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 Colt AR-15 (courtesy

“The president of one of the nation’s oldest gun manufacturers closed down his Connecticut factory Thursday morning and bused 400 of his workers to the state Capitol so they could personally urge lawmakers not to pass gun control legislation that they say could risk their livelihoods,” reports. Yes, well, as we pointed out in a previous post, when it comes to preventing Constitution State pols from enacting civilian disarmament legislation, a simple show of force from the firearm freedom folks ain’t gonna get it done. But the threat of job losses? That’s another matter. Over in CO, Magpul Director Duane Liptak recently repeated his company’s promise (not threat) to leave the Rocky Mountain State if Governor Hickenlooper signs a mag cap ban bill. Colt bailing on CT? Not so much. But . . .

“If we ban this product [modern sporting rifles] in the state where we make it, our customers will take their business to another brand,” he said. “When we start to get erosion of our customers, we lose our market share.” . . .

“Our customers don’t want to support the state of New York. So our customers aren’t going to want to support the state of Connecticut,” he said. “And our association is so strong with the state of Connecticut, that it’s inevitable that it’s going to begin to erode.”

So even the possibility of a consumer backlash against companies failing to support firearms equality (i.e. civilians having the same access to modern sporting rifles and “high capacity” magazine) or putting up with state MSR bans and mag limits is having an impact. At least in the PR-o-sphere.

OK, so now we’ve heard from Beretta, who promises to leave Maryland if they ban MSRs or “high capacity” magazines. Colt (ish) says they’re not moving out of CT or joining the firearms equality movement. What about MA’s Smith & Wesson? Or the Newtown-based NSSF for that matter? And when will this [rightly feared] boycott begin?

[h/t Torben]

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  1. I wonder how many of those Colt workers voted for Obummer. You reap what you sow. Elections have consequences and so maybe they will think more before they vote for an anti-American, pro-Muslim Brotherhoood traitor like Obama. It angers ne so much that pro-gun folk bought into his lies and deceit. Stupid stupid stupid.

    • Your little “pro-Muslim” nemesis is BUSY KILLING MUSLIMS ALL OVER THE WORLD. In spite of this shite RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, you continue to believe the fairy tale you were sold by Faux News, et al – that La Bamba is a “muslim”.

      Wake the fram up: He is neither Christian nor Muslim, communist nor ideologue: HE SOLD HIS SOUL TO INTERNATIONAL BANKSTER CRIME CARTELS, aka OLIGARCHIES, long, long, long, long ago. He was tapped to be the banksters’ guy-president, BEFORE ANYONE HAD EVER HEARD OF HIM.

      • The ALL CAPS doesn’t do anything to get your point across. It actually detracts from your message and makes people leery of everything else you post. Many people automatically skip over ALL CAPS COMMENTS.

        Don’t capitalize after a colon: it’s not a new sentence.

        This stuff can take you far if you’re willing to learn the difference.

        • Hello Felix, I’m not sure what William was getting at. It’s sometimes fun to have dissent on TTAG. Otherwise it would be an echo chamber for gun rights activists. Anyway, the grammar shouldn’t be too big of a deal on the Internet. Nevertheless I agree with you that yelling and insults are not constructive, especially when trying to get others to understand your point.

        • Nazgul: Look at the previous post (MSNBC: AWB is DOA I think). William played grammar nazi for confused use of fewer and less.

          That is all. Slow day here, painting a bird bath made from a satellite dish.

      • He referred to the “Muslim Brotherhood” which is a specific political party, and inspirations for various terrorist groups. They also happen to be the ruling regime in Egypt. They also happen to be very anti-American, and the current Administration just propped them up with $250mm in aid.

        • Yes, I think that William may have confused what Joe was referring to. The Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist organization. Joe was referring to that specifically, not a worldwide “brotherhood of Muslims or anything like that.

        • In any case, Obama isn’t Muslim (and that should not matter in a secular government anyway) and he isn’t supporting any foreign brotherhoods. Saying things like that just makes pro-Second Amendment people look really silly.

