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“Six years ago the [Corpus Christi Police] department used nearly 400-thousand dollars in confiscated drug money to buy 450 new semi-automatic pistols. Now another upgrade appears to be on the way,” reports. “The police department says the biggest problem with the [Glock 40] they use right now is that it takes a while for every officer to figure out how to handle it because of one simple thing, the grip.” In other words, don’t worry: our officers can shoot the gun. It’s just a matter of time. Or is it? “For a number of officers their hands are either too small or too big to be able to properly grip the gun.  That’s because you can’t change the grip out for a different size.” Time to bust a drug dealer (or ask the ATF to find a willing sponsor) and pony-up for the Glock Gen4 G23. And then reduce training time. Or not.

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  1. Adjustable grips are a very recent invention. Not that it couldn’t have been done but it just wasn’t. How did the Corpus Christie police manage for the past 180 years? On the positive side, look for lightly used (with some holster wear) “Glock 40s” (sic) from your favorite wholesaler for cheap.

    • John Browning figured it out a while ago with the 1911. The mainspring housing, grip panels, even trigger can all be changed to better fit the user.

  2. That’s Glock Perfection!

    I wonder what they were shooting before. I’m sure S&W will be more than happy to set them up with some M&Ps.

  3. Yet when I dare to state that I can’t stand the ergo so I won’t own (no how crazy reliable the things are), I’m assailed by gun store ‘perfection’ commandos.

    Market is flooded with police-trade-in G’s of the 40 variety. Not sure what that says.

  4. this is one major advantages of the gen 4 glock series. the Glock Gen4 G23 is going to be my next question is why did they not consider the gen 4’s in the first place if they had to get glocks, while i have and like them, they are not the only game in town.

    • WOW what a deal, the person in charge of that buy should be fired, I just bought a gen 4 “blue label glock” (active and retired LEO and active and retired military) for $425 plus tax, and it had 3 magazines. The department in 2005 should have gotten a better deal without federal excise and state sales tax, means someone pocketed a nice bundle. But then it wasn’t their money was it. The article didn’t say but a large ammunition, and holsters and magazine purchase, all needed with a new firearm and caliber purchase. I might add I bought one of these pistols, even though for about $80 more I could have gotten a new gen 4.

  5. The Glock stock is a block. It’s thick as a brick and not very slick. I’ll pass and hold onto my cash.

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