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By Larry Keane

If polls are to be trusted any longer, there’s one out from Gallup that shows gun control zealots aren’t paying attention to America’s growing distaste for gun control.

Americans want less gun control laws now than they did in 2016, when Hillary Clinton campaigned and lost on a platform of enacting bans on modern sporting rifles and clamping down on Second Amendment rights. American support for stricter gun control laws slipped seven percent in just one year while firearm sales are breaking records and rioting and looting is wreaking havoc in American cities as gun control politicians called for, and actually did, defund the police. Forty three percent of Americans want less gun control laws or for them to remain the same, according to the poll.


Campaigning on an even more radical gun control agenda than Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden wants to confiscate lawfully owned firearms and force states to adopt gun licensing and registration schemes to exercise God-given rights. Congressional election results showed Americans rejected this notion, with pro-gun rights GOP candidates gaining seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and already holding 50 seats in the U.S. Senate, with both Georgia races headed to runoff elections where the pro-gun candidates are favored to win.

This was a year a blue wave was supposed to usher in a landslide of gun control candidates, if pre-election polling was to be believed. The election post-mortem, however, is showing gun control elites a completely different picture. Gun rights candidates overperformed.

Americans are telling Congress and activist billionaires like Michael Bloomberg to leave their guns – and gun rights – alone. Bloomberg, financier of the gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, spent over $1 billion on his own failed presidential race, and helped fund Biden’s campaign in Florida, Ohio and Texas, states Biden lost handily.


Gallup’s tracking of public opinion spans 40 years, with 2011 being the low point for increased gun control, with just 43 percent of those polled in support. The findings also show a double-digit drop for wanting stricter gun control that peaked after the tragic murders in Parkland, Fla.

ban on handguns gallup chart 2020

Digging deeper into the data shows several more findings. Support to a total ban on handguns is at historic lows. Democrats are more likely to support gun control than Republicans, which might contribute to the overconfidence in a “blue wave” that never materialized in Congressional elections.

Gun Owners Represented?

Gallup data showed 32 percent of Americans own firearms, a figure that’s suspiciously low. This year is a record-setting year for firearm sales, with more than 17.2 million background checks for the sale of a firearm. Nearly 7 million of those are estimated to be first-time buyers, a figure Gallup dismissed as insignificant and within the margin of error. This was proven by Everytown’s campaign ads against U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) who won re-election didn’t even mention guns. That’s called a “tell.”

However, this was the same polling organization that said America favored one-party rule just one month before election. Election results showed differently. Democrats lost seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, when they were predicted to gain, and Republicans are very likely to hold the majority in the U.S. Senate after the Georgia runoff elections.

The pollsters got it wrong then, and they’re getting it wrong now. NSSF estimates there are more than 434 million firearms in civilian possession today – the highest number ever – and many firearm owners own multiple firearms. Firearm production figures and background checks are on a continual and steady climb upward, yet these polls try to tell America that gun ownership remains flat. Well, that’s just flat-out wrong.

What is more likely the case is many gun owners are distrustful of pollsters and self-select out of these surveys, meaning pollsters are over-sampling non gun owners. It’s hardly inconceivable that a firearm owner wouldn’t want to reveal their private firearm ownership information for concerns of theft or being targeted for political retribution and confiscation, as has been threatened by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Polling completely missed the 2016 election with President Donald Trump’s victory and blew it again this year by anyone’s account on Congressional predictions. It’s would be easy to dismiss the findings out of hand, but it’s worth noting that the polls that downplay firearm ownership in America is admitting, “Americans’ appetite for gun control is the lowest it has been since 2016.”


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Well, I can tell you that the Keystone Kops here in CA are going full bonkers in throwing every gun control scheme they can into the pipeline. A lot of it is being challenged and dismantled in the courts, but it’s tedious and expensive. As long as the Democrats retain their supermajority stranglehold on our state’s politics, they’ll continue to act like they’re invincible.

