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Virtually all of the news surrounding the National Rifle Association has been bad for weeks now. From an outsider’s perspective, none of the principal parties involved — Wayne LaPierre, Oliver North, the NRA Board and Ackerman McQueen — have covered themselves in glory.

At the same time, there’s no doubt that those who work hardest to restrict or even eliminate the individual right to keep and bear arms in this country are opportunistically using the NRA’s troubles to attack and weaken the largest, most influential advocate for gun rights.

Chuck Michel is the president of the California Rifle and Pistol Association, the official state association of the NRA in the Golden State. He’s also an attorney and has been at the center of some of the most significant legal efforts to defend and extend Second Amendment rights in California and nation-wide.

Michel has just put up the following statement on his Facebook page about the NRA situation. It’s worth your time to read the whole thing.


I am being inundated with questions about the reports concerning the appropriateness of certain NRA financial practices. Although I do no work on the corporate side of NRA so have no inside information, as the President of the CRPA I recognize that these reports are troubling to many, and understandably so. Many questions are being asked.

Of course the anti-gun media and groups that hate and want to destroy and bury the NRA so they can destroy the Second Amendment are taking advantage of the situation, piling on, and twisting and spinning every report to harm the NRA and advance their stated agenda of turning NRA members against the association. It’s part of their published plan. They recognize that the NRA is the ONLY pro 2A group with any real influence. So they want to take it down and will do anything to make it so. Their reports about NRA’s overall financial condition are particularly inaccurate, because they are not aware of the interrelated funding vehicles that NRA can put to use to meet its financial obligations.

The NRA Board of Directors is well aware of the issues, and of its legal fiduciary responsibilities to the NRA as an incorporated non-profit association (not to any individual employee or vendor). The Board is being advised by its own legal counsel, and there are multiple other lawyers representing the interests of the Association itself (again, not any individual employee or vendor). It appears that the NRA Board is asking the right questions and taking appropriate actions to get to the bottom of things, though it is understandably working behind closed doors and away from the eyes of the biased media to minimze the ability of NRA’s enemies to use this situation to do more damage to the NRA.

Read the full post here. 

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  1. OOPS!! Too late. NRA is a joke. I know, this is not news to anyone out there. With all the revelations about mis-management and outrageous amounts of money being mis-spent, stolen, etc…….I am done. I will find other organizations (GAO) to support in their place.

    • How about NO !
      Betrayal .The N.R.A. are no better that Nazi collaborators !
      ” Despite the fact that the Obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions, the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law. ”

      If fed up NRA members join the 2 Million current Gun Owners of America members we will have a REAL – ” NO Compromise ” gun rights group.

      • Once you join them you have to demand modern action and outreach. If they continue to do capital hill “lobbying” they too should lose everything.

        We don’t got time to mess around with Fudds and their strategies.

    • would seem it’s time for a “time-out” for the NRA…we’ll come back…once you’ve cleaned-up your act…

      • Why go back, they’ll never take you seriousely. The NRA have been garbage since 1934, and their members have licked it up and made excuses. Nothing you can do this century will make them respect you, after this pitiful 85 years of being tools. It’s like going back to an abusive partner, what it really tells them is you can be screwed with.

        And, there will always be fudds somewhere, you’re not going to eliminate fuddism by leaving the NRA. So leave it to the fudds. It’s great that there’s an organization for them so they don’t screw up GOA or something.

        • Their support for the NFA

          Apologists will say the NRA changed in the 1970’s and/or late 90’s but nopers, they’ve been trash every single day since 1934.

        • Best comment of the year. Perfect example of an NRA member is Richard Pearson, executive director-for-life of ISRA (Illinois state rifle association, the NRA state affiliate). This useless turd did NOTHING to promote concealed carry in Illinois for at least twenty years, then he figured out they could use black man Otis McDonald from the south side of Chicago as their face man for Alan Gura’s lawsuit.

