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Carrying on a motorcycle isn’t easy. The biggest challenge is that if you always ride in full gear (ATGATT) and your gear is properly fitted, your jacket will be too tight and close to the body to carry a firearm underneath it. Motorcycle leathers need to be tight enough to keep the jacket armor in the right place if you come off the bike.

As such, they usually don’t have room underneath to accommodate a firearm and holster no matter what the configuration. Additionally, in order for a motorcycle jacket to properly do its job, it pretty much has to be zipped most or all the way up.

That means if you carry your firearm M7 style, under bust, in a regular shoulder holster, or in a belly band type carrier, you have to unzip your jacket all the way, unhook it, and then still get to the firearm…in motorcycle gloves. In an emergency situation.

Not a great setup.

Then there’s belt carry, which a lot of people favor. Some people like to open carry on the belt. I’m not a huge fan of that, mainly because I think it’s an invitation to be harassed as well as presenting a tempting opportunity for someone to try to swipe the firearm when you’re sitting at corners or stoplights.

I also find that the slightly forward riding position I favor on my bike makes any kind of belt carry uncomfortable and awkward, no matter what the position. You also still have the tight jacket problem here, especially if you carry IWB – it’s a lot tougher to get up under a tight leather jacket than a regular shirt. And if you have a riding set that zips together, jacket to pants…forget it.

motorcycle concealed carry anaconda bag wccouture etsy
Anaconda bag courtesy WCCouture

So my current solution is a thigh bag, the Anaconda Warrior Pack from WC Couture on Etsy. There are two firearm pockets in the bag, the outside one being an easily accessible flap pocket that’s quick to get into. It comes with several straps with clips on the ends that you can adjust to hold the bag to your waist and upper thigh so that it doesn’t move around when you’re on the bike.

I’ve worn this system a number of times now and can attest that once you get the straps adjusted to the right place, it won’t move while you’re riding. The fact that it has a mini-chain ID holder for your ID, CHL, credit card and some cash, and a couple of extra slim pockets for whatever else you might want to carry, is an added plus.

The folks at WC Couture are really great and will customize strap lengths for you if you just ask.

I also like this form of carry because it doesn’t look like a holster, doesn’t require you to navigate a thumb break while wearing motorcycle gloves, and will fit a variety of compact firearm sizes.

Granted, the styling is a little Mad Max, but as it happens, that’s my personal style anyway, so I got lucky there. YMMV. Do you carry when you ride?

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    • It’s 2018, try being bi-curious a little Wayne. I am here if you need me…I am waiting. I am hard.

    • @Wayne

      There are def folks who make rigs like this that are more “guy like.” Hell, WC Couture would probably design guys one if they put in suggestions. I’ve def seen dudes wearing thigh rigs for things like flasks on bikes, same idea here.

      • Meh. I just clicked that etsy link (and promptly sent it to the wife), some of that stuff looks passable as masculine, or at least not overtly feminine. Being made of dead cows helps.

    • Don’t ride anymore, but looks cool, would have considered without concern about girlie look if it allows carry. Only bitch, looks like a lot of metal doodads to be up against the tank.

      • @Larry

        Surprisingly, doesn’t seem to create an issue with the tank. I did replace the stock seat with a Sargent, which might be why – puts me in a slightly different riding position and is a bit taller. Sargent makes fabulous seats, the stock one was a bum killer.

  1. Chest rig is an option, under an abrasion-resistant riding jacket.

    It’s not the quickest to get to, but it is an option.

    Something else to consider is 30-foot range bear spray on a belt holster, if 4-legged dogs are a concern. (2-legged dogs you’re well familiar with!)

    I also have used a leather kinda small-ish fanny pack I have reconfigured with belt clips to support the weight of a handgun. I’ve used that cycling…

    • If you really want to get the ‘Mad Max’ vibe going, get a leather scabbard made for a Mossburg ‘Shockwave’ on the front fork of your Ducati…

        • Or just go for a “J” frame in the jacket pocket, with a couple speed strips in the off pocket. But maybe that’s too easy for most to tolerate. Much sexier to strap on(and learn to live with…) a bunch more specialized gear. After all, we all need to keep those factories and advertising types in their high paying but useless jobs, right?

