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“Making our communities safer.” Doing something about guns. Security theater. Same as it ever was. And likely will be. The nation’s best-looking state attorney general is going all in on Cali’s APPS gun grab program. In a follow-up report on California’s Former Armed & Prohibited Persons System, the NRA’s Ginny Simone talks to former Department of Justice Special Agent Greg Cameron about the initiative. I get the feeling it didn’t take much to get him to open up, you?

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  1. Screw her and the horse she rode in on. She says it working so great in Kalifornia that she’d like to see similar plans in every State.

    What about cops who are on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication because of everything the have to do and see everyday? Going to take their guns away too? Since when is anxiety a mental impediment? If that were true soldiers wouldn’t be able to do their jobs, not to mention cops, firefighters and school teachers. It’s just an excuse to disarm people. Pretty soon having a libido will disqualify Americans from the 2nd Amendment.

    I am old enough to have noticed an agenda in our government… and that agenda marches forward regardless of who is in the White House. I wonder who is really running the insane asylum.

  2. I have said it before, and will say it again, if you HAVE NOT read the book (fiction) but truthfull, UNINTENDED CONCEQUENCES by Ross, do so.
    It WILL HAPPEN in California, at the rate they are going.
    They can just push the public SO FAR……….

  3. Kamala Harris is not the best looking attorney general, Pam Bondi is by far. She respects the Second Amendment and has nicer legs

    • She might “respect the Second Amendment,” but she’s also a driving force behind the persecution of George Zimmerman. Not just initially either. She wrote a brief to the DCA as recently as last month on the issue.

  4. APPS does not target people who take anti-depressants. It does not target people who see a therapist. It does not go around grabbing up mental health records. Rather, it targets individuals who have either had a”5150″ or a “5250.” A “5150” is an involuntary (up to) 72 hour hold for mental health evaluation when it is believed that a person is a threat to himself or others. It does not mean you are crazy, but it does carry a 5 year prohibition on the possession of firearms. [I am not exactly sure why, if you are only a threat of harm to yourself, as suicide is not a crime in California–unlike most states.] A “5250” on the other hand is a 10 day hold, and does require a determination by a judicial officer that the person is a threat to himself or others. That determination must be re-evaluated every ten days to remain in effect, essentially becaus3e a person who is mentally ill is not a criminal, and the law is written to favor release as early as possible. But it does carry a life-time ban on the possession of firearms. [There is an escape clause: a voluntary commitment does not entail a judicial determination, and further does not entail a life-time ban.] And these are the people most likely to be targeted for confiscation.

    That said, Kamala Harris and the Cal State Legislature would be prepared to ban all guns if they thought they could get away with it. The laws now wending their way through committee before final floor votes in each house will result in total “black rifle” bans, bans on previously grandfathered magazines that have a POTENTIAL to be altered to contain more than ten rounds, ammo permits with mandatory safety training, increased fees, a virtual ban on internet ammo purchases (all purchases must be face to face), a ban on lead ammo “for hunting” (as if that will stop later bans on all lead ammo), and bans on “armor piercing” rounds (and thus a ban on hunting). “Hollow point” bans have been passed in some cities (like San Francisco), though with state-wide pre-emption they are probably not valid. And the imposition of the “microstamping” mandate by the Department of Justice means that, since no manufacturer builds any such pistol, no new semiautomatic handguns will be introduced into the state unless based on previously approved/rostered firearms (i.e., grandfathered in). Current law provides that guns that do not appear on the California handguns roster can only be transferred in a person to person sale, with a background check, between two California residents. And at the same time. local communities are going out of their way to ban or restrict gun shops (particularly in the Bay Area).
    Nor is there relief in sight. The democrats have a 2-1 population advantage, and after Brown, the next two candidates for Governor are the irrepressible Ms. Harris (Attorney General and former District Attorney of San Francisco) and Lt. Governor (and former mayor of San Francisco) Gavin Newsome.

    • Unfortunately, you are correct. I know of a whole lot of people who are looking at exit strategies because of these issues.

      • I forgot to add that I addition to the head cases, anyone who has a retraining order against him for domestic violence is also SOOL, as is anyone who has a “violent” misdemeanor conviction. As to the latter, the DOJ is looking far any and all reasons to deny a background check, and are searching records twenty and thirty years old. People who have purchased firearms in the past are now being denied or held up for months, some for no other reason than that the DOJ can’t figure out what happened in cases where charges were apparently dismissed but the disposition not recorded. Guilty until proven innocent–and give up your guns until you do.

      • Nice summary, Mark N. I am a current but soon to be former Californian, bound for the great state of TX. I am choosing to vote with my feet since my vote at the ballot box seems to matter little these days. Such a shame. Reagan must be rolling over and over in his grave. This used to be a decent state. Unions, politicians and the entitled have ruined it. The misinformed anti-2A folks are just relentless about disarming the populace. I wonder if the NRA has given up fighting all this political nonsense here–CA is truly a lost cause.