          After 2nd Amendment attorney Alan Gura took Otis to the Supreme Court, Pearson reverted to what he is, a dimwitted hick who licks the boots of police unions. ISRA negotiated Duty to Inform w/criminal penalties in state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013, along with Valinda Rowe from (southern) Illinois Carry, and John Boch from Guns Save Life. NRA contract lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermye provided the DTI language.

          NRA is a whorehouse infested with traitors and rats. Their membership consists of aging turds that are stupid enough to keep getting drop-kicked in the crotch by Chris Cox and the rest of the frat boys at NRA, Inc., then write another check hoping NRA will change their ways. Luckily their members are dieing off. Send your money to GOA.

    • The NRA is the strongest pro-gun organization out there. We (members) are the NRA. It is our house. We need to support it – but we also need to fix it. I disagree with the CRPA posting in that the financial and governance irregularities have been going on for a long time, so the NRA Board of Directors are to blame. True, there are a few BoD members who have been trying to correct the problems, but they are in a minority and outvoted and out maneuvered.

      What is GOA? I have repeatedly asked them for information and never gotten answers to my questions. Does anyone suggesting GOA membership have a list of their BoD and bios? Has anyone a copy of their by-laws? Does anyone have a copy of their financials? Until I do, I am suspicious of them.

      We don’t need another organization that fails to let its members know what they are doing with the contributions we make. We do need to make the NRA accountable and more transparent.

      I am a Life Member of:
      Guns Save Lives

      I am a member of:
      Pheasants Forever
      Quail Forever
      Marlin Firearms Collectors Association

      I support pro gun and gun activities groups – just not blindly.

      • If you’re the NRA, you screwed up, and you’re incapable of controlling yourself. The money and political capitol that go to the NRA can go somewhere else. The transition we’ll be weird but deal with it, that’s what you get for negligence. Anti-gunners, leftists, liberals or the DNC didn’t do this to you, you did it to yourself.

        • Probably none. I’m NRA / GOA / FPC / and Cal Guns. My NRA is about to expire, and I’m debating whether I’ll renew it or not. I like Colion Noir and Dana Loesch quite a bit – they are part of the few bright spots.

  2. Hey, I’m willing to support the NRA again any time they’re willing to reform. First step is tossing out the Fudds and dead weight within the upper echelons of the NRA’s board. And for the love of any gods that might be listening GET RIDE OF Wayne LaPierre! That man has been little more than a proverbial boat anchor dragging down the entire organization since the day he was appointed.

  3. I for one am very glad to read the above. If hope the NRA board makes a full disclosure of what it finds as I think it will benefit our organization in the long run. The full membership need to know what has taken place, not just the board.
    Please continue to support the NRA as I don’t think any other pro gun organization has the political clout that the NRA does.

    • You think a board investigating itself is going to come up with any sort of indictment of themselves? Maybe they will recommend self punishment? Change because they have finally seen the errors of their ways that were invisible to them until now?

      • They will admit to all kinds of crimes and lock themselves in a cage for the rest of their lives.

        Americans have honor. They will die before they dishonor their country, their people or their family name.

        • “They will admit to all kinds of crimes and lock themselves in a cage for the rest of their lives.”

          I heard it is an MMA cage, and tickets will be sold through ILA.

          (But then, I do read a bunch of weird stuff.)

  4. “…the anti-gun media and groups that hate and want to destroy and bury the NRA so they can destroy the Second Amendment are taking advantage of the situation…”

    Which is all the more reason to be upset with NRA leadership and management for putting themselves (and their members, and everyone who enjoys their constitutional rights) in this predicament in the first place. Their greed is a threat to our rights.

  5. All organizations are eventually captured by the administrators. Their job grinds your passion into the dirt.

  6. This statement does not help: “…they are not aware of the interrelated funding vehicles that NRA can put to use to meet its financial obligations.” The same statement, made by the CFO of a cash-strapped public company, would cause the company’s stock to tank, as a vote of “not confidence” by shareholders.