    Say, you know all that talk of election fraud and ballot harvesting across the country? You don’t think it’s been happening here in CA, do you?


    • Theoretically our rights shouldn’t be restricted regardless of how they latest polls are trending or who is getting votes. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Even if gun control is “unfavorable” Democrats will still push for it, Federal, State, and local levels. If it is unfavorable, will we see rollbacks in Virginia, Washington, Colorado, etc? If not this isn’t freedom. If unfavorable, gun control usually becomes a slow walk forward until they have a frenzied emotion moment to act on it.

    • Here in Ohio, it is in committee to lower the age for gun ownership to 18 and remove restrictions on carrying in Church’s and colleges.

    • Haz,

      Kudos and Cheers to you folk in Orange County for overcoming great odds to take two House seats from the Dems!!!

      My daughter, Korean born, is especially excited to see our first Korean Congresswoman.

      • Over 15,000 registered Republicans in Pittsburgh went to vote in person, were told they had requested and voted by absentee ballot.

        Loads of people from Camden NJ went and voted in PA too.

        Rudy has a massive stack of signed affidavits.

        🤪 Dumb leftards getting caught in PA!

        Maybe whiner will stop in and explain how this happened.

        Trump/Pence 2020

        • “Over 15,000 registered Republicans in Pittsburgh went to vote in person, were told they had requested and voted by absentee ballot.“

          Really? Would you happen to have a source or citation for your claim?

        • “Over 15,000 registered Republicans in Pittsburgh went to vote in person, were told they had requested and voted by absentee ballot.“

          Seriously, do you have a source or citation that you can provide a link to that gives credulous to your claim?

        • Well James, regarding the election results in Michigan, this is the only story I can find, it appears that Trump has dropped all his lawsuits in Michigan so it looks like a non-issue:

          The Trump campaign on Thursday dropped its federal lawsuit in Michigan that sought to block certification of the state’s election results, inaccurately claiming the Wayne County Board of Canvassers declined to certify the results even though it did just that earlier this week.

          “In a filing with the federal district court in Michigan’s Western District moving to dismiss the lawsuit, lawyers for the Trump campaign included affidavits from two Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers stating they oppose certification of the results, despite voting to approve them Tuesday.“

          One would think that in order to overturn election results in Michigan the Trump campaign would need to file an active lawsuit with actual evidence to support their claims.

          For some reason, the Trump campaign lawyers have withdrawn all of their lawsuits in Michigan.

          Would you please provide a citation to support your idea that the Trump campaign has found fraud in Michigan, your YouTube video doesn’t really make any affirmative statement other than rumors and unsubstantiated allegations.

          Got any references to real, non-fake news, Trump campaign lawsuits in Michigan?

  2. The fact is Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide and that makes Gun Control a racist and nazi based agenda that has no place whatsoever in America. There is no way around the filth surrounding Gun Control unless you are a sick democRat who holds hands with the devil.

    • It means they will have to find a volunteer who wants to be the next posthumous hero of the revolution.

      Watch for active shooter events at schools, shopping centers, and cinemas just after inauguration day.

  3. As all gun control is un Constitutional and civilian disarmament proponents are failing spectacularly at selling infringements as Americans are arming up and carrying on.

  4. Polls are like shopping for a new car, you just keep looking until you find the one you want. Look at the “studies” that get pushed out in support of gun control. If you actually read them they can’t support their narrative unless you “normalize” the data until its basically useless. Even then they point at correlation and call it causation and this somehow passes “peer review”

    It’s never been about what people want It’s about what the political class can get away with.

    • here to say: they don’t do what we want. they do what they want and then convince us on the networks that it is what we wanted.

  5. Polls, popular support, even voting can be subverted when fraud and election- rigging are executed successfully on a grand scale. California legalized ballot harvesting to exactly that end. It is a testament to Orange County that they overcame all of that to elect two new Republican Congress- folk.

    When I am finally inaugurated, nationwide election rigor and transparency will be high on my agenda.

