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“Anarchy will reign and I don’t expect any compliance amongst citizens,” said Brian Rafn, a recently retired gun industry analyst from Morgan Dempsey whose family owns shares in Sturm, Ruger. He estimated the “civilian gun arsenal” to be 585 million in guns in private ownership, which he referred to as “a Red State and rural/suburban reality.”

Gun violence is an important issue, but Biden has already declared the coronavirus pandemic to be public enemy number one, and his clear priority when he takes office in January 2021. America has suffered an epidemic of mass shootings in recent years, but they have subsided during the Covid-19 pandemic, which closed schools and prevented people from gathering in large groups, providing fewer opportunities for mass shooters.

If no gun control measures are passed during the Biden presidency, the gun industry could enjoy the best of both worlds: sales fueled by the hysteria of a gun control policy that might never happen.

“It’s hard to see that Biden is going to be able to do anything that would restrict the public’s ability to buy all the guns they want, of whatever sort,” said [Duke University Sociologist Philip] Cook. “If they were genuinely concerned about what was going to happen under a Biden administration, they don’t need to be.”

– Aaron Smith in President-Elect Biden Brings A Boost To Gun Sales

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    • BDS – Is that “Biden’s Dipshit Son” or is it “Biden Dip Shit”….as in referring to a liberal like this: “Yea, they’re just another Biden Dip Shit.”

      • Hey Kevin, I wonder which new Marvel action “hero” LOL likes better, snowflake or safespace?

        Yes, Marvel comics ACTUALLY did this. 🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣🤡💯!

        Maybe the little leashed chimp will let us know.

        Come on chimp, the hand on your leash COMMANDS it!

        • Hey James–Yea, they’re all the same. Snowflakes. Probably applied to a Soros ad for $15 bucks an hour as a political activist. Their mommy said: “Hey billy! You can’t spend your life in the basement like our president elect. Why don’t you look for a job?” The next day, billy screams in his soprano voice: “mommy, mommy! I got a job! I’m going to be a political activist and loot and burn and knock down racist statues!” Mommy say’s: “I’m so proud of you billy! Those Drumpf supporters are dangerous to our country.”

        • BDS used to stand for Bush Derangement Syndrome, so you, in your infinite “wisdom” have decided now to use it to attack conservatives. OK, turn about is fair play. You had/have a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome so this is to be expected. Just be prepared to go full TDS when the final count shows President Trump re-elected.

              • No harm, no foul Michael. We’re on the same team. Trump 2020. The NSA has it all. Servers in Germany were removed and secured.

      • If the left has been allowed to scream “not my President” while their political arm vandalizes, riots, and murders, and then their political arm gets to stage a 4 year long attempted coup and impeach a sitting President on charges a Grand Jury would have laughed out of the courtroom.. the right is allowed to say “Not my president”.

        Given the rampant fraud that has been so patently obvious to anyone not in the Biden camp (other countries are looking at us with a mixture of pity and contempt) I would be extremely cautious of being so smug. If the right decides the process is utterly illegitimate the US is headed into dangerous waters.

        Food for thought.

        • You’re absolutely right De Facto and these people are shills with nothing better to do. They’re going to learn th e hard way once the truth is exposed. I’m one of millions who agree. We all know what happened. We are all learning what’s going to happen. These brain dead trolls are nothing more than noise.

        • Actually He’s nobody’s fucking president… Donald J Trump IS still POTUS until Jan. 20 2021 and by the time all the fraud and fuckery that has gone on in this election is dragged kicking and screaming into the daylight he will still be POTUS on Jan 21 2021….. Deadhead Creepy Uncle (let me smell that hair/come rub my leg hairs little girl) “The Big Guy” Joe will never be president of anything, his total lack of cognitive functionality will be used the day after he takes the oath to replace him with Kammaltoe should they prevail in this sham of an election….

    • Hahaha. The decision to certify election results was recinded!!!!

      An affidavit was filed by those called “raciss”, stating that their decision was coerced by blackmail and duress (and chimps slinging poo).🤣

      An comments ON TOPIC little leashed chimps? Or just more slinging of your own sh!t around mommies basement.💯🤡s

      Trump/Pence 2020

    • Look the left started the whole idea. They can’t be allowed to resist an election then when they get lucky and get a compliant media blaming Trump for a virus from China and it gets their guy a few thousand votes over the top expect us to just sit back and accept it.