  7. “They recognize that the NRA is the ONLY pro 2A group with any real influence.”

    Starting your argument from a false premise is a good way to get people to ignore it.

    “Their reports about NRA’s overall financial condition are particularly inaccurate, because they are not aware of the interrelated funding vehicles that NRA can put to use to meet its financial obligations.”
    “Although I do no work on the corporate side of NRA so have no inside information”

    Pick one. Less than a paragraph before you contradict yourself. That’s impressive and a great start.

    “Please keep in mind that the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA – NRA’s political and litigation arm) has a completely separate accounting system and has separate vendor payment / invoicing policies from NRA’s General Operations side. ”

    Separate, yet equal(ly terrible).

    ” If you want to earmark your donations so that the funds go ONLY to and can only be spent by NRA-ILA – you can do so. You can even earmark donations for use on behalf of a specific state (hint, hint, California). ILA’s accountants would prefer not to have donations limited like that, but it is your right nonetheless.”

    Can I earmark donations so they can only be used for repealing the Hughes Amendment, which the NRA told me was a “high priority” in 1968 since “The National Rifle Association supports the right of law-abiding individuals to choose to own any firearm, including automatic firearms.”? I’m still waiting on that one.

    “it is impossible to satisfy every one of the almost 6 million NRA member”

    I think this is the first time I’ve heard that claim. NRA has consistently stuck to “5 million” for many years (one would think it’s a pretty bad sign if a household name most people supposedly support can’t get above 5 million when it’s more prominent than ever but that’s beside the point). I’m curious how you got that number since you “have no inside information”.

  8. Whatever is going on internally at the NRA has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are still the biggest player in the game. OK, it’s a diseased organization. We all know that. The dirty laundry is hanging all over the place. I still think it’s a bad move for the membership to pull the plug on them. Support GOA, support SAF if you can, I’m all for that. But I will not abandon the NRA until they’ve had a chance to heal themselves.

    Any moron can cure the disease by killing the patient. I’m hoping for a more productive and a more constructive outcome.

    • If NRA was not in a position to HARM gun owners with bad precedent , I could see your point ….. but they are hurting us more than helping.

      If the once loyal dog has rabies , you KILL it. You don’t wait around and hope it ” heals itself ”

      • So does having over 70 “Board Members”, decisions made by “consensus” take forever and cater to soooo many demands that they accomplish NOTHING but wasting money on perks. More than 15 Board members is FOOLISH, and the NRA has been FOOLISH for many decades now. It’s time (and then some) for a REAL change, not just more names on the mast-head. Until I SSSSEEEE IT my $$$ stays in my pocket.

    • But, isn’t that kind of the point Upinarms? No one is cutting out the rotten flesh, or pouring disinfectant on the wounds. They are just covering them up, so that the disease will fester and infect the whole host. God only knows what will happen when we pull the bandage off of this one, it may be too late now…Sometimes it’s best to take our medicine on the front side.

    • What you’re saying is like a person who keeps giving money to a Crackhead. Maybe after rehab I’ll give money to the nra. But not now or during the get well process. They are using our donations to live like kings. And then they have the audacity to send out flyers saying they are in dire need of donations. Only a fool will keep sending money to the nra.

  9. “They recognize that the NRA is the ONLY pro 2A group with any real influence. ”

    That may be true, but it seems like SAF is actually getting some things done in the courts.

    Of course the anti-gun media and groups that hate and want to destroy and bury the NRA so they can destroy the Second Amendment are taking advantage of the situation, piling on, and twisting and spinning every report to harm the NRA and advance their stated agenda of turning NRA members against the association. It’s part of their published plan.

    It also sounds like Ackerman-McQueen’s published plan.

    • Wayne brought in Ackerman and the law firm they use to sue Ackerman. He stopped North from doing his legal duties, which lead North to call for Wayne’s resignation, then North quit before his term was up when Wayne got him removed from the nomination process. Then they installed a woman that knows how the game of thrones is played.

