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Most existing security measures for weapons detection rely on one basic assumption: the weapon is made of metal. When that assumption isn’t met, everything tends to break down. Which explains why a 3D printed gun, made of plastic, sailed through the security checkpoint at Israel’s parliament and has caused the politicians there to collectively lose their mind . . .

From Haaretz:

Knesset officer, Brigadier General Yossi Griff, News-10 responded “that” this is a new phenomenon that puts all the security systems in the country and the world a whole new challenge. Knesset as all government offices and public institutions, are now looking into the matter in order to give it a professional as soon as possible. “It was reported that” the Knesset officer is in constant contact with other security agencies in the country to reach a quick solution and the optimal new threat created.

Having never gone to Hebrew school, I couldn’t read the article in its original language. But the Google translated version paints a picture of a legislature concerned that an assassin will slip through their security system to take one of them out. This in a country where the government is already “cracking down” on gun ownership among civilians.

It looks to me like things are about to get a whole lot worse at security checkpoints. If I were a savvy investor, I’d be dropping some coin into the stocks of companies that make those 3D imaging machines that have people so up in arms at US airports.

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  1. the cartridges that plastic guns fire are still made of brass, copper, lead and various other metals. unclench it will be o.k.

    • I’m sure that you can print an oversized casing and a chamber to fit it. And a metal detector is not going to detect a hollowpoint 9mm, or the small amount of metal in the primer.

      Furthermore, it is easy enough to disguise ammo. Make it look like those faux cartridge earbuds. Or hide a pair of rounds in your car key fob. You could probably hide some in the folds of your wallet; they never search your wallet. Anything that is handed around the metal detector is fair game to hide a round or two in.

      Bottom line: security screening can’t stop this, not unless they strip search EVERYONE. And that fact is causing lots of people to lose their shit, because they can’t/don’t know how to deal with an armed populace.

      • Put everyone on the plane buck nekkid.

        I’ll bet my life and yours (not to mention all on board) that anyone with an IQ north of 140 can get a gun on a plane, if they want.

    • There are a couple of companies making ammo in polymer casings already, very little metal on those bullets.
      PCP Ammunition and Polycase Ammunition come to mind.

    • bullets can be hidden in false watches, belt buckles, anything that is metal and not out of place. Even your cellphone could be disassembled to hide one, etc. However, hollow spy gadgets have a different transparency image and it all still shows up on X-ray but the operator needs to be paying greater attention. Even then the machine quality, modernness and calibration need to be taken into account.

      People can get anything anywhere. Risks, time, costs, odds, all increase with security but tight security can never prevent something from slipping through, its just the nature of the game.

      Maybe Parliament should arm themselves, then they would have a readily available means of protection rather than depending on security that doesn’t get paid enough to pay attention.

  2. Please.If someone wants to get past a security checkpoint, they will.All it takes is motivation and advance info on the security agency’s policies.Push comes to shove,an assassin will join the security agency themselves if need be.

  3. It is difficult for me to share their apprehension. A slow bullet at close range or a fast bullet at long range seem equivalent risks. After Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated I didn’t see the Knesset move to close the right-wing talmudic academies.

      • You said it. If it got through there, we’re left to try and imagine what it WOULDN’T have gotten through. “Security” is a trick played by governments to rob their subjects of resolve to taken them down. The Patriot Act and a long train of repressive measures that followed it are about OPPRESSION, not security.

        Was that a bag I just saw, with a cat streaking out of it?

  4. It’s is probably only a matter of time before new scanners are given to security forces that can outline non-metal objects. That won’t of course solve the challenge as gun shapes can be modified. Then there are the new brain scanners that can tell when someone is lying by tapping into their brain’s activity. Imagine requiring every building visitor to don a brain scan cap and say yes or no if their intent is to harm someone in the building. Time to go write the next great science fiction novel.

      • Wasn’t MR about engineered humans predicting future murders? I think the plot was great yet recall that film having the most excessive of use of any film bringing in advertising for real world corporations.

  5. A one shot assasin carrying a clunky gun with no sights. After he shoots he has a 10 second reload?

    I’m thinking people just need to up their situational awareness and carry a pistol.

  6. two things..

    1) did any bullets make it through security with it?

    2) just pointing out that one of the best and most ubiquitous printing technologies available, is made by and Israeli company , Objet, which is now part of Stratasys (after the merger)

  7. Welcome to the reactionary reality that the little punk-eff-sht-trash-Cody-whatever his self-aggrandizing-with-nothing-to back-it has brought all of us.

