Come to the Texas Firearms Festival Tomorrow!


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Day one of the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill was a success. Nearly a thousand ticket holders shot guns from more than two dozen manufacturers, bought goods and services from nearly 40 vendors and sampled superb Austin food truck cuisine. The only bored person: the EMT manning the first aid tent. We’re looking forward to Sunday. There are still Shooter, Non-Shooter and VIP tickets available. Click here to buy tickets or simply show-up, pay-up and experience the same ballistic satisfaction as our Saturday shooters. Make the jump for some more images from today . . .










  1. avatar CGinTX says:

    Amazing show today, y’all! I was there along with the wife and son, and the folks there couldn’t have been nicer and gave my boy his first chance to fire an AR-15 (in the simunitions training area) as well as a silenced .22 pistol (which he has decided is going to be “his” gun). Mind you he’s 10 years old so the folks really took their time and safety was always maintained, and he STILL has a smile on his face. Loved the BBQ, too. We’ll be back next year!

  2. avatar DaveR says:

    I like tactical guns. Don’t get me wrong. But how about some pics of gorgeous wood and deep blued steel? At least one?

  3. avatar Geoff PR says:

    What was that in the fourth pic and what was that solid chrome thing in the last pic???

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Not sure of the model, but that was at Cobalt Kinetics at the rifle range.

  4. avatar usmc says:

    So, when is this festival?

    1. avatar Robb says:

      Today (the 14th) and tomorrow.

      1. avatar Stinkeye says:

        That was THIS weekend? Why didn’t they advertise it on this site?

  5. avatar Marc says:

    I think it’s in Texas……sometime.

  6. avatar Steve Roberts says:

    Ref the chrome thing…not sure if it’s the same guy from gun show at Lewisville a week or two ago but it appears to be a short barrel AR15 with adjustable stock. Personally I think a chrome medium to large size weapon is like a neon sign that says, “Hey shoot over here in my direction!” But that’s just my tactical opinion…for what it’s worth…me being a dinosaur and all. If anyone wants to enlighten me I’m always open to change unless we’re talking about what I eat, what I wear, who I associate with, and how bad the current idiot in the White House and his minions (which include his brethren who attacked Paris) have totally FUBAR’ed our beloved country.

  7. avatar LNJK says:

    Was there on Saturday and had a great time. Thank goodness Mother Nature cooperated until around 3;30. Made the rounds several times, till my old legs & back gave out, and shot enough till my nose and hands had enough gun powder on them to fail any crime scene test, even after several washings!.

    Hope the weather holds for Sunday.

    Looking forward to next year, at which time, if I am still pumping blood, will upgrade to VIP status to get ahead of all you youngsters.

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