CONFIRMED: Walmart Stops Selling AR-Style Rifles and “Personal Protection” Shotguns. Responding to Church Lawsuit?

Walmart gun department (courtesy

We’ve spoken with the Pratt, Kansas Walmart [not shown] regarding reports that the store had stopped selling AR-style rifles and certain shotguns. We can confirm that Walmart HQ sent the store – and others around the country – an email stating that the retail giant would not be replenishing inventories of AR-style rifles and “personal protection shotguns.” The communication went out in March. (How this story flew under the radar is a miracle of modern PR.) Again, we’re awaiting official confirmation from Walmart, along with the reasoning behind their decision. Meanwhile, the end of Walmart AR-stye gun sales may have something to do with a related development last March when . . .

Trinity Church filed a lawsuit in Manhattan’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit challenged Walmart’s refusal to allow a shareholder vote on Trinity’s proposal to stop sales of, you guessed it, AR-style rifles and “non-hunting” shotguns. From the Episcopal church’s website:

The proposal asked that Wal-Mart’s Board of Directors oversee the development of policies to guide management’s decision whether or not Wal-Mart should sell products that are 1) especially dangerous to the public, 2) pose a substantial risk to company reputation and 3) would reasonably be considered offensive to the community and family values that Wal-Mart seeks to associate with its brand. For instance, the decision to sell guns equipped with high capacity magazines seems inconsistent to Trinity (and we presume like-minded shareholders), given other merchandising decisions that Wal-Mart has made to protect its reputation and the public . . .

To be clear: ours was not an “anti-gun” proposal, nor a proposal to end the sale of certain products. We simply asked that shareholders be allowed to consider whether the Board has an obligation to assure that the company’s standards and values are uniformly considered and applied when the sale of certain products can have momentous consequences.

Note: in April, a federal judge tossed the lawsuit, preventing the proposal from going to a vote at Walmart’s shareholder meeting. Even so, did Walmart have a sudden change-of-heart/cut a secret deal with Trinity? Meanwhile, back in Pratt, the salesperson tells us she sold their last Bushmaster AR-15 last week. The town’s local gun store should be over-the-moon. As well as the civilian disarmament industrial complex.


  1. avatar ToddR says:

    Almost bought a Sig AR from Wally. Too bad they were perpetually out of stock. I guess that ship has sailed.

    1. avatar Tile floor says:

      My parents live in South Boston, VA, and there are a couple Sig ARs and the .22 version of the Sig556 that have been sitting on the shelf for over a year. I’m sure they’ll be gone soon now though.

  2. avatar John Doe says:

    I am not surprise this happen from Walmart been slowly going way Target Kmart all other major department stores stop selling firearms and ammo firearms relate sporting goods.

  3. avatar MattInTN says:

    Well, I had already about stopped going to Walmart. Looks like I have even better reason to just stop now.

      1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

        exclamation: touché

        (in fencing) used as an acknowledgment of a hit by one’s opponent.
        used as an acknowledgment during a discussion of a good or clever point made at one’s expense by another person.

    1. avatar Trekkie says:

      Honestly, it was the only reason I went in the last 10 years. to buy ammo.

      1. avatar TruthTellers says:

        They haven’t stopped selling ammo, just AR’s and shotguns.

        1. avatar Bruce L. says:

          I was told today they are stopping selling “assault” ammo. All the 5.56 was on close out sale.

  4. avatar Swarf says:

    I live in Seattle. I don’t know where the closest Wal-Mart that sells firearms of any kind even is.

    1. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

      Not in Poulsbo – even in Kitsap County it’s a no-go. Firearms-friendly people in sporting goods, they do sell ammo still and we often have a nice chat about ammo choices.

    2. avatar Sabrina says:

      They sell them in the Lynwood store. I bought a nice little Mossy there.

    3. avatar BillJ says:

      comes from living in a greendemlibidiot state.

  5. avatar 36IDRedleg says:

    Didn’t need them anyway. Academy get my sporting good dollars for the most part. Wal-mart has lost its vision since it went public.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      And Dick’s, and Cabela’s, and Bass Pro, etc, etc, et flipping cetera.

      Your LGS is crying crocodile tears.

      Console ’em by buying a gun.

      1. avatar Bob in mi says:

        Dicks did away with the ARs after sandy hook and the handguns were gone long before that. When i was in charge of a firearms department for Gander Mountain i tried to buy all of the local Dicks ARs at cost to sell in my store. They refused.

  6. avatar Julio says:

    Nailed it. Well, it figures. Disarmament comes in all shapes and forms. No lie down and take your victimization like a good subject.

