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A protester places his hand on the shield of a police officer in riot gear demonstrators take over the Crescent City Connection bridge, which spans the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Wednesday, June 3, 2020, during a protest. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
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My right to keep and bear arms is merely the practical expression of my underlying right to self-defense. That, as a polity, we have decided to hire certain people [law enforcement] to take the first shot at keeping the peace is fine. But it has no bearing on my liberties.

And how could it, given that I do not live in a police station? The old saw that “when seconds count, the police are minutes away” is trotted out as often as it is because it is unquestionably true.

Whether the average police department is virtuous or evil is irrelevant here. What matters is that no government has the right — and in America, mercifully, no government has the legal power — to farm out, and then to abolish, my elementary rights.

It would not fly if the government hired people to speak for me and then shut down my speech; if would not fly if the government hired people to worship for me and then restricted my right to exercise my religion; and it will not fly for the government to hire a security agency and then to remove, or limit, my access to weaponry. This is a personal question, not an aggregate question: I have one life, and I am entitled to defend it in any way I see fit against those who would do me harm. If there is a single principle that has animated this realm since the time of the Emperor Justinian, it is that.

Happily, defending their lives and their property as they see fit is exactly what those who have been abandoned by the authorities are doing in droves. Like father, like son, we have seen the return of the Rooftop Koreans — supplemented, this time, by Rooftop African-Americans, Rooftop Hispanics, Rooftop Pakistanis, and the rest.

The NAACP is helping to organize armed patrols of minority-owned business. Gun sales are up by a staggering 80 percent over this time last year. During the coronavirus lockdown, there was a public debate over whether gun stores should be deemed “essential.” During this outbreak of rioting, such an inquiry seems quaint. Now, as ever, there is no greater prophylactic against a criminal on the rampage than a loaded firearm in the hands of a free man.

– Charles C.W. Cooke in This Is Why We Need Guns

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    • C.W. Cooke is a naturalized Brit who is one of the most eloquent writers today.

      We are truly blessed to have new Americans like him…

      • Absolutely. An Oxford educated man that builds his own AR’s, and gets it better than most people born here.

        • We have laws in some states that allow shooting a carjacker during a carjacking. Laws need passing to cover shooting looters and arsonists. Citizens are caught between defending life and property and getting prosecuted for doing so. Looting and arson are on the same level as a car jacking where property and life is at stake. When attacked by criminals citizens need the law to be firmly on their side and it needs to be put in writing.

        • “We have laws in some states that allow shooting a carjacker during a carjacking.”

          Florida, where your vehicle is legally the same as your home, self-defense wise… 🙂

  1. The fact is that being armed just raises the stakes to the point where you are hoping the other party does not want to play. The issue with that is the other party may be willing to play your new game and now things can get really ugly.

    And someone standing there in the open with a long gun is wearing one hell of a shoot me first sign.

    Be smart people.

    • “And someone standing there in the open with a long gun is wearing one hell of a shoot me first sign.“

      True, but less relevant when there are a whole bunch of people with long guns. It’s heartening to see communities coming together for their own protection, though discouraging that they need to do this in the first place…

    • Open carry, practical advantages aside, have deterrence as a main goal. That doesn’t mean it is a bluff. Whoever carries a firearm should be ready to use it if such necessity occurs.

      Be smart, don’t start any. This is not a game.

    • OTOH I distinctly remember from either Time or Newsweek, back when they were respectable print news publishers, an article about the Liberty City riots in Miami circa 1980, generally about the same issues. After a night or two of rioting and property destruction and looting, when any number of businesses and some residences were attacked, looted and torched, etc., the article had pictures of some of the destruction and some other things, including an old potbellied crewcut-wearing white person, in a tie and short sleeve dress shirt, or as one might say, a cracker, standing in front of his used car lot which had not been disturbed during the rioting and looting, with a short-barreled 12 gauge pump over his shoulder or on a sling, something of that sort, and a determined grim look on his face. The article noted that his being obviously and determinedly armed was likely the reason the riot had not come near his lot. Also, reference during the Rodney King riots in LA circa 1992 the self-protective behavior of armed Korean shop-owners who correctly understood that the LAPD had abandoned the streets to the mob and that they were on their own. Unlike soft liberal Americans, they did not desire to lose their life’s work or savings and investments, and so took to the roofs of their strip malls and fired at or over the mob long before it got close enough to trash or burn their stores. The mob got the message and understood, even though many blacks in the mob resented the Koreans for not kissing their ass when they went in to “shop”, as was well known; not a single Korean business so defended was burned or broken into. These hard-working immigrants obviously understood the second amendment far better than most Americans.