      Trump should do everything he can to sabatige Biden the way Obama Sabotaged his white house.

      Trump supporters should protest and refuse to accept Biden.

      The senate, if it remains republicans, should refuse to confirm any Biden nominees including the Attorney General. Maybe give him national security and the CDC for the pandemic. But that’s it unless he compromises. And zero federal judges his first two years.

      • “Trump should do everything he can to sabatige Biden the way Obama Sabotaged his white house.“

        How specifically did Obama sabotage trumps White House?

    • The author of this article says he thinks Biden will not be able to get any gun control through the Congress.
      He is completely wrong.
      It is still up in to state of Georgia to determine if it is a slim Democrat or Republican majority of the US Senate.
      If it is evenly split, then Kamala Harris gets to make the deciding vote and with a democrat majority in the House, they can put through any legislation they want.

      • This is the correct and very, very scary part that people should really be thinking about.

        The Dems are all-in on this one. They’ve gone full-bore cheater to assure their win so they can do anything – everything – they want to. They’re moving people to Georgia now to try to stack the Senate run-offs in their favor. They will do literally anything to seize control of America and break it for their foreign paymasters.

        If Trump cannot produce the evidence to show the cheating or worse still if he can’t get a fair hearing on it then there is one peaceful move remaining to prevent a complete leftist turnover: the Constitutional Convention. This is permitted under Article V of the Constitution: “… on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof…”

        Dems effectively hold 13 states and they will absolutely oppose any convention or proposal. Republicans have control in 32. They need 33 to call a convention but 38 to pass meaningful amendments or changes. If you’re doing the math you’ll see there are five states which could make the difference in calling the convention but it would take six to change anything.

  1. What if he appoints O’Dork down in El Paso to go after gun owners and the 2nd Amendment? That guy is a Wacko and would do a lot of damage against our constitutional rights.

      • That makes absolutely no sense.

        Biden can appoint O’Rourke to any position he wants. Perhaps you should read the constitution, take a little more time. 20 minutes appears to not have been enough.

        • I get your sentiment, but the Constitution never really stopped anyone from trying to enact unconstitutional laws. See, e.g., Reginald Jones-Sawyer, who famously stated:

          “… we don’t pay too much attention to the Constitution.”

      • RW……Read and understand the Federalist Papers leftard. This is the “users manual” to the Constitution. Takes about 5 years.

        Just because you can teach a chimp to start a car DOES NOT mean you should let him drive you around.

        Glad to clear that up for you.👍

        Trump/Pence 2020

    • Relax even if the Dems take over Congress they wont pass any gun control we still have the 2nd amendment not every Dem will vote for gun control especially Dems from gun friendly states Georgia is still a very pro-gun state national gun confiscation is not feasible at this time Biden will have some blue ribbon panels talk about ”gun control” nothing more.

  2. “when he takes office in January 2021”. You seem to have given the win to him like the media has. Just what we need, another person ready to roll over and accept our fate.

  3. Is anyone paying attention to the Dominion voting machines in 28 states and the Software fiasco specifically designed to flip votes? How about votes being tallied in Germany under a company based in Barcelona, Spain? Why are people assuming slojo is in? It’s not over yet and slojo is not our president.

    • “Is anyone paying attention to the Dominion voting machines in 28 states and the Software fiasco specifically designed to flip votes?”

      Yes, ex-federal prosecutor Sidney Powell and Lin Wood (the same Lin Wood organizing the Kyle Rittenhouse defense) are on it, right now :

      “Do NOT trust the vote totals coming out of Cobb County, GA until there is an audit to determine valid v. invalid votes.”

      • Yep! Sidney Powell, Judicial Watch and others like them are all over it. Very frustrating when I see articles talking about slojo as if it’s a forgone conclusion. It’s not over.

        • It’s a long shot to present enough evidence to overturn three states in a matter of weeks, but anything’s possible. Hand recounts might discover uncounted or switched ballots, but it won’t discover fraudulent ballots. Fraudulent ballots are a major concern.

          If they switched or added some votes, haven’t they had enough time to pump in fraudulent ballots to make up the difference? How would you catch that without a careful audit of each ballot? Even then, they could use an authentic ballot of a registered voter that never really voted.

