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A “peaceful” George Floyd protest rally nearly turned into a bloodbath as a radical leftist brought a rifle. While open carrying a rifle in Texas remains perfectly legal, brandishing it to “off racists and MAGA people” is not.

Cops initially arrested 25-year-old Emmanuel Quinones Saturday after he brandished his AR-15 rifle at a rally in Lubbock, Texas. Initially, the masked gun-toting hotshot refused police orders to drop the gun as he held it at low-ready. He had a change of heart when police pointed their guns at him.

But wait there’s more! Cops say the would-be mass murderer shouted “President Trump must die” and “this is a revolution” as they struggled to cuff him. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and chronic in some.

Image via Twitter

Further investigation of Quinones’ Facebook account showed the graduate research assistant at Texas Tech had posted violent screeds as well as his plans to kill Trump supporters that might appear at the protest or any found nearby.

Image via Facebook.
Emmanuel Quinones. Image via Emmanuel Quinones’ Facebook page.

Federal prosecutors have charged him and if convicted, Quinones can expect the feds to give him plenty of tender loving. And it won’t be at Club Fed.

Here’s the video from the rally.

There’s more from Breitbart:

Lubbock police officers arrested 25-year-old Emmanuel Quinones on Saturday after he was captured on video purportedly brandishing a loaded Smith & Wesson .223 semi-automatic rifle in front of protesters, KCBD NBC11 reported. The protesters were standing in support of George Floyd, the black man killed by Minneapolis police in May…

Charges were filed by the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas. Federal officials say that Quinones, “in view of the protesters, Mr. Quinones held the rifle at ‘low ready,’ in firing position with the muzzle pointed toward the ground, as panic rippled through the assembled crowd.”

Texas law allows for the open carry of a rifle or shotgun but it is against the Texas Penal Code to display such a weapon in a public place “in a manner calculated to alarm,” the Lubbock NBC affiliate reported.

All it takes for “peaceful” rallies to become bloodbaths is one lunatic to show up who wants to murder anyone who disagrees with them.

Why does that seem to happen?

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  1. Someone on the left did this? Really? And I see it was reported by Mark Wilson as an automatic rifle. Mark was probably hoping it was a right winger with a gun and yet….nah. I can’t believe the left would behave this way. I am going to lable this as right-winged propaganda. 😉

    • Yeah, I read a comment on another site from someone purporting himself as an “expert” telling people (1) automatic weapons have been banned from civilians since the ’80s and (2) M4s and AR-15s fire at the same rate, and the only difference is that one of the looks scarier.

      The ignorance is astounding.

      • I don’t know about that. A slide fire equiped AR-15 ROF is pretty damn close to the fully automatic variant.

        • M 18, one slight squeeze of the trigger, 7 shots fired. US Army training boot camp. Only fired fully auto twice. First day on the range when the people spotting shots on the targets were goofin off. Second time with a tracer every 6th round to show what happened when we fired all at ounce at a 30 degree angle to proe nobody could get through the fire we laid down. M 16 okay, loved the 50 cal machine gun. Rolled a 55 gallon drum filled with sand uphill at 375 yards, could have shot that thing all day long, loved it. Might not have felt the same if it was a person but enjoyed shooting the sand.

        • Slide Fire? Those were banned by that notable Democrat gun-grabber, Donald Trump.

        • Slide fires were illegally and unconstitutionally banned by the leftist gun grabbing ftard.

        • So we have at least two people who agree that a semi auto rifle can shoot at 600 rounds per minute until it overheats.

      • not an automatic weapon, do your home work. I know, I train with the automatic rifle in the militry.
        Have you ever held an rifle, automatic or simi-automatic(single shot)weapon?
        Making judgment on what you read, instead of what you have actually experienced is ignorant as well as narrowminded.

        • What are you referring to? Your reply is a bit scattered.

          1) Civilian ownership of automatic firearms is not banned at the federal level. Steps must be taken to procure the proper permission, but ownership of such guns is legal. Please explain how you disagree with this.

          2) The M4 is select-fire. The AR-15 is semi-auto. Not too sure how anyone at TTAG could say that’s incorrect. Please explain how you disagree with this.

          3) I’ve fired full-auto weapons, so while I’m not an expert on Class 3 weaponry, I’m not a noob, either. Please explain what you’re talking about.

