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When bitching about their failure to pass gun control laws, the civilian disarmament industrial complex refers to their antagonists as “the gun lobby.” It’s better (for them) than referencing “the broad coalition of gun owners, retailers, firearms and ammunition manufacturers and pro-gun lobby groups supporting Americans natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.” When the antis use the term “gun lobby” it’s shorthand for the NRA and gun makers. NOT owners or retailers. Shining a light on that connection would mean admitting that guns are popular. But we know the truth. As does the NRA. Which is why they’ve teamed-up with Cabela’s . . .

SlickGuns is reporting that you can pick up a Life NRA Membership for $500, a discount of 50 percent off the normal $1000 price tag, over the forthcoming weekend. New signups and renewals will also receive a $25 gift card for their consideration. The offer includes infinite years of spam – both electronic and paper – for NRA-affiliated enterprises that have sweet FA to do with gun rights (e.g. the NRA wine club).

While we’ve been known to give the NRA grief for its PR sloth, lack of minority outreach and closerthanthis affiliation with the Republican Party, the NRA’s still gun owners’ best advocate in the halls of power. If you aren’t a member, I get it. If you are, I get that too. But if you’ve just been lazy about joining America’s oldest civil rights group, well, $25 is $25. Know what I mean?

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  1. Just ahead of the grand opening of their newest store in Tualatin, Oregon.
    Thinking of taking the day off…

    • I’m F’ing stoked for cabelas to be nearby! I went to them in Kansas when I was at school all the time, and when I go up north to see family I stop at the big one up close to them. But having one all of like 10 minutes from the house!?! Ohhhh yeah. Hahha

      • 10 min from your house, and 45 min in traffic trying to get to the freakin’ store. That whole area was a traffic clusterfark BEFORE Cabela’s moved in. This won’t help matters at all.

        That being said, I sure I’ll somehow find myself there….

        • It’s a 150 mile round-trip to get to the nearest one hereabouts, but I’m gonna drag somebody over there this weekend and add another NRA member to the rolls.

          Like I need another excuse to visit Cabelas…

  2. Like any large organization, the NRA has its problems, but they really are a powerhouse when it comes to the political arena. So I belong to them, the SAF, GOA, & am looking at a couple more. This Cabela’s event basically gets you into the NRA for free if you view the gift card as cash you’d spend on ammo anyway. I encourage everyone to at least think about it.

  3. Every year I go, sign up for one year and get the $25.00. It is a better deal than signing up for multiple years and getting the same gift card that one time only.

  4. Everyone even remotely interested in gun rights should be an NRA member. By all means, join the SAF, FPC, Calguns, and whatever else you want. The NRA isn’t perfect, but they are still the heavy hitters for gun rights.

  5. The NRA dose great work for gun owners rites My issue is the never ending calls and the mail box full of request for more money and more money. Look I get it it cost lots of money to keep up the battle but they would have lots of members like me and about everyone I know that was a member all due to the calls and mail. I’d rather join for 500.00 a year then have called every day asking for money. I do belong to others.Just can’t bring myself to join up calls every night.

  6. Sigh. No Cabela’s in RI, MA or NH. There is a Bass Pro / Outdoor World in Foxboro, near the Patriots ball park, because some people enjoy paying 10% over retail.

    • We had the worst of both worlds for a while with Cabela’s in Colorado. They had a store in Grand Junction, four hours away. Which meant that whenever we’d do a web or catalog order, we’d get whacked with sales tax.

      Now we have two on the Front Range in the Denver area. They’re both in special districts, so now we can shop in the store and pay even more sales tax. Progress is a marvelous thing.

      It is fun to walk around in there, though.

  7. I hate it when they blame the gun lobby.
    The NRA doesn’t vote. Gun owners do. The NRA doesn’t propose restricting the rights of innocent people for no measurable gain, they do.

  8. I renew my NRA mem. every year. Do I agree with every single solitary response, position (or lack there of)?

    Of course not. But if it keeps Pelosi, Durbin, Schumer, Reid, Feinstein, Obama, Shannon “the ditz” Watts, Bloomberg etc,… Et al,.. And the anti 2nd Amendment Gov’s and state legislatures up at night, or at least gives them a nagging case of the runs, than well,…

  9. Not to promote Taurus but at least you get a free annual membership with a purchase. The Judge is o.k. and a few of there revolvers and the PT-100 is decent. They were the first ti beef up the slide for .40 s&w the stainless beretta 96 copy is still working fine my 96 bit the dust sub 1K rounds.

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