    • “Americans” sounds like a Russian influenced white supremacist dog whistle to me.
      You know who else was “American?” Hitler, that’s who.

      • Many years ago, during a bible study, I offered an opinion on a theological topic. Without going into details, it’s a position that I still today believe is valid and correct. Anyway, some lady at the table gets this faraway look in her eyes like she’s studying the ceiling, and says, “I’m looking through the journals of Heaven and not seeing it.”

        Some statements just defy response.

        • Her methodology of looking through the journals of heaven is just as valid as anything else in the Bible.

        • Miner,
          It’s important that we separate facts from opinion when discussing such things. How is your statement any different from hers?

      • For reelz Hans?
        I post almost everyday.
        You know who wouldn’t notice my obsessive posting? Hitler!

        • Cripes! That Hitler guy is not very bright. Or observant. Or something else…:)

      • “You know who else was “American?” Hitler, that’s who.”

        Say, *what*?

        Exactly how does that play out?

    • How about “rooftop defenders”. It’s neither race nor gender specific, it isn’t overtly patriotic or religious, and is more descriptive. Also, Hitler wasn’t a “defender” 🙂

      • I thought about other words: Patriots, citizens, residents, didn’t think of defenders. I’m open to other ideas, but I ended up with “Americans” because that’s what we all are, or are supposed to be. Frankly, this whole thing about apologizing for who we are seems to me just as racist as anything that’s happened in the past. I didn’t participate in any of that but am still being judged by the color of my skin. If people of all colors, or lack thereof, do not start forgiving each other we’ll never get over this. Too many wallow in the past with no thought of how to make things better.

        Right now this country is the proverbial house divided spoken of by Abraham Lincoln, quoting someone from a couple thousand years ago. Will we stand? Or are we coming to Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51?

        • Yeah, but the problem is, the Canadians, Mexicans, Chileans, etc., etc., etc. can also call themselves Americans and often do so maybe it’s a little too all encompassing for our current needs.

  2. My first experience with civil unrest occurred when I was twelve or thirteen years old. A local P.D. officer shot a citizen (non-fatal) and a race riot ensued. Even though the the officer was also black. I remember my dad taking the plug out of his model 12 so it would hold five rounds. I saw our neighbors across the street (father and two teenage sons) in their yard with their deer rifles. My friend Randy, who was 15 at the time, accompanied his father and uncle to his dad’s business where they stood guard for three days and two nights. A crowd gathered, but not a brick was thrown. Many of those in the crowd were shopping in the store a week later. Since then I survived two hurricanes and worked the aftermath of several others. All had looting and civil unrest to greater or lesser degrees. Interestingly most arson were committed by home/business owners when they discovered their insurance didn’t cover flood damage. Fire was covered. Never disarmed a single citizen at any of those deployments. Also never understood why every citizen wasn’t armed.

    • “Interestingly most arson were committed by home/business owners when they discovered their insurance didn’t cover flood damage. Fire was covered.”

      I fear there will be a rash of those going forward, with these lockdowns destroying businesses…

      • Stolen inventory gets paid for by insurance. Bankruptcy sells inventory off for pennies on the dollar.

        Many owners would rather be looted and burned rather than get raped by the financial system and courts. And the gov will probably open it’s wallet soon too.

        • Many insurance policies do NOT cover vandalism, arson, and theft during periods of civil unrest. It’s a specific exclusion.

          That’s been a big topic of discussion here now that downtown Raleigh got fairly well hosed

        • False. As Matt Richardson states, owners of looted stores are usually out of luck unless they had specific riders. And those riders are extremely expensive in the kind of neighborhood where you would expect to need it.

        • The only “insurance” any American has ever had has been their guns. Insurance is a modern concept. It’s for people with money. Fortunately guns are still affordable for everyone.

    • When I inherited my Model 12 long ago, the very first thing I did that day was remove the plug.

      • Haz, that’s fine. If you’re not shooting migratory birds. If the state gets you you’re going to county court. If the Feds get you you’re going to federal court. Both suck, but U.S. Court really sucks.