        • Oh yes, Rudy G. and Sidney Powell are on the case!

          With Rudy recently embarrassed himself in court, that was the first time he had set foot in a quart room as a litigator since 1992.

          And Miss Powell has yet to appear in court on behalf of her client Donald Trump, because she is smarter than Rudy and does not want to embarrass herself by exposing their lack of actual evidence.

          And she is representing trumps national security advisor (and jailbird) Michael Flynn, Vladimir Putin‘s dinner guest in Moscow a few years back (along with Jill Stein). Of course, despite Michael Flynn and Vlad breaking bread together, there are no connections between Russia and the Trump administration. (And be sure to just ignore the $40,000 cash Russian state television paid Flynn that he later lied about under oath.)

          “Powell — who is also representing former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in his attempt to have a Washington DC federal judge dismiss charges of making false statements to which he has twice pleaded guilty — has not made any court appearances on Trump’s behalf since he announced (on Twitter) that she would be joining his new legal team. She has, however, spent a lot of time on television making outrageous claims about the company that manufactures the voting machines used in Georgia, George Soros, and the CIA.”

          • It’s a shame you don’t understand. Stick with MSM my friend. They’re continuing to provide you with their version of the truth. Appears as though you’re stuck in a time zone in the past. It’s ok with me but, I kind of prefer the present.

        • minor 49 I.Q… If you were not worried about election fraud you would not be mumbling to yourself and you’d be busy baking cookies for the big socialist gala celebration for joe and the ho. C’mon man…It just does not add up for joe and the ho without cooking the books.

        • Epoch Times

          Almost daily there is report of missed Trump ballots or suspicious Biden Ballots.

          There are so many shenanigans going on here in PA that I think the whole election here just needs to be thrown out.

      • Fun fact.

        There is NOT another nation in the WORLD that uses mail in ballots.

        Even Zimbabwe stopped using them years ago.

        The last time mail-ins were used there, it was PROVEN that millions of ballots were sent to empty lot addresses where apartment buildings ONCE stood.

        There was OVER 50% return of these ballots mailed to over 1 million people living in these empty lots.

        NO other countries use mail ins, WTF is the US doing with them?

        Trump/Pence 2020

        • Downunder people can vote pre-poll before election day but they must have a good reason to do so. Postal votes are allowed but you have to request the postal vote from the electoral commission and it has to be posted in BEFORE election day or handed in at a polling station on the day.

          I think we have far better anti fraud measures.

          I have worked on nearly all Australian Federal Elections since the early 1990s and many NSW state elections as well.

          • Postal votes are allowed but you have to request the postal vote from the electoral commission and it has to be posted in BEFORE election day or handed in at a polling station on the day.

            That’s what we call an “ABSENTEE BALLOT” very secure and signature verified, NOT like the bullshit mail-in ballots sent out to millions of addresses whether they were requested or not and in most cases NO signature verification is required…. This was a DEM scam to attempt to steal this “beat Trump at ALL cost” election and so far it is working… That and changing laws days before the election make the whole thing too obvious…

        • Such a pathetic troll. Loses in a comment section, then claims someone is posting under multiple usernames…………wait a minute, posting under multiple usernames is a common tool in the troll toolbox. 🤣🤣🤣
          This would be like a carjacker calling LE because the car he jacked got jacked from him! 🤪
          I post under ONE name on TTAG little loser, always have and always will. It’s called owning what you say little leashed anonomous monkey.
          Dance now, mommy is watching,🦍

          Trump/Pence 2020

        • So James, you are claiming there’s not another country in the world that uses mail in ballots?

          Are you intentionally lying or are you just ignorant of the facts?