  2. I like Colt, but they are too expensive. Their main product lines (AR15’s & m1911’s) are nice, but cost more than the competition. Also losing their M4 contract to FN will hurt their revenue stream. Maybe they should leave Connecticut and rethink their business plan.

    • It would bennefit them and other mainstream manufacturers to know who the majority of buyers in the US are. Government contracts can change as you already pointed out with FN, thats money lost. A business model like Glocks with police departments, replacing the old with the new (for free) is money lost. Disrespect citizen gun owners and that is alot of money lost over the long term (S&W circa ’94 ban). However, treat citizen gun owners respect and its garunteed business and future purchases. I dont see how that is so hard for these companies to understand.

      • I suspect these companies have some bright capitalists employed that analyze this stuff and move forward in the best interest of their owners and/or shareholders.

  3. You know how you get those gut feelings that just won’t go away no matter what? Been having them since before it’s first term as POTUS.
    Last time I had a gut feeling that bad I moved just in time to catch an AK round in the wrist instead of my ribcage. We really need to get these companies to start packing up and movin out. CO Dems have shown their true colors so regardless of Hickendoofus’s decision Magpul needs to unass the area.
    Colt…same thing or suffer the consequences of loss of business. S&W….yep!!
    Ammo makers are who we really really need to put pressure on too. If the big ammo makers don’t want to join up or want to straddle the fence and wait to see which side floods first them don’t support them. Help out the smaller companies that will back us up in this fight!! Every firearm I have can shoot cast lead rounds; rifles, shottys and pistols!
    Yes eventually we will need more brass, primers etc but maybe by them the ammo guys and gals will have realized which side will win(us) and have joined up.
    Who knows?? Just some random thoughts at work, too damn nice outside to be here!!
    73 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze! Man I hate working weekends!! LOL!

    • What happens to a herd of Caribou if they do not migrate south for the winter? They starve and are torn to shreds by packs of wolves. The same can happen to businesses. Relocate or die!

    • The inherent problem with most of the big gun makers is that the vast majority of execs are businessmen first, gun guys a distant second. They’re Harvard and Wharton MBA’s who could’ve just as easily wound up working at Apple or BofA if the compensation was right. Because of this they’re beholden to maximize shareholder benefit–they don’t get paid to defend the 2nd amendment. Guns just a represent another product to them, nothing inherently special or transcendental. I’m not knocking corporate America, but it’s just the nature of the beast. Don’t look for anyone at Colt, S&W or Freedom Group to do something ballsy and tell the gov’t to FOAD at the risk of being terminated by the board of directors.

      Because of this I try to buy from manufacturers and suppliers who are actually owned and operated by gun guys whenever possible. I haven’t “boycotted” Colt or S&W, but I’ll sure as hell buy from a company like BCM first if given a chance. Same reason I’d rather buy my vegetables from the farmer down the road and pay a little bit more than buy something in the grocery store from the schmucks at Monsanto.

      • True True. I do the same but IF(such a big word for just two letters) enough consumers just outright quit buying their products/ammo they would feel the pinch on their pocketbook.
        Not right away but when 3Q earnings are down 5.5% then they will notice, especially if a continuing trend/spiral. Takes time; yes. Works; yes if we all jump on the same boat and stick to it!!
        The only way you hurt Corporate America is to chop up their profit margins/stock prices!!!
        Hell if you can buy stock in them and as soon as it loses a nickel or dime a share dump it!!
        Let them know we are serious and do know where their weakness is. JMHO.

  4. I like how the same folks who class these actions as blackmail and strongarming would rally in support around teachers not showing up to teach your kids for weeks on end unless they get a 20% raise.

    Never understood why any firearms companies stayed in MA, CT, NY, NJ, DE, CA or any other state that hates them. Doesnt make any sense to me. The moment I could afford it I’d be off to greener pastures. Employees be damned. I can find a monkey to pull a lever anywhere. I may as well get one in a friendlier state.