      This whole situation was created by a bunch of greedy profiteers infiltrating the NRA decades ago and planting their flag. Once their power and money was in jeopardy they started to turn on each other in an effort to remain on the thrones. All that matters to these “Americans” is the money and political power.

      This is current day American culture. No American is genuinely surprised by this. It’s just another group of power hungry control freaks taking Americans’ money.

      • “The NRA Board of Directors is well aware of the issues, and of its legal fiduciary responsibilities to the NRA as an incorporated non-profit association (not to any individual employee or vendor).” So says NRA lawyer Chuck Michel.

        Try to figure out who’s on the NRA board, where they live, who’s on what committee, and how to contact them? NRA, Inc. is a Freemason’s lodge for Mad Men stuck in 1966. No accountability whatsoever. Any gun owner who gives money to NRA has rocks in their head.

  10. My annual donation from my tax refund of $100 each to NRA-ILA, SAF and GOA has already been given to GOA and SAF at $150 each. Same total but none for the NRA this year.

    This does not mean I have given up on the NRA. It means I am pissed off and not ready to trust any of the chatter telling me the BOD is on the ball and taking care of business.

    Clean up the mess. Boot out Wayne LP and any other bad apples. Convince me not with words but deeds.

    From this member/small donor’s point of view, it’s as simple as that.

    • ILA is a financially separate organization and must conform to federal laws regarding legal expenditures and raising funds. I don’t think we’ll be seeing fraudulent spending reports coming from that side of the house. I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to welcome IRS and FEC investigation to wet their willy.

      • “ILA is a financially separate organization…”

        A distinction without a difference (note the first three letters of the six). NRA-ILA depends on NRA for acceptability/trust; NRA depends on ILA for acceptability and trust. Such co-dependence is crucial to NRA posing as a legitimate civil (2A) rights lobby group. If NRA-ILA were truly independent, distinct, and separate from NRA, we should begin to see ILA moving to downplay affiliation with an organization that just may be a prime target for a RICO charge.

      • That is likely the case, but the ILA is run by a man that supports gun confiscation powers for law enforcement. They are compromised in other ways. They do bad things for the 2nd Amendment, although not illegal just wrong from a human rights perspective and a strategic one. They like to play 4D chess with Americans’ human/civil rights.

        Let’s not forget the bump fire stock and red flag debacles. Do you want to pay for more of that?

  11. The NRA is not in the internal turmoil it created because hundreds, thousands, millions of US citizens are not members, and have negative opinions of NRA. The organization is suffering damage of its own making. Nothing we non-members say or do caused the abuses of position that are reported. Nothing we non-members can say or do will fix the self-inflicted damage done bye the NRA, to the NRA. Crying about how all the non-members (and dissatisfied members) are hurting the NRA is just pathetic.

  12. LMAO, wow. Literally won’t be visiting this site anymore after you promote this garbage. The NRA has proven themselves a terrible 2a ally time and time again. They only care about money and it’s horseshit. There are several other organizations that deserve my money / membership / attention far more. This site and the NRA don’t meet that criteria. Good luck.

    • They published an opinion letter from a third party, they didn’t endorse the contents of that letter. I like TFB too, but they are usually too lazy to publish on the weekends;-)

  13. Wow. Just when I thought TTAG was just on the edge of being a viable forum, the last important commenter (TFB>TTAG) abandons ship. There is no way TTAG can recover from that blow.

    • Hey, Sam – I’ve been reading those amicus briefs on the pending ‘NY Pistol’ case, and for the life of me, it looks like in every last brief supporting NY state’s position, they never have the balls to state they are against overturning it. They claim they “Are neither for nor against”…

      • “They claim they “Are neither for nor against”…”

        Because they really don’t want to take our guns?

