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“A lot of people argue that they want to restrict magazines so that bad guys will have to reload more often. Well, I don’t want to have to reload a bunch of times if I have multiple intruders coming into my home.” – Savant Suykerbuyk in Boulder sees hundreds turn out to exercise gun rights, or protest [via]

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  1. TO: All
    RE: From Colorado’s Pespective

    The effort to ban large-capacity magazines is proof that the Democrats and especially Governor Hickenlooper are in league with the criminal elements in the state.

    How so?

    Because limiting the magazine capacity of the law-abiding citizens supports the criminal elements that will not abide by the law.


    [The Truth will out….Democrats are either ‘stupid’ or ‘evil’. And in many cases BOTH!]

  2. We all know that the movies exaggerate everything, particularly the the capabilities and functions of firearms. However, when I talk to a pro-gun control person, they agree that virtually everything in movies is unrealistic and grossly exaggerated, EXCEPT firearms. Among other things, most of them seem to believe that you can easily hit anything and everything you aim at. If you believed that, of course you wouldn’t see the problem with a magazine capacity limit. In their mind, a 10 round magazine is sufficient to deal with up to 10 assailants, because you only have to shoot each one once and then they are incapacitated. I don’t have any official figures, but based on most of the DGU articles I have read, I estimate the average shots fired to hits ratio is about 4 to 1. For the Highly-Trained-and-More-Equal-than-You NYPD, it is closer to 9 to 1, if you don’t count the innocent bystanders as hits. But they don’t understand this, because years of watching bad action movies has ingrained in their mind what firearms are and are not. This is why no amount of arguing with gun control folks will make a difference. The only way to make an impact is to take them to the range so they can see what firearms’ true capabilities and limitations are.

    It is also about changing the perceptions. I remember as a child, a CHILD mind you, watching movies and TV shows and the only people that carried guns were the police, the bad guys, and occasionally the protagonist if they were a bad a**, which also usually meant that they were operating outside the law too, but for the good. TV made me believe that you were up to no good if you had a gun and that only the bad guys carried them around concealed. A lot of these programs also pushed the idea that the Fed’s were the most competent at everything and whenever they showed up on the scene, the local cops just needed to get out of the way. While I didn’t understand due process, I remember always being so annoyed when the cop had to respect the accused’s rights. He is the bad guy, just shoot him! Arrest him, and then shoot him again! As a kid, among other things, I also thought that the President should be like a king (because that was cool), and that individual rights should never usurp national security, and that the government really was there to help us. “Because this is America! We are the good guys. We beat the Nazi’s for crying out loud! That has count to for something!” It is that child-like misunderstanding and dependence on authority (when convenient) that handicaps much of the people in this country. Understand too, I was not raised a liberal. My parents voted straight Republican and I thought of myself as Republican because I opposed social welfare, abortion, etc. (mostly because even as a kid, I didn’t like the idea of someone taking what I earned and giving it to someone that wasn’t me). I am now 27, but I remember when I was in high school and Bush passed the Patriot Act, post 9-11. I didn’t have a problem with it, I mean, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about, right? Plus, Bush was a Republican and he was one of the good guys. I have since revised my evaluation of Bush and put him in the bottom third of U.S. Presidents, based on constitutional integrity. Why do I say all of this? The gun community has to break through the deep seeded, child hood mis-perceptions about who carries and uses guns, even among conservatives. Thankfully, my eyes were opened to reality during the 2006 mid term elections, when I started actually paying attention and studying instead of just believing what I was told. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that haven’t had that epiphany yet.

  3. The wife and I were there and in line before the 9am start time…luckily. I got the very last AK mil-surp magazine. Wish there’d been more mags donated as they didn’t last long. All that was left after the first 30 or so buyers were a few odd-ball rifle mags. I think a lot of people donated anyway and walked away empty-handed but full of smiles. I heard quite a few folk say that they’d driven up from way south Denver to be there so I’m sure the quick sell was disappointing. Friendly crowd, including the Boulder PD officers who I bumped into later while browsing inside the gun store. I met a fairly new member of our local gun club and we chatted a bit…he’d seen my posts on the club forum.

    Local “Together Colorado” protesters of this event were well removed, lined up a couple blocks north of the store. Of course they had their “for the children” style signs…sheesh. The so called “clergy” from TC mentioned in that article are PICO National Network members, funded by the Open Society Institute which is/was founded and chaired by…you guessed it…George Soros.
    Historical note: PICO was founded in 1972 by John Baumann, a Jesuit priest trained in Marxist Saul Alinsky’s community organizing methods in Chicago in the 1960s.

    The event raised close to $2 grand for RMGO, including the $20 I paid in. Could be another event if it can get organized quickly enough.

  4. The most amazing thing to me is that anyone would believe that some nut shooting up a school or whatever would somehow stick to the 10 (or 7) Rd rule instead of getting ahold of one or more of the millions of 30+ Rd mags lying around.
    I mean, Really!

  5. If the protesters (at the Colorado event) are there to “protest the gun violence culture,” it begs the question… why are they THERE? The folks attending the fund raiser / magazine give-away are not arbiters nor perpetrators of gun violence. So, why would the protesters target THEM?? “Them” is the good guys!

    • Why were the protesters there? To protest us “perverts”.
      According to them, “We see this as a perversion of Second Amendment rights and a great threat to the safety of our citizens. It is beyond our comprehension that individuals promote possession of such destructive ammunition for civilians of our communities when so many in our state and our country are reeling from the horrors of too many tragic deaths as a result of gun violence. We, the undersigned clergy and faith leaders and members of Together Colorado, are committed to the safety of our congregants and our citizens and would like to see the amount of firearms in Colorado, and especially high capacity magazines, reduced, not increased.”
      Why do I think they were there?
      Publicity and a chance to project their power. What’s the point of being an Alinsky-trained hate group, and yes they hate the U.S. Constitution, if you don’t jump on such opportunities?

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