        • thank you for exposing haz. the entire sum of his firearm prowess is almost certainly gleaned from periodicals.
          but now we have you, and your fully simi single autos.

        • Different guns fired with different ammo by different people configured differently will vary wildly in their rate of fire.

          What makes you or anyone else think with such narrow mindedness? Most variables are only removed with things like helicopter mounted motorized rotory units.

          A malfunctioning AR15 stuck on full auto held by a novice will have a higher rate of fire than a bolt action AR15 held by a professional.

        • Haz, just so you know around 50+ years ago there was a variant that was marked AR-15 and was also full auto. My agency had one. According to the old timers it was confiscated from the cockpit of a DC-3 that did an emergency landing on a dust cropper strip in our county. The pilot was long gone. Probably something to do with all that pot on board. Anyway, what’s interesting is the receiver was marked Colt (with rampant colt) and Armalite, Fairchild Industries AR-15. As I said, it is select fire. It has green furniture, the early “pencil” barrel, chrome bolt carrier and three prong flash suppressor. I did some research on it and according to ATF the last known record of that weapon was in a U.S. Navy arms room in Key West. Go figure. Capt. Finch kept it in his patrol car until he retired. MSR? Hardly. Damn thing is older than me.

        • jolj , never said automatic rifle, just a near identical rate of file. If set up correctly, a slide fire AR-15 will produce a very consistent ROF of 650 RPM, one with an auto control group about 750-800. I think that the difference is not all that much. So thus, a “semi auto” can shoot just as fast as full automatic according to the average pro-gunner.

          The interesting part is that a good shooter can put down about 240 RPM with a typical AR-15 (a 250 split that I can do with a handgun), which is in the same ballpark as a Chauchat.

          The fact is the effectiveness of the AR platform has very little to do with full automatic fire So all the B. S. that the pro gun side spouts about how much difference there is between a AR-15 and a military rifles is just that, B.S.

          At the same time, there is not much of a difference between most good semi auto magazine magazine fed rifles at all. I agree that targeting the AR-15 in particular is kind of stupid. It just that for the money , they are the best 5.56 semi auto rifle out there, so that is what a shooter is going to use.

        • Um, Dan…why is TTAG not allowing me to post again? This happens at least once per week (sometimes much more). I write a comment/reply, hit ‘Post Comment’, the page refreshes, and when I come back to re-visit to see if anyone replied, my comment’s gone.

          This has been going on since last year.

        • Dude, have you EVER shot with a shot timer? Anyone can do a .250 split with a full size pistol. Hell, I have run 20 shot string with transitions in 10 seconds with a CZ75.

          But here you go (not me, I don’t like Glocks)
          FYI, to the math, he is running about to 300 RPM

      • For the ones thinking an AR15 Is the same as an AUTOMATIC RIFLE – get educated!
        Civilian ARs are SENI-auto- only fires as fast as you can pull the trigger and military automatics actually Fire in three round burst. Full auto is not easy to maintain aim while firing.
        Before you mouth off- like I said EDUCATE yourself. Your stupidity is only shadowed by the idiocy of this young man to show up with a loaded AR INTENT on killing anyone who dared to disagree.

        • Dude.. switch to decaf.
          The AR-15 was originally designed as a semi-automatic survival rifle for an Air Force contract solicitation.
          When fielded as a machine gun, it was semi/full automatic, not semi/burst.
          The USMC led the development of the A2 and incorporated the elevation/windage rear sight, along with changing the buttstock, handguards, and creating the burst fire mode (3 round burst).
          To my knowledge, the army adopted the A2, but kept the semi/full automatic fire control group.

      • 10 years ago would have been the start of when we started to see the various commie Bloc arms start to rise in price and the ARs dropped a few years later. The AR of today is the sks of a decade ago (price wise) and is pretty much ubiquitous.

        • SAFEupstateFML ,

          You’re making me feel so old… when I managed a gun store back in the mid/late 90’s the most expensive AK was a milled receiver Norinco at $500-$600, and that was less than the cheapest AR you could buy (about your only choices were Colt, Bushmaster, and DPMS). I bought myself a Norinco M1A because even it was cheaper than any AR-15 (wish I had kept that one). As for the SKS- again, it was Norinco and they were $99 all day long.

