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Who would have thought that the super-serious, soporific gun guru LaSorte would become a perfect foil for America’s most prominent African-American gun rights advocate? LaSorte’s parody of Noir’s gun reviews is awesomely awesome. If Amy would get some gumption and Colion would unleash his inner alpha, Noir might evolve into what it wants to be: Top Gear for guns. Unfortunately, Episode 10 devolves into the usual self-indulgent lifestyle folderol. A bar review? The whole thing looks like an excuse to pick up the barmaid. Good taste but . . . no. As for the crusade to create the “athletic shooter,” meh. There’s no need to alienate Old Fat White Guys. Great production values, though.

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    • My apologies to all three of them in advance, but the problem is that none of them can act worth a damn, and if you are doing an “unscripted” scripted show, that lack of acting chops shows up pretty damn quick. Everything they do has an unnatural, staccato feel that is trying way too hard to fool me in to thinking they are humans.

      A few months of acting classes learning how to act without ACTING would do them all a world of good.

      Having laid the hammer down like that, I also want to say that I appreciate what they are doing and am glad they’re getting a chance to do it.

    • Agreed. Also, The writing is complete crap. Pity the talent haven’t been given free reign to be themselves and just do their thing rather than be placed in these contrived situations with a poorly written script. All the elements are there for a good show, just get a different producer on this.

  1. I like beer (and pretty girls before my first sip), I like guns, and the video was funny. No one took themselves too seriously as well. I thought it was pretty good entertainment that would appeal to younger generations. The more gun enthusiasts, and broader the group, the merrier!

    • +2. I am not in a position to judge these guys as I would be fumbling even worse- and as to the production, acting, etc etc- I am simply AMAZED the old fuddy duddy NRA everyone here complains about has even managed to get branded with this- pretty cool.

      RF I think you are just jealous its not you hangin’ with those hotties…:)

      • “RF I think you are just jealous its not you hangin’ with those hotties…:)”

        I think that goes without saying…

        But I am part of the target demographic for this show. I’m about Colion’s age. I play video games. I go to cons. I watch youtube video series and get all my visual media off of my Xbox One.

        I was one of Colion’s original youtube watchers and supporters.

        I keep track of memes and I stay abreast of celebrity gossip (not because I like it, but because it’s necessary to keep track of pop culture references).

        All that said, I don’t like this show. It’s weird, it’s forced, and the female cohost makes me want to stab my eyes and ear drums with a screw driver.

        Not only that, it’s a bit masturbatory. Most of the jokes are in-jokes that you’d have to be a firearm enthusiast for over a decade to get. Honestly, the whole thing comes across as a high school class’s best attempt to make a firearms show.

        I watch the vids whenever they pop up on ENDO or on TTAG, but I usually can’t get more than a few minutes into them before I have to stop the vid and beat my head against a nearby wall.

        Do. Not. Like.

  2. I love this show. Hits all the right notes for me. And I liked the bar review. Just like Top Gear, it’s doesn’t ALL have to be just about a single topic. Sometimes it’s about the other things that surround the culture.

  3. I think this season is much worse than last season, it is really trying too hard during many moments. I find myself often closing the video well before it is finished.

    And his crusade for “Athletic shooting.” Ok I get it you like to run around and shoot guns. You don’t need to invent a new term. It is nothing more than a very simple shooting drill. Hardly anything so innovative that you have to invent a new term for it.

  4. Perhaps alienate isn’t the right word but there is a lot of good cause to promote a warrior-shooter-athlete lifestyle. It just makes for good citizens.

    Shooting, boxing, jiujitsu, strength training, cardio and vegetables are all part of a healthy diet!

    • +1 coming from a military background I’m glad to see someone pushing dynamic/athletic shooting so strongly as opposed to the usual stand at the firing line and take all commands from the tower sort of shooting most people are used to, emphasizing both accuracy and speed!

  5. Sorry, RF, I’m just hearing a lot of, “WHAAA, this show doesn’t cater directly to me, but I really wish it would!”

    With that said…lets get the Robert Farago Show off and running, shall we? I’m sure we could find an Israeli Supermodel to co-host this thing with you.

  6. If I did a gun show, I’d have TTAG style questions of the day. There would be various guests with different opinions, and we’d all hash out the answers. I’d also blow up a lot of watermelons. There would frankly be a lot of down and dirty gun reviews. That would be an awesomely fun job.

    I’m not as urban as Colion, but I appreciate what he’s trying to do with this show. It isn’t a phenomenal success, but it also isn’t a dismal failure. I wish him the best, whilst occasionally checking out episodes.
    He still seems at his best with the original 2-3 minute episodes.

    • How about this for a segment:

      “Gun-Grabbers at the Range”

      Just use your sick, twisted imagination…

      I knew you could! 🙂

  7. Being 28, hip, athletic and recently into guns, I can see where they’re coming from. Nothing in this video was too unrealistic in terms of viability, other than those Saint Laurent shoes (Oddly enough, Saint Laurent is one of Miley’s often worn brands [don’t ask me how I know that, because I don’t]).

    I can’t stand his prose. It feels like self-induced auto fellatio only to please Colion.

    I’ve been wanting to start run and gun courses for the longest time now, and the only thing stopping me is safe/reliable real-estate to do it on.

  8. I’ve never really watched the show before. I’m 27 years old and I’m not fat. I enjoy athletics and I enjoy staying in shape. But I don’t know what these people are talking about. “Athletic Shooter” “Tactical Shooter”. Just shut up. Please, just stop.

    I was confused after the parody part because I thought the whole thing was parody. But I’m finally realizing that I was wrong.

    They don’t come off as genuine, relatable, or entertaining. There was little to no actual information about guns.

    As far as this resembling top gear, not even close. Top gear is successful because the people on that show are charming and entertaining (to some people). These people don’t belong in front of a camera.

  9. I liked him better before he got super famous. I’m not hating, I’m glad he’s breaking the OFWG stereotype for gun owners, but man I wish he’d get back to reviewing guns again.

  10. I didn’t like the first half of the season, but love Colion’s work on YouTube. This go round they’re doing a lot more right. It’s less about Amy setting up Colion to show off how clever he is. It’d be nice if Amy interjected her own personality into the show. All of the “Amy” bits seem to have Colion’s direction all over it. So we’ve got a Hammond in Noir, depending on the day LaSorte falls into a May or potentially a Jeremy camp.

    They’re definitely finding their groove more and more.

  11. It’s just so cool that I have no damn idea what message is. Enough of this idiotic man crush on Noir. Urban gun enthusiast? Gun athlete? Firearms fashion? Yeah, guns are cool and so are you, Co-lying, or whatever your stage name is.


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