    • Situations like this illustrate how to “Vote with Your Feet.” California has bastions of sane people, trapped by a Legislature from Soviet Russia.

  5. Gee, let me guess. Ol’ Mr. candid, frank and outspoken Special Agent Greg has his pension all locked in. Right? Just like 99.9% of the members of LEAP.

    Not impressed.

  6. Former Department of Justice Special Agent Greg Cameron said he was embarrassed by some of the seizures they had to make, yet still went ahead and made them? Until the rank and file start standing up and disobeying these orders nothing is going to change. I hear police officers who say they are not going to obey illegal orders, yet unless they prepare to do so mentally, financially and spiritually, they won’t do it, as there will always be a multiplicity of excuses like “I’ve got to take care of my family.”, “I’m to far in debt.”, “I’m to close to retirement.”, etc.
    Such actions makes me many wonder about those officers who claim to be ‘Oathkeepers’. Can we trust our local sheriff’s dept/police dept to stand with us?
    Talk’s cheap. If officer’s are out there making a stand for the right’s of the people, we need to start advertising who they are. The actions among the Colorado sheriff’s is a start, but we need to hear about such actions across the country.

      • Here is the short version of your article: You can’t trust cops, they will stomp your balls into the ground when ordered to do so.

    • If what Greg Cameron said is true, that “90% of cops agree with him on 90% of what he says” in California, (I have a bit more faith in those types of numbers in a place like AZ) the real takeaway from the story is that rank and file LEO’s will follow unconstitutional orders. I have friends and family that are LEO’s and I would be very surprised if 90% of them would refuse an arrest or confiscation in the field. And yes, many of them are pro-2A. I have discussed this with one of my friends and one of my cousins (both LEO’s) in order to try and get them to mentally prepare themselves and co-workers for those types of unlawful orders and what they could do about it. I hope it help if the day ever comes, but I’m skeptical.

      • The orders are lawful under California and federal law. And there is no judicial authority for the proposition that these seizures are unconstitutional. Why would ANY cop risk his (not inconsiderable) pension disobeying such orders? His not to reason why, his but to do or find his but on the curb. And that ain’t gonna happen.

        • “The orders are lawful under California and federal law. And there is no judicial authority for the proposition that these seizures are unconstitutional.”

          Debatable if Greg is correct in his assertion that most of these confiscations were from people that had no criminal history and did nothing wrong.

          “Why would ANY cop risk his (not inconsiderable) pension disobeying such orders? His not to reason why, his but to do or find his but on the curb. And that ain’t gonna happen.”

          I agree, hence my post. There are too many people on the pro-2A side that think LEO’s and military personnel would reject enforcing a ban should one come to pass. I think that opinion is BS for the most part.

  7. What is wrong with you dingbat Kaliforians keep electing fascist pigs like the crush Obama has who leads this SWAT attack on every home they can. Come on time to kick these fascist out of office!

    • Sometimes you’re just outnumbered. I live in Crook County, IL and during the last election, the only contested contests on my ballot were for President and water commissioner. For every other position, whoever won the Democratic primary was unopposed in the general. It was depressing.

      • Being out-numbered hasn’t stopped others from fighting for what they believe in, and even winning under that condition.

        Kalifornians that are armed intelligentia have wussed out and given up because they haven’t really won any battle… at least yet… and if they bail, they never will in Kali.

        • Well, it’s not like we get a lot of outside support. NRA seems pretty useless to me. All I get from them is how I need to write letters. Like letters to Feinstein, Boxer, etc. are going to help. We have the CRPA fighting as much as they can but they don’t have the money that the NRA has.

        • We have hardly wussed out. Plenty of cases have been filed, predominantly in the federal courts, and a number are awaiting determination by the Ninth Circuit. With the large democratic majorities in the cities, the only battlefield on which we can win is in the courts. Unfortunately, the issues under the 2A are such that few courts want to be the first to put their foot in it, and progress us incremental and slow.

          The NRA has joined some cases, but it seems most successful in its lobbying efforts–except here where the outcomes are pre-ordained by rabid anti-gunners who simply don’t care that their ideas don’t work and will never work.

        • For those that haven’t wussed out, I am glad to hear it. Unfortunately some have. I hope someone in the judicial system has the guts to stand up for what is right, even if the left-wingnuts have a hissy-fit because of it.

  8. Yup just wait till we all wind up on some mental list or some terrorist watch list. Then guess what happens??

  9. Well, you heard her, Kamala Harris is entitled to anything she needs,
    to keep the public, you know…….safe. Hey, I’m convinced. No, not really.

    AG Harris’ pleasing contiguous external integument aside, her internal
    components and autonomic guidance system are very badly corrupted.
    Yep, a butter head. She would be a total babe, butter head is full of chaos.
    Not the sort of mental chaos you get with a stripper girlfriend, mind you,
    but real chaos, the oppressive statist kind. Kamala: She-Wolf of the AG?
    I’m kidding of course. There’s no-body who could replace Dyanne Thorne.


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