          Hell, original M1 Carbines were a dime a dozen at $300. Boy, how things change.

        • Peter I am getting there. When I was first learning to shoot the AWB was still in full effect and did more with the various pistol caliber rifle/subgun options from HK and Beretta than anything rifle and 1911’s were the first pistol I saw in widespread availability. With that said loving the improvements in availability and affordability across the board.

  2. But its white people causing all the problems according to some posters here. He must be a white in disguise?

    • Well, the MSM will describe as a “White Hispanic” like they did with George Zimmerman.

      • Are you aware Spanish people are Europeans thus white?

        White supremacists don’t like to include Spaniards as white when they speak on the demographics of the U.S.. If you count them as who they are, America is something like 70%+ white, without them it’s more in the 60s.

        • MOST Spanish have AFRICAN genes from the 700-800 year Moorish conquest of the Iberian peninsula. You need to up your game troll…bury this POS under the jail. That’ll teach ’em😏

        • I’ve lived in Spain and yes the Moors are North African Arabs and you mainly see that mix from mid south to south, but the people in the north of Spain are Celtic. They even wear kilts and play bagpipes.

        • One of my wife’s former gym class instructors posted a video claiming his solidarity with BLM, and he describes himself as “white presenting”. Meaning he claims Mexican lineage, but totally looks Caucasian, like he’s from Idaho.

          He said, “I’m not white” (even though his skin color is totally white), but “white presenting”.

          Imagine if our grandparents from the Greatest Generation had to put up with this crap. Someone white dude walks up to Grandpa and says he not white. Grandpa says yes you are because your skin, hair, and eye colors are all the same as mine. Dude says naw bruh I’m only “white presenting”.


        • No Hispanics ain’t white you have clearly lost your mind. Try trolling someone who cares, you prove my handle 100%.

        • “He said, “I’m not white” (even though his skin color is totally white), but “white presenting”.”

          Oh, I have the *perfect* use for that!

          (Insert Evil Laugh *here*) 🙂

          And follow it up with –

          “Just who the fuck are YOU to tell me how I self-identify?”… 😉

          • fair complexion with blond hair and blue eyes is not uncommon among European Spanish people resulting from their Germanic/Celtic ancestry… The trait is considered not quite common nor is it considered exceptional…

        • Hispanic doesn’t just mean ‘relating to Spain or Spaniards‘. It also refers to spanish-speaking countries and spanish-speaking people in the USA, particularly of Latin American descent. Many of whom are mixed-race with significant indigenous Amerindian ancestry. AKA mestizos.

        • People, people…you’re missing the point (and the joke).

          I know someone who’s skin is very dark, just like an African’s. But his lineage is Cuban going back several generations. If we’re talking nationality, then the argument is that he’s Cuban, regardless of what he looks like. But if we’re talking about skin color, then he’s black. Period.

          If a light-skinned, blond haired, blue eyed person stands in front of you, you’d say he’s white. Period. Only if we then talk about nationality or lineage would we learn if he’s Irish, or Mexican, or whatever. But that’s a different question.

    • According to governors, mayors, police chiefs, military commanders, William Barr and Trump.

  3. Too bad someone didn’t end him. maybe an illegal alien. Definitely doesn’t deserve to play on our playground.

    • The indoctrination runs DEEP with these people. Notice how, in the last 10 seconds of the video in the story, someone yells ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ and the leftist gunman immediately raises his hands and begins repeating ‘hands up, don’t shoot’. Then when the crowd hears the gunman…They begin chanting the same.

      This is their religion, and they are kool-aid drinking Jamestown zealots holding their very own Spanish Inquisition.

      • “This is their religion, and they are kool-aid drinking Jamestown zealots holding their very own Spanish Inquisition.”

        Close, but no cigar!

        That would be Wyler’s Flavor-Aid (Grape) drinking Jonestown zealots…

  4. I like how the Latino dude casually acted like he was “just passin’ along on the sidewalk” until he was close enough to tackle the kid.

    • Poor tackle, though. Better to hit at the waist or hips. How did he get tangled up with the half bald cop? The latter appears quite the worse for wear by the end of the incident.