  7. avatar Jim Jones says:

    I wrote a rather terse message to their corporate office letting them know how I felt about them caving to this public pressure. Are they counting the progressives who forced their hand to shop there to offset the loss of revenue from my and my fellow RKBA shoppers’ shopping trips? When hell freezes over maybe. If enough of us let them know, they might start to rethink their strategy. Head to and go to the “Feedback” link at the bottom of the page. Who do they think loves their shops? Progressive Northeasterners and West Coast liberals? Give me a break. No more ammo, hunting gear, or any other kind of shopping at Wally World for me!

  8. avatar JT says:

    This explains why my local store went from typically having like 5 different types of ARs in stock to only 1 currently.

  9. avatar I1ULUZ says:

    “whether or not Wal-Mart should sell products that are 1) especially dangerous to the public,”

    If they follow this logic then 75% of all their food they sell should be removed from stores. I happen to like reduced fat Ruffles, local Wally World does not carry them, but about 75% of everyone in there was medically considered obese.

    Where on this slippery slope is the stopping point, no firearms, next ammo, fatty meats, cooking oil, candy, ice cream etc…. Only thing left to sell there is tofu and cat litter. Guess if you drop a big bucket of cat litter on someone you could hurt them, so NO cat litter, Tofu-Mart it is.

    1. avatar HotandEmpty says:

      “Where on this slippery slope is the stopping point, no firearms, next ammo, fatty meats, cooking oil, candy, ice cream etc…”

      It is nice to know that people are starting to see that statist only have the desire for control over others, which is impossible to do to armed peoples. Armed peoples can only give away their freedom.

      What is a non-sporting shotgun? I use a normal, 8 round capacity tactical shotgun, while I hunt birds.

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Only thing left to sell there is tofu and cat litter.”

      Only if it’s Fair Trade Certified Organic Tofu and Allergen-Free Cat Litter made in a Certified Living Wage production facility…

      (You get the idea…)

    3. avatar B says:

      They should hold a shareholders vote on whether to sell birth control pills, condoms, the morning after pill, shellfish, pork, and lacy underwear.

    4. avatar Don Fortune says:

      Absolutely, most of the food they sell is hazardous to people’s lives.

  10. avatar Gabe says:

    I bought another mosseberg 930 tactical from walmart yesterday for $250. I payed $500 for the one I bought for my wife 2 years ago. now if they would discount the mini 14’s I would finally buy one. I have yet to shoot a mini 14 that was very accurate and then I have to chase brass a long dang way.

  11. avatar Mason says:

    Just bought a bushmaster for $400 last “MSR” they had.

  12. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Walmarts sell booze to the public where legal, I think that goes against all three of those principles more so than firearms. I would rebut their talking points as:

    1) especially dangerous to the public,
    >see alcohol remark. Many things are dangerous in life. They also sell kitchen knives, and gasoline which could be used in arson.
    2) pose a substantial risk to company reputation
    >Firearms are purchased after validation by the federal government of eligibility. It’s likely one of the most regulated products in the US. There’s significant paper work and auditing involved with the sales. From a corporate responsibility standpoint there’s a huge amount of auditing and accountability.
    3) would reasonably be considered offensive to the community and family values that Wal-Mart seeks to associate with its brand. For instance, the decision to sell guns equipped with high capacity magazines seems inconsistent to Trinity (and we presume like-minded shareholders), given other merchandising decisions that Wal-Mart has made to protect its reputation and the public . . .
    >Self reliance and the ability to defend one’s self in a law abiding manner are family values to me. Not to mention the confidence that comes with being able to enjoy and master dangerous things in our environment.

    That being said last time I tried to buy ammo at walmart I waited 45 minutes. Screw em I’d rather give my bucks to someone who has service. When you make the products you sell into commodities then service is the only way to actually differentiate yourself. It does provide protection to LGSes in the retail sense, and

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      And cigarettes and other tobacco products.

  13. avatar Rick K. says:

    Trinity church pus…, er, “busybodies” could also just not buy MSR’s if they don’t like them. These people just love to mess with the rest of us.

  14. avatar tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

    Walmart could be opening themselves up to a shareholder lawsuit if their decision hurts the bottom lone. I can see their customer base shopping elsewhere in protest. I won’t be going into Walmart again, not that I spent much money there.

  15. avatar Mark says:

    One more reason not to shop at Walmart. And shop at my local gun store. NW Armory?

  16. avatar Anon in CT says:

    Well, since:

    1) There are no Wal-Mart stores on the island of Manhattan – Scratch that, there are no WalMarts in NYC at all;

    2) The WalMarts in New York State (and NJ and CT) don’t carry firearms anyway;

    3) You can’t buy a non-crippled MSR in New York State; and

    4) You can’t buy even a crippled MSR in NYC;

    I don’t think the good Christians of Trinity Church are really concerned about their community – I think they are trying to regulate the nation at large.