    • Shire-Man
      Middle Earth just called, it want’s the Hobbit costume back.
      PS If you think teachers show-up to teach children, not appear so that they can clock hours towards a very sweet retirement plan, your deluded

      • Shire also thinks that the employees at his local supermarket show up “to feed his community”, not for the paycheck. Firearms related businesses are in the business of making money, not to make their customers feel warm and fuzzy.

        • “Firearm manufacturing companies are in the business of making money” I can certainly agree with that. I also know that money is made ONLY if a manufacturer can move its product. While feeling warm or fuzzy for customers may not be a reason to leave a state, the state’s laws creating an atmosphere conducive to financial hardships for a particular business model should be a clarion call to those who are in those businesses to skip town to greener pastures.

        • “Firearms related businesses are in the business of making money, not to make their customers feel warm and fuzzy.”

          And where do you imagine that money comes from, J&D? It’s not like Colt has the AR market cornered. A perception as not supportive of the Second Amendment is very likely to hurt revenues. Combined with the fact that they’ve lost the M4 contract to FNH, and suddenly making “customers feel warm and fuzzy” seems like a really good idea.

      • My partner’s a teacher in elementary school, and I’ve taught high school. I can tell you that the teachers I’ve known care a lot about their students.

        • You guys wouldn’t do it without the pay and benefits. Just like everybody else. We just don’t hide behind the students whenever it’s time for a new contract. Stop making teaching some sort of higher calling.

  5. If only America was a Republic with an elected representive form of goverment, sadly, as the electorate has been told MANY times by our leaders over the previous 4 years it is NOT

  6. Another employer testifies against gun control laws:

    “Balding, Middle-Aged, Mildly Overweight Cherry Hill Jew”
    Pleads Against Proposed NJ Gun Laws

  7. These companies, as will all well-managed businesses in our free market society, will move forward with whichever future plans most profit their owners and/or shareholders. Emotion plays no role in the boardroom.

      • That’s all taken into consideration Carlos. These companies have brighter people in the boardroom then you give them credit for.

        BTW, I am a CEO (technically the President) of a small company. I’m very fortunate. I don’t let emotion play a role in the operation of my business. Our front door is open to all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation or belief in the 2A.

        • And if you ask me to exclude some segment of my customers based on your own self-prescribed criteria, I will tell you to mind your own business. That’s the other half of Capitalism. I’m well aware that you are free to boycott my business.

  8. I predict this is how the gun control battle will pan out in the coming months\years, at the state and local muni level. Not on the national stage.

    I can’t see a CT politician NOT voting in new gun control measures. Could you imagine a Dem not voting in new gun regs and the bloodbath their opponent would have at the next election?

    As someone on here once posted, these state battles are going to make clear dividing lines between those that are pro 2A and those that are not. I just wish we’d see more big name companies (kimber, remington), make the statement of moving states.

    • I used to live in CT, the place is a total shithole, its got 3.2M population and the same debt as Texas , over 20 billion dollars, it can’t sell revenue
      bonds cause its bonding limit is tapped out, the economy is dead ,
      the cost of living off the scale, (really off the scale).
      The state has had a scumbag political system for a long time and the
      current hitler gov. there stole the damm last election with vote fraud in
      bridgeport and I used to live right next to bridgeport.
      eventually the gun makers there will get some sense knocked into em and
      bug out for the REAL RED AMERICA. NOT BLUE AMERICA.

  9. Arkansas is open for business. We just passed a bill to allow concealed carry on (some) college campuses, so that should move our Brady score down another couple of points. That’s a good way for gun makers to decide where to locate: Go for the states with the lowest scores.

  10. As a Smith & Wesson weenie, it pains me to say that the company will sell us out –again. Same sh!t, different management.

    • I wonder. There is some additional information available now, specifically what happened the last time. The management could gamble and hope it wouldn’t happen again, or they could do things differently this time. Both are possible.