      • @Geoff

        Haha, excellent. Seems like it might be a bit long…the Duc is a smallish bike…but wouldn’t that be the thing rolling down the highway to the range?


        These are all true stories.

  2. I’ve a pouch that opens with two zippers that holds my .380 and it doesn’t look like a holster. I’ve practiced with gloves retrieving and operating it but some gloves have plastic knuckles which wont go through the trigger guard.
    A revolver would actually be better I think due to the larger trigger guard and grip and no need to use two hands to operate or clear a jam.
    See the story about the cutie that plugged a guy who tried to kill her on a concrete barrier.

    • @GS650G

      Is the 650 part of your screen tag a reference to your bike?

      Good point, that about the gloves. Def true that full on gauntlet gloves like my Stella Airs are thick enough that fitting into the trigger grip can be a challenge. The smaller ones that aren’t full armor do alright I’ve found.

      • GS650G was a shaft-drive 4-cyl Suzuki in the ’80s, dunno what he is using it for. Maybe he has one!

  3. Looks like a gun magnet on the gas tank would work well.

    Like the opening picture……😁

    Seriously though, i used to carry an N frame Smith in a verticle shoulder holster under my jacket when riding. Leaving the zipper down halfway just added to the cool factor. I wore a WWII bomber style jacket. Plenty of room inside.

    Either way…ya gotta work a zipper or a flap.

    • Esoteric Inanity used to carry around his S&W model 629 in a hip holster while riding his Sportster around Wyoming in the summers. Kept a 45/410 derringer in the chest pocket of a leather jacket also. Made for good spook medicine, especially when traveling the backroads at night. Never had an issue, except when making sharp right hand turns on switchbacks; the 629 tends to be noticeable, really a negligible gripe though.

      Fortunately, in this state and most of the surrounding ones (excluding Colorado and Nebraska), most people won’t look twice at a guy on a bike with a hand cannon on his hip. A word of caution though, some areas tend to have law enforcement that are a tad jittery.

      Several years back there was a guy up in Alpine pulled over while OC on his bike. The whole incident stunk. Here’s the story in his own words:

      • Ja. Open carry has its own risks I think. I can think of maybe three situations in which it is actually maybe useful and advisable, but other than those, not so much. Seems like the chest pocket of ladies’ moto jackets just isn’t quiiiiite big enough to fit even small firearms.

        • Esoteric Inanity finds the prime purpose of open carry to be inoculation against hysteria (not the Def Leppard song). Allow this one to elaborate: As Elaine D. is no doubt aware (Esoteric Inanity has gathered that she is familiar with this country’s early history and the 2nd Ammendment), when this nation was founded, firearms were common knowledge to much of the populace. Even those dwelling in large cities like Philadelphia and Boston had a familiarity and respect for such armaments.

          Towards the mid 1800s, while much of the east coast was relatively peaceful, western expansion brought about the Indian Wars. Many a youth such as James “Wild Bill” Hickok and William F. Cody headed west at a young age and excelled at their professions (Hickok a stage coach driver and lawman while Cody became a scout and buffalo hunter). Another notorious youth around this time was Henry McCarty a.k.a. outlaw “Billy The Kid”. All had one thing in common: They were good with a gun from a young age.

          Back to modern times, many people in the metro areas rarely even see a gun in person unless being mugged or happening across law enforcement (although Esoteric Inanity considers speeding tickets to be a mugging by the state). The thought of an average joe carrying a gun in plain sight is such an alien concept as to be alarming. After all, if said joe isn’t a cop, he must be a crook.

          In Esoteric Inanity’s opinion, this is where open carry and its practitioners come into play. Rather than being the perceived reckless and threatening act that many urbanites believe it to be, it shatters the neoteric paradigm and elucidates the sophistry inherent within it. If joe can carry a gun out in the open without accidentally shooting somebody or going on a bloody rampage, then maybe there aren’t any vile implications associated with firearms in the hands of the general populace.