  5. dude is very, very lucky he didn’t get killed by the police for that stupid act. he’s quite the racist, too – anti-white racism seems to be endemic on the left.

  6. The guy’s FB account is still up. Lordy, he’s a goofball. Textbook case of an armchair revolutionary.

    “Federal prosecutors have charged him and if convicted, Quinones can expect the feds to give him plenty of tender loving. And it won’t be at Club Fed.”

    I’m suddenly reminded of an Office Space quote…

  7. How did a violent, retarded, racist jerk like this ever get into graduate school? Texas Universities must be awfully dumbed down if that is the best help they can find.

    • violent + retarded + racist + jerk = graduate degree

      I’d say he was right on track. Based on this video, he was probably going for a Phd.

      • Depends on which field he’s in. Humanities and social science, definitely. Stupidity and anti-white racism are requirements now; if you’re not a fecking retard, they’ll drum you out. Engineering or hard sciences, retards don’t prosper, but lunatics still do get in.

        It might be interesting to know what his academic program was.

    • These colleges have been infiltrated by commie professors same as everywhere else. Of course there is always the internet.

  8. Come on TTAG. You gotta start archiving these videos before they are taken down. It’s like the 3rd time this week.

  9. Bet his indoctrinating “educators” and dems already have the best lawyer Soros’ money can buy on the case. Anyone still doubt this is the “plan”?

    • Dennis,

      It would be interesting to know whom, at Texas Tech, was filling this kid’s head with hate and lies. I know that is a presumption on my part, but, I will take that risk. Unlikely it will be investigated.

    • The commies don’t much worry about a few “casualties”. Cost of business and plenty more morons where this one came from.

  10. Really, most mass shootings are perpetrated by lift wingers, google their affiliation & stop believing everything mass media tells you. Think.

  11. I’m surprised no one here is talking about infringement of the second amendment.
    Hypocrisy from the constitutionalists. As usual.
    It was a different story when armed protesters where at the Michigan capital.

    • Oh, and don’t give me the Facebook account line. There is crap on both sides, maybe you should look at yours.
      Let’s just trash all of our rights and then no problem, right?

    • Hey asshole, we don’t go on FB and threaten the President or to kill people. Fuck off idiot.

      • Hey… Don’t lie. You know the right wing dreams of a boogaloo and wears shirts to protest to show their political leaning when armed conflict occurs. There are military men who openly speak of when it’s time to start shooting the government and that should always be an option.

        • Shooting the government is an option. It should be the last option we ever use, but it’s the intended purpose of the 2nd amendment.

          So Chief, do you actually support the 2nd amendment? Or any of them?

      • Prove it. Bob Bobby, what does your other brothers, Bob Bobby and Bob Bobby think about it?
        The point is, most of the junk on FB doesn’t come out until after the fact. Remember Bob Bobby, the second protects the first. Dumb asshat!!!
        Are you always that emotional or is the estrogen?

      • Well, theare were plenty of right wingers brandishing firearms, pointing directly at LEO’s at the Bundy ranch when cloven hooves Bundy attempted to steal thousands of acres of taxpayer land.

        Please remind me again, how many of the right wing protesters at the bunny ranch were charged with brandishing or assault?

      • Depends on what the writer calls brandishing. In the video, he was holding his unslung AR pointed at the ground which would be correct. Brandishing is threatening with the gun as is pointing it at someone. Brandishing was not shown. The video also shows that once he realized he was the subject of the excitement he dropped the AR. He is a misguided immature kid looking for attention, going about it all the wrong way.
        Lots of kids out there with the same mindset.

      • Depends on what the writer calls brandishing. In the video, he was holding his unslung AR pointed at the ground which would be correct. Brandishing is threatening with the gun as is pointing it at someone. Brandishing was not shown. The video also shows that once he realized he was the subject of the excitement he dropped the AR. He is a misguided immature kid looking for attention, going about it all the wrong way.
        Lots of kids out there with the same mindset. Duh

  12. And, of course, there are no right
    wingers who want to off lefties, democrats and progressives. Dumpster forwarded a post from a bunch of idiots called Cowboys for Trump that declared the only good democrat is a dead democrat.