  14. What are their financial ties with the NRA? Does money go from the NRA to CRPA? How much do the lawyers make?

    When people say not to leave a corrupt organization they usually have some personal benefit if you stay.

    Why can’t people give directly to the state orgs over the NRA? Why is everyone so dependent on one organization? Why do people put all their guns in one cache during wartime?

    Why do pro gun people rely on paying someone else to do activism on their behalf when the anti gun people receive money from rich people to do their activism? In other words, if you are a 2A activist, why do you give money to an organization like the NRA when they should be giving money to you?

    The anti 2A groups are activists that get laws passed using other people’s money. The pro 2A people give money to an organization to file lawsuits to try to get rid of the laws the anti 2A activist groups passed. The anti 2A groups rally, talk to the public, protest, meet politicians, get signatures, make commercials, etc. The pro 2A people send money and once in a long while do a little state capital rally that is supposed to be a protest.

    It’s as if the anti gun people are doing offensive MMA when the pro gun people are trying to defensively slap-box.

  15. California gun owners problem is not the loss of an NRA if that happens. Their problem is a loss of gun rights organizations at a local level.
    Where were gun Civil Rights organizations at a state and local level when it was made illegal for anybody to carry a gun on to public school property?

    Where are these state and local groups when celebrities like Sean Penn or Rosie O’Donnell can get access to Firearms but the ordinary citizen can’t?

    • I know where the NRA was when Reagan got mad at black Americans for exercising their human rights.

    • As in the past, we have been right here, protesting and voting against these violations of our constitutional rights. Just like everywhere else, the liberal voting blocks are in the major metro areas like NYC and LA.

      The NRA has claimed between 5 and 6 million members. That number rises and falls based on gun owners views that we are or are not on the verge of losing our 2A rights. Still, 5 million members out of a population of 320 million is actually not that strong, but the opposition thinks it is and fears it. That is a good thing for us. We NEED every bit of power we can get.

      What we need is the Federal Government to investigate the violations of our rights and to prosecute those who have ignored those rights. And we need courts which do so as well. Behind the scenes, President Trump has brought about positive changes with the courts, both the SCOTUS and the 9th Circuit Court, by replacing liberal judges

      As people should recall, Lois Learner, head of the IRS led investigations into conservative organizations on behalf of Obama. That included 501(c) groups. I have no doubt that the NRA would have been investigated and any violation of 501(c) would have been used against us, and the 501(c) would have been rescinded. That would have destroyed the NRA. Yet, here we stand. By the way the NRA-ILA is NOT 501(c).

      If the NRA can clean up it’s internal problems, I will continue to support them. I also support the CPRA which works closely with the NRA-ILA, and has had some successes.

    • User 1
      I know there are many people who still want to hold accountable dead white folks for what they did a very long time ago.
      But I am not one of those persons.

      I prefer to hold accountable living white people elected to leadership positions. Who will have the power to change what was done in the past. And one of those individuals is the white homosexual State Senate President Tom Ammiano. Who publicly endorsed the Mulford Act. When he was asked to repeal it after becoming Senate President in California. He also wrote the law making rape victims and everyone else wait an extra 10 days to get a handgun.

      My question is what makes this homosexual white man think a rape victim should wait to get a gun? Are homosexual men smarter than a woman who has been raped?

      White homosexuals and everyone else are all upset that southern states are passing anti-abortion laws. They say they Men should stay out of a woman’s business. But white homosexuals men certainly do like to get into the business of a woman, and delay her from getting a gun, who’s been raped and wants to defend herself against attack.

      Are the gun Civil Rights organizations in the state of California afraid of the homosexual Lobby? Who boast about their political power. Are they afraid to point out the most obvious road block in the way of expanding gun civil rights in the state of California?

      I grew up in Sacramento in the 60s and 70s. I know a great deal about racist gun control in the not so Golden State.

  16. The problem isn’t whether the NRA BOD, executive committees and Pres are aware, the problem is that they are complicit. Negligent even. And they appear only to care about protecting themselves from criticism.