    • the cops can’t protect you…especially when they’re in the process of being overwhelmed and the civil authority is perfectly willing to sacrifice your property…if your serious about protecting it you need to band together and develop a plan for deterring others from destroying it …..

  3. Our annual gun rights rally in Harrisburg, PA was just postponed with no definite date rescheduled because of rumored BLM and/or Antifa protests on the same day.

    This is in spite of the fact that our group would be the only ones present capable of acting like civilized human beings. For the reason that our group will be armed and prepared to defend ourselves if necessary. our voices won’t be heard.

    • They tried to say the same thing in January when we matched on Richmond, went anyway. Everything was just peachy!

    • Odds are there were no BLM/Antifa planning anything. There’s a lot of internet equipped idiots pouring out hoaxes on social media. Police are watching social media for clues on trouble makers.

      Over the weekend I was in a Home Depot when they asked everyone to evacuate, the store was closing. The police had called and requested it close because of social media chatter that a nearby shopping mall was to be looted. Police wanted the Home Depot shut because of all the hammers and other potential weapons that rioters would go after.

      Not even one protester, looter or rioter showed up at that mall all night. It was just another anti-social media hoax.

      • That’s another thing that disturbs me about how we (the collective societal “we”) have allowed ourselves to be bossed around by TPTB. Governors across the nation are already overreaching their authority by declaring shutdowns and telling everyone to wear masks or close their business doors against their will. Mayors are declaring curfews (which I believe are unlawful) and telling everyone to stay inside their homes and restricting their right to travel and assemble, under pain of arrest. And now businesses are following requests from police(??) to shut down simply because someone in charge at the Department **thinks** a person might buy a trade tool and use it in a crime? Ya think there aren’t already hammers and crowbars owned by everyone in America already?

        We’ve incrementally frittered away so much of our freedom in bite-size pieces. And now we have Socialists in Congress and Communists rioting in the streets.

        • And that’s just the recent stuff. We still haven’t got back any of the rights we lost after 9/11.

        • @Haz
          The SCOTUS (esp. Roberts) disagrees with you. Limits on freedoms guaranteed in the BoR such as religion are the same as limits on theater capacity. The governments ability to maintain the perception of public safety supersedes any and all enumerated rights.

          And we never will. It’s too late for that.

        • Haz: ” And now we have Socialists in Congress and Communists rioting in the streets.”

          And now we have Communists in Congress and Communists rioting in the streets.

          There, fixed it for you.

      • It works both ways.

        Some of it is idiocy and some of it is planned. There have been numerous instances so far of complaints to cops and social media postings about “racist gatherings” like the KKK. Cops get there and there’s no gathering but somewhere else the problems start, often where the cops were previous to the report. And then they realize they took some bait.

        Some of it is kookery, some is rumor and some of it is deliberate misdirection. Very difficult to sort that out in the moment.

      • It was a terrorist act, public were terrorized, it worked. Remember after 911 there were closings of malls one week, banks another, movie theaters the next….terrorism works ! The threat was as effective as an act

    • Antifa was right down the street 2 years ago at the Harrisburg march. There were no problems had then. I actually expected some and was tooled up more than necessary by far. Something about a bunch of armed protesters seems to make there be less trouble.

  4. And that, friends, is what anarchists and terrorists fear the most! Armed patriots willing to defend ourselves and our country are BLM and antifa’s worst nightmare. Stay vigilant, “beans, bullets and bandages”!

  5. “There’s No Better Insurance Against Civil Unrest Than a Gun in a Free Man’s Hands”

    100% Absolutely Agree that every person has the natural right of self defense born into them. The best tool of self defense is a firearm.

    The best insurance against civil unrest however, is to take seriously the need to get to the root causes of it and solve those problems. We do not do this and so periodically the rage builds up and we see another eruption.

    What is needed here is to figure out why a police officer would keep his knee on a handcuffed, un-resisting suspect’s neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds as that man begs for his life? Why would three other officers allow it to happen?

    When one of these killings happens lots of TTAG readers excoriate the bad cops. Question that is never asked is why do the cops do these things? How do we put an end to it?

    We are seeing video of cops targeting news crews. We saw the BBQ restaurant where the owner was shot dead after the police attacked his customers with pepper balls from a paint ball gun. The case of a young couple trying to get home in their car, swarmed by six officers who beat them and tased them. All this shit keeps happening.

