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There’s news today that Izmash, manufacturers of the Saiga rifles and shotguns, will be producing a civilian version of their Vityaz-SN rifle (pictured above). The rifle is based on the paratrooper model “Krink” AK-47 but with some modifications to the operating parts (it wasn’t entirely clear from the translation). GH&G had the scoop, and their speculation is that the gun will either be a pistol configuration to give the Draco pistols a run for their money or a fixed stock 16 inch barrel version, which would lend itself to being SBRed pretty quickly. Either way, this thing looks pretty cool and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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  1. So whats the point of a AK 9mm pistol? And why is there a rail on the top cover? I thought they didnt hold their zero, or is that only a problem on AKs chambered in rifle cartridges?

      • meh, I just dont get the point of it. I think a 7.62×39 Draco is cool, but just dont see the point of a frickin huge pistol that only fires 9mm out of proprietary magazines. To me it falls in the same category as the CAA Roni or a Sig ACP does. I could see the appeal if you could get a full auto SBR like in the video, but that isnt going to happen except for a handful of people.

        And look at the C-More style optic at 1:00. Why is it offset? It is right above the spare magazine. I understand offset BUIS when you have a primary optic, but this is backwards.

        • It is not offset. It comes up and rests over the centerline of the rifle. The mount is on the side because it was originally designed for large and really heavy night vision devices, so it was attached there for maximum strength.

        • I’m aware of the side mount, but it is definetly offset, you can see the rail (or rear sight?) on the top cover to the side of the optic. Check the video again at 1:00

        • mat that is an optical illusion for the camera angle the Kobra sight is not a offset sight it sits over the dust cover, the angle the photo was taken at just makes it look otherwise.

        • I guess you haven’t touched off a 7.62×39 round without ear pro in an urban (enclosed) location.

        • reason for 9mm over 762×39– in close shooting and not as much penetration– a good 9mm carbine — heck of a gun for close quarters– of course i still prefer the 45 carbine for hitting power and not have to worry about the penetration of a bullet moving 2700 feet per second

    • Usually a rail on the top cover of a normal AK variant rifle wont hold zzero with heavier optics. Using a light red dot would work well enough. If you look at the rail cover on this AK 9mm it looks to be connected to the mount the rear leaf sight connects to so that would make the rail more stable. There are ways to beef up the top cover so it holds more secure with heavier optics but it takes a little elbow grease. Nothing hard to do , just takes a little time.

  2. Since I live in Ca. I will have to wait for your report Nick. Sucks, but in the land of moonbeam and difi there it is.

  3. Well, if WA allowed SBR/SBS, the point would be to have an SBR that is cheaper to feed than one chambered for a rifle cartridge, with less sound and muzzle blast from unburned rifle powder combusting outside the barrel.

    This, in a reliable AK package, would make a great home defense gun for someone who perhaps doesn’t have the strength/dexterity/training to handle a pistol as well as they might like. Women and the elderly need protection too (apologies if you are a woman or an elderly person who can still throw down center hits at will with a pistol). In fact, one of my personal home defense guns is a 9mm carbine, although it has a 16″ barrel. And I’m neither elderly nor a woman.

    Plus it’s friggin cool.

    • With your background, you should just hire Numidian cavalry to constantly circle your house. I doubt anyone will try to mess with you.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love the AK platform but how is this much better/different than the dozen+ other 9mm carbines that have been out for years?

    Vector, Beretta, Century, Ruger, Hi-Point, Kel-Tec, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some, let alone the multiple AR conversions.

      • Egads, forgot all about Calicos. Especially sad as I had one like 20 years ago. The oldtimers must be setting in…

        • Maybe not that different in function, but probably cheaper than the Beretta, cheaper than an AR conversion, better brand name for people that don’t trust Hi-Point or Kel Tec (I have the Kel Tec and it works great), and more available than the Ruger or the others mentioned which I have actually never seen before in my life.

          Come to think of it, the only Kel Tec I’ve ever seen in person was the one I bought. Not enough supply for the demand. Saw two Calicos at a gun show once, but they were old and beat up.

          I see a lot of AK’s in various calibers at the local shops, so hopefully this one is a little easier to find.

  5. Why can’t they import the Bizon instead? No worry about dangling jungle mags with ~50 rounds in the hand guard. 😀

  6. Note to Izhmash, if you really wanna get out of bankruptcy, stop making piss poor “sporterized” versions of the AK, and add a tapco mag, stock, foregrip, and trigger like everyone else and sell them to American civilians for $600 so I don’t have go through the hassle of converting all this crap to fit it, (or pay some dude another $400, cause I’m lazy) just to make it cool and legal. No one would ever buy a WASR 10 again if you did.

    This is a good start, but give me a Russian made AK with proper AK furniture for less then $800, and then we can talk.

    • Jon, there is an import ban on weapons with ‘assault’ features. Call your congressman.

    • I believe they are “sporterized” like that due to import restrictions. For it to have a regular pistol grip and a hi-cap mag they have to have a certain amount of US made parts to be 922r compliant. They conversion we do isn’t just for our own preference. It’s a legal thing.

      • Uh… yeah… I said add a few Tapco (USA made, 922r compliant) parts like everyone else dose (century arms, arsenal, ect.), so they can sell them here in a non “sporterized” configuration.

        • Jon thats not how it works if its assembled in the Russia with USA made parts it will still need more parts to be legal in its military config in the USA.

          simply put its a Import law that keeps most foreign guns out of the USA except as parts kits, this is the sole reason companies like Tapco and Century Arms International exist.

        • How hard would it be to open a small operation that 922r-izes stripped rifles in one of the top 10 US business tax-friendliest states? Ford gets around the chicken tax on its Turkish Transit Connect by importing them with back seats, and ripping them out at a facility at or near their dock (I believe that’s in Baltimore?).

    • I will buy one if its barrel is rated for the 9×19 Russian standard rather than regular 9×19 cause that would mean i would be able to have some fun with reloads for the gun.

  7. Did the Russkies say “soon”? They forgot to specify the year. We’ve been waiting for this piece for quite a while now.

    I think I’d rather put a carbine kit on my Glock, though…

  8. It’s too heavy, too expensive, too weak, too big, same as an AK, no cheaper to fire than an AK. No better for “Home Defense” than a shotty or any number of handguns.
    It fails all catagorys for POU except “second kind of cool”
    That is why it has not been released

  9. Jeez, what boring lives you lead; variety is the spice of life, especially in the gun world, we have the choice now of another 9mm carbine to add to the many possibities out there, in an AK style, way cool!

    • Oh, Canada, Oh Canada. But hey, you guys get to buy that QBZ-97 Chines bullpup, right? That can’t be too bad.

  10. Except for a few of my Californian brethren, I’m probably the only one here who actually hopes this thing comes to the US in a sporterized rifle configuration. Then I can buy it nice and cheap like my other Saigas and finally have that 9mm carbine I’ve always wanted. If this thing costs around $400 like other Saigas and runs reliably, I’d be in for sure.

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