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Sport shooting retailer Creedmoor Sports has looked around at all of the famous opportunity, lifestyle and growth potential California offers and decided they’ve had just about enough of all that. So rather than continue to do business in a high tax, bankrupt state that considers anyone engaged in the firearms business at best embarrassing and at worst evidence of a social disease, they’ve made the business decision to pull up stakes for friendlier climes. Creedmoor has announced via their MyFace page that they’re putting Operation Roll Tide into effect and heading for the welcoming arms of Alabama. It’s hard not to think this is one of the first of many companies in the industry, given the virulent anti-gun climate in the left and northeast coastal portions of the country, that will be making similar moves. There are plenty of business- and gun-friendly locales that would be only too happy to have them. Who will be next to load up the moving vans?

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  1. Apparently this company is an online retailer without any retail locations which would be a more difficult business model to move to Alabama. Unless physical location of an online business really matters to a firm I don’t see why (from a business viewpoint) any would want to be in California, NY, etc.

    Good luck to them!

    • Why it would matter? Because of laws. Usually taxation and protections. They have to be incorporated somewhere physically. A lot of places will do that in Delaware because of the laws there as well, but most people will physically incorporate where they’ll pay the least taxes and gain the most law protections. This place is not California. They tax the shit out of you and you’re open to everyone.

  2. Congratulations and welcome to Alabama!
    Not just businesses, but all patriots tired of living in their people’s republics should flee asap to states that still uphold freedom. By the next census, the U.S. House will be irretrievably owned by conservatives/libertarians.
    Ya’ll come on down!

  3. I’m still hoping Remington leaves New York, but seeing as they are the oldest company in the United States which still makes its original product and the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in North American and have been in Ilion, New York since their founding, I doubt they will give up all that history. They will probably just continue to expand their other enterprises into other states, like they did with their ammo manufacturing.

    I am still wondering how long DSA, Armalite, and RRA are going to stay in Illinois, however.

    • It’s an interesting thing to ponder. There are so many firearms manufacturers headquartered in states that ban (or want to restrict) their products in addition to the ones mentioned above:

      Illinois: LMT
      New York: Kimber
      Connecticut: Colt Defense
      Maryland: Beretta USA

      How many more?

    • I heard on the NPR coverage of the MN hearings, right at the end, that the MN governor said he wouldn’t sign any gun legislation without the support of the rural legislators. I thought that was an encouraging sign.

  4. I wonder if Ruger is feeling heat from being at ground zero of the new disarmament movement.

    I guess it could move everything to AZ if needed, but there’s plenty of down south states that might welcome it.

  5. As a resident of Alabama, welcome Creedmoor!

    I notice a lot of CMP connections on their website. I wonder if choosing Alabama as their new location has anything to do with the new range that the CMP is building in Anniston.

  6. Buck Knives left the PRCa for northern Idaho back in 1999 or so – figured they would go bankrupt in Calif. They moved their manufacturing base to Idaho. Wonder when Kimber will leave NY? Funny how legislatures fail to understand that people and businesses will respond to their new tax laws by finding ways to avoid them – and frequently the best way to avoid state taxes is to leave the state. I will bet that Phil Mickelson (golfer) quietly leaves California this year. Based on his income, a move to Texas or Florida will save him about $6-7 million per year.

    That’s motivation!

  7. Bye, California. One day, after the earthquake, whatever’s still abovewater may turn into several fine states. But as is, I don’t know why anyone would want to do business there, from there, or anything to do with there.

  8. While I wish Creedmoor the best of luck, This is not a good sign. Like a cell dividing this country is starting to form diametrically opposed political regions. I’m contemplating a move to gun friendlier turf, and I live in PA, which was, up until Bob Casey Jr.’s defection, a pretty cool place, discounting Philly, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg.

    A re-view of a Youtube we all liked
    I watched that Washington city council meeting again where the mayor was a Second Amendment supporter and refused to have a CC permit holder be removed from the chamber, which resulted in the councilman who requested the cc holders removal leaving in protest. What I want everyone to notice is at 0.01 a shot of the room shows 23 people, at 6.07 after the hussy fit by the protesting councilman and his departure the room shot shows 6 people.
    That’s 73.9% that left. I don’t read that a a win for us in spite of what the mayor said or what rights he upheld. 74% (OK I owe you .01%) sided with the gun paranoid councilman. I don’t have a strategy for countering such opinion. I’m not in the camp of “It will never pass” regarding new, unneeded laws or infringement on the Second Amendment. But if this is any type of indication of the national attitude, we are cooked.