          Here’s a partial list, with details:

          Austria Edit
          Austria enabled postal voting in 2007 by amending Article 26 of the Constitution of Austria. Electors request an electoral card that can be completed in person or in private and sent via post. In the 2017 election, roughly 780,000 postal ballots were cast representing 15% of all ballots.[11]

          Canada Edit
          The ability to vote when in-person voting is not possible was first introduced with the Military Voters Act in 1917, giving the right to vote to all Canadian soldiers. Public servants became eligible in 1970. The right was further extended to civilian support personnel on Canadian Forces bases in the 1977. In 1993, Bill C-114 extended the special ballot vote (Special Voting Rules) by mail to all Canadian citizens.[12]

          Use of special voting rules including vote by mail has grown with each election. In the 42nd general election (2015), the number of voters increased by 117 percent over the previous election to roughly 619,000.[13] This number grew to roughly 660,000 in the 43rd election (2019) representing 3.6 percent of electors.[14]

          Finland Edit
          Finland introduced vote by post in 2019 for eligible voters living permanently abroad and eligible voters staying abroad at the time of the elections.[15]

          Germany Edit
          Absentee voting has existed in Germany since 1957, originally in order to ensure that all German citizens, especially the old, sick, and disabled, and citizens living abroad, have the opportunity to participate in elections. At first, postal voters had to state why they could not cast their vote in person on Election Day; but this requirement has been dropped in 2008, allowing everyone to use postal voting. Like in many other countries, in more recent years, voting by mail has become increasingly popular among younger and non-disabled citizens residing within the country; as such, various tools are being developed to help citizens, both domestic and abroad, more easily apply for postal voting.”

          With a global pandemic occurring and 1000 to 2000 Americans dying every day, mail in voting is a reasonable accommodation.

          Of course you Covidiots don’t think there is a pandemic, you probably won’t believe it until the John Deere is shoving the dirt on to your box.

        • I’ve made it clear in NUMEROUS prior TTAG comment sections that the mailing out (in leftarded leadership states) of UNREQUESTED ballots is the problem, NOT the absentee/requested ballots.
          Keep splitting those hairs whiner, it’s what you’re paid to do online.
          FYI, the China virus DOES NOT allow for states to violate Constitutionally established processes and procedures. Glad to clear that up for you.

    • The servers in Germany have been secured?

      All good, I was so worried that there would not be anybody to take my order in the restaurant, glad to hear they’ve been secured.

      You people are clueless, and easily fall victim to the most outlandish conspiracy theories.

      “Scytl (here), headquartered in Barcelona, delivers election modernisation projects for the US elections, including but not limited to online election worker training, electronic ballot delivery for remote voters and real time online visualisation of electoral results (here). The Scytl website shows that the company has eight offices around the world but none in Germany (

      Scytl published a statement on its website (here) refuting all of the claims made in the article and social media posts: “Following several erroneous statements that have been published in digital and social media, Scytl would like to clarify the following […] The technologies implemented by Scytl in the US are both hosted and managed within the US, by a local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida; We do not tabulate, tally or count votes in the US; We do not have servers or offices in Frankfurt; The US army has not seized anything from Scytl in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else.”

      “I love the poorly educated, they’re so easily fooled” DJ T

        • Oh yeah, they are quaking in their boots because some Internet warriors have cooked up this delicious conspiracy about servers in Germany being confiscated by Army special operations groups.

          So which army units are involved? Who is the CO and what assets have they utilized to seize the servers, and in what city in Germany?

          You people are pathetic.

          • You’re obviously a shill. It’s ok. I(we) have better things to do than to listen to your leftist horse shit. How much is George Soros paying you to be a political activist? Whatever it is dude, it ain’t enough for you pukes. Can’t wait till you arrive in my town.

          • Imagine just being an arrogant blue pilled, pseudo intelligent prisoner of lies who’s conditioned to insult anyone with the audacity to disagree and present something they don’t want to see or hear? I was raised to believe in the blue pill life style. Life taught me the truth and I’m glad. The truth can be brutal but, I’ll take it all day long over lies and deception regardless of how uncomfortable.

  4. Make no mistake about it slackers and couch potatoes…Where there is a democRat in office there is Jim Crow Gun Control. The choice is either the demonic democRat Party goes or America goes.

  5. “If no gun control measures are passed during the Biden presidency, the gun industry could enjoy the best of both worlds: sales fueled by the hysteria of a gun control policy that might never happen.”

    Tons of fucksticks in the firearm industry LOVE Democrats and actually WANT them to win because they’re money driven. In reality, they don’t give a shit about our rights unless something happens to completely close them down and, even then, they’d only really care about losing their income. Plenty of those assholes wanted HILLARY to win. Obama, Hillary, Biden, etc…best gun salesmen ever and the firearm industry adores them for it. This should be no surprise to anyone.