  13. Leftist+college = my surprised face. How many antifa members are employed at anything but a college?

  14. I’m still trying to figure out what he has against Chorizo. I love to add it to my chili.

  15. Someone please tell this incel the first rule of plastering your chest across the internet: have a chest.

  16. The marxist media filled the twerp’s head with years of slandering and libeling the POTUS and now the useful idiot is in deep dodo.
    On the other hand and I take no pleasure in saying it…There are gun talking POTUS haters on this forum and they are to gun rights what looters and arsonists are to business.

  17. Another one of these guys was prevented from killing in Dallas last night, it never made the news.

    • Did they talk about the Dallas police shooting someone in the face causing him to lose his left eye?

      • CC…You have on numerous occassions, prior to Floyd et al, established yourself as having some sort of get even grudge against LE. That said I ask you CC on this Day of Our Lord Thursday June 4, 2020 to cease beating around the bush and come out of your dark closet, open up, allow the light to shine in and get whatever is eating at you off your chest.
        We are here to listen, we are here to help. The ball is in your court CC…Do not let this one time only opportunity to better yourself pass you by…Put on your big boy pants and let it all go…You can do it.

      • Yes, local media (TV &Dallas Morning News) did cover the Riot/Looting suspect being injured.

      • CC is an agitator committed to the destruction of America as we know it. He is clever and subtle in promoting violence and hatred. Don’t fall for it. He wants you to attack first, he wants you to shoot first. He wants to be a martyr. He will rile the conservatives in the hope that they will cut their own throats. If he and his people beat Trump in November you can expect a government of color that will not stop until they eliminate white culture completely. And yes that includes confiscation.

  18. Clearly the bookworm has been watching too much anti-Trump mainstream media. We all know which networks. Only the weak-minded could be so brainwashed.

  19. Wow. The most disturbing part of that video is right after the perp drops the rifle on the sidewalk. It becomes a bumbling scrimmage with people (very poorly) attempting to tackle each other and ending up falling on their butts (including cops). But the worst part is watching the “helpers” then have a game of tug-of-war over the rifle- which very well could have had a round in the chamber and be off safe. Yikes… that was a double-whammy of dumb- an unstable person brandishing at low ready and then a misguided grapple for a firearm by heedless helpers. Scary stuff.

    • At least they did something instead of cower like the majority of mass shooting victims.

      • Agree. I wish more people had the mindful wherewithal to take appropriate actions against threats to life- be it an armed aggressive citizen or LEOs murdering a helpless citizen.

        In regards to the dangerous mishandling of the firearm in the video above, though, I believe having things like universal gun safety training (maybe like to kids in school?) would go a long way in helping avert that kind of incompetent blunder in the future.

        • With finger guns and pop tart guns banned in schools how do think you are going to educate kids about guns in public schools? What part of a Gun Free Zone Sign don’t you understand? That includes no gun talk, no teaching why there is a US Constitution much less the Second Amendment. If kids want an education about guns and their parents are residue of the sixties dope smokers the kids can go see Hollywood movies to learn about guns and get shot or arrested like the ignorant twerp in TX.

        • Debbie W.,

          I’m not exactly clear on what your’re saying. Do you not support teaching the basics of safe gun handling to kids in schools? The NRA had the Eddie Eagle program in schools starting back in 80’s, and I believe there were other gun safety education programs in schools going even farther back than that. I don’t see how teaching proper, safe gun handling practices can ever be a bad thing- to anyone, anywhere. Requiring safe gun handling to be taught in public schools sounds like a win-win to me. Imagine watching someone attempting to argue against teaching basic safety to school age kids.

        • “With finger guns and pop tart guns banned in schools how do think you are going to educate kids about guns in public schools?”

          As Mr. Gunn mentioned above –

          We start with real, tangible, gun safety.

          In the elementary schools, The NRA’s ‘Eddie Eagle’ will be fine. (Stop! Don’t touch it! Run away! Tell an adult!) will be fine. No guns will be in the school, just pictures.

          What possible argument against that could the Leftists have? You’re teaching them not to touch a gun. Every year, small kids die from playing with guns. That will help, and it cannot hurt.

          That’s step one in getting sun safety taught in schools. Later on, instruct them what to do if they find a gun, how to clear it and break it down, etc…

      • Not exactly the same thing when the firearm isn’t pointed at you and no shots have been fired.