          In short, open carry desensitizes people to the sight of guns. Much like how taking a convent of nuns to a nude beach will desensitize them to the sight of……one can use their imagination.

          Apologies for the lengthy and somewhat incoherent ramblings, it is reflective of Esoteric Inanity’s thought process. Also bear in mind, it was not this one’s intention to be didactic. Rather to elaborate upon a concept while attempting to provide a logical basis for this one’s opinion/position.

          It is however, this one’s intention to be the reincarnation of Snorri Sturluson. With that said, the Poetic Edda is still superior to the Prose Edda. Also yes, chest pockets on certain leather jackets tend to be rather svelt. Especially women’s, due to the tight fit, but damn do they look good!!!

  4. I rode a bike everyday for a lot of years. That includes some pretty long hauls, like across the US and from Guatemala to Texas.
    most of that time I had a Ruger P90 in a messenger bag slung across my chest or my back. With a simple across the shoulder strap and a velcro pouch, it was super fast and easy to get to. Several companies make bags like this and I know quite a few folks that carry the vertex messenger bag for that exact purpose.

    • I don’t think you carried a pistol on your bike in Mexico. If you did explain. Pistols are highly illegal in Mexico.

      • Lots of Texans take pistols in Mexico, all the time.

        Don’t worry about what we do and cover your own six…

      • Jeff, stick around and you’ll find JWT’s life reads better than a Cussler novel. That being said, the story of an armed ride through Central America told by Mr. Taylor sounds enthralling.
        JWT, I assume the P90 was chosen because of ruggedness and ability to survive a spill better than the bike itself? Those old Rugers are tanks.

        • The P90 was chosen because it shot well and I could afford it. That was a couple decades ago, at least. My first job out of school had me alone and all over Central America. Unarmed would have been fantastically stupid.

      • HA! They’re illegal in NYC, used to be in Chicago, definitely in CA, and on and on, who cares? I have carried in all those places, and in Mexico, too although I dunno what their laws were in the ’70s, because I didn’t ask and didn’t care. Passing a law and enforcing it are two wildly different things. Like the 55 mph speed limit, when it is totally unenforceable, just ignore it.

    • @jwtaylor

      I absolutely think that carrying when you know you’re going to be by yourself in a remote area is a must. I mostly commute on my bike, but I hope to get into more pleasure riding as this nice fall weather opens up, now that the hurricanes have finished dumping all over us down here.

  5. As a fellow motorcyclist I can sympathize.
    As a MTGATT (Most of The Gear-All The Time) rider I have quite a few more options than the ‘full track suit’ folks. I suppose if I rode with that level of gear I’d either open carry on store my firearm in a small tank bag, though I don’t like the idea of potentially being separated from my gun should the SHTF.

    As-is I carry ISWB in a simple Sticky holster and it’s not only easily accessible under my jacket (textile in summer leather in colder months) but a recent collision has proven that my firearm ain’t going NOWHERE, even if I’m tumbling head over heels through the air and across the road!
    I guess another option for me would be to pocket carry. Both of my jackets have front pockets large enough to get a compact pistol (my Shield would be REALLY pushing it) or snubby revolver in/out, even with goved hands,.

  6. I carry my P938 IWB and make sure my jacket if Im wearing one is no more then belt high. My only problem getting to the gun is letting go of the throttle to get to the gun.
    But. At the same time. If I need it while riding????? I cant see really any situation Id be in needing it on the move. My jacket has an inside pocket that can be used as a cross draw. Ive used that with as big a gun as my 2.5 inch Model 66.

    • @Jay

      Yeah. I’ve never yet encountered a situation where I thought I would need it while on the move.

      My city is developing a bit of a panhandler/homeless problem, so it’s mostly at stoplights and corners with bus stops where someone “hanging out” might approach me. Since it’s a pretty dense urban environment just speeding away usually isn’t an option. Sometimes they’re high on meth or K2 and pretty aggressive in their approach. I usually try to keep to the middle lane at stops with cars around me, but not always possible.