  6. I’m holding out hope for a Mordecai amd Haman scenario from the Book of Esther. It looks like evil will win but God turns the tables on Haman and his schemes and he receives the punishment he meant for Mordecai. And the Jews defended themselves against those who would try to kill and profit off of them.

    • I’m calling BS on your sky daddy vengeance theory.

      First, there would have to be your particular sky daddy and there’s no evidence for any of those sky daddies, much less your Jehovah of the old testament.

      “No hell below us, above us only sky”

      • If you are serious in your “skydaddy” rant, and I thought better of you, then consider this. One of us is wrong. If you are right and God does not exist then when those of us who believe finally die we will never know it. We will simply be dead. But, by following His laws and believing as we do we will have harmed no one. But, if you are wrong and God does exist then you will stand before Him to be judged. Are you truly willing to risk it? Might want to give this more thought. Oh, and don’t bother with the Pascal’s Wager argument. That has been soundly defeated centuries ago.

        • It’s all whiner knows Michael. He’s a paid shill for the leftards.

          A main lynchpin in the demoKKKRat adjenda is getting the sheeple to envision and accept big government as their God, controlling and protecting them in EVERYTHING they do, from inception to grave. 🙄

          I find it funny how sooooooo many who NEVER believed in a God suddenly find otherwise during difficult times. A foxhole with bullets flying overhead for example.

          • A foxhole with bullets flying overhead for example.

            Something the “whiner” has never experienced…

  7. He doesn’t know his name,where he is or what office he’s running for, how the Eff does anyone think he knows what he is going to do besides dribble in his bib in the upcoming future. The real question is what is the Hoe going to do.

  8. Here’s the deal. Read the newspapers folks. The Polls were right. I won in a landslide. By the way, I always knew I would win Poland. Suck it George!!

  9. What exactly can he do via a string of executive orders?

    Legally, what’s the worst he can accomplish without the US Senate?

    (All bets are off if he steals the Georgia senate run-offs, and we had better hope we can get a judicial order to insure observers are there, with video recording all events happening in there…)

      • Thank you Barack Hussein Obama, for refusing to support the Russian arms manufacturing industry and supporting the growth of the American arms industry by banning importation of AK-47s from the Russian federation, our adversaries for 70 years who have undermined every free country in the world.

        “This week, the Treasury Department used authority delegated to it by the president, under Executive Order 13661, to sanction Russian gun maker Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash). In the United States, the manufacturer is best known for its popular Saiga rifles and shotguns.”

        Yes, some Russian disinformation agents will attempt to characterize this as somehow restricting Americans gun rights, when the fact is it will encourage American manufacturers to produce these products, using American workers and American materials, to ensure a better balance of trade and jobs for all Americans.

        • Damn! How on earth are all the shills on this site? It’s ok. They’re all just losers with nothing better to do and have no other alternative than to sign up with Georgie boy the nazi.

        • So Kevin you would rather that we support Russian workers and help fund their military arms industry?

          You do know the Russian units have engaged United States military assets in Syria, correct?

          And yet you would rather permit and encourage the support of the Russian arms manufacturers rather than nurturing American firearms manufacturers where your neighbors and friends are employed?

          That is a very interesting slogan for someone who considers themselves a conservative American patriot but let’s see how it sounds:

          Kevin Walther says “don’t buy American, Buy Russian!

          I’m sorry, I just can’t hang with that shit.
          I have to say, keep your friends and neighbors employed right here in America, Buy American weapons!

    • Good news: Big stuff like confiscations and bans are off the table.

      Bad news: Executive orders can harm availability, from magically re wording ATF definitions to try to ban things like Green tip ammo, like the Obama administration tried to do, but luckily failed. Even if they fail, it continues to perpetuate the Great Panic, which may not end until 2022.

      My guess is with congress stopping any gun legislation, Biden tries a slew of these EOs and ATF rulings to attempt to ban “high capacity mags”, semi auto rifles, all imported guns, and maybe try to ban green tip again. Those will all probably fail in the courts, but again, the panic driven population will give availability a rough go of things for the foreseeable future.