  20. Another old white guy racist is arrested after assaulting minorities. I thought you guys said there was no more racism in America?

    “ “LOCUST GROVE, Va. — Deputies in Virginia said a white man who called to report an assault turned out to be the aggressor, and has been charged with attacking three people because of their race.

    Authorities responding to a call from Edward Halstead in Locust Grove on Tuesday night “interviewed several people and determined that the caller was in fact the perpetrator of assault and battery on three individuals,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

    Halstead, 53, was booked into a regional jail on charges including attempted strangulation and three counts of felonious assault and battery due to the victim’s race. The statement didn’t provide information on the race of the victims.”

    • The biggest racists are the ones that support gun control laws that made a criminal out of Arbery and others.

      Remind us again how you stand on gun control.

      • Sure, I believe that non-felon adult, neuro-typical Americans should be allowed to own most semi-automatic pistols and rifles, upon the completion of a basic legal responsibilities class and range time proficiency testing.

        I’m also OK with class three items, with advanced legal obligation and proficiency testing.

        I’m good with the current explosives scheme, the use of taggants has pretty much made it difficult for criminals to use commercial explosives although thefts from mining and construction sites are still a problem. Improvised explosive should continue to be strictly banned.

        • And I’ll bet you would cry racism and unfair if the right to vote was linked to a presentation of a simple id?

          But you have no trouble with requiring hoops for the exercise of basic human and civil rights. And ‘most’ semi auto rifles and pistols. What are your exceptions?

        • You present your ID when you register to vote, after that your voter registration card is your ID at the polls.

          Regarding firearms, no short-barreled shotguns (18” min). Max 30rd capacity, no explosive projectiles.

          That’s what comes to mind right now, there are probably other items that I would find objectionable.

        • As long as you apply this to voting, free speech and so on we are all on board. All rights should be privileges, silly us those racist white men believing in freedom. Enjoy being a slave and please live else where you are not wanted here, I suggest China.

        • “Americans should be allowed to own most semi-automatic pistols and rifles”

          So you won’t be voting for Biden then? He wants to put Bob in charge of confiscating those from you.

        • If I don’t need a an ID to vote, then I don’t need an ID to buy a gun… 🙂

    • Instead of citing another criminal act as a basis to confirm racism…How about telling the forum about your sightings of racism during the last 25 years of your life? Anyone denied service because of skin color? Anyone turned away from a school education because of skin color? Anyone drinking from race designated water fountains? Anyone being called the N word to their face? Anyone sent to the back of the bus because if their skin color? Last but not least…Anyone having orange skin that was noted, made issue and attacked by those who self proclaim to be skin color blind?

      • Well, here are a few relatively recent local items. And I personally know some of the parties involved and/or investigating officers.

        jwn is familiar with this area, he may have some insight into these cases.

        “LOGAN, W.Va. (AP) – Two white suspects have admitted their roles in the alleged kidnapping and torture of a young black woman and five others have been indicted.
        Police say 20-year-old Megan Williams was held captive for days at a trailer in Big Creek. She was rescued September 8th after an anonymous caller alerted police.
        A Logan County grand jury indicted 24-year-old Bobby Brewster; his 49-year-old mother, Frankie Brewster of Big Creek; 20-year-old Danny Combs of Harts; and 46-year-old Karen Burton of Chapmanville yesterday (Tuesday) on kidnapping and other charges.
        Burton’s son, Linnie Burton Jr., was charged with misdemeanor battery.
        Karen Burton is the only defendant charged with a hate crime. Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham says Burton allegedly used a racial epithet as she stabbed Williams in the ankle.
        The defendants have denied the charges.
        Burton’s daughter, 23-year-old Alisha Burton, and 27-year-old George A. Messer each pleaded guilty Friday to kidnapping and assault during the commission of a felony. They each received concurrent prison terms of 10 years for kidnapping and 2 to 10 years for assault.

        HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP/WSAZ) — UPDATE 1/16/20 @ 5 p.m.
        A trial date has been set for a West Virginia woman charged with making up a story about an Egyptian man trying to kidnap her daughter in a shopping mall.
        A Cabell County magistrate court clerk says Santana Renee Adams’ trial is set for 10 a.m. April 6.
        A Cabell County magistrate court clerk says Santana Renee Adams’ trial is set for 10 a.m. April 6.
        Adams is charged with falsely reporting an emergency incident. Adams claimed she used a gun to thwart the attempted kidnapping of her 5-year-old at a mall in Barboursville last April.
        Her story unraveled when surveillance video didn’t support her claims. The man was released from jail and Adams was charged.

