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My parents live in the middle of ten acres of woods in a small community in central Alabama [not shown]. Since they moved there, houses have sprung up all around them as people who want to “live in the country” have migrated there from nearby cities.  A few years back a developer put a “manufactured housing developemnt” (a.k.a.,  a trailer park) in a field across the road from them. Enter my brother and his collection of firearms . . .

For years he’s been target shooting whenever he’s visited the ‘rents. There’s a natural berm on the backside of the property where he sets up cardboard targets, cans, or what-have-you to squeeze off a few (hundred) rounds. No one’s seemed to care about this until one fine day this last spring.

On the day in question, he was out there with my father getting in some target practice.  A sheriff’s car pulled and a deputy got out.   My brother put down the rifle he was shooting and they met him halfway to see what’s going on.

The deputy explained that “someone” had called to report they’d heard gunshots and asked them to investigate “before someone gets killed.” He wanted to know what was going on. They took the officer back to show him where they were shooting and told him that they’d been doing this for years.

So what’s the officer to do? He was there investigating a “shots fired” compaint. He had to confiscate the weapons and arrest them because they were wrecklessly endangering the neighbors’ lives, didn’t he? He had to cite them for disturbing the peace, right?

Wrong on all counts. He said they were doing nothing wrong. He then made comments about how dumb it is for people to move to the country then expect things to be like they are in the city. He told them they had a right to do what they wanted on their own property as long as it wasn’t illegal – and that safely shooting a gun at a target certainly was not illegal. He wished them a good day and left.

Let’s hear it for sane enforcement of the Second Amendment!

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  1. Twenty years ago or so a similar situation occured at my parent’s place- my brother and a friend were shooting when a city cop showed up came in the gate unannounced, and started walking that direction (their property was just outside the city limits at the time).
    My dad saw the cop coming by his workshop, so went out and asked him his business.
    Cop says “I’m gonna go talk to these guys shooting guns”- dad says “No, you’re going to leave my property”.
    Cop replies with a question- “You ever been in trouble with the law?”
    My dad (retired lt. Colonel, with considerable command presence) says “I’m a law abiding citizen- now get off my property.” And that was the end of it.

    Sadly, the city limits got moved a few years ago, and that property is now within them, so we can no longer shoot there.

    • they can petition the county to have the lines moved back and any neighbors who ajoin it because they were not represented and do not want to be part of that city ther is a one mile notch in the city of thousand oaks CA wher the owners wanted nothing to do with their foolish laws .

  2. It’s a funny thing about so many “city people.” They move out of the city because city life has grown tiresome. They want to enjoy the country lifestyle. Then they try to turn the country into the city. Does this make any sense? As George Santayana once said, “those who cannot remember the past are a$$holes.” Okay, I’m paraphrasing.

    • Preach it. They try to turn the country into the city. The same goes for liberals who move from their liberal state which is in disrepair due to liberal policies, to a conservative state which with fewer regulations. It isn’t long before they start complaining about the need for more government regulation and programs. They seek to replicate what they saw as the good in their old state, failing to remember the bad that was the result.

      • +1

        They had to leave their state because it was so screwed up, then try to make the same “improvements” that led to them having to leave in the first place. What was that definition of insanity? Oh ya, repeating the same actions, yet expecting a different outcome

    • then they want curbs and street lights that take higher taxes and pavement [well that is ok as long as it has ditches on both sides] and they want side walks and dog paths and they want you to pay for it because you got all that land.

  3. That won’t last long as the complaints roll in. Higher population density inevitably erodes the right to practice with one’s weapons.

  4. Wow so I am not the only one with this problem. My parents own a little over 200 acres and we have a boy scout camp (1000+ acres) and a nature preserve (500+) acres on either side. About 2 years ago a guy moved from the city out to our neck of the woods and called in to the cops saying a “large bonfire” was burning and gun shots could be heard at his home and it was not something he “appreciated”. Cop came out (took them about 2 hours) and asked what was going on and had a look around and said is that the only bonfire, we said yes. He says what is that about 10 feet high and I said yes. He said hell I thought their was someone burning full trees out here with how the guy said it. lol cop left and told the guy this is the county and he should get used to it. Not even six months ago (so about 1 1/2 years later) the guys wife left him they lost the house and it just sold at foreclosure for a little over $50,000. It was a sad story to see for the kids of that guy but we loved getting him out of the area.

    • are you kidding every community has a bunch and they have little meetings in their living rooms about how they are going to improve the area to push up RE prices and what to do about those “people” over there and how someone ought to do something … busy bodies [the Bible condems them]
      People that I term “Spoilers”

  5. Common sence is an uncommon thing. Thank heaven the officer in the story had some. People in general or in specific can’t seam to keep their noses out of the buisiness of others.

