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“If I had a gun, I would shoot the bitch.” – Nicki Minaj

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    • They’ll call this “artistic expression” while condemning other words and sentences as “hate speech” that must be eradicated from the English language at any price, Bill of Rights be damned. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  1. Nice fake hair, fake ass, fake tits, and tattoos. And fake voice courtesy of technology.
    Add fake Christian beliefs to the mix.

  2. Hardly on the level of Biggie-Tupac beef, that’s for sure. Nicki and Mariah should just get in the ring and trade punches.

    But hey, to quote Nas…

    “What you think is different from the block whenever we feud
    F**k your pictures and your plaques your tours and autographs
    Don’t trust b____ and n____ who tell you you’re all of that
    Cause, they’ll be in your enemies face, sayin it’s safe
    To run in your release party sprayin the place
    Or catch you when you least on point, putting your keys in the door
    Behind you with your seeds in KB Toys store”

    Violence and the music industry is so 1990s.

  3. If they won’t get on with shooting each other, someone needs to do it for them. This annoyance they are causing has got to stop. Diva my butt.

  4. According to the latest news I read this morning, Nicki denies ever saying it, there is apparently no recording of her saying it, and Nicki accuses Ms. Carey of making it up to garner sympathy. Frankly, I don’t want either of them shooting anyone, but the world would be nicer of they would both retire to some foreign beach and live off their million$.


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