All the wannabe hardcores on here will tell you GOA is the real powerhouse 😂 Trash talking the NRA and cheering on its demise makes you a useful idiot to JoeBiden and his leftist ilk, that’s a fact!

      • It’s gonna be hilarious to see how fast she evaporates from existence –including the minds of those who seem obsessed with her every utterance, like her or dislike her– the instant her tits start to droop or she gains weight from all that rich DC food. Seeing how she’s Latin-ish and about age thirty…tick-tock.

  5. At the time the NRA was a Fudd collective on board with the AWB so how do they figure Joe beat anyone?

    • Don’t overthink it, man; this is like Al Gore inventing the internet. It’s just meant to sound impressive for five seconds.

  6. I would disagree with the statement that those were the most hostile years to the 2A. Seeing as it wasn’t till after those 7 years that restrictions were passed on our 2A. Can you say bump stock ban?

    • I’m not sure what you think you’re trying to say, but I think you need to try again.

  7. This is about the relentless media campaign to cast the NRA as some type of boogieman. The scourge of “gun violence” would surely disappear if it weren’t for the evil NRA spreading its disease everywhere. But ol’ uncle Joe whooped him with a stick. He can do it again!

  8. I want to know how “Crazy Uncle Joe” got loose from where Obama handcuffed him to a radiator in the White House basement to keep him from saying something stupid to reporters. This should be a “big f***ing deal”!

    • *sigh* yeah, I could definitely picture Biden whipping out his dong at a press conference to prove to the ladies that he’s bigger than Obama (Obama once jokingly showed off an erection through his pants to female reporters aboard Air Force One…that didn’t much reportage for some reason)

  9. Don’t these dunces realize “beating the NRA’ is the same thing as defeating the Constitution? I guess the average Democrat is a dumb as I once thought. Check the definition of legal positivism for why they think beating the Constitution is proper.

    • I think if he had a nickel for every time he lost, he’d have a little less than a quarter about now.

    • I would not be surprised if he had. He may not be one of the “in crowd” but he knows all of them.

      Shoot, he may have been the original organizer….

    • Given the connections to Bubba, you’d think so…but seeing how little wealth he’s managed to slush-fund to himself over the course of his too-long tenure, it may really be that he’s simply too dumb to hang with the cool kids & their underage whores.

  10. Ok, so I’m flipping through PBS channels and I come across this striking looking woman being interviewed by Judy and it’s “Tulsi Gabbard” Democrat from “Hawaii” talking about her run for President 2020 and I know nothing about her, but I heard not too long ago about some gun grabbers in Hawaii passing laws infringing on our constitutional rights. I go to her website and see that she has served in the military, Iraq, Homeland Security (which concerns me) and holds an office right now. I went to her website, skimmed over it quickly, seen some positive things, but nothing on the 2nd Amendment or abortion, etc. Tulsi has met with Foriegn dictators before seeking peace, etc. Does anyone know anything else about where she is on the other issues? She’s very bright and her looks alone would make “Joe” tongue tied for a week or more after meeting her I’m sure. Thanks

  11. Just got finished doing some more reading.
    Apparently, she’s all over the place on moral issues and into Hinduism. Some things she’s right on the money, but her moral compass is all over the place.
    Paste and copied this; Gabbard has co-sponsored bills that would ban assault weapons and institute background checks for all gun purchases.[139]

    Gabbard was one of the few Democratic representatives to vote for the NRA-supported Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act in March 2017, “which would have essentially blocked the Department of Veterans Affairs from notifying the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that a veteran was mentally incompetent after determining they are unable to manage their own finances”. Unquote; apparently, she ran with the Obama administration on assault weapons, bummer. I don’t think she can beat Joe out though. Joe’s in tight with the Clinton’s and Obama’s from way back, she a new young face and not matured enough without deep ties to big pharma and so forth.
    I can see her appealing to young folks in the future with her broken moral compass. lol

  12. Run Joe run. This is the number 2 man in the administration that brought us gunwalking to arm the cartels in Mexico, Benghazi, the murder of a one time enemy who became an ally in Libya, and aiding and supporting our enemies in Iran with a massive infusion of cash. All President Trump has to do is ask “Are you better off now than you were 2009 through 2016, do you want a return of the Obama Administration?”

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