      • Dems have already shown how to stop executive orders: get a nationwide preliminary injunction from a friendly court. EOs redefining arm braced pistols as SBRs, 80% receivers as receivers, and no imported semiauto as “sporting” could make buying new ones difficult while the cases work themselves through courts, unless there are favorable injunctions. Green-tip doesn’t need the statutory definition of AP ammo ( core isn’t entirely made of restricted metals, jacket isn’t more than 25% weight, and, arguably, isn’t greater than .22). Of course, statutory definition of machine guns didn’t stop the bump stock redefinition from going forward.

      • Sounds like the ATF is already giving trouble on importability for pistols, braces, and talks of 80% lowers. I would expect a flip flop on who has to pay ITAR and that veterans needing fiduciary management can’t buy guns rule, more fights over 3D printing. The bump stock ban has so far defied any attempts to strike it down and isn’t settled yet so that doesn’t bode well even with our supposedly gun rights friendly Supreme Court. Hopefully if anything is ordered the Supreme Court ultimately gives an expansive ruling protecting the second amendment, but that is still a hope and not certain.

        • “I would expect a flip flop on who has to pay ITAR…”

          I’m expecting that to happen, but our chances of overturning that are very high, as home-gunsmithing has been here since the founding of this country.

          It will suck for guys like Dyspeptic, but we can eventually kill it for good. (Until a Leftist SCOTUS eventually overturns Heller, et.all…)

  10. Not seeing the massive wall of impending doom here. He will have much less political capital, and party member votes, than Obama did in his first two years. Where exactly is all the support to achieve these nefarious anti-gun ends?

    Yes, he will talk stupidly on this topic and will eventually make some efforts. If any survive the House and Senate, the lawsuits will by a quagmire with the 5.5 pro-gun Supreme Court votes at the end of that struggle.

    People shall continue to panic. But like most any other panic, it is not supportable by the actual risk.

    • …Unless they win both senate seats in GA. They promised to ditch the filibuster, make DC a state (which reliably votes 90% for democrats), and pack the court. The sole purpose of that wish list is for one party rule. Who’s the wannabe authoritarian again?

    • ” Not seeing the massive wall of impending doom here.” Wow ! I wish I were able to express my outrage, concern ( fear ) and complete astonishment that you were able to type that.

    • You’re correct in there won’t be passing of new gun legislation, but there will be anti gun EOs. They will also likely be defeated but the process is the punishment. Ammo, guns, and mags remain unavailable until 2022 when a solid red congress will finally get people to calm down.

    • enuf…You are the forum’s resident pile of self serving dung. You boasted about buying guns and ammo and you did it all off the backs those who pulled the wagon to get DJT elected Then you slandered and libeled the POTUS and bragged about contributing to Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden. Now you want the forum to see things your way? Well dung heap when it comes to your advice…flush twice.

      • “flush twice”

        Well that’s certainly better than poor ex-president Donald Trump, he has to flush a dozen times to get his movement to go down his gold plated toilet.

        “People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once.”

        I will miss the eternal wisdom of Donald Trump as he stumbles down the ramp and off the world stage.

        And you know, people will be making jokes about this clown for hundreds of years to come, a source of endless amusement and laughter, comedy Christmas thanks to Donald Trump!

        • half the country laughs at him now. can’t stand any of those smarmy femwees.
          and he ain’t going nowhere.

        • Never claimed a religion. Unlike you and your absolute faith in the nanny state.

          Your side, the left, was bought out by a cabal of billionaire white guys. bloomberg, zuckerberg, gates. They use their antifa brownshirts to burn and loot non corporate shops, many owned by minorities.

          You’re trying your hardest to place corporate fascism in charge in America. How’s that ‘proud liberal democrat’ working out for you there, miner?

        • 💯👍.
          Nothing but a criminal cabal of 🤡s!

          Trump/Pence 2020, because the TRUTH is coming out!

  11. The real question is whether or not he will be able to eclipse his former boss as the best gun salesman in modern American history.

    • Did Joey get a job ? I think its great when the elderly, who find themselves in advanced stages of physical and mental decline, find something safe and appropriate to occupy themselves with, in order to improve the quality of their lives. So, what did Joey find to do and will he be provided with adequate care and supervision ?

        • Twitter? That’s it? Trump used social media so let’s replace him with a senile old traitor?

          You support the side that wants to do away with your profession. Defunding the police is sounding better and better.