  17. After reading the comments, here are a few reactions:
    — There are trolls here. I can’t tell who they are, so you must prove to me you’re not. That’s exactly what Bloomberg wants;
    — If you were eligible to vote for the NRA board and failed to vote for a handful or fewer of targeted reformers, (aka, if you voted for Nugent, Childress, or any of the well-known candidates) STFU. I didn’t even vote for Allen West;
    — We have met the enemy and he is us;
    — If you fail to contribute to at least the NRA-ILA, as well as other national, state, and local gun-rights, you are a major part of the problem.

  18. Ol Wayne is using our meme worship dues to pay for his girlfriends apartment, yea I think it’s time to give up on them.

  19. My money goes to the CRPA and Guns of California. My NRA membership is on and off based on CA support.

  20. Wow…couldn’t comment under The Firearm Blog’s supposed “comment” but DAMN! TFB does NOTHING except gun reviews and so-called “entertainment” segments. Braindead a-holes should just STFU…TTAG does heavy lifting and you wear shortshorts😋😊😏

    • “TFB does NOTHING except gun reviews ”

      Taking a break from politics cools the mind. TFB is frustrating because it makes a decision about upgrading to something new more of a case of analysis paralysis. What they need is to seed the site with some pics of Israeli models.

    • TFB talks about gun rights, just not the two ruling parties who don’t give a rat’s ass about them. If anything it’s more focused on the gun rights than this partisan fudd-fest.

    • TFB is great for anyone interested in “the world” of guns. I enjoy reading about other societies and their Arms. In the world of firearms there is plenty of room for other Web sites to cover different subjects. You don’t have to do politics all or even part of the time.

  21. Really?

    OK, some people won’t believe anything presented and have to nitpick to prove their points.

    If the NRA were to fold up shop tomorrow (or worse yet New York makes stuff up and closes them down), just how long until the 2nd Amendment as we know it today, not the original intent, but how it is being applied today in law, just how long until it’s pretty much eroded away and gone?

    One election? Two?

    For all of the STUPID things the NRA has done, least of all the recent Bump-Stock ban, if it weren’t around to support this Inalienable Right what would happen? The current politicians aren’t going to jump to the next organization just because they can, the others do not have the voting mass that the NRA has. Yes some others have done good work, but they don’t have nearly the political clout that the NRA has.

    The NRA MAY have some major issues internally, and Wayne, well, he seems to be degrading.

    At this point in history, we as owners Need the NRA at this point, one of the others may grow to have enough clout in the future, but we need them now. The left isn’t even lying about their support of the Second Amendment, they are literally directly against it. I’ve never seen or heard anything this blatant before.

    Unfortunately the trolls are out in force, they smell blood, and are doing anything they can to tear down the Union starting with the 2nd.

    • “…trolls…”

      You were good up to that. Why not just say you don’t like opinions you don’t like? And the people who present them. “Troll” is just code for intolerance of difference. We are all friends here; be honest with us.

    • Yawn. I don’t know if you’re sincerely gutless or just think everyone else is but either way lol. For one thing there are too many mags and ARs in private hands to ever go back to where we were in 94-04. The reason the cause is not going forward is tools like you.

    • “At this point in history, we as owners Need the NRA at this point, one of the others may grow to have enough clout in the future, but we need them now.”

      Right, we “need” the NRA to attempt to derail Alan Gura’s McDonald v. Chicago lawsuit, then hire former Solicitor General Paul Clement to barge into the suit at the last minute and steal ten minutes of Gura’s thirty minute oral argument time in front of the Supreme Court. Great work.

      We “need” Chris Cox at NRA-ILA to let NRA contract lobbyist for Illinois Donald Todd Vandermyde run amok like Col. Kurtz and cut a deal with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police to place Duty to Inform in state Rep. Brandon Phelps’ concealed carry bill in 2013, because most NRA members live in all-white small towns and are actually stupid enough to believe that “the police are your friends.”

