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Yesterday the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a constitutional carry bill, SB 1212, 59-28. The measure had already passed the Senate unanimously in March but as a bill removing wildlife refuges as gun free zones.

Opponents made the same arguments against constitutional carry heard in all the other states where it’s now law. From

Other critics say constitutional carry would put law enforcement at risk, but the bill’s author says that shouldn’t be put above a citizen’s right.

“I do not support the rights of law enforcement to feel not threatened or safe to the detriment of my own constitutional rights,” said Rep. Jeff Coody, the bill’s author.

After amended, the bill then passed the House 59-28 . Now the amended bill moves back to the Senate for approval.

What do gun enthusiasts think?

Mike, a member of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association, says he sat in on the House debate at the Capitol.

“It will allow people in Oklahoma to have a gun to protect themselves without putting themselves in jeopardy and without going through the entire permit process and paying close to $300,” Mike said.

The bill was amended in the House, cleaning up some language, and amending the bill into a constitutional carry bill. This will require another vote in the Senate before going to the governor’s desk.

Assuming passage in the Senate and Governor Mary Fallin’s signature, Oklahoma will become the 14th state to pass constitutional carry.

Constitutional carry refers to the state of law when the Bill of Rights was passed in 1791. At that time, no permits were required to buy, possess, or carry firearms in the United States. In states with constitutional carry, no permit is required for non-prohibited adults to carry firearms openly or concealed in most public places.

Vermont has always been a constitutional carry state. In 2003, Alaska passed the reform to restore the exercise of Second Amendment rights. In 2010, Arizona enacted constitutional carry. In 2011 it was Wyoming and Arkansas did it in 2013. Kansas, Maine, Idaho, Missouri, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Hampshire and North Dakota round out the constitutional carry club.


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  1. As an Okie I am both surprised and pleased that this bait and switch paid off. Rep. Coody has been pushing 2A friendly bills for years and I am always thrilled when I see his work with OK2A pay off.

    Now, if we can just get Campus Carry passed I would be ecstatic!

  2. I’m sure the RINO Governor will veto it just as she’s done to other pro-gun bills previously.

    • I will be the first to admit that I am no fan of Mary Fallin for a whole host of reasons but It is worth mentioning that she did sign the Open Carry bill back in 2012. Of course, she did also veto the CLEO ‘Shall Issue’ NFA Approval legislation back in 2014(?) because she was mad about the legislature’s refusal to fund some of her pet projects. Thankfully, the legislature overturned her veto so I won’t be sad when her tenure expires after this year so long as we get another Republican and not a OKC or Tulsa Democrat.

  3. How can anyone get away with the “blood in the streets” thing this day and age? As if we all live in bubbles and don’t share information across town, state or country?

    They’re like flat earthers waiting for word from Aristotle half a world away.

    • Word, Shire-Man.

      Oklahoma (where I lived a few years in Altus) gets constitutional carry, Bill Cosby gets convicted of sexual assault and gets to fear bending over to pick up his Jell-O pudding in the prison shower, will the wonders never cease?

      *snicker* 😉

  4. Montana Legislature passed Constitutional Carry 3 times (with very few voting against it)…and was vetoed 3 times (first by Schweitzer and twice more by Steve Bullock) by our Governors.

    Bullock also recently marched in support of the Student Walkout Against Gun Rights (what it should rightfully be called).

    I don’t know how he hasn’t been impeached/recalled but I hope we get some new blood in 2020 that doesn’t crap all over the people’s will via our established representative process.

    We’ll need all the help we can get, it seems the majority of Montana Ranchers/Farmers/College Students prefer their government subsidies/socialism to our God-given right (from birth) to keep and bear arms (discreetly) without a permission slip.

    Also, Missoula, Butte, Glacier, Cascade, Gallatin, Park, Hill, Blaine, Bighorn, Roosevelt Counties…I’m talking to you. Sort it out. There’s no such thing as “free money.” Robbing from Peter to pay Paul never worked out.

    The other 40 or so counties in MT want to return to our Constitutional Rights.

    • I was born and raised in the great state of Montana, and for several reasons, including what you spoke of, we left to live in Idaho. Way better business/growth state.

  5. That’s great. I wish police officers wouldn’t feel threatened by this law. Criminals carry guns ,State or Federal permission doesn’t matter. The police officers are going to meet the same people they always have.

    • In 2018, with literally decades of modern experience with concealed, open, and constitutional carry laws, any police officer who still opposes these policies is either staggeringly stupid or politically aspirant. Many may be both.

      • More often than not….it’s little more than those cops feeling like they are more equal than the rest of us civilians. As though the badge somehow imbues its possessor with skills and ability the unbadged just can not achieve.

  6. Police officers who are afraid of guns shouldn’t be police officers. I heard the local library was hiring, so maybe they should try that out instead.

  7. Sweet. Here’s hoping it goes all the way. It’s nice to see people voting for more freedom every once in a while.

  8. Governor Fallin has a tough job to be fair, none of us have walked in her shoes & if you have we would all like to hear how that happened. As a born & bred okie i hope she has her bags packed for a move to anywhere but here if she were to veto this bill!! We all must remember that not only Oklahoma, but the entire United States is scrambling to recover from the actions of the most absolute anti-American administration in the history of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. To be sure there is no doubt of the administration i am speaking of, it is Barack Hussein Obama the divider. The strength needed right now is unity & sadly there are too many dividers in our world at this time. Strength does not always equate to numbers, but rather being resolute with your endeavors. Stay strong & be willing to peacefully assist governor Fallin with her move to anywhere but Oklahoma if she chooses to make a much less than stellar decision!

  9. I Sorely Wish N.C. Would Get Their Act Together And Jump On This Bandwagon!!!

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