      • I use my bikes and trike to commute to work daily. A good reason for living in Florida for me. On occasion once Im in Boca proper. I sometimes get stuck at stop lights. Panhandlers can be and are a real concern. They swarm you on some days. It keeps one pretty alert.

        • @Jay

          Yep. My guy has had panhandlers beat on the window of his car when he wouldn’t give them money. He’s had to draw on one a time or two, happily it never went further than that.

  7. I wear an Hi Viz vest over my leathers anyway. I just sewed a big ass piece of Velcro in the right place and I stick a chest rig on there and cover it up with the vest. Now, how well I can shoot wearing armoured riding gloves is a different story.

    • @Drewn

      Now that’s an idea I’ve never seen before. That would give you plenty of room to reach under and draw too. Nice.

  8. I don’t currently ride but when I did I never rode fully kitted. Just a leather jacket and helmet and sometimes gloves. I also didn’t carry a gun back then…,

    The jacket I wore would have accommodated most carry methods fine. It was a motorcycle jacket but not extra tight fitting.

    • @Joel

      These days I’m pretty much mostly in Kevlar leggings (those have been a real godsend given the heat down here), leather jacket, helmet, gloves, real Moto boots. Pretty much all my gear is European because I was never able to find American makers that fit right. As such, they tend to be cut very close, the Europeans wear their gear very tight and slim fit to the body, not roomy like American styles that tend to be more boxy.

      Kevlar leggings work great in SIMS courses too…you’ll still bruise, but not as bad for sure.

  9. I’m gonna get me a double pommel holster with full flaps that centers on either side of my gas filler cap, like they did on saddles with cap & ball revolvers back in the 1850-60’s. Legally concealed and fair to middlin’ fast if I practice enough with it. -30-

  10. It depends on what you carry but I personally like a kit bag from Hill People Gear. They ride on your chest and they’re a great piece of gear for any motorcyclist.

    • Looks like they got their pricing model from the Durable Medical Supply industry where they assume the customer is only paying 10% of the cost so its ok to have a 900% markup.

      Even ignoring their price for two small pieces of velcro and an ‘adapter’ that any kid in an old-school shop class would have been ashamed of, why would anyone design a system around one of the world’s worst holsters.

  11. I’ve been considering a chest rig, like the Kenai, outside the jacket. It doesn’t have as much risk of being disarmed as hip carry does. And in a slide, I think it’d be safer.
    Unfortunately, I mostly ride to and from work, where guns aren’t allowed, even in the parking garage. So I’d have to stop before the parking lot, take the holster off, place it in a pannier (and I’d have to keep my panniers on all the time), then get back on and finish my commute. And no, there’s not any convenient off campus parking that I could use.

    • Try “Beckson Marine Holding Clips”, that can be found at nearly every Boating Supply Store (i.e. West or Clip to Tubular Forks or any other Tubular Source. They come in a Variety of Diameter Sizes and cost less than $5.00 for a pair. Can be Hard or Temporary Mounted…

    • @JasonM

      Yeah. That’s kind of the problem with carrying open – you always have to figure out what to do when you pass through “no open carry” environments. Can be a real pain in the ass.

    • If you got off your bike wearing a purse… What would happen?

      • Possum is an opossum a.k.a. a marsupial that doesn’t need a purse as it has a pouch. By that logic though, opossums aren’t typically known to ride bikes……(shrugs shoulders; after all, who is Esoteric Inanity to judge).

        • “Ahhhhhhh.

          I didn’t put the two together….“

          Yeah, now Esoteric Inanity not only has a Jackalope to compete with, but a Possum as well……At least he still has his schtick to assist.

          This one shall retain his self-appointed position as the most cryptically nonsensical commenter on this cooking blog!!!

          “If a squirrel can ride a water ski a possum can ride a motorcycle.“

          Hear hear!!! And Esoteric Inanity can be axiomatic!!!