      Definitely donate your estate to NRA and cut the kids out of your will, NRA is on your side. What would “we” do without them, win maybe?

  22. No just the miscreants,of which there are plenty.
    Until they are gone from the organization,Not One Penny More.

  23. As we get closer to the election and the ‘unwashed” wake up to reality and the seriousness of this time losing most of our gun rights for good the dim light bulb will go on and the frugal people who are so tight they squeak when they walk will be running to the NRA and screaming for them to save their asses. This is not propaganda its happened in every Presidential Election but how soon they forget how many time the NRA has saved their cheap asses.

  24. I was never in the NRA. Members have been making excuses for them, or not caring about gun rights and wanting it to be a tool of the GOP, for 30 years that I know of. Garbage in, garbage out.

    • I heard some members are upset with the NRA, however, they still went to the NRA meeting to hangout with their buddies and look at all the toys. It seems most of those people didn’t go to the members meeting to confront the leadership nor gave a damn about doing that in the first place. They just went to the NRA meeting to meet people in person they usually only have contact with online. It was essentially a vacation for them. Then they went home and started to complain about the NRA again.

      That’s how most gun owners are. They talk a lot until they have the opportunity then they do nothing. That’s a big reason for the constant losing.

      A lot of gun owners claim they will do something when the time goes to stand up and do something. They will probably wait until a bunch of people are being loaded up and their house is next.

      • Hmmm, using it as a meetup group and bothered enought to make noise but not enough to change their behavior. Figures.

  25. Everything wrong within NRA today is self inflicted. Arrogant, selfish, greedy pigs at the trough who lack any regard for the dues paying (salary paying) membership.
    Internal cliques, regional biases and preferences, dishonest disclosures and the never ending bombardment of “the Sky is falling, send money…now” BS all adds up to abuse of position and authority. It all adds up to a failure to uphold their fiduciary responsibilities to US.
    Fire Wayne, who, IMO, if he GAF about us or the organization would walk away ASAP.
    Cut the size of the Board by half and populate it with individuals who will serve our interests, not their own corporate or institutional interests.

    I smell a serious Member driven lawsuit on the horizon. And NRA deserves everything that comes at them.

    • The board does not run NRA, it’s run by the permanent bureaucracy, people like Chris Cox and Chuck Cunningham, who failed to do a basic criminal background check on NRA contract lobbyist for Illinois Donald Todd Vandermyde, then were forced to fire him in 2017. But only after Vandermyde placed Duty to Inform in state Rep. Brandon Phelps’ concealed carry bill, so every armed citizen in Illinois can be set up and murdered by police criminals like Philando Castile in Minnesota.

      NRA, Inc. does not benefit from good gun laws, they would go out of business. NRA is a whorehouse full of losers and rats like Donald Todd Vandermyde, and self-promoting frat boys like Chris Cox who hire scum like Vandermyde to sell out your lives.

  26. All you need to know is the NRA-ILA’s support for red flag laws argued by Chris W. Cox himself:

  27. Oh look the SAME EXCUSES I have been hearing since the 90s when the Assault Weapon Ban was enacted.

  28. Soro’s crew of 5th column progtard trolls apparently is succeeding with many of the readers here. They have not been able to beat the NRA with Congress or at the polls so they clearly are out to destroy the organization by cutting off it’s base thru a integrated propaganda campaign. Community organizing. Fools and idiots.

    If you support GOA great if you think “farm team”. Not capable of “multitasking”? Join both.

    • Why would I send money to an organization that has consistently undercut the exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms? My money would be better spent on the Mad Mommies. At least they are more honest about what they are trying to do. (No, I would not send money to the action needing mommies either… MDM and Negotiating Rights Away are just branches of the same government privilege limb.)