    • You bring up a valid point. Last time states split along geographic lines over rights, civil war broke out. Although, if that does happen (and I honestly don’t think it will unless, God forbid, things get a lot worse), I’d much rather have the gun manufactures moved to gun friendly states.

        • this country is starting to form diametrically opposed political regions.

          Yes, it looks that way, and I’m very happy about it. Or I will be if the thumb-sucking, navel gazing squib loads in the Northeast and California will just do like Ted Nugent asked and leave us the f^ck alone.

    • There is a time skip. The mayor talking happened at the end after all the other topics were done. People tend to leave after discussing their topic.

      • It looked to me that the cc holder was just returning to his seat.
        How can you tell there is a time skip or am I unobservant?

  9. I welcome them to my home state with open arms! I hope this is the first of many to come to this gun friendly state!

  10. In their testimony yesterday at the MD gun hearing, the Beretta rep said that if the law passed that might be the last straw for them.

  11. While I am sure that the anti Second Amendment played a role in their exit from California it probably more an excuse than anything else. California is rated as the worst state to do business in. There will more departures from all sorts of business in coming months ahead.

  12. What you’ve got to be scared of is people from California moving for jobs then ruining your state too. Just ask anyone from Colorado, it’s pretty much already gone.

  13. i happy that blue states are losing business and people. I feel sorry for our pro 2A brothers trapped behind enemy lines. I know its not easy to just pick up and move with jobs kids etc etc. But if you get the chance come to a red state and increase our House Reps. If enough people do this it will be impossible with a high number of like minded Reps to get any Civilian Disarment laws passed

  14. As a Bama resident, I’m more than happy to hear this news! Anniston is a decent drive for me, but I’ll make sure I visit next time I’m up that way.

    Oh, and Roll Tide.

  15. I cannot sit idly by and let this go… War Eagle!
    (They will understand that about 1 minute of living in Alabama)
    And good job on your choice of new location.

  16. I am wondering if companies (specifically manufacturers) start pulling out, if this is really the time to do it. With demand greatly overwhelming supply, if a company like Remington (a previous article suggests they arent keeping up at all) were to pack its bags now and slow manufacturing further, I see more harm than good

  17. Georgia has Glock…we’d welcome some more down here too! I feel for pro 2A folks trapped in the blue states, but at least we can preserve and protect the manufacturers down here until you can move…:)

  18. This isn’t good news. This means California succeeded in driving out another business, firearms or not.

    • Not a surprise. This has been going on for a long time. Decades of increased taxes and regulatory burdens will have a tendency to do that. As much as elected officials may try, you can’t get around the laws of economics. For very long.

  19. Wisconsin is decent so far, not a peep out of Walker. The anti’s are still howling about Clark telling people to help themselves. I fully understand a gun seller moving to the south though where its not going to turn to sh.t on a whim, Randy

  20. F*** Cali, the place is dying. The home of the 70% income tax welfare state with all their profitable businesses and producers fleeing en masse. Its just going to get worse too as they continue raising taxes to prop up their failed system. The pyramid is gonna come crashing down once there is no one to pay for all their entitlements.

  21. This stupid state’s bastion of liberal extremist idiots in government continue to shoot themselves in the foot by chasing away high income earners and job providing businesses with their wonderful liberal laws and taxes. California used to be such a wonderful state. Now Kalifornia has become a liberally extreme center of takers rather than makers who have bankrupted the landscape with failed lala land fantasy policies and laws. And the stupid barely thinking electorate keeps voting these fools into office so they can live up to their fashionably progressive liberal self image.

    The only thing conservative thinkers and gun owners can do here is protest to the un-listening overwhelmingly liberal politicians and try to stay under the radar.

    Unfortunately my wife and I are tied to our employment which is anchored in San Diego county, but when we retire in a few short years, if things don’t change, that anchor is will be tossed overboard and we’re outta here.

  22. Alabama resident, there are two HUGE empty factory floors that are sitting empty in Piedmont, Al. The county and city would JUMP at the chance to work with you to bring in any manufacturing business you would provide.

    Mayor Rick Freeman
    Phone: (256) 447-3580

    ROLL TIDE – Looking for our 16th National Championship!

  23. Californians want to secede so bad, I say let them and good riddance. It will be fun watching them fail.

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