        • @Esoteric

          But, but….”two is one and one is none.” Possum needs purse AND pouch! Or belly gun.

        • “@Esoteric

          But, but….”two is one and one is none.” Possum needs purse AND pouch! Or belly gun.“

          Oh a clever little rhyme, allow this one to try:

          Is Esoteric Inanity, to infer that Elaine D., is suggesting that he…track down and violently eliminate/drown the two perceived rivals, one by one until there are none? An intriguing thought, but what then if he should be caught? One who were to kill an opossum and jackalope would surely get the rope.

          Regarding the possum purse, pouch and belly gun, this one…is utterly vexed by such an inane jumble of text.

          Damn it all!!! The rival count just increased from two to three: A possum, Jackalope and Elaine D. (Whatever that may be?).

        • @Esoteric

          “Two is one and one is none” is an old saying that some of my former SF friends say. Basically means that you always need a backup to your backup. For example, a good friend carries a Glock…but his backup gun to his carry gun is a titanium .357 mag revolver with a 3” barrel that he stuffs into his pants. Understand the concept but for me, one’s enough!

  12. ATGATT here, and there is nothing simpler than pocket carry. Rode across 1/3 of the states this year, always with 14 rounds of 9mm immediately accessible.

    Except in Illinois. What a pain in the ass that was.

      • No, the rules are draconian. I had to unload and disassemble the firearm, and store it in a case and lock it and then stash it in my luggage. Then I had to lock up the magazine and chambered round in a separate locked case, also stored in the luggage.

        I plotted the shortest route through Illinois I could, while totally avoiding Chicago and Cook County. And I went straight through — no stops for gas or anything.

        By the letter of the state law and under FOPA I was 100% legal, but I didn’t want to trust that an Illinois cop would know the ins and outs of the various laws.

        National reciprocity cannot get here soon enough.

        • “National reciprocity cannot get here soon enough.”

          As someone who drives for a living all I can say is ‘No Kidding!’
          Jumping thorough the countless hoops and trying to keep track of the legality of carrying in the 20-30 states I frequently drive through is a NIGHTMARE!

          As far as Illinois, you can drive through with a concealed handgun providing you have a CCW from your home state, you don’t exit the vehicle with the gun on your person and it is out of plain sight and the vehicle locked if you do get out for some reason.

          See sec 40(e)
          How this applies to a MC is anyone’s guess though…

        • You must be unlucky then! I’ve ridden through Illinois three time in the last 6 months, and was pulled over twice. And neither of the Illinois State Mounties ever asked if I had a Gun on me…

        • Driving through IL three times and getting pulled over twice is what sounds unlucky to me.
          Unless getting pulled over is a common result of your driving style.

        • After you “had to” do all that, did anyone present you with a warrant to check? Or did you waste your time?

        • I “had to” do all that to be compliant with all relevant laws and statutes, to guarantee that I didn’t give the gestapo ANY reason to give me the Shaneen Allen treatment.

          Because I wasn’t stopped by any officer, you could indeed assert that I “wasted my time.” Just like I have wasted my money for decades on homeowners insurance.

          Then again, many could argue we are wasting our time and money on this whole gun hobby in the first place, given how extraordinarily rare it is for any individual person to need a gun on any particular day. But I do it anyway.

  13. In my MC day’s, I carried a S&W M-36 in the right front pocket of my traditional style jacket. I never thought of trying to remove it while wearing gloves. Good thing that I never needed to.

  14. I’d worry more about landing on a gun on a belt. Solutions:
    1) Synthetic suits like Olympia or Joe Rocket have roomy thigh or belly pockets to hold things. Armor is already built in.

    2) Maxpedition Fat Boy or similar murse. Day Glow Yellow or Orange bike colors, not tactical colors unless black on black gear.

    1 or 2 is also handy for holding gloves or glasses at stops, holding wallet, phone, and keys so you don’t have to strip down to get gas, etc.

    3) Vote Democrat, and you won’t need to worry about it since they’ll ban carry on a bike and everywhere else.