  6. For years the city has been trying to get the people in my area to vote on a proposition that would build a water treatment plant and bring water and sewage out to our houses in the “sticks”. Besides the fact that it would cost each household $40,000 it would also allow sub-developers to come out there and build subdivisons. No water treatment plant, no suburban hell.

  7. I was visiting a friend in Vermont recently, and he told me how he hates the New York COMMIES who have been moving to the area and then try and change the zoing regulations. He’s now worried that these no good new york COMMIES are going to try and change Vermont’s great gun laws and require people to get gun permits. These morons leave their scum filled crime ridden city and then try to force their beliefs on everyone else.

    • they are awefull almost painfull things
      but you have to go to the town and county board meetings

      make it a date nite or something but GO! stop the idiots. speak up!

    • We have the same issue in southern NH, only ours come north (what is it about southern borders and unwanted migrants). They get tired of the crap in Mass, move to NH and then vote for the same crap that they ran away from. I truly believe liberalism is a mental defect.

  8. The country mouse -city mouse thing cuts both ways with firearms. Citified gun enthusiasts come out to the country assuming there are no rules and they can do whatever they please, wherever they please. Just for the record, you can’t. You have to honor people’s property and privacy rights in the country, too. My family used to keep our farms basically wide open to hunters and shooters but we can’t anymore. There are too many idiots who don’t understand safety — or consideration for others.

    • I always like what Magoo has to say, and this is no exception. When the population density changes, so have the gun owners to change. I really don’t see what the 2A has to do with it. It’s about consideration for others, and respect for others’ right to safety and privacy.

      • And what about the constitutional and property rights (which you both espoused so eloquently above) of those that did not come to the nuisance? (And by they way, you don’t have a right to “safety” or….privacy for that matter…)*

        *I guess it would depend on who is doing the infringing.

        • Listen up, Indy. When you live in a rural area and play with your guns that’s fine. When the population density changes over a couple decades, you may not be able to play with your guns like you did in the old days, not if you want to be a considerate neighbor and a reasonable human being.

          If you want to be a bullying 2A bigot who doesn’t give a fuck about anybody else, then fine. Carry on.

          • Insult? Check.
            Another insult? Check.
            Reasoned argument? Conspicuously missing.

            As usual.

              • “When you live in a rural area and play with your guns that’s fine.”

                That’s insult #1. We don’t “play” with guns.

                “If you want to be a bullying 2A bigot who doesn’t give a fuck about anybody else, then fine…”

                That’s insult #2. Wanting to legally use your own property is neither bigotry nor bullying.

                And as there is no reasoned argument to cite, well, that’s my third point.

                So I’m wrong…. how, exactly?

      • You do realize that your post very nearly contradicts Magoo’s, right? Magoo made a statement about property rights and the respect thereof, you “agreed” by saying how we all have to adjust the legal use of our property to accomodate people who don’t own it.

  9. We have lived in three different rural areas in the last 38 years. Two of them were too near neighbors for shooting and the third is a rugged hilly area of 580 acres.
    We have a shooting range built there and can shoot most anything. Many of the locals also like to shoot and hunt themselves. And I know for a fact that even .22’s can be heard a couple of miles away but no complaints SO FAR. When and if that happens you can be sure the complainers will have the same success as the story above.

    • no they wont stand up ,speak up, make them shut up

      WE are in the right the 2nd amendment right

      It has allways been about the responsible use of powerfull machines
      swords, catapults, chariots, guns, trains, cars, trucks, bigger better guns and so on The comms. fear our power and the freedom it brings.

      Edmund Burke said “All it takes for the forces of evil to win is
      for good people to do ………. NOTHING !

      hang together or they will hang you separately !

  10. Texas Neighbors live next to us and see a gun come out of my truck: Ask what type it is and compare.

    New Jew’ssie neighbors live next to us and see a gun come out of my truck: Call the cops, swat team, and send a letter to Texas congress about gun laws.

      • Since I am Juush, as Kinky would pronounce it, born in NY, graduated school in Texas and still have family and friends in TX, NY and NJ, I humbly hope you’ll understand we normally pronounce it “New Joisy”…

        ( : >)…

        PS – no argument from me about idiot liberals leaving their dying states and bringing their dumb ideas with them.

        • they are going to make the world better for every one and they want you to pay the tab.

          ever notice that Liberals are “liberal” with other peoples money but dont cough up their own money for the great society

  11. Police show up occasionally when I’m shooting my Barrett M99. I’ve almost convinced a couple to shoot it before they leave.

    Of course, contrast that with the sound wall being built half a mile from where I work along the Interstate. A half million dollars to quiet the Interstate at 3 low income houses, which were all bought and sold many times since the Interstate has been there.

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