  12. Relax. Government is illegitimate and, anyway, they’d never do anything in direct violation of the constitution. Now shut up and obey, put on your mask and do not dare to express, write or attempt to transmit any facts or opinions in violation of official truth. And please don’t even think about it. Have a great day.

  13. Image the gun sales following his swearing in ceremony. Not a gun left on a self in the fifty states. Aliens from space took my guns,they erased my memory of ever owning any

    • I didn’t think it would get any worse, the shelves are already empty. And ammo prices have quadrupled!!

  14. Went to cabelas yesterday. The ammo shelves were stripped of common calibers, and only a few wildcat rounds. 4 boxes of .308 in the store and these were 35 a box hornady fancy rounds. Few handguns even ledt in the cases, they had hats and duck calls in there. Only high end shotguns and rifles , 3200 Brownings were in stock.

    So if that is any indication the country is tooled the fuck up then the dems should really ponder this gun ban and round up position they want.

    • The Bass Pro/Cabalas in the D/FW area are picked clean of ammo except for some .270 and shotgun shells. Stacks of gun cases fill all the ammo shelves in the stores.👎

      The local Wallyworlds had several cases of Fed GMM @ $27 per 20 rd box. Grabbed it all.

      Trump/Pence 2020

      • HEY LOOK EVERYONE, the leashed chimp is a legend in his own mind. Time to 🤣 at the 💯 piece of 💩 basement dwelling 🤡! ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

        Keep dancing chimp, mommy is watching🦍, and I COMMAND you to!🍿

        Trump/Pence 2020🤣

        • I wonder how LOL’s Blue Pill fantasy is going? It doesn’t appear to be doing well. He actually believes the BS he’s spewing. Some people are a legend in their own mind and need to get over themselves. It comes with time and wisdom. Until then, stupidity is a disease.

      • “I can smell a troll from 100 miles out…and they really stink!”

        Lil’LOL thought that stink was his mom douching upstairs. ☠️💩🤮

        Trump/Pence 2020🤣

      • “I wonder how LOL’s Blue Pill fantasy is going?”

        Well K Walther, the CAMES in his TTAG name stands for……

        So that about sums up his existence in mommies basement.

        💯🤡💩 is all LOL can expect to be.

      • “I am the coolest cat I know.”

        Yeah, I bet you are, little fuckwit troll !

      • A software algorithm was found in the voting machine software, “adjusts” vote “weight”.

        Biden vote counted at 1.25% and Trump vote counting .75%.

        Oh, this is DELICIOUS! 😆😆😆😆🍿🍿🍿🍿

      • “A software algorithm was found in the voting machine software, “adjusts” vote “weight”.”

        Another of Jimmy jams claims, without any evidence whatsoever to validate his assertion.

        But a simple bit of thought would reveal that this idea is completely bogus.

        A fractional vote such as you suggest would be immediately apparent, giving vote totals with either .25, .50 or .75 totals.

        Yeah, no one would notice that, hilarious!

        You know, if you’re going to believe in a conspiracy theory you should pick one that is even slightly possible.

        I really like the Q&Anon conspiracy where JFK Junior is returning from the grave to save America, that one is just so precious.

        • Hey Miner49er you’ve become kind of a mini comedy show here. You’re not seeing the real picture behind the scenes but, if I was taking blue pills and following fake news I’d be in the same darkness as you. It’s ok. When you find your way out of the darkness we’ll still be happy to crack a beer with you. We’re not like the dumb fuck lefties who loot and burn. We actually love Americans and work to safeguard them and our republic. We’ll wait until you see the light. Maybe you won’t. It’s ok. Not a problem for us. It’s a problem for you.

      • Kevin, thank you for your sincere reply.

        I want what’s best for America as well, believe me.

        And truly, I would like to see direct evidence of a fraud conspiracy such as many claim but none are producing solid evidence.

        Unfortunately, my standard of proof is somewhat higher than vague claims of 300% more voted than the population, especially when the individual making the assertion can’t even name the county he’s speaking of.

        It is the same for trumps attorneys, many have even stated that they are not alleging fraud when they actually get before a judge. And in most cases thus far, the judges have dismissed their claims as being without merit.