    • @Anymouse

      Well, down here in Texas-land, we are somewhat different I guess because being a Texas Democrat has mostly meant owning a gun. As of the last couple years, we can carry open OR conceal and then they added the ability to carry fullsize swords and battle axes and so forth more recently, so we seem to be going in the opposite direction of everyone else, not that this is a surprise or anything.

      • Yeah, it is on my agenda to check with Cold Steel for options in sword canes. Just gotta have one, y’know? Thinking “needle” from GOT.

      • You neglect to mention the high number of Democrat House and Senate members that fought those bills and the fact that the Democrat Part of Texas officially advocates the elimination of open carry of any handgun. They even want to ban the ownership of body armor.

        To copy from the Texas Democratic Party 2018 Platform, on gun control:
        We strongly support:

        •Strengthening and reforming current laws that require passing a background check prior to the purchase of a firearm by requiring a sufficient waiting period to provide adequate time for law enforcement officials to conduct a mandatory, background check;
        •Closing loopholes that allow guns to be sold or traded without passing a mandatory and thorough background check;
        •Enacting sensible gun laws to curtail the availability of weapons with extended ammunition magazines, including rapid-fire, magazine-fed, military-style assault weapons;
        •Enacting legislation prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or possession of bump stocks, binary trigger systems and trigger cranks that increase the rate of fire;
        •Repealing laws that allow the open carry of handguns and assault rifles;
        •Outlawing the personal possession of use of body armor and armor piercing bullets;
        •Gun free zones;
        •Allowing families to anonymously request pre-emptive, judicial action restricting the possession or purchase of firearms for loved ones in crisis threatening harm to themselves or others;
        •Repealing federal legislation granting immunity from civil liability to manufacturers and marketers of firearms;
        •Appropriately enforce criminal penalties for individuals who negligently fail to control access to firearms in homes where minors and others are present;
        •Requiring manufacturers to develop and sell childproof handguns;
        •Fully funding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives so that it may conduct more frequent inspections of FFL dealers; and

        • @JWTaylor

          See, the thing is, I agree with a few of the things on that list. Not all of them. But a few of them.

          However, down here where I live voting Dem is the only curb there is to keeping any kind of affordable housing in the city. That, health care and environmental issues are why most of us vote the way we do who vote blue. Unfortunately guns are not the only thing we need to base our vote on. Like I’ve said before, liberal gun owners are not single issue voters. We aren’t willing to put guns ahead of things like having health insurance, clean water and affordable housing.

  15. Been riding 40 years, always wear leather jacket or vest. Carry a g19 or a hammer less 2 inch revolver in a owb holster. Just never saw the need to dress like a dominatrix.

    • A shame as dominatrices can be quite sexy. On the flip side, one can always dress like Rob Halford.

        • Well after all, the man is Hell Bent For Leather lol.

          Esoteric Inanity while not gay, can certainly appreciate the Metal God and his sense of style. The Priest easily produces an orgasmic bliss when that infamous drum solo starts followed by the heavy and exhilarating guitar and bass riffs. Then that unearthly wail rings out faster than a bullet with a terrifying scream, enraged and full of anger, he’s half man and half machine. Not to mention classics like Victim of Changes and Living After Midnight. Pure existential transcendence!!!

          The Firepower tour was absolutely sublime and performed with all guns blazing. A shame about Glenn Tipton, and he was truly missed. However, as the old addage goes: The show must go on.

  16. As a certified OFWG on an old RT, I find my Aerostich jacket has plenty of space for a Kenai beneath. Good thing I don’t try to fit in leathers any more

  17. Having to give up my cycle riding because of Multiple Myeloma (incurable cancer – but presently in remission), I now ride a power wheel chair and carry a single strap shoulder bag which has a concealed carry compartment big enough for most handguns. My Bulldog fits nicely as does the supply of speed strips. Yes, I had to give up the semi auto because of waning strength and crumbling bones. It tucks in tightly to the chest and is easily accessible, not too big and definitely not too small. Quality of mine is pretty good. I did add a couple of hook & loop tape strips.

