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Once again, I think the images speak for themselves, at least in terms of the UT anti-campus carry protesters use of empirical data.

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    • The numbers are probably correct. 1000 UT professors oppose guns in the classroom…just not enough to actually do anything about it.

  1. They count “opposing” and “refusing” faculty like the “moms” count members: if someone checks a box on an internet page, they “count”. You really don’t have to do anything, like, say, walk across the campus and show up at a “rally”.

  2. If you think about it, they are quite literally protesting for the right to their own facts. Who are we to say they’re wrong, they FEEL it and it’s on a SIGN! Like the sign on my zipper that says “beware of sasquatch.”

    • They are so afraid of guns and so blinded by confirmation bias that they would rather die than be saved by a concealed carrier.

  3. I count 20-30 people in the pictures. Where are the rest ? Where is the survey that supports their claims? How many faculty work at UT ? And finally, why don’t their number match ? Did they arbitrarily decide to “adjust” the numbers? Many questions with few answers.

    • The numbers don’t match because they are referring to two different sets of faculty members. One is “faculty”, which includes more than professors, who “oppose” campus carry–but may not go so far as to “refuse” to have guns in their classrooms. The other is “professors” who presumably go further than just opposition in principle to campus carry, but will [somehow] refuse to allow guns in their classrooms [supposedly]. Not that any of it makes any difference, what we have here is , yes, “settled law”, like, ahhhh, Roe v Wade.

  4. We need to raise the voting age to 26. Maybe then these children will have time to grow up before they try making decisions in the real world.

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