    There’s me and maybe 3 others on this board who actually do have a 3D printer, and we all know what this little dolt preaches is BS that only serves himself.

    Seriously, who really is so effen stupid and ignorant as to think he is trying to help anyone but himself? Real gun folks have been making real functional guns since long before this born-by-the-drippings-of-forced-sodomy-on-an- r-tard opportunist showed up on this planet.

    • Dude you have problems.

      What Cody has done is nothing, nothing that would have caused problems if we were still a free America. Gatling did more when he put together his crank gun. Then even more when he replaced the crank with a motor.

      I don’t like plastic guns like glocks either and this is an extreme plastic gun. However, it does not make it a fake non-functional gun. It is a firearm that fires a projectile, it is a “real functional guns”.

      I would like to know how you are “so effen stupid and ignorant as to think he is trying” to help him self. I do not know how a person benefits from getting a government that is a superpower of the world pissed at him.

      As far as I see it he is trying to restore America as she should be.

    • I had a used 3D printer for a few hours before not wanting it cluttering the place up anymore. If you are going to print worthwhile gun parts, its going to cost a pretty penny to get more than a cheap, non-functional conversation piece.

      Might as well build a machine shop!

  8. The point seems obvious to me.

    1. Yes, people with adequate skill and tools have been able in the past and will continue to make weapons, including pistols. Good for you. Will you make one for me? I thought not.

    2. With this software and a 3D printer ANYONE can make a pistol or two or more and with little ingenuity add a metal barrel in a larger caliber. Sure it’s a one-shot wonder, but anyone can do it without even a high school metal shop education.

    3. Maybe he is (also) trying to make money on this project, although how, since the program is a free download, I don’t know. Since when is turning a profit from personal effort and industry a problem. Isn’t that the point of everyone who manufactures firearms?

    This is a test model. It will evolve and it will get better. The point is to prove that the government CANNOT control our right to bear arms and this technology has forever shown that we can and will be armed with or without their “permission”.

  9. I have occasion to pass through the metal detectors of a local courthouse time to time. I prefer to go in the mornings and usually have a 20oz Styrofoam cup of coffee with me. That cup, my rather ridiculously large wallet and a whole stack of things from a cigarette back to a Zippo lighter go around the metal detector while I go through it. It’s always seemed to me that a couple of NAA mini revolvers would fit in that wallet, and that the cup could easily sport many sub compact autos or even perhaps a 5 shot snubby revolver. For that matter I doubt a 72 oz big gulp cup would garner any more attention than my large coffee.

    Even on person and through the detector I receive only a cursory wanding and a nod of approval as my steel collar stays, belt buckle and various components of my shoes set off both the detector and the wand. I virtually always have indicators in three places, chest waist and ankles. . . precisely where one would typically conceal a weapon.
    While on the topic, I’ve often thought that a plastic or ceramic knife would make it in, and that by lingering in the men’s room long enough one could execute an undetected surprise attack on a security officer and come away with his weapon and ammo.

    The of course there is the begged question; what if one comes in the front door with a rifle and battle rattle and immediately shoots the 1-2 officers manning the security check point? If one has come to commit murder in a public place, do a couple of extra bodies make a difference?

    These checkpoints are security theater and nothing more. They are useful at creating an illusion, and conditioning people to the idea that they aren’t really secure in their persons and effects even as they enter public buildings for such purposes as paying taxes or registering to vote. As far as providing actual security. . . well let’s just say that while I’m not a nefarious actor, the above are only the more obvious means of defeating such ‘security’, and that just from sheer boredom I’ve conceived of many, many more. This is with absolutely zero motivation or intent to carry them out. I wonder how many ways around such security a determined bad actor could come up with. Perhaps the question is irrelevant, since such a person would only need one.

  10. It isn’t about metal detectors. It is about illuminating the anti gun people as flat earthers who live in the past.

    My brother in law has an auto parts business. He says this is a total game changer. It will start as a benefit to retail outlets which will not need to stock as much nor deal with ordering, inventory costs and shipping. That is just for the short time that 3d printers are not in hosueholds.

    When 3d printers move into households, which will occur in a decade to a decade and ahalf, it will be a massive disruptive force on retail. It will also be total disruptive force against gun control.

    Mag limits wil be utterly moot. There will be plans on how to convert capabilities of most semi auto weapons. The current descriptive “one” or “two” capabilities out of ten of “assault rifles” will be utterly moot since they can be added (eg folding stock, bay mount,), suppressors etc.

    The lower can be made 100% out of 3d polymer. are they going to forbid generic steel or alloy barrels?.


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