    This bag has served me well, after I put a zipper accessory to aid my failing fingers. For the price, it is quite nice.

    So, 43 states and a couple of hundred K miles, I now just terrorize the neighborhood. Ride safely and enjoy. I miss it.

    • @Paul

      I am so sorry about the cancer. I’m glad you are in remission and holding steady – and what a badass you are to continue to carry in the ways you can.

      • Not really bad, just a 73 year old that quit taking gruff when my discharge came through. Everything hit over a 22 month period – two new knees, new shoulder, reattach a kneecap and the cancer. VA is working for stem cell therapy. If it takes, I may be in remission longer, just a ticking time bomb. I’ve seen the elephant and now I plan on my turn at the bear. Live is what it is.

  18. Dang! You ride motorcycles and shoot guns…..and you had trouble finding a date!? That’s crazy.

    I dont currently have a concealed license but I have, on several occasions, ridden with a soft sided rifle case strapped to my back. Got followed by a sheriff for a while but no harassment otherwise.

    I ride a ’14 triumph street triple and ’17 Moto Guzzi MGX21. What are you riding?

    • @Shiffrod

      Well, it’s interesting. Dudes like the fact that a lady rides and shoots, but only if she rides a scooter and shoots a .22. It is kind of a funny thing. Can’t tell you how many times dudes have suggested I should ride a scooter instead of my bike, though scooters are a hell of a lot more dangerous than motorcycles. I’m still waiting for someone to come out with “Tactical Lime/Bird Scooter.” A range in San Antonio had a “Tactical Segway” video up for a while, which is one of the most amusing things I’ve ever seen.

      I have a new Ducati Scrambler, a 2017 Icon that I traded in my old Honda Shadow Spirit 750 for a few months ago. The Scrambler was what I originally wanted when I first started riding in 2015 but I fell prey to the old advice that one should get a used bike. I loved the Shadow but it wasn’t even remotely suited for how I like to ride and it was a massive beast. I looked at the bikes you have but I still felt they were a bit heavy for me, by that point I was ready to go as light as I could in the same power class and the Scrambler is only about 375 or so.

      I miss the sound of my old V Twin but I sure as hell don’t miss the weight or the way she cornered.

      • Also, I am old. I am 50. Most dudes in my age range were talked into giving up their bikes and guns long ago by their ex wives. Only the die hards remain at this point. Happily my guy is a motor officer and used to be a pro racer who raced for Patron back in the day, so it all worked out.

        • reminds me of a new yorker cartoon.
          a philanderer is conversing with the passenger (female) on the back seat of his mc.
          “are you kidding? do you think my wife would have let me buy this motorcycle if she still loved me?”

      • My goose is definetely a top heavy beast even if it is about 150 lbs or so lighter than the Harley equivalent competition. All the carbon fibre helps in that regard. I’m excited for the the new triumph scrambler with long travel suspension even if I’m not going to buy one.

        Happy trails and stay shiny side up!

  19. I think the wrap around thigh bag the author cited would look really sexy on a lady, and (more importantly) should provide quick readiness to the gun given that she set up the weapon’s placement, and access point appropriately. The strapping setup of the bag also doesn’t technically make it, “off body carry,” which is a good thing. However, it doesn’t seem like the gun would be protected very much from a spill.

    I would probably get an under the armpit style shoulder holster for riding a motorcycle. I think that would provide the best solution to move around on the bike, ease of access, and protection for yourself, and the gun in the event of a spill.

    • @Sal

      So would you open carry in a shoulder holster, or under the jacket?

      yeah, the advantage of an easily accessible system is pretty much always partnered with being able to lose the firearm because of that same access. Overall though, as an everyday concealed carrier, it ends up seeming best to err on the side of accessibility, which is why I never do any kind of off body carry. Just not convinced that it can be gotten to in time if in something that zips shut. Zippers add time.

    • “However, it doesn’t seem like the gun would be protected very much from a spill.”