        Barboursville, WV A West Virginia man shot and killed his new neighbor and the man’s brother without warning as the two inspected their land. The shooter told police he thought his alleged victims were breaking into a building he mistakenly thought he owned, and police are baffled as to why he chose such a drastic measure to preserve something of no value to him.
        The Cabell County Sheriff’s Department charged Rodney Bruce Black, 62, of Barboursville, with two counts of first degree murder after he killed Garrick Hopkins, 60, of Milton and his brother, Carl Hopkins Jr., 61, of Oak Hill, at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Sherriff Tom McComas told the Daily News on Monday.
        Garrick Hopkins and his wife had just purchased land next door to Black and planned to start building a home in the next few weeks, McComas said. The landowner had invited his brother over to check out the property Saturday afternoon. Black saw the two men — who were both married with children — looking inside a shed. Then, allegedly without warning or calling the police, he grabbed a rifle and fired once at both men. They died at the scene.
        “He shot first and then called 911,” McComas said. “He said they were breaking into his house but it wasn’t his property.”
        (this case is a particular travesty, this individual ambush shot the two black brothers from about 100 feet away with a .243, but of course he didn’t go to prison. He was ruled incompetent and now spends his days at a Happyvalley facility, getting three squares every day and sleeping in his own bed in his own room with color TV. He’s allowed to walk the grounds and receive visitors.)

        Charleston – After a Beckley mother told lawmakers that her son was barred from playing high school basketball games because of his dreadlocks, the West Virginia Senate’s Committee on the Judiciary passed a bill on Monday clarifying that state law prohibiting racial discrimination includes mistreatment based on hairstyles typically associated with a race.
        Sen. Mike Azinger, R-Wood, a white man, vehemently spoke against the bill, telling Tarsha Bolt, the Beckley mother and a black woman, that she was trying to “undercut authority” and trying to pick “the rules” for herself.
        Bolt told lawmakers that a basketball coach at Woodrow Wilson High School told her son, Matthew Moore, a freshman player, that he had to cut his dreadlocks because they weren’t “neat,” even though other players on the team had afros and man-buns.

  21. An excellent illustration of “brandishing” vs the non-threatening open carry of the Virginia and Michigan protestors.

    • While the vast majority of Virginians at the rally carried appropriately slung rifles, there were a few examples of poor firearm handling like those holding both pistol grip and foregrip. Unfortunately that type of grip could constitute brandishing under Virginia’s ridiculous definition.

  22. It’s morons like this guy that bring calls to criminalize the ownership of an AR-15.He needs to be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law and not be allowed to ever own a firearm the rest of his life.He is lucky he wasn’t shot dead by a police officer.The officer would have been within the law to do so.

    • “Mostly” peaceful. In other news, Ford’s Theatre was mostly peaceful the night Lincoln was assassinated. It was just one violent guy out of a sea of peaceful people.

  23. If ‘rifle at low ready’ is what makes for brandishing, most of the ‘militia men’ ought to be getting arrested too.

  24. All the demonstrators were complete, blithering idiots. Run toward and assemble around a guy threatening people with an AR-15?! It’s like asking to be shot. The moron who tried to tackle the gunman interfered with the cops, and as a result the rifle was left on the ground unsecured for far too long. We know that 50% of the population has an IQ less than 100, and it seems they’re the people showing up at these demonstrations.

    • Dude that entire video was a total mess. two guys rushed in to take the mag out… probably still a round in the chamber, who knows if it’s on safe… then as the officer who, I dunno… sprained his ankle? did a butt drag towards the suspect another guy starts interrogating the officer asking if the would be shooter is being detained and slowly… hands up don’t shoot starts being chanted.

      What? I mean for real… what? This is why I just cannot fathom why people side with these idiots. Peaceful or not, they are in fact, all idiots. Race baiting idiots at that.