    What the hell is wrong with police training? Police recruitment? Police command structure? I believe the “bad apples” are few, but why is it that the rest tolerate, stand by and watch and do not move to stop them?

    Questions need to be asked, fixes proposed. If we do not then the next paroxysm of rage will come sooner or later, be bigger or smaller, but it will come.

    This is a cycle, isn’t it? Brutal actions by some cops happen, people are outraged, nothing gets done, eventually a period of civil unrest erupts. Then it quiets down and we build it up again for the next triggering event.

    The gun stuff I have covered, I’m good.

    The stopping this bloody awful cycle, not so much.

    • One problem is people mixing together totally different incidents as if they are equal.

      Chauvin keeping his knee on someone’s neck for 9 minutes, inexplicable. The BBQ shack owner being shot and killed by return fire when he started shooting at policemen and soldiers, fairly self-explanatory. One of these things is not like the other, so why are you rolling them together?

      • No, they are completely similar as they ask the question of why are police initiating these things? Those officers who attacked the diners at McAtee’s BBQ, why did they do that? Those people were not protesting, rioting or looting. They were enjoying a meal, they were peaceful. The video on that is crystal clear, all of a sudden the police attacked them. They sprayed the diners with pepper balls. Even as people fled and crowded into the building the police continued to spray fire into the fleeing diners trying to squeeze inside.

        The video does not show McAtee at this point. We do not know what the cops saw or what he saw. We do not know why he fired his gun. We do know he was a long time friend to police, including feeding them from his restaurant at no charge.

        What I am wondering is if McAtee panicked? In a split second his place went from a busy restaurant with people eating and having a good time to people fleeing in terror and projectiles hitting all around. Did he fire a shot in panic without realizing it was out of control police?

        Whatever happened there, those police attacking peaceful people just eating their food and enjoying the evening, they caused it. That’s the point.

        Why did those officers attack those people?

        That’s what needs solving here.

        • You are absolutely dead wrong. We don’t need more police training in this country we need criminal training I’ll be even more blunt, black criminal training, in how to behave when you’re busted by the cops. So like Garner on Staten Island, who’d been arrested 30 prior times and knew the drill better than the cops, when they say give us your hands for the bracelets you give them your hands you don’t raise them so the short cop can’t reach them and the only thing he can do is jump up and put his arm around your neck to bring you down to the ground. Ditto regarding George Lloyd, of whom it was falsely stated he didn’t resist or struggle, no the reason he was on the ground as he had been struggling, he claimed he was claustrophobic and couldn’t stand being in the back of a police car after he’d already been put in once, he got out, Which was why he was resisting them and ended up out of the car on the ground. They had already called an ambulance not because he was ill but because it was a bigger vehicle to put him in when he expired because of a heart attack, compounded by the meth and fentanyl he had in his system and no doubt the stress of being arrested and thrown about, half of which or more of which is his own fault. I agree the cop when Floyd started saying “I can’t breathe” should’ve got off his neck, but the reason there were so many cops on him was it the guy was after all 6‘6“ tall, A lot of perp, And he to that point had not been cooperative at all.

          As usual there is again a lot of talk on the news media about “the talk “ that black fathers are supposed to give to their sons for their projected encounters with law-enforcement. (I also resent this being portrayed as a black issue, when my working class Irish father gave me “the talk “when I became a young jerk about how to behave around armed cops. He grew up in New Jersey in the depression and knew exactly how much power a man with a badge and gun and a partner willing to back him up with a fake story possesses and he didn’t want his son not coming home; I have given my own son the same talk, and expect if I live long enough I’ll be giving it to my grandchildren. But all of a sudden it’s another break your heart “black” issue, what a bunch of jive.) Obviously, the talk isn’t working or some people aren’t getting the word, e.g., Garner, Floyd, etc., Possibly because they didn’t have a father around to do that. Or possibly because they just don’t give a damn and think they’re effectively above arrest. And given the amount of jive and abuse the cops have to put up with in the day to day of their job, I’m surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen a lot more often, just remember what you saw at the demonstrations with raging black morons shouting at the cops 2 feet away from their faces in a COVID-19 plague. Could you take that kind of abuse and resist striking back? You’re a better man than me Gunga Din.

          To recap: we need training for black arrestees, not for cops, who’ve had plenty already.

