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Right now (as this video posts) I’m at my first local 3-gun competition running my new FNH USA-issued guns for the first time in competition. In preparation, I spent Thursday morning on the range practicing to get myself used to the new setup. I’ll have a full report for you on Monday morning.

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  1. Nice video, Nick! Thanks for allowing us to vicariously live through you!

    That FNS-9 sure looks sweet…. Noticed in the video that your support hand was awfully close to that reciprocating charging handle on the SCAR. Are you having to change your posture any or be extra mindful not to get bit?

  2. Funny, that dude looks like Nick! 😉 FNH makes great quality, and good looking guns at least the shottie was good looking. FNH rules over Glocks in quality except in matters of those two smoking-hot girls who shoot for Team Glock. No offense Nick.

  3. The SCAR is one ugly looking rifle IMO. I also can’t stand that charging handle. Thankfully I was able to try one out prior to making a purchase. A purchase I would have regretted. I am not saying it sucks in anyway, just isn’t for me. So you fanboys calm down, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

    • Cool story, bro. Thanks for your expertise.

      Ever hear of a rifle called a AK-47? M1 Garand? M14?

      They all have reciprocating charging handles.

      Only a guy with little experience with firearms would post what you did.

      • NO I never heard of those rifles. Can you please tell me more about them? Wow, you along with millions of other people know that they have a reciprocating charging handles. I used to own an AK and I can’t believe I didn’t know this. I bet you feel like the smartest guy on the Internet. Is it due to age? I assume you’re pretty old having that unfortunate receding hairline. John Browning has nothing on you. Speaking of John Browning and reciprocating charging handles, you forgot to mention the Remington 1100, which happens to use a design of his. There are plenty of others you forgot to mention but I am sure you know that being the expert you are and all.

        Also, I wasn’t aware one has to love reciprocating charging handles in order to be experienced with firearms. Thanks for that information. Do you not understand the concept of an opinion? I was not offering advice or a review of the weapon. I still say it’s ugly and I still don’t like the charging handle and thats IMO, get over it. Thanks for your unwanted expertise.

        • Why are you being a dick? I think his point was that you could have said “it’s not for me” without dropping all the fanboy panties comments.

        • I think his point was that you could have said “it’s not for me” without dropping all the fanboy panties comments.

          Then why didn’t he say it that way? I could have respected a comment like that and would have apologized.

  4. The most important question: Where’d you get the ammo?! FN must supply it is the only answer I can come up with.

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, get rid of the GD, Captcha crap for posting comments! There has to be a better way.

    • Unless you habitually delete cookies, you should only have to do the CAPTCHA once per machine.

  5. E-N-V-Y. Looks like a great new set of FNH hardware, Nick! Though your FNS didn’t get as much as video love as that sexy SCAR or the shottie.

    Are those just stock sights on the FNS-9? Do the 3 gun competition rules allow you to change them?

  6. I’m still torn on what rifle to purchase. This video did not make that decision any easier.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Hey nick I am in San Antonio like you. If you got a afternoon to kill one day for shooting let me know. Always looking to learn and practice with other shooters!

  8. I want a SCAR very badly. I have considered selling all of my ARs to fund a SCAR 16s and 17s a few times now.

  9. So is there a particular reason you do not like using the rear sight on that shotgun? Or is there something I’m missing?

  10. I think I’d rather go with a FNAR than a SCAR, if I was in your position. Do you think they’d let you switch?

  11. Nick, what sort of rig are you using to film yourself? When you shot the SCAR, I assumed that you had the camera mounted on the rail near the muzzle, but you could not have done that with the pistol.

    • Strikemark makes a picatinny adapter for GoPro cameras. its a cantilever mount, so the camera is perpendicular to the gun, but it makes some awesome videos.

      Unfortunately, it got stuck on the FNS-9 and had to be dremmeled off. So I’ll be needing a new one. Also why there isn’t much handgun shooting on the video…

  12. The charging handle on the SCAR seems a bit aggressive. I have shot my .Garand, M1A, and AK, but those handles seem to be higher up and out of the way. Is there any danger that a hand could interfere with the handle on SCAR?

    • The charging handle will “interfere” with your hand, not the other way around. The SCAR 17’s next iteration will not have a reciprocating charging handle, according to the reports I’ve read.

      There is no problem with them, though. In fact, it makes access to the chamber area easier than the AR platform, faster too, in my opinion. Also, you are able easily to make sure the round is seated without having to add the goofy gizmo they stuck on to the AR platform after it had problems.

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