        And further, when the president, a candidate in this very election, summons the legislative leadership of the state in question to the White House 48 hours before the votes will be certified one must question the actions of the president.

        To me, such meetings look like election tampering and abuse of power, neither of which is honorable or patriotic.

        So please, provide specific evidence to back up the claims of fraud and malfeasance… if you can.

  15. I wouldn’t worry about Uncle Joe. I say six months or less before he is pushed aside by the administration and the Demo Party. The Harris (a full Communist) will be in control. The day is coming when the American people will have to decide on exactly where they stand! Either they will choose communism or they will rise to the occasion like their forefathers and make a stand for Liberty and Freedom!

  16. I am so disappointed that people are abe to comment on the possibility the demented old meat puppet, joey, could be POTUS, as if this were just another presidential election and he’s a viable candidate. The horror ! This is beyond evil and if people are not able to recognize the complete insanity of such a thing, well, all is already lost.

  17. Biden is appointing corporatist oligarchs to his cabinet, much to the chagrin of the far left. Their only concern is making money by squeezing us peasants of all we have. Sure, they’ll make an attempt at gun control, but with such a close Congress, even if they have the Senate, they won’t get too far. I beginning to think the whole stacking the Senate thing was just to bamboozle the Bernie Bros and far left intellectuals into voting for Biden.

    And Trump isn’t finished yet. Expect a surprise from that quarter.

    Whatever the case, keep buying what you can. It’s better to have it than not.

    • So you want corporate oligarchs in the cabinet?
      Donald Trump is your man, he has the wealthiest cabinet in history, my personal favorite is 20 year Rothschild banking man, Wilbur Ross but he’s not alone.

      “In just two and a half years, the president has replaced 12 of his 23 cabinet positions—some more than once. The current lineup includes 17 millionaires, 2 centimillionaires and 1 billionaire. They’re worth $3.2 billion in all, just a hair more than the president himself.

      Amid all the upheaval, the richest have stayed in place. Betsy DeVos (secretary of education, $2 billion), Wilbur Ross (commerce, $600 million) and Steven Mnuchin (treasury, $400 million)—who have all been around since February 2017—make up 95% of that $3.2 billion total.”

      Apparently, Trump supporters love themselves some billionaires and millionaires, the corporate elite have been running America on Typhoid Trump’s watch.

  18. Aaron Smith’s article outlines a plausible scenario for Biden’s possible Administration to fuel American gun buying at new record levels. My concern is that our current Social, Political and Scientific beliefs and memes are being endlessly driven by “plausible”* argument in lieu of evidence based facts. No claim about anything now needs to meet an evidential criteria more rigid than “plausibility”. Once established as “plausible” the agenda-driven “News Media” [largely controlled by the Left] gloms onto said claim {particularly if it is good propaganda} and touts it as absolute truth, or buries it by intentional omission {if it does not fit the Left’s agenda memes}. Too often we are direly affected by plausible claims promoted to incontrovertible truth by the Left, only to find-out the “science” driving that claim was deeply flawed and erroneous. The COVID-19 situation is a good example.
    So, my reaction to Aaron Smith would be to say his cited estimate of 585 million guns in private ownership means we are about halfway to where we ought to be. We should not be buying guns out of “fear” but out of aggressive defiance to the Corporate giants, Elitist Marxists and corrupt Politicians {all pretty much one-in-the-same} who continue to think they can impose their tyrannical rule upon us. We definitely should not “Relax”.

    • “No claim about anything now needs to meet an evidential criteria more rigid than “plausibility”.“

      That is exactly the strategy behind the ‘election fraud’ hoax, no evidence of fraud, just a lot of harebrained speculation presented as ‘facts’.

      • There’s lots of evidence of voter fraud. They even admit that errors, mistakes, fraud, and attempted fraud are made every election cycle. That’s why even just the semi credible news outlets are using the qualifier of “widespread” before their claims. The question is HOW widespread. Biden may win, but until the recounts and courts are done with it, we have no idea how bad the fraud is

        • I think that the supreme court MUST intervene soon and require a new election to be held asap. The voters should know who they support for president by now. No months long lead up, no endless fund raising, no bombardment of political ads, just an election SOON. In person voting with valid photo id, absentee ballots only for servicemen or the elderly infirmed. In short less chance for fraud and deception, we deserve better.