      I think she would be happy to trade a ground-up gun for ground-up flesh most any day.

      (At least, *I* would. Amazing how road-rash injuries tend to imprint on your brain permanently…)

      • @Geoff

        Truer words never spoken. There’s been a nasty spate of road rash and traumatic head injury accidents from those Lime and Bird scooters here, and those things only go up to 15 mph. Nasty stuff, when skin meets asphalt, even at low speeds.

        • Hear, hear! Tried roller blade tag when our kids were little… much more fun with knee pads. …I can’t believe I just said that…

  20. Rode Motor cycle for years, always carried never had a problem with where to put pistol granted it was Keltec Pf9 but it fit inside the Jacket, had a 32 ACP there on accident day
    cocked and locked with extended Magazine. Never had a problem with any light weight small or full sized gun in that inside pocket, LC9, Glock, Taurus.

    • @Kap

      The pockets in men’s jackets are so much bigger than in women’s. Well, guys are generally bigger, too, so I guess it’s the same issue that plagues ladygear overall. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve written to a holster company to ask if they could make something 2/3 the size to fit me, or asked if a sling could be cut down to 2/3 the length so I wouldn’t have so much extra strap to deal with.

  21. I’ve never had a problem carrying on my bike, and I ride ATGATT as well. IWB in roughly the 5 o’clock position. The armor I wear is external and covers the firearm entirely even if I’m only wearing a t-shirt below all the armor [several discrete pieces rather than an armored set of leathers], and it’s not difficult to reach and grab it even with gloves on.

  22. riding from easter to thanksgiving, give or take, much of it in flip flops (“go forwards).” i’ll call it sotgmott. carry doesn’t change: 3o’clock or rfp. the tank bag is very accessible as well.
    when the bike is put away, double stack.

  23. The motorcycle carry came down to holster choice. I carry the same gun in the same position AIWB daily regardless of vehicle, but on the motorcycle I carry in a kydex holster that a) has adjustable retention and b) is adjustable to ride a little higher and not stab into me while folded over that little bit more. I commute 50-60 miles round trip on my Kawasaki most of the summer and a bit on the shitty ends of it and its very comfortable. Plus I like not having a different carry position. In the car its nice comfortable leather.

    • @Ulnar

      Oh yeah! I just saw one of those throwing type tomahawks the other day for the first time. Strapped to a bug out bag, no less. Nice little tool, that. I just figure that someone out there is going to “go big or go home” on the sword/axe business, just because they can, this is Texas after all!

  24. I’m a right handed shooter and carry AIWB, but on the ZX-10 i carry in a left hand holster AIWB. And a pocket full of 1/2” ball bearings for the assholes that like to ride my ass.

  25. Zipped past everyone to say, this is a Military Protective Mask Carry bag in leather basically ! ! lol

  26. I ride frequently, though have dropped off a bit since hitting my goal of 200 riding days in a calendar year in New England. I carry daily though.

    I have found appendix still works on the bike just fine for me. I am riding an adventure bike with very upright seating so I think that helps.

    I’d suggest jacket pocket for those who can’t find a more comfortable option. You may need to get a smaller gun obviously.

    I think the most difficult challenge to overcome is the gloves, especially if you are wearing thicker glovers for colder weather. You’ll have to pull the glove off to get your finger on the trigger or even to have enough dexterity to draw.

  27. @Elaine D – one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen was a lady SASS shooter! I ride to my shoots (here in Texas) with my guns holstered, 12 gauge over my left shoulder and my Marlin .357 lever over my right. All my extra gear (bullets, etc) in my saddle bags of my ’08 FLHR. Sometimes I ride with big flags (PGR too). Get a lot of looks. No hassle from the police. Hell, I’ve ridden with most of them on LEO for PGR.

  28. Motorcycle leather vest over jacket- Chrome Davis 32acp derringer in pocket.(safety pinned off, carried at 1/4 cock) Shoot and throwaway. If two .30 cal shots at PB range can’t solve the problem, your in way over your head. RUN! In this case chrome might get you home.

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