    • “..What is needed here is to figure out why a police officer would keep his knee on a handcuffed, un-resisting suspect’s neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds as that man begs for his life? Why would three other officers allow it to happen?….”

      Reading the charging documents this morning and couple of things stood out. Dead guy said “I can’t breath” before the knee on neck. Foam was seen at edge of mouth before knee on neck.

      Could ‘Excited Delirium’ along with his health issues have made his death a foregone conclusion regardless?
      What is the protocol that defines how a suspect is restrained if ‘excited Delirium’ is suspected ?

      The other cop asked if they should turn him on his side..The accused said ” He is staying put where we have him. Officer Lane stated he was worried about ‘Excited Delirium” The accused stated “That’s why we have him on his stomach”



      I also read that the deceased had been diagnosed with the ‘Covid’ a month prior.

      All interesting… note: I’m not a lawyer and just pointing out things that may come up at trial…if there is one. I don’t think they will walk due to the political landscape ..and the fact that cities are burning…
      (sorry if any misspellings)

      • Also noted from the first coroners report was that Mr. Floyd had levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system.

        • We need a reset button for 2020…sigh

          whats next? Super Volcano under Yellowstone blows up?

        • Uhhh. Don’t even joke about that.
          I take it you read of the recent earthquake activity there? Like last week.

          Kung Flu, murder hornets, no toilet paper, killing and disposing of millions of livestock, race riots, monkeys stealing covid infected blood.
          F%&K me, what next indeed?

        • Stupid Libertarians think legalizing all drugs will eliminate crime. Or reduce it. They are stupid fools.

          Intoxicated people get no excuses, for the crimes they commit. That is the lie that Libertarians have been perpetrating forever. Libertarians have never believed in personal responsibility.
          George Floyd could have just died from drug induced cardiac arrest. Without the help of a police officer leaning on his neck.

          Now will the Libertarians even give that a possible thought???

          Philando Castile was intoxicated on marijuana when he was shot by a police officer. He was moving around in his car. When the officer told him to stop moving, thinking he was reaching for a gun.

          The drug legalization crowd thinks we will have utopia if they get their way. No. The only thing that will happen is more people getting shot. By cops AND CIVILIANS, who think the bad guy has a gun.

      • The thing is, when Mr. Floyd became unresponsive there should have been a reaction from the accused. That truly should have been the proverbial “oh shit” moment. A pulse check and CPR should have ensued immediately. There simply is no defending this guy’s actions.

        That said, everyone assumes that this was racially motivated. I am not ready to concede that point because I don’t know enough about the ex-officer. If anyone has any evidence to support the racial claim I’d be willing to listen. Until then, this guy might have been an equal opportunity idiot.

    • much of this comes down to the lack of mutual respect…being confrontational with cops seldom ends well…but it is a two-way street…something some officers refuse to grasp….

  6. Well, there are some situations where a gun in a free man’s hands leads directly to civil unrest.

    Like this for instance:

    “William Bryan told investigators he heard Travis McMichael use a racial epithet after fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, Georgia, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent testified Thursday during preliminary hearings.
    Bryan told police McMichael said “f***ing n***er” after three blasts from McMichael’s shotgun left Arbery dead in February the streets of the Satilla Shores neighborhood, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Richard Dial said.
    Body camera footage also showed a Confederate flag sticker on the toolbox of McMichael’s truck, Dial said.
    The allegations came as Dial outlined the events that led to Arbery’s death and told the court that before Arbery was shot, the three men charged in his murder engaged in an elaborate chase, hitting the 25-year-old jogger with a truck as he repeatedly tried to avoid them.
    As Travis and Gregory McMichael attempted to head him off, Arbery turned and ran past the truck of Bryan, who filmed the killing, and Bryan struck Arbery with the side of his truck, Dial said.
    The new details of the final moments of Arbery’s life emerged amid a week of nationwide protests over another killing — that of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis — and demonstrators have also called for justice in Arbery’s case.
    Investigators found a swipe from a palm print on the rear door of Bryan’s truck, cotton fibers near the truck bed that “we attribute to contact with Mr. Arbery” and a dent below the fibers, he said.
    Though Bryan’s attorney has contested allegations his client took part in the killing, Dial said Bryan first became involved by yelling to the McMichaels, “Do you got him?” when he saw them chasing the 25-year-old jogger. The McMichaels and Bryan have not entered pleas, but lawyers for all three men have proclaimed their innocence.
    After yelling out to the McMichaels about Arbery, Bryan joined the chase, and at this point, none of the three had called 911, Dial said.
    The McMichaels had already tried to head off Arbery once when Bryan joined the pursuit, the GBI agent said. Bryan tried to block in Arbery as Travis McMichael drove around the block with his father in the bed of the truck.
    Bryan “made several statements about trying to block him in and using his vehicle to try to stop him,” Dial said. “His statement was that Mr. Arbery kept jumping out of the way and moving around the bumper and actually running down into the ditch in an attempt to avoid his truck.”
    At one point, Arbery was heading out of the Satilla Shores neighborhood where the defendants live, but the McMichaels forced him to turn back into the neighborhood and run past Bryan, the agent said. That is when he struck Arbery, Dial said, and Arbery kept running with the McMichaels in pursuit.
    Bryan turned around, and that is where the widely disseminated video of Arbery’s killing begins, he said.”