      You can cry “troll” all that you want but the fact remains that the NRA does not and has not supported the actual right to keep and bear arms. It has steadfastly supported the acceptance of government privilege instead. The NRA is a cancer; masquerading as a good cell all the while it has been weakening the patient.

      • The more uneducated and ignorant NRA members are, the more desperately they cling to “the group.” Example: “I know the Sheriff, he would never kick down my door and take my guns” etc. It’s the Klan mentality of losers and hicks who never travel outside the county they were born in. No matter how many times NRA kicks them in the teeth, they will keep coming back for more.

  29. Get rid of WLP, make him pay for his own suits. While thats being done, gut the rest of the “leadership” too…..especially marion hammer

  30. I have seen this same situation in the 90s in a professional organization very different than NRA in purpose, but organized quite similarly. The Annual meetings even had the same look and feel, just very different vendors. This organization, with a long term Executive Director, developed similar problems. They were resolved by a body similar to the Board of Directors and association graybeards (AKA wealthy donors who tend to be independent thinkers), who cared. Unless New York manages to bring NRA down based on their non-profit status NRA will be fixed, but the resolution will not be totally satisfying as heads will not roll and there will not be blood in the streets, but people will retire or go away without obviously being forced out and things will get better.

    Chuck Michel, in my opinion, is a good man reinforced by his willingness to continue the very frustrating job of working for CRPA. I agree with Michel that NRA is the only organization with the LOBBYING clout to protect Second Amendment rights. Lobbying is not the same as suing in court and the skill sets are not at all the same. Suing involves hiring a lawyer and spinning the legal wheel of fortune, lobbying is much more nuanced and it takes time and a presence in DC and various state capitals just to develop the contacts necessary to become an effective lobbying organization. I have reduced my contributions to NRA to send a message redirecting to other groups, but haven’t stopped entirely.

    As to some current complaints:

    I’m not sure, but suspect that the bump stock regulation set forth by ATF is designed to eliminate both bump stocks and the manufacture of bump stocks (as has occurred) but ultimately fail in redefining a machine gun. I imagine no new bump stocks will be approved in the future. Bump stock approval might have been one of the many booby traps left behind by the Obama administration to erode Second Amendment rights.

    One big issue missed in criticism of ILAs support of Red Flag laws is the issue of DUE PROCESS. I suggest anyone who doesn’t understand the concept learn what it means before becoming too critical. I might not want some crazy down the road to have guns myself, but he or she should be able to challenge any proposed confiscation in court BEFORE that confiscation occurs. The real danger is attempting to eliminate DUE PROCESS from the procedure.

    • “The real danger is attempting to eliminate DUE PROCESS from the procedure.”

      If only that were true. The real danger is pre-crime punishment.

      Even providing that a person be given an opportunity to challenge a red flag order prior to the warrant being issues, the very need to defend against something that didn’t happen is punishment. How many gun owners keep a lawyer on retainer for no-notice defense at a red flag hearing (as for “due process”, giving the accused 24hrs to appear in court is “due process”, but pure symbolism)?

      “Due process” as described in the law NRA “negotiated” would be approximated (perhaps “simulated” is a better term) only if the person lodging the complaint also will suffer greatly for false reporting. ; suffer more than the standard misdemeanor of filing a false report. But for purposes of standing up for gun owners, the NRA was obligated to refuse to surrender to a law that does not require a police investigation (like real criminal complaints), and DA review before filing for a warrant.

  31. NO NO NO!
    Until the entire corrupt (LOL) leadership and their leg humping followers are gone, not one dime!

  32. If I was a betting man, I’d bet that the end is near for the current iteration of the NRA. I wont renew my membership unless WLP is gone or I have to because of a requirement by one of the 3 gun clubs I belong to.

  33. NRA compromises SO MANY TIMES. Gun Owners of America NEVER has and NEVER will.

    Why I dumped the NRA years ago. The bozos should have to get a real job. The NRA has been selling us down the river since at least the 1930s. Go look it up.

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