  25. Do ALL ” graduate research assistants at Texas Tech” talk like (If this BITCH ASS HOE wants a war the streets will give him one, poor people who get terrorized by police don’t have much to lose. CHORIZO, FED BOISE and BITCH ASS CRACKERS on the other hand) emphasis mine… sounds like another brain washed idiot wasting time, money and space at a college where a person interested in a real education could be sitting… He could always move to NYC and run for Congress… I was not aware that ghetto speak is a college course is it required or an elective?

    Chorizo is a type of pork sausage. and is apparently his term for COP or PIG….

  26. Am I the only one that finds it ironic that LE was brought in to intervene at a predominately anti-LE rally? Guess we don’t need law enforcement until we need law enforcement. Some of this is being said tongue-in-cheek… but still.

    Also, what in the world is up with the officer that hit the dirt after the Latino (or Black?) man tackled the armed protester? He was shuffling around on the ground as if he were shot in the leg or something, but the little spill he took to the ground didn’t seem all that bad…

  27. Let’s parse this article:

    “Cops initially arrested 25-year-old Emmanuel Quinones Saturday after he brandished his AR-15 rifle at a rally in Lubbock, Texas. Initially, the masked gun-toting hotshot refused police orders to drop the gun as he held it at low-ready.”
    – He held a rifle at low ready. How is that brandishing? I’ve seen many, many photos of white conservative men doing JUST that and articles here decry any police action.

    “But wait there’s more! Cops say the would-be mass murderer shouted “President Trump must die” and “this is a revolution” as they struggled to cuff him.”
    – Based on my understanding of time this isn’t particularly relevant to why he was being arrested if he started shouting it as they cuffed him.

    “Further investigation of Quinones’ Facebook account showed the graduate research assistant at Texas Tech had posted violent screeds as well as his plans to kill Trump supporters that might appear at the protest or any found nearby.”
    – This is important information for his conviction. But it sounds like it was completely unknown when he was arrested.

    I don’t know what information we don’t have but if this were a MAGA-hat wearing 50 year old white dude carrying an AR pointed at the ground and he got cuffed up for that alone (remember: the other stuff happened AFTER) I bet people here would be pretty upset.

    • Hannibal,

      I can only go off of what I see on the short video, but I would parse the following comments accordingly:

      “He held a rifle at low ready. How is that brandishing?”
      I see a young male standing alone across the street facing a crowd of protesters with a rifle at low ready. I recognize the low ready position for what it is- a position one takes in anticipation of probable violent action. He had a rifle, he was alone, he did not appear to be part of the protest (the give away is the protesters recognizing him as a threat)- this all adds up to “brandishing” to me.

      What is “…relevant to why he was being arrested”?
      First and foremost- he “…refused police orders to drop the gun as he held it at low-ready.” The combination of a lone male, armed with a rifle, scrutinizing an active protest from across the street, who is obviously menacing enough to get the attention of both the protesters and police, and who then refuses orders by the police to drop the weapon, is a pretty much a text book example of someone who should be detained for questioning.

      As for “…if this were a MAGA-hat wearing 50 year old white dude carrying an AR pointed at the ground…”, if he was also standing alone, across the street from a protest, eyeballing the protesters, with the AR at low ready, I absolutely believe he would be asked to put the weapon down- vigorously, at gunpoint. I don’t believe he would have been bum-rushed by the crowd, though.

  28. That was the most cringe worthy video I have EVER seen.


    What a mind fuck.

  29. Another case of “How did the authorities miss this nutjob with all his social media rants and threats?”

    Somebody should have ratted his ass out long ago.

  30. Low ready seems threatning enough, especially since it didn’t drop the weapon when directed by police.

    Should have just shot the idiot and been done with it!

    West Texas. Doubt the county prosecutor would even have reviewed the case considering the circumstances.

  31. The problem is he will not do serious time b4 his hateful ass is back on the streets to kill some family with Maga Hats on…..too bad the cops or good citizens did not drop him…

  32. Love how the uneducated writer puts “Automatic Weapon” in the headline. His intellect is astounding.

  33. Strange isn’t it, how people who go on an on about banning “assault weapons” do not seem to have a clue regarding what they are yelling about. If one wanted to legislatively or administratively treat some mechanical device, I would expect them to precisely define that device for openers. That they seem unable or unwilling to so do raises the most serious question concerning these people and what they really seek.

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