    Looks like BRyan is an accomplice and co-conspirator who is willing to cut a deal with the prosecutors.

    Looks like the McMichaels are going to do some serious time for their modern day lynching of Arbery.

    • You are just another in a long line of white socialist progressive types who believe that blacks shouldn’t have guns.

      I don’t care if white people are racist. It’s no big deal. I just want every law-abiding black person to have a machine gun. And a flame thrower would be nice too.

      • “who believe that blacks shouldn’t have guns”

        My friend, I am respectfully calling bullshit on your claim.

        I’ve never espoused denying firearms ownership to any sane, adult, non-felon American.

        • And on this one I agree. I didn’t know I was a racist until Chris got out his broad brush and tarred me. I guess my friends who do not match my skin tone will be surprised.

        • The people you support don’t want blacks to have guns. You seem racist to me. In fact you use a broad brush to say all republicans are racist. People like you support the klansman governor in the Virgina. Your guy Obama, sent select fire weapons to city cops everywhere. And kept guns from law abiding black inner city residence.

          You are a very racist person Miner49er.

        • to BradB
          When you support the Republicans who supported the gun rights of the black panther party for self defense, when no one else would, you let me know. Democrats have never supported gun civil rights for law abiding black people. I know its very hard to face the truth in Liberal California (where I grew up), New York, New Jersey or Chiraq. The white socialist progressive are very racist people.

          “Wealthier whites get 90 percent of licenses in Illinois”

          Now you can call republicans racist. As You have done so in the past. To relieve you of your own racist feelings.
          See how easy it is to call someone a racist???

    • those guys would have gotten away with this in the past…some folks just don’t seem to understand times have changed….

    • Chris,
      If you really must know, I’m registered Republican and have pretty much voted that way for the last 40 years. I’m not in California, New York or any other liberal bastion. Frankly I can’t even understand how some of those people think. My point is: In another thread I asked an honest question. You came back with an accusation that I must have a guilty conscience. (Forgive me for being a bit naive. I come here for gun talk and end up getting sucked into the keyboard warrior thing. I’m not very good at it and think it’s a poor use of my time.)

      I have friends and co-workers who are ethnically from Africa, Hispanic nations, India, Asia and Pacific islands. We all get along just fine. Many of my India friends are here on work visas and had never handled a firearm or learned the first thing about them until I took them to the range.

      I could not care less about the color, ethnicity or background of a person. All I really care about is their character. If they can accept me, I can accept them.

      You seem all too quick to accuse without actually knowing someone. I refer you to Titus, chapter 1, verse 15. Or if it’s too difficult to look up, Will Rogers put it, “A man ain’t likely to look behind a door unless he’s stood there once himself.”

  7. And Drew Brees has CAVED. Last possible season and he wooses out. The rabble rousers aren’t your fan’s…I WAS😩😖😟

    • I must point out, the constitution makes no mention whatsoever of a national anthem or a national flag.

      On the other hand, it does have the first amendment guaranties of freedom of expression to every citizen.

      The Star-Spangled Banner was written by a slave owner and slavery advocate, who included a verse threatening death to slaves who would seek their freedom.