      • Carlos, you’re right, its a possible swing either way scenario but a 40% hit in one year like from 2000-2001 is a strong
        and a -89 % loss in the companies value from when
        Bangor Punta sold em to Timkns plc for 132M should be a
        even bigger lesson.
        Personally speaking, if a gun maker can be privately held or
        family owned thats the true best solution . Then everyone
        has a dog in the hunt as far as the health of the company
        goes and a motive to fight the good fight.

  11. My next pistol was going to be a Colt Series 70 but I changed my mind when I read they had no intention of halting sales to anti-gun states. Going to save awhile longer for a Wilson Combat.

  12. At the end of the day, isn’t getting rid of the guns, the people who want to own them, and the people who make them exactly what the anti-gunners want? They are working towards a goal of eliminationg all guns from the world, because they think that this is somehow possible, but also necessary to eliminate crime. Gun manufacturers telling them they are planning to leave the state seems to me to be exactly what these people want.

    • There’s a big difference between true believers and the two-faced politicians (all of them) pandering for their votes. The pols have budgets to meet. Not that a couple hundred jobs here or there hurt much but the company as a whole pays a mountain of taxes

  13. Colt is going to have to do something.
    They have lost most .mil business.
    If they stay, they will hurt their civilian business that is already hurt by high prices.
    They have pretty much ceded their handgun business to the competition. They have no modern pattern pistol, and they made their double action revolvers collector’s items by quitting the market.

    Unless they feel they can make a go of it selling carbines to leo’s and single action revolvers that is.

    The business case for moving exists.

  14. If you want to know the philosophy of colt, nothing more is needed than to visit their website homepage. Upon entering, a screen pops up asking if you want to go to their Military, LE, Consumer, or Colt Canada website. I can understand military (m203 and such) and Canada, but the fact that they have separate websites for LE and Consumer says it all.

  15. What the h3ll have they done with respect to protecting school children RIGHT now. Still not a damn thing, the two-faced ba5tard5.

    • No ones done a damm thing to protect schools, hell never mind schools,
      that list can be expanded to included town and city halls, public libraries, many places public and private.
      Its not “rocket science”, just punch up ballistic doors on the internet and
      half a dozen companies come up, they can be rated up to 7.62 nato.
      same for ballistic windows likewise
      Hey theres a even “bigger truth out there”, most of your ordinary garden
      variety building materials like glass, brick, wood of course , and
      even concrete block are extremely vulnerable to blast overpressure , like what happened at the elemantary school in Beslan , North Ossetia
      Russia where most of the casualties were from blast effects of bombs
      which were detonated. Everyday on the news we read about car bomb
      blasts and suicide bomber events taking places all over the world and
      killing often dozens of people.

  16. This issue of Colt is interesting, the company is owned by some dirtbag hedge
    fund types so who can tell, its hard to predict. Colts been living on the financial
    edge for a long long time and at times its been nearly bankrupt and had to be saved by emergency infusions of cash from various places.
    Were not fighting the vietnam war anymore and colts production lines don’t run
    24/7 to supply a fighting army in the field, its not ww2 when Colt made all sorts of
    weapons .
    Colt is very vulnerable, worst of all they don’t have a gas-piston AR like many other
    makers have, take note, the SEALS used hk416’s for the OBL raid which took him
    Colt has two choices, face a boycott and lose, or give in and move and expand thier
    product line . The time of compromise is over, tush and ass kissers beware, the
    gun consumer can and will vote with thier wallet.
    Whats the big frakking deal with LE supply contracts anyhow, its window dressing , the companies do it for the exposure and either actually lose money or
    just break even. doesn’t really help the bottom line.

  17. I personally will not buy anymore Colt Firearms while they continue to support the State of Connecticut by manufacturing there. I will encourage others to do the same. If I were Colt I would seriously consider moving to more gun friendly states. I am quite sure that states would offer significant incentives to get them to come there. Sorry Colt, love your products, but it’s a matter of principle. Good Luck to your company and the crazy state you call home.


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