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The Atlantic has a great 20-part series of photographs from various parts of World War II running on their website. They’re publishing one part every week (on Sunday) until October 30, 2011. So far they’ve published photos covering everything from Talvisota to Pearl Harbor and even the North African campaign. If you’re as interested in this period of history as I am (or just looking to kill some time between TPS reports) I recommend giving it a click.

Click here to view the galleries.

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  1. Shame that “no-war” Wilson dragged us into WW1. Set the the stage for WW2 and sent thousands of boys to Europe to kill their extended families once again.

  2. Great photos. Weird that two very left of center progressive American presidents were in office when America entered WW1 and WW2.

  3. Yeeeaaaahh, … I’ll make sure you get a copy of that memo on the TPS cover sheets.

    Incredible stuff. Includes many classic and prize winning photos. I’ll be spending hours there. Thank you so much.


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