      • “On the other hand, it does have the first amendment guaranties of freedom of expression to every citizen.”
        1st A needs to be limited to the ways of the period that the FFathers drafted the BOR. At the time, words were written on parchment, delivered by horseback………….
        Those allowed to exercise the 1st A in modern times must limit it to 10 words MAX, with a break for punctuation after each word.
        Want your 1st A rights? Pay for a background check, training, and “license to speak” before using the 1st Amendment. Walking around just “firing off” words in public is NOT allowed (unless there is a life or death need for such behavior).
        You feel like spewing words (full auto)? Sorry this is not allowed, 10 word max.
        Use the 1st A on your own property, and only if there is NO chance of your words effecting others IN ANY WAY. Or a state approved 1st A range, where everyone is wearing ear protection. Yell away.
        Funny how the leftards logic falls apart when applied to rights OTHER then the 2nd A.
        The 1st A must be limited/abolished. Do it for the children. /Sarc\
        This needed to be pointed out.

      • The seige of Fort McHenry, the failure of the superior Britsh force and American victory are inspirational and important for every American to learn about in school.

        The poem by Francis Scott Key is the work of a self promoting lawyer who used his own wealth to promote and distribute the thing. As a song it requires a level of skill and vocal gymanstics normally found only in a professional singer or a child’s exceptionally elastic vocal chords. For the typical citizen it is an awful thing to try and wrap one’s singing voice about.

        Our victory at Fort McHenry – Inspirational, Patriotic – A shining example for all Americans.

        The Star Spangled Banner – The sloppy incomprehensible mess of an elitist of his day who succeeded only by way of well funded self promotion.

        • Fun fact: The tune that you say only professional singers can manage actually began its life as a drinking song — a melody written by and for drunk people in taverns.

        • Right you are!

          And the fact that to sing the fool thing, it helps to be drunker than a 18th century Royal Navy sailor is another mark against it.

      • Typical leftist crap — talk up the Constitution when it’s convenient and denigrate everything it stands for by painting it all with the big bad ad hominem brush. Find a new tactic. That one’s long past its sell-by date.

      • The Constitution doesn’t mention free healthcare or welfare programs like food stamps, or direct cash payments.
        It also doesn’t say anything about abortion.
        But what do leftist, low IQ people like you demand of the federal gov? All of the above.

      • this was the war of 1812….a war we initiated, by the way….and attitudes toward slavery in the south hadn’t changed much largely because they had yet to be challenged in any meaningful form or substance….

      • say something they don’t like and expect to be attacked for it….but remember we’re talking about a guy that depends on big, black linemen for his protection……

  8. I hope all these new gun owners realize that if the Dems get control they are going to attack hard to take everyone’s guns away. It will be relentless. And now with Roberts agreeing to allow attacks on religion bythe government, Pandora’s box is open for all the Bill of Rights to get attacked.

  9. Meh. All out problems can be traced back to Twitter.

    Why? Because that’s an easy answer and I don’t feel like talking nuance. Now, let’s go burn down Twitter’s HQ and @Jack’s house. That will save the country, I swear.

    Also, there’s an Armani store and a McD’s on the way. So, if anyone is hungry, thirsty, needs a new suit for a job interview or just wants to beat some sense I to a few young people in a parking lot, we got that covered too. Don’t bother bringing your wallet, you won’t need it.

    • Stop talking sense.

      Actually, if it were guaranteed to kill Twitter, I might be tempted. (@Jack can be released on his own recognizance, and I’ll even leave his mansion alone.) Even if we can’t trace *all* our problems back to Twitter, there isn’t a single one that it hasn’t made worse. I’d rather start with Facebook, but we can’t have everything.

      • We can’t start with Facebook. We do Facebook after we spend a day or so talking about how we “peacefully educated” @Jack and Twitter.

        Once it’s clear that our burning, looting, assault, robbery and burglary are, in fact, peaceful then we can move on to Facebook.

        Put your shoulder into it ING, we got goalposts to move and facts and shit to ignore.

  10. Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where Floyd entered a woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records

    The encounter began Monday around 8 p.m. when an employee at the Cup Foods convenience store called police to say that a customer later identified as Floyd had tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes.

    A police statement said it is at this point that Floyd “physically resisted an officer.”


  11. Several reports say that Floyd and the officer worked security together at the same club. Looks like a personal grudge might have been settled using his badge. If proved that makes it easier for the prosecution.

    No sympathy for the rioters etc but not in any way acceptable police work.

  12. Now if we can just kick out the anti civil rights immigrants who are only here for the money.
    And we can keep people like Charles Cooke. America would be a much better place.


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