    1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

      I doubt the presence of any real Christians at Trinity…and why include Cabelas in the shite list Geoff? A hell of a lot better and more pro-2a than my local gun store-pretty good for corporate. I’ve only bought ammo at Cabelas so no difference to me…

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      “So sayeth the shepherd.
      So sayeth the flock.”

      From the Porkies movies.

  17. avatar Anonymous says:

    Lame. They caved to opinions that in fact do not affect their bottom dollar. The only reason that I tolerated “Walmart people” was that I could also check out the outdoors section while I shopped for food.

    “Walmart People:”

    Disappointed in Walmart

  18. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Hey, it’s a free country, so if the world’s largest retailer wants to cave to a minority of their shareholders, that’s their right.

    There’s plenty to not like about Wally World – crappy products, ignorant staff, etc. Whenever I bought ammo there I had to search the store to track down someone with a key to the ammo case, then wait.

    Plenty of other places to shop that seem to appreciate my patronage.

  19. avatar KAP says:

    So do you really care! if Walmart sells guns or not! Get better service and product advice from other retailers in my area, personally we purchaser of munitions should boycott all anti gun places and stop the Democratic Party from ruining our country{ take a good look at the corrupted ones doing so right now} of course the illegals could not send money to Mexico! and we have too help the Chinese destroy our industries because we have Super greedy people moving our jobs off shore so they can reap whirlwind profits and force our Country into third world status!

  20. I pass Publix on my way to Walmart because Wallymart is cheaper. I’m retired as is my wife so penny’s count. No longer, I will give Publix my shopping dollars. I informed Wallymart of my decision via a letter directed to their board of directors. Do not expect an answer. I had forgotten how clean and bright a Publix is. Good by Wallymart.

  21. avatar Brett in MS says:

    What Walmart should’ve officially replied with to the lawsuit:

    1) These firearms are almost never used in crimes so this point is invalid

    2) Given Walmart’s customer base this is unlikely

    3) See #2

  22. avatar Phil says:

    Please, tell me more about how the second amendment is about hunting.

    Maybe you can also show me where to find a deer I can kill for “the security of a free State”

  23. avatar edteach says:

    Well Aldies just came to town, now no reason to go to that flea bag shopping center. Fuck Wally world.

  24. avatar Dustin says:

    The Sporting Goods Department at my local Super Wally World has always had ARs in it… The staff, capable, knowledgable, and friendly. Which is more than I can say about any of the LGSes, which are all a bunch of dickbags.

  25. avatar PavePusher says:

    My comment there:

    “1) especially dangerous to the public”

    Please cite your statistics and defend this moronic claim.

    “2) pose a substantial risk to company reputation”

    An explanation for this claim is also required.

    “3) would reasonably be considered offensive to the community and family values that Wal-Mart seeks to associate with its brand.”

    Again, please explain this. Supporting data and evidence required.

    “To be clear: ours was not an “anti-gun” proposal, nor a proposal to end the sale of certain products.”

    That is an outright LIE. I thought lying was against the tenants of your faith. Why are you antithetical to your scriptures?

  26. avatar barnbwt says:

    Odds of the rifles remaining if they were Norinco brand and half the price of a Bushmaster pos? I’m giving 1:1 odds.

  27. avatar Barclay Hinson says:

    Well, the decision by the nations largest retailer to stop selling “assault rifles” also includes the ammunition that goes in them. There is now ZERO .223/5.56 and 7.62X39 at my local Walmart today, as I bought the last two boxes of Federal American Eagle 5.56 today for $30 each. They were marked down over half off, down from $62. I was told that they would no longer be selling the ammo about a week ago by one of their Harvard-educated liberal employees who runs her mouth to me every time I go in there to buy ammo. I of course thought she had no clue what she was talking about, since she works at Walmart for Gods sake.

    But alas, she is correct. There is no more cheap ammo at Walmart. I did take a small bit of satisfaction by getting this Yankee heifer fired, as I finally took the time to report her to a manager for running her libtard mouth to me about firearms for the third time.

    The first time she asked me if I was in a “right wing militia”. The second time she asked me if I was planning to “overthrow the government” and began bashing capitalism. (Yes – a Walmart employee talking bad about capitalism go figure. Irony, thy name is libtard) This last time she tried to lecture me on how great the gun laws in Europe and Australia are.

    Enjoy your government unemployment check if you qualify, lady. Since you love government so much, they will be cutting your paychecks for the next few months. Hopefully her manager will contest her unemployment claim, as she has received MULTIPLE complaints for spouting here libtard BS from behind the sporting goods counter.

  28. avatar Frank Poindexter says:

    Maybe the Ceo of Wallyworld should take all there PROFITS from sales of MSR and AR15’s ,Ammo sales.And home defense shot guns.Donate that fund to a charity. Would not want those corporate employees to feel their living in sin or have become sinners.I’ll bet they are tossing and turning in there sleep worrying about all the profits made from the black evil rifles.

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