    • “When I am finally inaugurated… “

      I have some bad news for you, I regret to inform you that you will never be inaugurated as president.

      I know you are disappointed and I understand your depression is the root of your spurious claim but it’s better for your mental well-being to accept reality as soon as possible to prevent further disappointments that may unnecessarily stress your mental stability.

        • Socialists don’t understand satire. They see it as criticizing the party and the state, which is anti-soviet activity.

        • Anti-Soviet? You do know the Warsaw Pact dissolved some years ago, pretty much leaving just Russia with any dreams of empire.

          And I am truly sorry you missed the satire in my reply, did you think I was taking him seriously, that he was going to be president?

          As George Takei would say, “Oh My!”

  6. “What is more likely the case is many gun owners are distrustful of pollsters and self-select out of these surveys, meaning pollsters are over-sampling non gun owners.”

    That goes double for me. I don’t care what they’re asking about, I won’t respond to surveys on the phone, and I shred their mail. I especially like shredding the mail that says, “Do not shred.” It’s just my way of not contributing to the delinquency of pollsters.

  7. I live in SoCal and it is gunned up, real gunned up. All the ranges are stacked with high end AR’s, 9mm’s, and double action 38’s. The gun stores are mobbed with the rainbow coalition of typical Cal folks, i.e. not just cammo ninja’s. My guess is US gun ownership is in the high 50% range and their is zero support for restrictions. I have met so many first timers this year who became instantly addicted and now treat guns as the new golf, a gear freakout hobby with tactical training, 1 gun leading to 4 guns, range gear, scopes, Thin Blue Line tee shirts, ammo obsessions, etc.

  8. “Nobody knows how many guns are gun owners“

    Oh no, the horror!

    Are there no restrictions on gun ownership by guns, age or color?

    And can a gun owned by a gun own yet its own guns? Where does it end?

    You can’t fool me young man, it’s turtles all the way down!

      • Rudy G has listed them in his press conference.

        Lawsuits are being filed.

        Like I said a few weeks ago, the leftards pulled enough rope to hang themselves. 🤪

        Trump/Pence 2020

      • “Rudy G has listed them in his press conference.”

        So the answer is no, you don’t have any evidence or source or citation for your claim.

        James, it’s clear you are full of empty speech, how sad for you to be intellectually bankrupt.

        You are just spouting bits and pieces you’ve heard from various sources, and have no idea of the credibility of these claims, typical Trump supporter.

  9. Those zealots are sitting on their hands waiting until there is another mass shooting. It won’t be just highly publicized by the fake media but TURBO publicized! Anti-gun bills are ready to be filed or are already filed, just waiting for the perfect tragedy because you never let a good tragedy go to waste.

    We can do our part, keep our weapons secure. If you have kid, make VERY sure they can NOT access your firearms. Don’t think they are little angels and wouldn’t snoop for or already know where the combination or key to the gun safe is. If you have a messed up teenage boy in your house or some other messed up defective brain in your home, LOCK UP THOSE GUNS!!!!

    • Why do you think they are waiting for an event?
      They get the Senate next year it’s happening by July or August. And then we wait a few year to see if it’s struck down. After theyh make guns too expensive to buy and too hard to own.

  10. I would be curious as to what the number of guns privately owned in the US is based on. Before my mother died, she owned two rifles, a shotgun, and two handguns. The rifles and the shotgun didn’t even have serial numbers and none of the guns were ever registered nor did she ever fill out a federal form for a background check.

    Would guns like that show up in the numbers?

    • The numbers I have seen are based on surveys, which have their own problems with bias (i.e., aside from sampling issues, what percentage of respondents who own guns are going to say that to a stranger who cold-calls them or sends them a survey in the mail).

  11. Get a gun, learn everything about it, how to use it, and do when that time arises! We the people are the ones that will keep this country free! We did it before!

  12. Somebody tell the tools who just voted in the most anti-gun administration in history.

    Hope y’all enjoy your panic bought 2020 gun, you’ll be turning it back in soon.


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